Border Patrol: Uninvited Guest


Eremi, Daichi, Chiasa

Date: December 23, 2015


A simple border patrol between the Land of Fire and Water that uncovers an unexpected visitor

"Border Patrol: Uninvited Guest"

Border of Fire and Water

Leaving Konohagakure and moving through the Land of Fire, the makeshift team made up of Eremi, Daichi, and

Chiasa would make their way toward the Fire Nation Docks. The weather permitting, their journey would be rather

unobstructed. Clear skies that hung over the village were replaced by an unattractive gray that threatens more

rain than the light sprinkle that greets them followed by a gentle breeze that reminds that it is still Autumn

slowly shifting into Winter.
The bite of the air causing Eremi to tug slightly at the cowl that covers his head and hides part of his

face. "We'll start at the shore and work our way up." Refreshing the minds of the other two as to the reason they

were here. It was border patrol. Simple enough. Though skirting the line between the Land of Fire and Water meant

there was a chance for more dangers than one would normally expect with such a routine operation.

Daichi simly looks around the area. This is the furthest out he had been on a patrol actually, and he

didn't know if it meant it would be more dangerous our not. He knew enough at least that it would likely have

higher dangers. Anyways no matter how much he paid attention to the land around him his mind was back on Konoha.

"Alright… Start from the shore and work our way up. Got it." His mind drifted to wondering what Eremi would do

about that Zori kid. Considering everything he did, and all….not the place to ask though.

It's not like Chiasa had never been out /at/ the border. She's just never been at the border /as/ a ninja

of Konohagakure. The woman seems a bit nervous in her mannerisms, running her hands through her short hair too

much, pacing a bit, but otherwise, it's all contained under a cool mask. Hearing Eremi's orders, Chiasa nods and

paces herself out from the other two. "Hopefully, we don't meet any trouble.. But if we do.. well, there's you

two. All strong and things." She grins down to Daichi and lifts her eyebrows. Yes, it may seem a little

condescending, but she -is- older than him, even if he can kick her butt.
Chiasa kneels down and pushes her green cloak back from her arms. Her hands lift to tug her hood back over

her head and she focuses, closing her eyes. Both of them, by now, should know what she's doing. It's what she

always does when she wants to see outside the realm of her normal senses.

Peering about the area with a single, visible, emerald eye, Eremi took in the area that was before him. He

hoped beyond all hope that the group would run into a shinobi from Kiri so he could continue to exact his revenge,

though the chances of getting that lucky was slim. And probably asking for trouble considering recent events

within the Land of Water. "Take point you two. We're several miles off from any island within the Land of Water,

but that doesn't mean we are safe within our own borders." The emerald eye stayed focused on the waters to the

east for a bit before shifting his attention to the coast and following behind the other two.

Daichi just continued walking and at Eremi's words just moved a few paces ahead. He didn't know what else

to do really, and it wasn't like he excpected nothing to show up. Going out on patrol it is good to always be

ready for things to happen. Actually even around your own village it should be an obvious decision to keep your

guard up for anything. Then he noticed ice forming and fish seemingly thrown everywhere. "Huh…. What is this?

Why is there ice on the sand?…"

Her initial check shows her nothing out of the ordinary. Just the odd bits of rubbish and ice. No out of

place footsteps or tremblings. Hearing Eremi speak, Chiasa opens her eyes and looks to the man, watching the

direction of his glance. She looks off in that direction too, wondering if he's thinking about her too. If

Kirigakure was more… reasonable, she might be able to go ask about her, but they aren't the same. She'd likely

get killed before even getting off the boat.
Chiasa sighs and rises to her feet. She keeps her connection with the earth open as she begins to walk

down the shore with them, looking down slightly so she doesn't trip over anything with her distracted mind. "I

don't feel anything hiding. Not yet anyways."

Eremi doesn't look directly at Daichi, though does chuckle slightly, "You need to get out more, Daichi. It

gets colder near the water with the wind coming off the sea, so when the temparature drops, ice forms. The village

would possibly get more snow than ice." Ice crunch under his feet as the sand breaks up beneath his weight leaving

slightly indented foot prints that fill with water as the waves wash in. "I don't imagine we would, Chiasa. If

we're lucky," A thought he didn't share, "We won't run into anything dangerous out here. Unlucky and we catch Kiri

breaching the shore ready to start a war." An impossible wish..

Daichi looks over to Eremi. "Oh… Well… I went to Kumo some. But I suppose I don't get out often…out

the village I mean." He keeps on walking not seeing anything overly weird. "So what should we expect to see if

anything? Bandits like we see in the forest on those patrols closer to the village?" A random fish is seen and

Daichi as he walks by uses his foot to move it back to the water before the thing dies, and he then moves back

into place. "It has been getting a little cold. I should see about getting some new things. So I don't freeze I

mean." He did have on a coat now, but it seemed to be getting worn down, and was nearly too small for him now.

Chiasa looks down when she crunches into an ice patch, almost losing her footing. She pulls her leg back

before it sinks into the water, not wanting her boots to get wet. They keep out water, sure, but she still just

doesn't want to risk ice on her feet. No point in tempting nature like that.
"I came across a Kirigakure ninja a while ago when I was on a mission." She speaks absently as though she

expected them to already know. "I didn't really know what to do so I made her let me follow her around. She's in

Konohagakure now. Nice woman, really. Named Uzumaki Isra. I know why she says she's here, but still…" Chiasa

'hmms' a bit and shrugs her shoulder as if dismissing any negative thoughts about the woman.
Instead she distracts herself from the thoughts of Isra and looks to Daichi, "Yeah, you should. I can go

with you if you want to help you pick out some clothes. Nothing worse than going into winter with things too small

cause you're growing too fast." She stretches a bit, making herself even taller. Briefly, she focuses back on her

senses, her eyes moving away from them as she checks to see if anything is moving about.

Eremi nodded slightly at Daichi's words having already known the boy went to visit Kumo. The reasonings

though were unknown to him and probably unimportant. The boy was back now and all that mattered. And there had

been no rumors of the boy using the Chakra Gates, so that was good. "Possibly…" The only thing offered in

response as the elder Satonezu watches the younger saves a fish's life…
The act brought a smirk to Eremi's face that quickly faded at Chiasa's apathetic reveal. It froze him in

his tracks much like the ice beneath his feet and after a moment of registering, Eremi stormed over toward the

girl wanting to grab her by the arm and spin her around, but instead choosing to get in her path, staring her

"What did you just say? You found a kiri shinobi during that solo mission of yours and now she's walking

about the village? I knew that solo mission was a bad idea. You could have been kidnapped or worse, killed. I

can't lose…." He'd pause, staring into her eyes and catching sight of the strawberry blonde hair. "This mission

is over. We're heading back to the village."

Daichi just walks along randomly listening to Eremi when he says possibly. Then Chiasa speaks some, and

Daichi begins to speak right as Eremi moves to her. "Oh? Isra? She seemed like a nice person. Asked for me to show

her to the markets, so she could buy some things. I met her while out on the Hokage Mountain, and Shinobu was

there… though she ran off. I think she was scared of the new person. Hiei was there as well though and walked

with us some until we made it to where he was staying." But then Eremi began speaking and he tilted his head to

the side some. "Isra didn't seem like someone who would kill or kidnap someone…would she really do that?" Then

he said the mission was over and Daichi's mouth dropped some. "But….we haven't finshed really." Then he paused

as he looked out in the distance some. "Ummm…. Eremi…" He looked back at Eremi, and said louder. "Eremi! There

is a body over there!"

Chiasa blinks at Eremi stupidly as he stares at her and then rants and raves. She doesn't understand his

anger. Did she do something wrong? And then he says 'I can't lose..' And she understands all at once.
Her eyes flick to Daichi and then to Eremi as he declares that the mission is over. She wants to slap him,

and she probably should, but for some reason, Chiasa feels like he gets too much roughness in his life. Now just

doesn't seem like a time to give him more of the same.
"Eremi-san…" Chiasa speaks to him calmly, her voice smooth. "I am alive and whole." She would reach

forward then and attempt to grasp his shoulder as though to prove her living existence to him. "Do you really

think she's walking around unwatched? Would the Hokage be so naive?" She doesn't think he would, but she asks

Eremi to be sure.
Her hand moves away from him when Daichi's shout brings her back to reality. She moves off to go inspect

it, giving Eremi space to get more angry… or not.. however he wishes. The woman kneels down next to the body and

goes about feeling for a pulse and such while simultaneously sensing through the ground in case this is a trap.

Eremi spun about on his heels, casting a glare over Daichi at the boys words of saying he met the kiri

shinobi as well. It was infuriating to think about, that these two before him would act so nonchalant in the face

of uncertain death. There was a reason Kiri and Konoha were listed as enemies with each other. Given the chance a

shinobi from either side could slit the others throat without a second thought, but they act as if it would never

happen, because Isra was NICE!
The frustration was enough to easily ignore Chiasa's gesture as she touched his shoulder. "Of course I

do…More now than ever to allow a Kiri shinobi to walk the streets." Considering Eremi was ANBU Captain and was

learning about this from two genin, it was clear just how naive the Hokage was. If anything happened, the blood

would be on the Hokage's hands, but did the man care. Did Daisuke care?
A fleeting thought with Chiasa walking by him, only now did Eremi realize Daichi was calling for him.

"Less uneventful than I had hoped for." He muttered as he walked up with the others, looking at the dead body for

any signs of village affiliation.

Daichi watches the both of them inspect the body, and not knowing what to do himself just looked around

some. Of course the body itself didn't bother him at all, but what bothered him is wondering what did this…how

they did it, and where were they/it now. "Eremi… who do you think did this..or could it have been some sort of

animal?" He then looked at the body himself after looking around the area to see if there were any obvious wounds

on it. He didn't know what most woumds would look like, but he knew what a stab or slash from a kunai looked like.

He has seen…and caused many of those. "See anything weird?"

Not feeling a pulse, Chiasa looks down to the body, focusing her attention on it. She starts to inspect it

more closely, lifting up bits of clothing here and there to look at the wounds themselves. Though not a medical

ninja, nor particularly astute in forensic knowledge, she can at least tell by the patterns that the wounds

weren't inflicted by animal bites or claws. "No, this was murder. Or, self-defense. I don't know really. But

definitely -not- an animal." She rearranges the clothes to settle a bit nicer and gently pats down the corpse's

hair so that it seems more decent. "Poor fellow. You hit a patch of bad luck." Afterward, she steps back so that

Eremi can have a better look. Chiasa takes a few steps away to look around, one hand resting on her stomach as

though she's expecting the worst. She swallows a few times, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath in hopes that

she won't lose her lunch everywhere. The conversation about Isra is forgotten for now, but she's sure Eremi will

want to talk to her about it later.

"The only thing we can take from this is that it's not one of our own. Though an unidentified body can

cause more issues than an identifed one." Sighing, Eremi reaches down to grab onto the man's collar and drag him

onto dry land, away from where the waves can reach. "He must have just recently washed up to shore, otherwise a

previous patrol would have spotted him. It's hard to say when he was killed though. Most likely today as the body

wasn't too damaged from the water itself. The smell, of course, will only get stronger. If we were any later,

animals would have gotten to it. Then we wouldn't know if he simply drowned or was killed.."

Daichi frowns. "That is sad… who would of done this? He doesn't seem like anyone who would be

dangerous…. so why kill him?" He just looks out to the sea for a moment, and while frowning pulls out his

sketchbook which was in the same place as all of his tools. Then he turns it to a new page where a pencil for

basic sketching was already planted before he got to work drawing the area. "So Eremi… what should we do with

the body?" He spoke as he was drawing, and had started looking back at the body and drawing it in the picture

where they orignally found it.

Chiasa looks back to them as she feels her stomach settle, watching Daichi as he begins drawing. She walks

over to Eremi and looks down. "Well, I don't know about you, but we likely need to take it back to see if a medic

can identify it and I, for one, don't want to lug around a smelly body." The woman produces a scroll from her

pocket and flops down on the sandy beach, spreading the paper out. "There might be clues in the way they were

killed that can help us figure out what happened if the scenery here can't." She moves to the things legs and

starts trying to maneuver it onto the scroll, making a motion to Eremi for him to help her lift it. Dead weight is

really… dead weight. Once the thing is positioned, she makes a few hand seals and the thing goes poof, leaving

only the paper behind. She rolls it up, placing a seal over the end so it looks all official like and then offers

it to Eremi for safekeeping. She trusts his judgement on what to do with it. Her eyes would linger on the man as

she waits for him to accept the offering, knowing there is much between them unsaid.

Eremi simply shook his head, not knowing how to answer it correctly. "We don't know at this time. It could

have been anyone, even our own. It could have even been Isra who done this, but speculation will get us nowhere."

He planned on having Chiasa and Daichi return to the village while he guarded the body, but seeing the girl

produce a scroll was a bit of a relief. The smell…..
Helping with the body, Eremi stepped back afterwards before accepting the corpse filled scroll and tucking

it safely within his attire. "Well, I'll take this to a medic to examine, I know some higher-ups to show this to.

You both are welcome and if anything comes from it, we may be tasked with finding the murderer or at least

returning the body." A glance would be given to both, "But the corpse is preserved for now and assuming Daichi's

artistic side has improved, so has the crime scene. "We'll finish patrolling the border and head back to the


Daichi's artistic side had improved a lot and practicing painting with Hiei in Kumo increased his skill

just as much as well. "Alright Eremi. Sounds like a plan then." He ignores for the most part of both of them

messing with the dead body and a scroll. His sketch would be complete now with a little color added and

everything. "Alright Eremi. I think I got a sketch of the area here now. I am ready to head back now." He closes

his sketchbook before putting it away and turning to face them. "Alright. Lets go!"

Chiasa watches Eremi as he accepts the scroll and puts it away. She nods to Daichi when he says he's done. On the way back, she wouldn't say much, having lots on her mind and primarily craving a good stiff drink.
"You guys hungry?" she asks. "I'm absolutely starving."

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