What If? Clan Wars - Bonds Broken by War


Daisuke, Hinotori

Date: August 7, 2012


Daisuke and Hinotori, sworn brothers in this age, never met because the attempt at the formation of Konohagakure failed. The two meet after years on the battlefield.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Clan Wars - Bonds Broken by War"

Land of Fire

5 years. It had been 5 years since the attempt by Senju Hashiramako to make peace with Uchiha Madara and bring an end to these clan wars. 5 years since the treaty had failed because of a masked attacker nearly leaving both leaders for dead. In that time, the hatred between the Uchiha and Senju had only worsened, both sides blaming each other for the failed attempt at peace.

Within these last 5 years, Senju Daisuke had grown to understand that there could never be peace in a world of ninja. As the clan wars raged on, war slowly chipped away at the once bright-eyed Senju, dulling him into a killing machine for the clan. He was alone in the world, despite being a part of the renowned Senju clan, because of what he was able to do. Wherever this Senju went into battle, a massacre was left behind, earning him the name of Aka Oni, or Red Demon, Even his own villagers kept their distance from him and, with his mom in a crippling state of depression ever since his father died, without a mentor for guidance, Daisuke had lost his youthful innocence and all hope to be able to live peacefully.

It was a cloud-covered morning with rain pouring down when the Senju and Uchiha clashed in a great battle. Hundreds of ninja from each clan charged forward towards each other and clan glory. This was an important operation for the Senju, as securing this location within their domain was vital for trade routes and tactical advantage. And so Hashiramako, the leader of the Senju, had sent Daisuke to make sure they claim it. As kunai and senbon fly amidst the cries of battle, a feeling unlike any other any normal ninja had felt before swept over the battlefield. Daisuke had entered the field, completely surrounded in his blood red chakra cloak, his arrival heralded by cries of "Aka oni! The red demon has arrived!" Daisuke was quickly swamped with enemies, surrounding him on all sides. As Daisuke slowly looked over the situation, his emotionless expression turned instantly to a look of pure rage.

"Uchiha filth!" he yelled out as his rage fueled the negative chakra surrounding him, bubbling furiously as Daisuke let his anger into the driver seat, slipping into a mode he called the 'Dance of Death' because he always awoke from his rage blackout surrounded by bodies. The chakra surrounding him bursts forth, striking each of the eight Uchiha ninja surrounding him and impaling them on multiple spikes of that demonic chakra faster than they could react. With a look of pure ecstasy on his face as the Uchiha cry out in pain, Daisuke lifts the impaled Uchiha up high into the air with his chakra spikes before splitting them into pieces, raining blood on the battle. 'This is my life. This is who I am now. The Senju's secret tool to be used to slaughter anyone in their way to conquest.' Daisuke thinks from within his own body as he watches these events take place.

As the blood rained down and others attempt to charge forward toward Daisuke, the Red Demon lets out a massive sonic roar across the field, the area around him exploding from the force, pushing back everything near him, including clan members and the ground itself, forming a large crater with Daisuke in the center, standing there. Daisuke's cloak had changed him, red fur covering his chest, arms, legs, and four tails that swing behind him. His eyes were a bright yellow, a demonic glow within the gloomy rain that poured on the battlefield that day. His teeth were sharp now, with two large canine teeth protruding from his mouth. He just simply stood in the middle of the small crater, challenging anyone else to venture into it.

5 years is a long time for anything to happen, the peace that was tried for, failed, a masked assassin made sure of that. But what really showed that the two clans couldn't come togetehr was the fact that both instantly blamed the other for the attempted assassination. Thus tensions continued to flare and the Clan Wars intensified to the point that both clans were doing what they could to secure footholds in key areas.

Uchiha Hinotori, lost that last spark of hope. Having awakened the Sharingan at an early age, the young Uchiha was showing much progress and had unlocked the full dojutsu. The fiver years were cruel, during that time Hinotori's sister Kasumi was killed during a major raid that the Uchiha Clan was able to secure as well as the land itself that was focused around one area that the clan was keeping hidden. Uchiha Madara having created a group only known as the Karas, picked specifically by him due to the increasing resistance of their hated rivals the Senju. Of those selected Uchiha Hinotori was picked, due to his full undestanding of the Sharingan as well as the taijutsu style he employed and hsi ability to adapt to situations, made the choice easy. Uchiha Madara also selected another to lead the group more fully.

During one of the biggest campaigns to come, it was said that the Aka Oni of teh Senju was reported to be joining the fight. Karas was called in to specifically fight him. Hinotori didn't know if they could defeat such a creature but too many people were dying and in hte last engagement it was reported that his mother and father fell in battle. If it was true or not, HInotori only knew that this red demon would die by his hand.

As the rain poured down on the battlefield, and the cries of the red demon reached the members of Karas, the group flickered in quickly, but Hinotori held back only to watch in horror as the red demon defeated them, seeing his power for himself, the pale red eyes of Hinotori blazend to life, though brighter then tha of the normal Sharingan, HInotori walked and confronted the hated red demon. "You Die HERE!" he says in a cold voice.

The ground shuddered as the remnants of the Uchiha special group was dispatched by the full on force of the Red Demon, leaving Daisuke, Hinotori, and the rain, which had quickly begun to make the ground around the crater muddy and wet with puddles. As dead Uchiha lay around him, Daisuke looks on from within his body, sighing in despair as it seemed like yet another bloody campaign was ahead of him. He wondered just how he would be treated this time as he returned to his village. He wondered if the last few Senju he was able to hang around would finally leave him.

It was then that a voice broke through the rain and the raging emotions. Daisuke's head turns, his glowing now-yellow eyes piercing through Hinotori as the beast boy examines who called out to him. He was young, probably around Daisuke's age, maybe a few years more. Perhaps they could've been friends if things had worked out differently 5 years ago. But now, the glowing red eyes of the Uchiha burned within the boy in front of him and Daisuke's reaction was to kill. The beast-boy lets out another roar, though this one just in response to Hinotori's comments. "Come and get me then." he says to the Uchiha in a really deep voice that was clearly not his own. His chakra cloak forms a large clawed hand, many times larger than him or Hinotori. The hand shoots out towards Hinotori to attempt to grab him up.

Saying a small prayer as those of the elite group paid with their lives to stop this creature, but as he looks upon the Senju he was surprised a little at how young he was. A few years younger then he himself. But it still didn't take away the fact that both are children of war, both still only children forced to kill because their people couldn't come together for the sake of peace. Friendship? Possibly, but now? Never. Hinotori sized up the boy and the red cloak about, seeing it bubble around him and seeing teh chakra build up.

A bow of his head is all that Daisuke gets for his remark, to Uchiha Hinotori, all that mattered was that this child die and for the Uchiha to strike teh Senju hard in the final pushes of this war. The Sharingan itself spinning as the large chakra cloak claw comes rushing towards him, Hinotori channeling just a bit of chakra thorugh his body and to his legs flickers forward. A slight haze built up around him and already knowing where the claw was going, Hinotori leaps over it, but at the same time his hands flash through seals, "Katon: Great Dragon Fire!" he calls as four large firery dragons streak up from the ground under Hinotori. Flying high into the sky then plunging down towards Daisuke.

As Daisuke's chakra arm technique swings by Hinotori a surprising technique seems to be cooking within the rage-enabled mind of Daisuke. The arm that moves passed Hinotori as he moves forward branches into multiple smaller arms, all faster and much more versatile than the chakra arm itself. All of these arms seek Hinotori, attempting to surround the boy and leave him no option to move. As the chakra cloak was keeping Hinotori busy, Daisuke looks up at the sky, large fireballs raining down upon the battlefield. But this was 'the King's battle now, and the beast within that had taken over Daisuke had no fear of fire, that fiery red skin resistant to even his own techniques. The boy/King stood tall as he watched the fire pour from the sky and beat his chest in a show of dominance over that which was all things Fire. Letting out another mighty sonic roar, the king of the Jungle that had not taken over fighting this fight, broke apart the fire technique with its own massive amount of negative chakra. Content with his show of dominance, and while the chakra arms were still distracting Hinotori, the boy/King beats his chest yet again, this time slamming his foot on the ground. As if the foot had weighed a few metric tonnes, the ground beneath his foot cracks and crumbles as the area which was full of mud and puddles begins to change.

"Witness the full power that Fire has to offer, little boy!" came that booming voice from within Daisuke's cloaked form as the ground around the battlefield also begins to crack and break, bodies of both Senju and Uchiha fallen in combat falling into the cracks. Before long, the cracks in the ground begin to heat up as liquid hot lava erupts from within as if a dormant volcano had slept beneath their very feet. What was once a grassy plain had become what most would believe to be the incarnation of Hell on earth as the mile of grass was now earth and bubbling hot magma.

Alarming as it is, Hinotori noticed the smaller hands racing out trying to catch him. A look of shock then a smug smirk appeared on the teens face as he twisted and flipped through the air. Having already seen the path that the arms were taking, they were fast but he was the beholder of the Sharingan, and knew the full extent of it's abilities and upon his landing, Hinotori watches as the arms closed in on him, focusing his attention on the Beast in front of him. The Uchiha already knowing that his fate is sealed, closed his eyes, his hands moving in a blur as the so called Beast King mocked him. Already did Hinotori see the Fire Dragons rain down and not do so much as dent him, already did Hinotori know that the smaller hands would be his demise. But fear did not stall him or slow him down, and a large poof of smoke hundreds of Hinotoris exploded from the single individual, all rushing towards the hand with various techniques.

Finding a hole, Hinotori flickered forwards through it as the other clones were destroyed but also having stopped the smaller claws, the Uchihas eyes seem to grow brighter, "Not even on my worse day will I be killed by a demon." he says in a smooth calm voice. Coming from the opposite side of the Senju were ten clones, all with the same brightly glowing eyes. His Sharingan wasn't the tyipcal one that most used, no it was, the blacks of his eyes were darker, almost as if nothing was there, and the red of his eyes here a more brighter crimson, the comas spun up as all the Clones neared their target. "KATON: Gokyaku no Jutsu!" they all screamed as the clones themselves seemed to have formed themself in part of a seal like formation. The fireballs that were launched where highly larger in size, the power and heat that radiated from there were far more intense, fueled by his rage.

HInotori closed in on Daisuke, his hands almost seemed engulfed in a red like aura of power as he charged in towards the creature. With all these clones is even Daisuke sure which is the real one?

"Foolish boy. Fire will do nothing!" came the booming voice as Daisuke didn't need to know which of the clones were really Hinotori. Just like before, the cloak surrounding Daisuke struck out with deadly precision as he uses his cloak as a porcupines armor. Some of the fire techniques reached the cloak of the beast within Daisuke, which burns away the fire at the touch. The fact that the fire had made it far enough to touch his cloak burned off the boy/king. 'Here it comes. Will I survive it this time? Perhaps it's better if I don't…' thinks Daisuke from within his own body as he can feel the full grip of the beast, his consciousness slipping slowly into nothing.

"Enough of this! Youton: Flower Fruit Mountain!" came the voice again as the ground surrounding Daisuke in a perfect ring around the crater exploded with Lava, sending it high into the air and eventually enclosing the area off so Hinotori and he were alone with little room to move. From within the acidic steam of the lava it was hard to see, even for a doujutsu user, as the smoke was highly acrid. One would eventually come to an area where visibility was better, and in that moment a truly terrible sight would await them.

Standing well over 100 feet tall, the full form of Son Goku, the four tailed-Ape bijuu, towered over the land. As soon as the beast spots Hinotori he lets out a roar easily heard for miles around, staring down at the ant sized ninja. Chakra begins to form around his mouth, sucking from the area around to form into a giant ball. 'Wipe it all away..' Daisuke says as the black water of the abyss begins to pull him down.

Managing to amplify the power of his techniques, Hinotori saw what he needed, just because the cloak protected the user from fire techniques, it still could be hurt and possibly pushed through. Hinotori only knew fire and that fire is volatile, uncontrolled when it wants to be and explosive. There was no happiness in this for HInotori, there was no sympathy for the Bijuu, Hinotori had nothing left for the Senju to take. All he had was his clan, his sister, mother and father all gone, he felt he was only useful due to the power he's unlocked himself of his heightened sharingan. But as the next attack from Daisuke comes, it alters the terrain causing the drop to be more severe as Hinotori lands.

The Uchiha was blinded by the smoke and feeling the intense heat of the lava all around them. He coughs a little bit, feeling drained not only because of the smoke but because of the strain of his Sharingan and because of clones he used to help him keep from being killed earlier. His eyes are finally able to see through the smoke and widen in surprise. He was looking at the massive form of the Monkey King Son Goku, towering well over himself. HInootori straightens himself up, allowing the full might of his power to show within him. Moving into a fighting stance, HInotori stares up at the Ape with his crimson eyes and prepares for what may be his last moments on Earth.

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