Border Robbery


Naru, Akechi

Date: October 1, 2012


A prized package for local Daimyo is in transit across the Land of Fire border, close enough to where many bandits of shinobi have the chance to steal and pillage. Uchiha Narusegawa is selected to guard this package during its trek. Uzumaki Akechi from the Land of Lightning takes a shot at stealing the package…

"Border Robbery"

Land of Fire Country Side

It was the ultimate mission of missions, even Naru herself didn't know what was linger within the carriage being drawn right underneath her. All the Kunoichi knew was that something very important was snug within that carriage and it needed to be transfered to Konohagakure right away. So there she sat, right ontop of the carriage, her raven locks of jet black hair flowing passed her cheeks and along her shoulder blades, her eyes swelled with 3 tomoe but a pale crimson watched for any sudden movements despite it being broad daylight. There was quit a bit to worry about considering she was right along the border, there was going to be many chances of running into various shinobi or bandits attempting to raid whatever goods might be in the carriage… Today the lone kunoichi would be tested.

Akechi would be on a rather simple mission to raid the lone ninja swiftly and effectively as he smirked, a shift in footing allowed him to grain the ground he was seeking. He would be the first from his clan to make it with a time to spar as he took the time to notice the rouge shinobi protecting the goods. "Shifting about as he started to form through hand seals rather swiftly as he started to gather a little chakra. "Man why did she has to be such a babe, maybe I should hold back a little or something." Akechi would be speaking to himself rather silently as he held a seal and formed a clone, nodding over to his clone he would start to move around the battle field to see if he could spot an opening to attack.

It was a little interesting as Naru looked around carefully at both Akechi and his Clone, her sharingan wheeled briefly, picking up both his and his clone's chakra signatures though because of its contents it was impossible to know which one was real and which one was fake. Instead she narrowed her eyes upon them both and finally began to rise to a stand, " Hey, stop this carriage for a moment," the Uchiha ordered the driver, screeching to a sudden halt as the clambering horse shoes ceased . "Are you really trying to sneak up on me?!" Naru shouted out to both the clone of Akechi and himself, her chakra levels began to build up as she prepared herself for a possible battle. " running around with a clone doesn't make it look like you are friendly,"

"Well we were trying to sneak up on ya, but I guess now its pretty pointless." Sighing as he brought the clone back into him and jumped out of hiding before speaking softly. "Hey how's it going? Your way to beautiful to be out here all by yourself. Perhaps I can treat you to a nice hot meal or something in exchange for the content of the box yeah?" Akechi would have a carefree smile on his face as he started to slip on his gloves just incase she declined.

Th carefree smile on Akechi's face was entirely annoying to her, even more so that he was asking for the box as if she was really going to let it get away. Nevertheles she remained rather stoic, crossing her arms along one another as her sharingan slightly burned with radiating chakra. While Naru was calm she was still fairly relentless especially when approached in such away. " Your in the way, your not getting anything from this carriage so consider yourself warned," Naru threatened, patting along the top of the carriage gesturing for the driver to move things along… If Akechi interrupted again, that would definitely start the fight.

"Alright little lady here I come then," pulling out a kunai he tossed it towards her and once it landed on the ground it explodes before she knew it though he was right beside here not matter where she went on the battle field in mere-moments. Tag in hand as he tried to stick it to her to drain her of chakra and freedom of movements.

It didn't matter how quick Akechi could move if her eyes could trace and easily follow his movements. Her body moved instinctfully, almost as if she was predicting his movements with a push to assure she wasn't caught in the explosion or the seal. With such quick movements she attempted to strike him with the single draw of her blade, swiftly aiming the tip to plainly slice against his ankle while electricity began to spiral down her blade, the crackling slightly illuminating as she spun once more attempting to slice the blade right across his torso, the biting arcs enough to cause his body to spasm and weaken aswell. " I'll give you one more chance… Leave now," The Uchiha's final orders to the Kumo shinobi, it was apparent she wasn't going ot be holding back against him.

Akechi dodged the first strike and as he was shifted about he would unable to activate the seal into to dodge out of the way and thus his torso was bleeding on the battlefield floor. "You know I can't leave now for the simple reason I have to get that since it is my orders, so how about this thought. You walk away and I just take that and run?" Akechi would flick a another explosive kunai as he used the vector sealing ninjutsu to cut the distance in half as he tried one more to tag her with the scroll, hit or missed though that didn't stop one more kunai being tossed her way. One thing for sure this Uchiha woman was tough Akechi could no longer afford to hold back on her that's for sure.

While Naru did manage to slip away from the first attack she wasn't able to do much against the following strikes after the northern seal managed to lock her in place, she cringed and waited for the next possible attack to come, though even know she was becoming badly wounded, she simply cringed, her sharingan illuminating darkly, the pale aura begining to become darker in comparision. "You…are going to regret that…" Naru spoke with a slight grimance, for now simply waiting for the follow up attack.

Truth be told Akechi has long since finished what he really was after, and no longer cared about completing the mission. As he pulled on some wire picking up all the seals that have been placed around the battle field as he spoke to her softly. "Thanks for helping me test out my skill, I have no long reason to take that from you and have no problems in taking a failure on this mission. To be honest the guy that wants it is a complete jackass anyhow." As he walked towards her he would touch her rather gently on the cheek before shifting in his stance before smiling as he looked over his shoulders "Uzumaki Akechi chuunin land of lightning."

Naru's eyes narrowed down upon him as he touched gently on her cheek, she could feel herself literally jumping to bite his finger off while her cheeks bubbled red in a fit of rage. " Don't you dare touch me… Do you actually think I care about who you are?!" Naru exclaims, her fists begin to ball up, it was apparent that that seal he had placed upon her was begining to let go. " I don't care if you decided to change your mind now…. I gave you the option awhile ago and you decided to attack… You aren't going to get away from me no matter how bad you might want to…"

"Laters" Akechi would take off using the body flicker technique as he had a smile on his face and a rather relaxed expression. He was able to test the full extent of his defense and newly made gloves and both needed a little work in order to be rather successful in a battle.

Naru wasn't going to let Akechi get away without a fight, her eyes began to burn with hatred, narrowing down upon Akechi as her three tomoe became more full. Putting him within the cross hairs of her eyes suddenly there was a burst of scarlet red electricity, building up next him and striking at his body with violent force, hit or miss the electricity would continue to crackle and dance either over his body or near him as she followed up her attacks. " Your not going anywhere…Katon…Goukakyu no Jutsu!" The glove swere off, or at least somewhat as she launches a massive ball of fire to wreck right in Akechi's direction, and hopefully catch him off guard in the process.

Akechi dashed forward out of the strike with the vector Sealing technique this allowed him all the time in the world to form seals to bring up a huge barrier of chakra to take the full force of the great fireball jutsu. Smiling from the other side the ninja would start to wander away as he spoke "you know I had friends on their way here are you sure you should be chasing me like you are now?" Akechi was rather relaxed as he started up the pace once more.

The slight eye contact would be all that was needed to bring the battle in her favor, her eyes swirled slightly, irritated that somehow he had managed to break through her attacks, "That is irrelevant to me… You are a shinobi from Kumogakure… If you say you have friends on the way… I refuse to allow you to report to them," Naru spoke softly, Her vibrant gaze became a little darker. " Uzumaki Akechi was it? You are on the wrong side… I don't know what possessed you to not be on side with Konohagakure…But I will make sure this is the last thing you remember…" Her eyes began to swirl slightly, bringing Akechi into a swift hypnosis if he wasn't able to break through the genjutsu.

The Sky suddenly becomes black and a flourish of chakra surrounds him by all sides, imprisoning him into a giant prism of black chakra, from within, millions upon millions of blades could be felt, slicing and lacerating his body into peices… It didn't seem like she was trying to kill him, if anything she just wanted him to suffer. " No one gets away with putting their hands on an Uchiha…"

Akechi would fall face first onto the ground the sure raw power of the genjutsu was enough to make it so that he couldn't breathe and thus his eyes would start to close slightly before he find himself in a pit of pain and despair before he started to slip into a rather deep sleep.

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