Book Destruction


Goh, Nara Toukai, Nari, Kasumi

Date: Feburary 8th, 2010


Goh's team go to Manabu's Mansion in order to destroy a stolen book.

"Book Destruction"

Manabu's Mansion

It's about eight in the morning. The sun is high, shining through a cloudless
blue sky. The wind is crisp, slightly cool, but still quite comfortable given the season.
The village gates swing open for the morning, allowing travellers both in and out.
One set of travellers is Goh and his three champions. Standing there with a large
backpack slung across his back, complete with camping roll and other various things
hanging off it, the blonde Jounin known as Goh opens his mouth to yawn loudly. "Alright
guys. First off, we head westward. We're heading to the house of Manabu. He has
reportedly stolen a book from our client, Kimura. He's quite worried about it, so like I
said. We head to Manabu's place, sneak in and destroy the book. Easy peasy. Now,
Manabu himself is quite wealthy, so he may have guards on duty. Nothing to really worry
about though." With a beckon, he begins the long walk to the elder mansion. "And we're
off! C-Rank mission!"

Kasumi of course was all pumped up for this "Mission, mission!" The girl
had more energy than ever this morning, which could be a
good thing, could also be a bad thing "Yeah dont worry about the guards, I
can take care of them!" she laughs and stretches some while following along
after Goh, looking over to her other teammates to see how they were fairing
this morning.

Nari yawned in response to her sensei's. Contagious…
"Yup, let's go." She had her normal small bag and a backpack, suited with a
bed roll and the like. Prepared, that was sure. Mornings were not her thing,
unlike Kasumi's, it would seem… But she wasn't too much worse than she
normally was, anyway. Following after didn't seem to pose any problems, at

[20:32:07] It seems that everyone is assembled at the gates awaiting
to leave execpt for Toukai! Here's there in presence, but there's something
different about him today. He's wearing his headband on his forehead instead
of on his waist and his eyes seemed to be filled with determination! Wow…I
guess his lazy days are over…at least for today at least. "Mission
time…finally. Let's get this done so we can move on to the next. I'm
counting on you guys to perform as you usually do. Let's get this party
started!!" Toukai throws his left fist into the air and starts out of the
gates with a confident stroll.

[20:38:16] "Heh, right Kasumi. They're all yours. Like I said, this
mission isn't that high of a rank, so it really shouldn't be that much of an
issue. But anyways, the combat formation if fighting /does/ break out is
this." Lifting his hands up, Goh points a finger to his open palm as he
looks down at the Genin. "Kasumi, you're obviously our point girl. You're a
front lines combat chick, quite able with taijutsu. Nari, you're behind her.
Giving her cover and lashing out with any techniques you might have in your
skillset. Make sure to take them down hard and fast!" A thumb jets over to
Toukai. "And you're our ranged fighter. Making it easier for our two
fighters to hit our targets. You have shadows, yeah? That should help for
sure." With a big grin, he stretches his neck. "I'll be the backup. Sound
cool to everyone?"

[20:42:29] Kasumi goes wide eye at Toukai and his current motivation
for the mission "Yeah!" she exclaims, seeming to get even more in the mood
for this! When Goh starts speaking she nods and smiles "Sure thing
Goh-sensei." She had no problem with rushing into combat if it kicked up at
all, which she was already figuring it was going to, given she is already
inspecting her kunai.

[20:45:09] Giving Goh a thumbs up, the female Nara didn't seem to
notice the others' enthusiasm. Instead, she seemed to nearly close her eyes
as they made their way to their destination. If something happened, she was
sure someone would alert the others.

[20:48:18] Toukai looks over his shoulder with a grin to Kasumi as
she's feeling his new vibe. To goh he gives a slight nod and replies with,
"Understood, I know what I have to do Goh-sensei. I won't let you down." To
his sister he looks at her and smiles to himself thinking, 'I can't believe
we're on a missio ntogether for once. I can't wait to see how she's grown
since the academy.'

[20:53:33] The group strides on, passing various pieces of scenery as
the hours pass. With Konoha long behind them, Goh stretches a little. "Eh?
Looks like we have company."

[20:53:33] The sound of footsteps can be heard racing behind them. Not
very stealthy, showing that this isn't an ambush. Turning around a bit, Goh
glances at… Kimura! The client! "Kimura?" He's an elderly chap. Quite
skinny, with a long face and lengthy goatee. "Wait wait!" He cries, bending
down to rest hands on his knees as he catches up. "Before…you go…" Pant
pant. "There's been a change of prices." Goh blinks a bit. "Kimura? Did you
run here all the way from Konoha?" Without really getting an answer, the man
stands up, collecting himself. "I'm personally offering you, as a team, one
million ryo for this mission completion on top of what I'm giving the
village." Pant pant.

[20:53:33] Goh's eyes widen significantly. "A.O..On…M..Million?!"
Either this guy was very rich, or he /really/ wanted that book burnt.

[20:53:33] "I need that book destroyed at all costs. I can't stop
thinking about it. It needs to go. Stop by my manor on the way back and I
can pay you personally."

[20:53:33] Goh frowns at this, rubbing the back of his head. "..well.
We can't really inform the Hokage about this." A glance goes to Nari, toukai
and Kasumi. It would sure fix up their financial concerns, huh? "Konoha's at
least four aways back. We can't really backtrack." Hmm. Eyes sweep over the
Genin. What were their thoughts?

[21:04:30] Kasumi blinks as the man offers such a large sum of money.
Kasumi starts thinking for a moment about it before shrugging to Goh "You
are the team captain, and as such, it is your call. However we are part of
konoha and should not expect more than the mission is worth unless the
mission itself has more risks that warrents a higher price." Yep, just like
out of a text book, spoken like an uchiha. The girl obviously would not be
against taking a share if Goh wished to accept the man's offer. "Still…it
would be rude to have had him run out here for nothing."

[21:10:20] Nari turned as she heard someone, curiously gazing at the
old man. His offer, however, made gears start to turn in her head. Sighing,
she looked down at her feet and shook her head. "I think that he should have
requested permission to give us more before running all the way out here,
but… it is up to you, Goh. You must know how we feel about more ryo…"

[21:14:52] As the old man comes running up to the group, Toukai turns
and steps off of the road until the figure could be identified as old man
Kimura. "Damn…now that's stamina for an old man, hehehehe" He steps next
to his team mates once more and listens to what he has to say. When the
extra money was mentioned, Toukai shrugged at first thinking it's not worth
it. When the old man said one million ryo however….Toukai calmly started
walking towards the old man and picked him up on his shoulders saying, "For
that much money, i'll carry you personally to the village!" Money hog

[21:19:21] Goh sweatdrops a bit as Toukai picks up Kimura. "..Toukai.
Please put down that valuable client." Listening to all of the responses,
God shuts his eyes tight for a bit. Why can't things go normally? "The
mission remains the same, I guess. Kimura /is/ rich, so can throw around
cash as he likes. We destroy the book. Whatever Kimura wants to give us on
top of that, he can. His choice in the end." That seems the most honest
thing to do, right?

[21:19:21] Satisfied by this choice, Kimura, after getting free of
Toukai, begins to turn and walk the loooong walk back to Konoha. " I
can't believe he walked all that way. So crazy. Anyways, let's go guys. This
doesn't effect anything remember. No changes in battle plans. I'll just have
to be a bit more wary I suppose." And just like that, they continue on.

[21:19:21] the day passed by quickly, with some witty topics being
discussed along the way. As night creeps up and sets in, the group set up
the camping bags and sleep the darkness away, only to wake up in the early
hours of dawn. Eating breakfast amid some conversation about the cash and
how they would spend their share, they then head off to the House of Kimura.
Hours later, they get to the borders of said property. Indeed, the house is
large and white. Probably three floors, with a large slanted roof.

[21:19:21] "Alright.. We're here." Dropping his pack so that it
remains hidden in the shrubbery, Goh once again rotates his neck a little
bit. "Okay, remember what I was talking about. And not loud, remember. We're

[21:23:55] Kasumi still seemed to not really like the idea of taking
the man's money, and chances are she would return her share; she accepted a
mission on the terms that were offered and did not expect anything more, she
also made no comment on how she would spend her share. Once at the location
she looks over the area and nods some, seeing if she could spot any of the
guards around to see if they were armed, ninjas or just your average day

[21:28:25] Nodding to Goh, Nari seemed a bit more alert now that they
had arrived. Listening carefully for any signs of the guards, she dropped
her own pack by Goh's and prepared to head in with the others as quietly as

[21:30:26] Toukai looks about the house as Goh instructs them to
stick to the gameplan and nods without a word. His focus is as sharp as ever
now that they're at their destination finally. He gives Nari and Kasumi a
very light punch to their shoulders and says, "Okay, it's time to do what we
do best team… awesome!" Toukai looks to Goh and asks, "Okay what do
you want us to do first? I have infiltration skills that are second to none,
but it's your call. How do we do this?"

[21:32:04] "We'll go in through top floor and work our way down."
Granted, even if the Genin didn't have tree-walking abilities, they should
be able to leap that high up, or use other objects such as window-sills as
jump points. "Let's go." Dashing across the lawn, Goh himself makes the leap
up onto the third floor balcony in one jump, landing softly on the surface.
Awaiting the others to catch him, Goh will touch a nearby window gently with
the flat of his palm. The Genin will notice that steam comes up from his
hand, and just like that, the glass melts around his palm! Must be hot. Very
hot. It allows Goh to stick his hand through and unlock the window from the
inside. "Heh. Second to only me, Toukai!" From there, the Jounin strides in.
"..looks like we're in a storage room."

[21:32:04] And indeed it does! Lots of random junk. Maps, masks, old
clothes. And of course there are some books. "Have a look around, gang. See
if there's any books. We want the book called 'Daybreak'."

[21:39:28] Kasumi quickly follows behind Goh, moving to run up the
side of the wall, using speed, then bounding from that part to latch onto
the balcony and lift herself up to where Goh is. She soon moves into the
room and looks about the area at all the books and such. "Goh-sensei? who's
house is this and how are they linked to the client again?" Kasumi was just
idly thinking of things while looking about the room for the book.

[21:40:25] Having no problem leaping from a small ledge onto the
balcony, Nari followed Goh in. Immediately, the Nara began to search quietly
around the room for 'Daybreak', but to no avail. Making sure the others
hadn't found anything, she moved to find a way into the next room, eager to
find this book and leave.

[21:42:57] Toukai grins to Goh as he makes a handseal and disappears
darn near in front of his teams eyes as the shadows hug about his body and
blends him into the walls shadow. He follows the team up the wall and
through the window to search for the book. To no avail, the book wasn't
there! Toukai rubs his chin and thinks on where it could be and signals Goh
what's on his mind. ~Book-on-target-perhaps?~ is signed to goh as he looks
to cover their escape route.

[21:47:25] "This is the House of Manabu. He's a Duke, apparently. And
I do not know his connection to the client." Goh replies. With Nari opening
the door, they will emerge into what must be the central area. They are at
the top of the large room, the trio of Genin and Jounin emerging into a
small run that overlooks the entire area. There is of course a rail to
ensure that people cannot fall down the two stories to the ground. The
hallway/run connects to some stairs some ten meters away, which in turn go
all the way down to the ground floor. "Alright.. Let's go." Before they can
get very far along the hallway though, the sound of rumbling can be heard.
"…uh oh."

[21:47:25] "INTRUDERS DETECTED!" Running up the stairs at what must be
the pinnacle of human speed, are a group of very, /VERY/ ugly maids.
"Eliminate the targets!" They don't appear to be shinobi. But judging by
their ferocity and their ability to wield dangerous looking brooms, they
look deadly if given the chance. "Take them out, gang! Quick and hard!"

[21:48:03] ..they continue to charge at the ninja, running along the
hallway, making it shudder under the weight.

[21:51:59] Kasumi hears the maids and without waiting for a second,
the girl was already rushing off into combat to take on the maids. The girl
of course is fast and her style is her own, using many florishes to distract
and spinning moves which allow her Haori to conceal her attacks. Quickly she
unleashes a spinning kick at the first maid's head; yep, this is where
Kasumi's skills would surely shine.

[21:58:10] Nari sighed softly, shaking her head at the maids. How
inconvenient… Pulling a kunai from a holder around her stomach, she turned
to throw it at one of the maid's booms, aiming to knock her in the head with
it and knock her out.

[22:01:08] Seeing Kasumi and Nari make the first moves, Toukai
remains melded in the shadows and slides in front of the other maids
charging in causing them to trip over his body to become easier picking for
his teammates. In the process, he pulls out a kunai himself and begins
molding his chakra for the up and coming attacks to surely follow.

[22:03:44] Well, what chance to the maids have? They're trained for
cleaning.. not really for combat. As such, they are taken down hard! The
first maid hits the ground, unconscious for now. The others quickly follow,
taken down by a multitude of attacks from the invading shinobi. Goh in
particular takes out the two remaining maids, giving them a simple chop to
critical areas to send them sleeping.

[22:03:44] "C'mon! Next room!" Leaping forth, Goh charges into the
next room. Lo and behold, it's a library type room! The unfortunate thing is
that.. well, there are likely thousands of books! Slamming the door shut
behind him, Goh extends a hand. "Alright guys! Fan out. Find the book before
more people come."

[22:08:23] Kasumi moves along and looks over the room, thinking for a
moment before moving through and trying to find the book…maybe in the 'd'
section? is the girls first thought so that is where she goes to see first,
it made logical sense…right?

[22:12:30] They were all quick to find it, and Nari decided to go
back by the door and listen for anyone. Waiting for more instruction, she
watched her team and sensei. She hoped to leave as quickly as possibly.

[22:14:22] Following Goh into the library, Toukai fans out as ordered
and begins searching sections at a time attempting to eliminate where the
book could actually be. They all found it through the process of elimination
so Toukai would follow suit behind his sister and prepares his shadows in
case the situation called for them. "Sensei, torch the book and let's go!"
he calls out over his shoulder as he readies another two kunai.

[22:18:11] Kasumi will discover that unfortunately, the books aren't
listed in alphabetical order! More by genre. Adventure novels, romance
novels, even some pervy books! Standing by the door, Goh makes sure to keep
guard in case anymore ugly maids come chaging at them, all the while
sweeping his gaze over the shelves. Just ensuring that he can see the book
too! A grin is shone down to Nari as she approaches the doorway too.

[22:18:11] Then it's found! "Excellent guys, nice work." Getting the
book, Goh looks it over carefully. "Huh. A book by Kemu Zaleon. Isn't he
that super fancy author that's really popular? I can't remember any book
being called Daybreak released by him." A hand lifts to scratch his head
idly. "Hum. Weird. Anyways. Burning time." His hand bursts into flame,
reaching out to touch the book and put an end to it once and for all!

[22:20:32] Kasumi watches as the book burns and nods some to Goh
before tilting her head "So, we heading out then? Or is there something else
we need to take care of while here?" Kasumi watched the door, sort of hoping
another maid would come through, but alas, it most likely would not happen.

[22:25:32] Nari simply watched. Burning the book was the task and she
had to questions about doing it. It would seem Kasumi wished she could make
this last longer, but the Nara was ready to leave.

[22:27:53] Goh stands there with the book burning his his hands until
it poofs and reveals a log in his hands! Toukai was still cloaked when he
overheard what goh said about the book and replaced it before it was
destroyed. Thumbing through it and checking it's authenticity, Toukai's
cloak drops and reveals his features in awe. "Goh…sensei…..this book was
never released! That means this thing is worth far more than what Old Man
Kimura was offering!" Excited, Toukai continues to flick through the pages
and reads some of the text which doesn't make sense to him just yet.
"Huh…this book seems to be in some sort of code, or the author was high of
his teeter when writing this." He turns to Goh and bows asking, "Goh-sensei,
please allow me some time to look through this book to see what I can
discover. There's something that old man is hiding…something I honestly
think should be brought to light…"

[22:34:02] "Eh?" Finding himself holding a log, Goh blinks. "Toukai,
we need to get rid of it. Burn it! No time for reading." About to take a
step for Toukai, Goh freezes.

[22:34:02] Another deep rumble escapes through the room. Books begin
to fall off their shelves, as UP THROUGH THE GROUND (woah), comes a… man.
Short, stocky, with a long greasy moustache. "Aha!" He cries, thrusting a
finger out. "I knew if I let you ninja wander around long enough that I
would find what you'd be looking for! Even if that worthless book means
nothing to me, I cannot let you have it. Principle and all that."

[22:34:02] The man gets a steady look from Goh. "He must be a
shinobi.. with a technique like that. Damnit. We were too slow." Eyeing off
that book, Goh shakes his head. "Keep a good hold on that book, Toukai.
Don't let it go." With shinobi on the premises, it means that this mission
automatically bumps up to a B-Rank level at least.

[22:34:02] "..a code?" Duke Manabu speaks, overhearing Toukai. "..I
didnt notice anything like that when I read it. Come, vanish brothers!" The
man calls out. Another rumble, and just like that, one of the many shelves
slides open! What was up with this house? Splitting open, as if something
out of Indiana Jones. Revealing.. Dun dun. Two figures! One is huge,
standing at least ten feet tall. The other holds a frying pan of some sort.
It's clear that, like the Duke, these are shinobi too. "Retrieve that book
at once!"

[22:34:02] "Tsk." Goh gets out. "Toukai, run! Go for it! We can't let
him have it back! Kasumi, Nari, cover him. I'll take care of these two." Goh
says, looking over to the 'vanish brothers'.

[22:34:49] <Konohagakure> Abel says, "How do you look at the mush wika site?"

[22:38:46] Kasumi frowns at Toukai's actions, he was going against
the mission..Still, she would hold her thoughts for now and follow oders.
Nodding to Goh, she moves to go after Toukai and protect him if need be,
leaving the two others to Goh. "Come on Toukai, lets get a move on!" she

[22:42:22] "Toukai, no—" Nari gritted her teeth as the Duke and his
minions arrived and followed orders quickly, dashing out of the room and
looking for the quickest route back outside. "Brother, destroy the book now!
Some things aren't meant to be shared with everyone. I don't care how much
it's worth, that man wants it gone."

[22:44:24] "You dont understand! It's not about worth at this point
Nana there's something very dire in here indeed!" He thinks about his
decision to take the book and then hears Goh's orders to keep the book safe
and nods quickly. Toukai does just that as he re-cloaks and dashes towards
the door Nari had secured. "I'm on it!" he says just before phasing out of
sight and follows Kasumi closely so she can take care of any opposition that
gets in their way. In his mind he's still thinking about one of the passages
in the book that confused him at first and from his previous knowledge of
the writer he figures out something! 'Goh-sensei needs to hear about
this…Kami be with us…'

[22:48:07] With the trio of Genin bailing from the library, Duke
Manabu grimaces, before heading straight after them. "Like I'd let you get
them!" Goh cries, reaching for the Duke himself! But just like that, that
frying pan that one of the vanishing brothers was wielding /slams/ into Goh.
Hard. So hard that Goh is sent flying. Crashing through the doorway and down
into that central area they were in before. The vanish brothers chase after
him with heavy speed, indeed 'vanishing' just as their title suggests.
Surely he'd be okay? He wasn't a Jounin for nothing, after all.

[22:48:07] With him gone, it's just the trio and the Duke. "Hohoho!
Give me that book! Boyoyoyoo! With extending hands, the Duke attempts a hard
punch at Kasumi and Nari! Since Toukai is still hidden, after all.

[22:52:21] Kasumi hears that duke comming up and smirks "Too slow!"
She quickly spins and redirects that attack of his before quickling
launching one of her own attacks at him in an atempt to stop him dead in his
tracks. "You will not lay a hand on my team members!" with a quick flourish
she moves to unleash a open palm strike against his chest, a quick, and
powerful strike to be sure.

[22:56:05] She didn't understand? "Dire? What could be so—" Once
again, Nari was cut off. Except this time it was by a punch, which swiped
her. Showing a light cringe, she kept running, throwing a single kunai back
at the Duke after Kasumi's attack.

[23:03:29] Seeing as the girls had things under control, Toukai took
the time to continue reading the book trying to break the code by
remembering what was translated already. 'Damn this thing is giving me a
head cramp….how troublesome..and in combat of all places!' He looks to the
duke and growls lowly as his sister gets tagged slightly and remembers his
new tasks. The book is wrtten horribly and just to bare reading it meant you
had to have a stomach for poor literature which toukai didn't. However, he
was told to keep the book safe and to solve it if possible so that's what he
does! Every now and again, a line of code would pop up for him to crack
which started to make sense as he saw a pattern in it. Still nothing worth
noting so he continues to go through the book until he finds something
significant. Mumbling to himself he states, ‘Whoever wrote this book surely
didn’t want anyone enjoying reading it….I'll bet Kimura knows what this
is….slimy bastard…and to think I was gonna carry his old ass home….how

[23:06:37] With one hit landing, the other striking, the Duke Manabu
grunts. "GIMME THAT BOOK BACK!" With an attack coming straight for him, the
Duke moves to dodge as best he can, out of the way of the punch AND the
kunai. One seems to work, with the fist passing past him, but the knife
sticks him good. "Damn brats.. That's mine!

[23:06:37] There's a resounding boom in the distance. Perhaps the
fight between Goh and the vanishing brothers is heating up?

[23:06:37] "Give ITTTT!" This time, he throws out more extending arms!
And a kick! A punch is sent for Kasumi's face, a kick to her knee. Another
punch is sent for Nari.

[23:16:04] Kasumi sees the new barrage of attacks coming at her; the
first one strikes her across the face, but she is quick to defend against
the second one "Bastard…run away while you still can!" She taunts him
before quickly moving inward and kneeing him within the stomach before
launching off another one of those attacks she did before against his
chest…Kasum might not actually let this guy go if he continues much

[23:21:07] Nari grunted as she was hit again, getting knocked back a
bit by the punch. Brushing herself off, she looked at her brother and
sighed. "Let's just get out of here… Back to the village." Of course,
they'd need to snag the backpacks before heading back but Nari just didn't
want to fight anymore.

[23:24:58] Toukai nods to his sister as he takes the book and places
it in his jacket and leaps towards the Duke and punches him in the face with
a chakra infused punch! "That's for Nana punk!" He then runs for the dorr
signalling the others to follow as he looks to see if the coast is clear.
'Man…this book gets better and better considering its a piece of shit
stly-wise. I need to tell Goh-sensei what I doscovered and confront that old
man about this as well…'

[23:28:04] "Even if I'm the main character, that book is crap!
Worthless!" Looks like he revealed something interesting about Daybreak! "He
is Kemu Zaleon, yet he wrote such a piece of crap! Outrageous! It took all
my effort to capture him.. and force him to write it too!" Looks like he's
admitting to all of the crimes now. "Hahahah! I had to stick him in an
isolated cell for three years .. but he managed to finish it! Even though
it's a terrible book, I feel somewhat good about it. I crushed his spirit!
The soul of such a writer.. Gone! Bahahah!" An evil laugh!

[23:28:04] With more attacks coming at him, the Duke dodges as best he
can! For a short fat guy, he sure can move well. But.. not well enough! The
attacks hit him square, finished off by Toukai himself. They send the Duke
reeling and on the ground. KO'd!

[23:28:04] Only a moment later, a resounding BOOM can be heard from
the hallway wall, and through it comes Goh—grinning from ear to ear. "Hey
guys!" The Jounin looks completely unscathed, despite fighting such
opponents. "..ooh. You knocked him out! Nice one. You sure have grown, huh?"
The blonde laughs, poking at the Duke with a toe. "Oy." A look goes to

[23:28:04] "..alright. Can we burn that book now, please? This has
been way more trouble than it's worth." Hands go on his hips as he glances
to Toukai. "Did you find something out about it?"

[23:33:56] Kasumi blinks as she hears the explosion and then sees
Goh, she shakes her head some and smirks "Keep as quiet as possible huh?"
She then quickly runs over to the duke and moves to tie him up…hog tied
"Should we take him in? he admitted to kidnapping and torture of an eldery
individual for a total of three years.." Either way she was tying him up of
course. She then went over to Nari and moved to check where the crazy duke
hit her "Are you ok Nari-chan? did not hurt you too bad I hope?"

[23:38:22] Nari shifted to lift the sleeve of her shirt first,
showing a light bruise forming from the first punch and then pulled down the
front of the neck slightly to show a much darker bruise just below her
collarbone. "Meh… Doesn't hurt too bad," she mumbled. "Can we just destroy
the book and get out of here? Sure, let's drag him back, too and get him put
in jail, just let's go."

[23:42:51] Toukai shakes his fist after hitting the Duke and pulls
the book back out to Show Goh as he arrives. "I did indeed find out
something and you're not going to be too pleased on it.." He looks to his
sister and she seems to be in capable hands as he finishes giving his intel
to Goh. "For starters the book is slightly coded with secret messages that I
haven't had time to fully decipher. Sencondly…look at this." Toukai shows
a seal that was writen in the book pages itself which indicates that the
author ws some type of ninja! "It gets better than that Goh-sensei. These
codes? I have an idea of someone woh might be able to understand what they
mean and be able to break this seal…Old Man Kimura!"

[23:47:41] "Yeah. But I've got an idea as to what we can do with him."
Walking over to the Duke, Goh leers down at the fat man, before perfoming a
summoning technique! Thrusting his hand down, a small lizard pops into life
next to him. "Reiko, I need you to swallow him up. Keep him in there until I
say. Sound good?" — "Of course, Goh-sama~~." Flicking out with her toungue,
Reiko, despite being only a few inches long, SWALLOWS the Duke whole. Her
tiny mouth wraps around him, and then swallows. Reiko herself still stays
the same size, mind you. "Good work." Beaming, Reiko scampers up and buries
itself into the Jounin's pocket. A glance goes over to Nari. "Everything
alright, Nari? Just tired of everything?"

[23:47:41] As Toukai reveals what's inside the book, Goh looks like
passing out. "You're kidding me. Why couldn't this have been a normal book?
Hmmm." After a pause, he thrusts out a finger. "Well then! I guess we head
to Kimura. If he doesn't want it, we can just burn it there. He should be
near Konoha anyways." Muttering something about coded books and seals, he
beckons. "Anyways, we need to hurry! Before more people find out we were
here. Let's book!" And with this, Goh makes his leave, leaping out of the
window (just trying to break more stuff), and down to where there packs

[23:52:28] Kasumi did not even see Goh's awesome summoning of a duke
eatting lizard, how sad for Goh! She was more concerned with making sure
that Nari was ok, and if she needed some medical attention at all; yes
Kasumi did sort of look out for Nari, if not baby her a little now and then,
must be something about actually having a friend that is a girl or
something. "Ok Nari-chan, if you need any medical supplies, I have some
extra, or if you need someone to carry you back, I can do that too!" She
gives her a thumbs up with a smile, Kasumi, although she took a hit, does
not seem phased even the slightest.

[23:58:31] Nari looked around at the others and shrugged. "Hello
again, Reiko-chan. You will never cease to amaze me, I don't think…"
Grinning at the concern for her, she chuckled. "Don't worry about me, I'm
fine. These'll be healed up in a few days. I just want to get back to the
village and report all this. Thank you for the offer, Kasumi-chan, but I can
walk just fine."

[00:02:46] Toukai chuckles at Kasumi saying, "She's alot tougher than
she looks Kasumi-chan, trust me! Let's post haste to the village to give
this guy a once over!" Toukai gives the book to Goh for the time being and
follows him out of the window. (Gives an action pose as he does so to be
cool like Goh!)

[00:06:59] "She looks like she can walk." Goh replies, picking up his
pack and slinging it across his shoulder. "I'm with Nari. Be nice to get
home and report all this. Then have some amazing pickled vegies, huh?"
Adjusting his pack as he takes the book, the group of four begin to make
their way back to Konoha. The day passes and moves into the next, the group
of course sleeping and awakening at appropriate intervals. As they approach
Konoha, Goh makes a notion to veer off to the side, heading for the little
cottage in which Kimura has been put in temporarily.

[00:06:59] "Looks like we're finally here. Konoha put Kimura here
while the mission was completed. He should still be here." Opening the door,
Goh peers about, spotting Kimura at a dining table. Reading, of course. How
ironic. "We need to talk, Kimura… About this!" Holding forth the
golden-bound book, Kimura stares at it angrily.

[00:16:09] Kasumi nods to Goh and heads on with the group after
picking her stuff up, not that she brought much of course. Once they arrive
at the location, she takes note of Kimura and how angry he was at seeing the
book; Kasumi was raised to follow the mission orders to the T. So bringing
the book to the client, even questioning the clients motives were against
the orders of the mission, still, she was not in charge, so she simply
waited to see how this played out.

[00:18:21] Nari stood by, saying nothing. She didn't know much about
the contents of the book and was just glad they'd gotten a chance to sleep
before coming to face the athletic old man. Not that she wanted to question
him, really.

[00:21:19] The male Nara walks in after the rest of the team with a
angry glare in his eyes as he approaches the elderly man demanding, "This
book…you knew what it was and who wrote it. Why hide this from us? Did you
know that whoever wrote this placed a code in it? What else aren't you
telling us old man. Lie to me and i'll do far greater harm than that bastard
at the mansion did to my sister…" It seems that toukai had alot on his
mind during that trip back to make him cross the line like that. It's also
the first time he's ever lost his cool in front of anyone. How odd…..

[00:23:55] "Since you want it destroyed so badly, you destroy it
Kimura." Goh speaks, offering the book to the client at hand. The client,
seeming to be quite frustrated, swipes at the offered text and holds it
high. "Fine!" As he heads for the fireplace, Goh closes his eyes a bit,
before grinning over to Toukai. "I know why you want that book gone,
Kimura." A pause. "To protect your fathers pride, right? You're the son of
Kemu Zaleon. I knew I recognized that family name. It's Kemu. You're Kemu
Kimura. The son of genius writer." The plot thickens! " want to burn
this book because you think it's no good. That it would tarnish your
deceased fathers name."

[00:23:55] Kimura seems to be at a loss for words, although nods
slowly. "Right.. I cannot have my fathers name tarnished by this books
release! He told me to burn it as much as he could.. Not long after he
returned from his 3 year abscence of writing it. I was upset.. He told me
about it, of course. About the story. I was ashamed that he had written such
a bad novel about such a character. I was mad at him. He died not long
after." Kimura reflects, looking up to the ceiling. "I've come to regret
what I said to him… which is why I want it gone! With that book gone, he
can become the greatest writer again!" A pause as he looks to Toukai. "Code?
What are you talking about? It's just trash!" And just like that, he lights
up a match… holding it to the book!

[00:23:55] The flame of the match licks at the pages, before.. poof!
The book suddenly starts to glow golden! Trippy.

[00:23:55] "..Toukai is good at reading. He discovered a seal in the
book. One I've seen before, actually." Goh states, watching as the book is
dropped to the ground, still glowing a bright yellow. In an instant, the
pages begin to turn. Slow at first, then faster and faster!

[00:31:19] Kasumi blinks as she watches the book go through the many
pages and listens to the conversation, she was not a pleased Uchiha, even
more so at Toukai for yelling at the client like that, no matter the reason;
Still, she waits, letting them all talk it out, she had nothing to add to
this, this was toukai's moment to shine.

[00:34:08] This whole thing was rather strange to Nari. Why was the
book doing that? Did the old man really not know what was going on? The fact
that Toukai knew these so-called codes was beyond her, what were the
chances? She watched, waiting tensely.

[00:34:47] Watching the book flip through the pages on the ground by
itself, Toukai loses his anger and looks to the book in plain amazement as
he looks to see what the book would do next. Just as a precaution, Toukai
take Nari by the hand and he stands behind the biggest obstacle in the room
and hopes he's as tough as he looks. :p

[00:37:24] "The seal that's on the book masks the books true contents.
Very strong.. only a skilled shinobi could have done such a seal. I've seen
something similar before. It's almost like a genjutsu, in a way. Before I
joined Konoha, ninja used to do that on signs that point the way to things,
or on maps. Gets people way lost unless they have specific blood. This is
just a variation. It's set to activate so that when someone of their own
blood touches it, like a family members, it activates and reveals the true
contents. The flame you just put it near probably kickstarted it." With the
book turning its last page, Kimura goes to pick it up, flicking through it.
"Your father probably wrote the most complicated and best book in existence,
Kimura! Be proud! Wahahah!" With Goh throwing his head back to laugh, Kimura
trembles as he reads the contents. Likely a last message from father to son,
or something similar.

[00:37:24] "I guess this means we can't accept that million ryo. We
didn't burn the book after all. Total mission failure." A dramatic sigh as
he peers to the Genin. "Sorry guys. Oh well."

[00:37:24] Kimura nods a little, clutching the text close to him.

[00:37:24] "I think that's our cue to leave. Let's go, gang!" And with
this, Goh pivots on his foot to exit the little cottage. "See Kasumi? This
is why sometimes, it's not always good to follow the rules. Heh. Don't tell
the Hokage I told you that."

[00:41:07] Kasumi simply shook her head at Goh…but then smirks some
"I wont tell them…but you gotta buy us all Raman for the rest of the week
for making us fail the mission…seeing as it was -your- fualt as team
captain." Yeah, she could be a bitch if she wanted to.

[00:44:15] Nari simply blinked and shook her head. How bizarre. As
they left, she chuckled at Goh's going against the rules and grinned at
Kasumi's condition and shrugged. Food was great, she wouldn't argue with
that. "All this craziness… I hope to have more missions like this."

[00:45:29] Toukai scoffs at the idea of failing a mission then leaves
without another word as Kasumi said all that was needed at this point. He
gives Nari a warming hug as he then makes his way over to Kasumi and places
his hand on her shoulder and bows slightly. "Kasumi-chan, it was more my
fault than his. My curiosity changed the gameplan, therefor I take the
blame. Team Captin or not, I should've never taken the book from his hands
to read." Toukai would then step outside of the cottage and shrugs to his
sister. "Missios lik this we ill-need Nana. I don't think we'll get the
commision off of this one… troublesome.."

[00:47:58] "WAUUUUGH!" Goh jumps up on one leg, away from Kasumi. "A
whole week?! No way!" Goh looks positively petrified at that. "Hey, I'm a
pretty poor person too, yknow! I havent got that sort of cash!" Hanging his
head in defeat, the Jounin sort of shakes his head. " guys are evil." A
dramatic sigh. "Well, don't feel bad. After the Hokage hears about this,
it'll be like.. A B-Rank mission that you failed, yknow? And besides! Don't
you feel good for failing it? Just have that loving feeling. Wahha!" A
glance to Toukai where he shrugs. "If you hadn't done that, the book
would've been burnt, and Kimura would have never known about this whole
thing. So as far as I'm concerned, you did the right thing. Just ask for it
next time." Heh. "Now. Let's go home."

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