Boning Up on Cloning Up


Atsuro, Daisuke

Date: October 7, 2013


Interested in learning the Shadow Clone technique, Atsuro seeks help from Daisuke.

"Boning Up on Cloning Up"

Secret training facility, Konoha

Atsuro is in a rather curious spot this morning: right outside Daisuke's super-secret training area. Why? Well, he's good for a favour… probably. And he's decided to cash in. In any case, he's doing what he usually does when he and Taizen are alone and waiting for something. He's found himself a nearby tree, and now he's sitting against it, napping. Taizen lies in the grass nearby, looking all around. Also in the grass nearby is a six-pack of beer. Doesn't hurt to get Daisuke in a better frame of mind, after all.

Daisuke eventually arrives from the hidden passageway wiping his face with a towel after a good workout. He was close to something, though it wasn't quite what he had imagined, it was good. Despite being exhausted, he walks out into the open and takes a good breath, spotting Taizen. And where there was Taizen, there was Atsuro. "You know, when I showed you my secret lair I didn't mean you could hang out and potentially give away it's location to others." he says in a joking tone to Atsuro, not having spotted him just yet as he walks over to Taizen to appropriately greet him with lots of scritches.

Zzzzz— wha? Atsuro opens an eye and looks at Daisuke. Then he opens the other. "Oh," he says, "Sorry. Tried to make it just look like I'd found a good tree." He reaches up and pats the trunk, "It /is/ pretty good. Birch has the most comfortable bark. But next time I'll do it with my shirt off. When this bod is on display, all eyes will be on me. You can open that thing right in front of someone and they won't care." He glances at the towel, "Wow, didn't know you had showers down there. Wish my training area had that." He hops to his feet. "Speaking of training, I've come to take in your wisdom, Sensei."

"Except if I come out from my lair shirtless and draw all the attention away without even knowing it." Daisuke says, a timely response to their constant friendly jesting that kept their relationship friendly and light-hearted. "No showers, remember the small lake?" he points out to Atsuro as he finishes scritching Taizen. "Now then… What does my student want with his master this time?" he asks curiously as he takes a seat beside Taizen.

Atsuro grins. "I won't get all ridiculous and claim you're nothing to write home about," he says, chuckling a little, "But if it comes down to the two of us, there's gonna be more letters about me." He nods, "Ah, right. The one we go skinny-dipping in." He looks around, "Oh yeah, Satomi's not here. Nevermind." Once Daisuke asks what he wants, though, he actually gets serious. "Okay," he says, "You know how I can turn into a huge dog?" He pauses. "I mean when I'm /not/ drinking." Not /too/ serious, of course. "With me and Tai it's two heads. But the trendy thing in the clan these days is a three headed dog. Now, Taiki can cheat and use his extra ill-gotten dog to do it. But most people — the, like, five of them who can do it — just use a shadow clone. But the thing is, I dunno that move. So I'm wondering if my somewhat muscular teacher either knows it, or knows somebody who knows it."

"I thought you were a huge dog this whole time." Daisuke says to the comment from Atsuro as he listens to what his friend wants from him. "Shadow clone, huh. That's not something light this time." he muses as he takes in the request and thinks. "I'm not saying you can't handle it, but it is super risky. Aunt Tobi labeled it a kinjutsu. Did you know that she was the one to create it years ago? Fun facts." he says, pointing out something with a look of pride for his aunt. "Either way, I will teach you the technique if you can tell me a bit about it and why it is so dangerous. What have you learned?"

"Some people say that," says Atsuro, rubbing his chin, "I think it's just that the Inuzuka thing confuses them." He shrugs. And yes, he knew that it was a pretty big request. But he also knows he needs it if he's going to progress in that particular branch of Four-Legged Style. "I didn't know it was risky," he admits, "So, uh, say that I couldn't tell you a bit about it or why it's so dangerous…? I mean, I kinda came to you to learn about it."

"Mmmn, Not having any experience or knowledge of a kinjutsu is even riskier, but I suppose we can continue." Daisuke says with a slow nod. "The reason why it is so risky is because every Shadow Clone you create actually HALVES your chakra, sharing it between clones. It is a legitimate form of chakra instead of the garbage normal clones are, and can actually withstand hits and deal them out. With my Bijuu chakra pool, I am in a bit less danger, but nonetheless, you can easily deplete your chakra reserves without even realizing it, and down you go. Still interested?" he explains, grinning at the end.

"That's semi-comforting," says Atsuro, "Admittedly, I suppose a little reading up on it wouldn't have killed me." He nods a little as Daisuke explains exactly how Shadow Clone works. "I have to manage my chakra a little bit with Four-Legged Style," he says, once Daisuke's finished explaining, "But I don't know if I'd be able to keep an eye on it like an experienced ninjutsu user could. I probably wouldn't use it for much more than making three-headed dogs, if you think that'd make any difference. /Maybe/ for other things, if I don't think I'll be needing the chakra. Basically, I need to understand that it'd gonna /reaaally/ suck up my chakra?"

"Basically." Daisuke says with a nod. "So if you are just using one for a transformation, that should be manageable. Never go beyond one if you haven't trained in it considerably, though. Not even I use more than one at a time." he says, stressing the importance. "Other than that, I wouldn't mind letting you know what I know. It is really quite nifty in that, everything your clone does gets sent back to you when it disperses. Basically, my aunt developed it to use for gathering intel, etc."

Atsuro nods. "Sounds fine to me," he says, "You know I'm not big into ninjutsu anyway. The fire stuff was just to make me a better-rounded person. And this is just kinda going right back into my taijutsu, so there's that." He raises an eyebrow, "You can use more than one, theoretically? And man, if /you/ don't wanna do it." He shakes his head, "Anyway, there's no way I'll ever need more than one." He frowns as Daisuke talks about the knowledge-sharing ability of the clone. "Sheesh, telling me about making it into a super-cool spy clone kinda conflicts with everything you just told me."

"I never said it wasn't cool and awesome. I mean, my aunt made it, that should tell you how awesome and completely practical it is. She never creates anything that doesn't have practical uses." Daisuke points out. "And yeah, but if you create two, there's two-thirds of your chakra gone, four… get the picture. Hence the forbidden-ness of it." Hopping up to his feet, he dusts himself off and takes a breath. He had used a bunch of chakra training, but, being a Jinchuuriki, had access to that second pool that came around in any pinch and was so handy. He slides his hands together and forms a cross-like handseal, intersecting fingers, and poof, a clone pops up looking uninterested in its surroundings, beginning to check out its own body and muscles for progress. "Oh, and sometimes they are a bit quirky." Daisuke says with a mutter. "The good things, first." he says as he bonks the clone over this head, the clone wincing and rubbing it's head, remaining intact, and tries to swing at Daisuke, who ducks it. "It remains standing after a hit. It also is undistinguishable to Sharingan, sharing half your chakra." he says as he walks over to Atsuro and lets the clone focus on his muscles. "The way I learned it was through my handy knowledge of chakra shaping due to my cloak of chakra, but I think there are other ways. How good are you at normal clones?"

Atsuro holds his hands up and grins. "No disrespect to your aunt. I actually don't know much about her doings. If they're ninjutsu… well, you heard my little speech just now." He thinks for a second, "So if it goes from a half to a third… So the more clones I make, the less chakra each one has?" He leans agains the tree and watches Daisuke do whatever it is he's doing. He smirks a little, "Quirky, or narcissistic? This one seems more like a clone of me." He watches with amusement as Daisuke apparently gets into a fight with his clone. "Should you be biting the hand that feeds you like that?" he asks the clone, "Isn't he your master or something?" But he does listen to what Daisuke has to say. "They do sound handy," he admits, "And they're almost like the genuine article…" How good is he at clones. "Well, I mean. I can do the technique. And I can use fire clones. How's that sound?"

"Fire clones, good." Daisuke says with a nod. "Very similar, more chakra, less moulding required." he adds while thinking about how to turn Fire Clones into Shadow Clones in the form of training. "Whatever training you did for Fire clones, to get that combustible element to solidify like that, required both chakra and elemental chakra. Shadow clones are pure chakra. No elemental moulding required, but much much more chakra. Because of this, while training, they often blow up or are unable to take form. This is how you know you are on the right step. But again, I will caution you, even training in this technique will wipe you out very quickly. It's good that you have Taizen around just in case, but don't overdo it."

"Oh," says Atsuro, "So that is a point in my favour, eh? I admit, I only learned to do them pretty recently. But I feel pretty confident about using them in combat and that sort of thing… you know, as much as any other ninjutsu I use. Do you use fire clones?" He thinks for a second. "Okay," he says, "So what if I change the amounts? Like if I start at fifty fire, fifty chakra, then move to forty fire, sixty chakra? Is that what you're saying? Or is that part of your whole thing about me riding Taizen out of the training area unconscious every day?"

"Yeah, I use them, along with some others. They are handy." Daisuke says before he shakes his head. "No fire. You are using pure chakra, so you are better off using the amount you use for Fire clone, in pure chakra, and if it forms, test it with a poke. It will most likely poof. Once it doesn't, add significantly more chakra, and go from there. It's not exactly easy just to tell someone "You, use half your chakra right now!" so it will take some gradual increasing until you can show off a perfect twin brother, with half the quirks you have."

Okay. Daisuke knows all about making the transition from fire to chakra. "Hrm," says Atsuro, "That sounds trickier. I don't know much about pure chakra anything, much less half my pure chakra anything. Hopefully my teacher's really patient." He pushes off from the tree and puts his hands on his hips. "Okay," he says, "So essentially make a fire clone, but don't turn any of my chakra into fire. Then once that works, I keep adding chakra. Should I give that first bit a try now?" He looks to Taizen, "Get ready to take me home. Just pretend it's a night at the bar."

"If you are finding the transition hard, try going from a normal clone, just in larger steps of chakra amount. The normal clones are pure chakra, and you know how to do that." Daisuke points out before he looks up at the sky and frowns, later than he thought. "Well, you were just napping waiting for me, so go ahead, you should be well rested." he says with a smirk, finally dispersing his clone, his muscles looking like they were well flexed.

Atsuro thinks for a moment. "Hrm. Take it slow and steady, or completely blow away my chakra and take lots of naps…" He grins, "Well, it's not like I don't nap plenty anyway. I think I can handle the occasional fainting spell. May as well give this a try." He focuses for a moment, then brings his hands together in a seal. "Just like I'm making a fire clone…" Poof! The clone that appears to Atsuro is perfect, matching his image exactly. Unfortunately, it also matches the image of the things behind it exactly, because it's transparent. "Oops." Atsuro pokes it and lets it pop into nothing.

"And Thus, Ghost clone was invented." Daisuke says with a laugh as the transparent Atsuro comes into existence. "But I think you get the idea. I know I'm reiterating myself constantly, but be smart and conscious. I need to get going, less I miss Satomi's meal again and hear no end to it." he says with a sheepish grin. "You good to keep practicing? Find me around if you have questions."

"Hey," says Atsuro, "It could be useful. Remember those kidnappers? They could have learned a couple things from me. I still don't think they were using real ghosts. I mean, gimme a break." He thinks for a moment, then nods. "Okay," he says, "Fair enough. I think I can do it on my own. Just as long as I've got Tai here to roll make sure I make it to the hospital." He glances over to the secret entrance. "I'll find somewhere else to practice," he adds, "Don't want anyone figuring out about your little hideout." He grins, "Enjoy your meal."

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