Bounty Hunting


Katsurou, Satomi

Date: August 7, 2013


Katsurou finds himself being a target of a few bounty hunters. Satomi scrambles to help and in the end are met with a powerful ally.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bounty Hunting"


It is the dead of the night; 1 A.M. to be exact. Konoha is at its typical quiet state in this hour of the night with the various guardsman patrolling the area. However, on this particular night, the guardsmen that are normally outside of Katsurou's apartment to keep tabs on him could be found knocked out cold on the ground. Their weapons scattered on the ground away from their bodies but if anyone were to examine them they would not see any traces of battle.
Katsurou's flutter open at the sound of something soft hitting the floor. Thinking that it is merely a wild animal on roof, he rolls over from his side onto his back and closes his eyes to drift back into dream land again. "Wakey wakey." A male figure says while standing above the Shirayuki. His eyes fly open in alarm but he is too slow to react. The figure grabs hold of Katsurou by his neck and yanks him out of bed. The Shirayuki struggles to get free from the figure but to no avail. The figure headbutts the ice user into the wall then throws a swift punch at his face. Even though it was dark, Katsurou could have sworn he had put up his hand in time to block the figure.
The struggle continues into the living room where Katsurou was not doing any better. With each strike the figure threw, the Shirayuki was always one second off from blocking or dodging it. He could make out the sinister smile from the figure in the moonlight and could make out a few features. His hair was short and spikey, a dark color but not as dark as black. He looked to be a bit older than Katsurou but not old enough to say be 30. His attire was all sleek leather with a few weapons holstered on various parts of his body. This made Katsurou wonder why he had yet to use any of them on him.
Katsurou was getting rocked with punch after punch. Furniture was being thrown around and flipped over as he was getting backed up towards the window of his living room. Then with a punch, punch, kick combo; Katsurou explodes through the living room window with sounds of glass breaking into the streets.

Satomi was a Nara, so far from a light sleeper. It was in fact Daisuke who woke her up, that guy is always unrestfull during his sleep. So he nudged her. She was already up, making some tea and yawning while leaving the bed for a moment, hearing the commotion she looks up. "What the?" She looks around for any guard response…. Nope, nothing! They're just discussing. Satomi is increasingly worried as she knows who's living in that area. Now she's a jounin she also feels more responsible. "Set up a parameter!" She says a minute later, sloppily clothed in her gear, wearing a couple of kunai around her belt. She didn't have the time to get properly dressed. "I'll go to the source of the noise." She was smart enough to take some flares and flash bombs!

So she arrives in Katsurou's nabourhood, heading for his place first, just out of intuition. Kicking down the door and rolling in a flash bomb. Either 1) He's asleep and he'll get very Arwinged, or 2… she gets the jump on a flashed assailant! At least, she hopes so. "Konoha guards, flat on the ground now!" Satomi says while entering the house, using a lit flare to light things up properly. Looking around for Katsurou first and foremost while the guards secure the perimiter.

Satomi must've took the back way up to his apartment on the top floor, other wise she wouldve seen Katsurou lying on his back in the street with glass all around him. His face is bloodied and his body is beaten. He lets out a moan to at least signal he was still alive. However, just as Satomi would come into the apartment she would still see the Shirayuki's attacker kneeling on the window seal that had just been busted out. He looks over his shoulder at her then poofs in a swirl of dark smoke. The same dark smoke appears next to Katsurou and a moment later the assailant appears standing over his beaten body. "Oh come on you big baby. You act like you just got kicked out of a window and fell three stories." The figure smirks as he bends over to pick Katsurou up and throw him over his shoulder. "You've been a bad dog. Time to take you back to your masters." The figure says. With a whistle, he begins making his way towards the edge of the village walls. Katsurou was too dazed to make sense of anything at the moment as he hung over the man's shoulder like dead weight.

Satomi just made it to the broken window to see Katsurou over the man's shoulder. She opens her eyes and lets her strategic mind turn. Counting on this guy being faster than her, since that wasn't her virtue. She needed to outsmart him! He wouldn't go to the gates where more guards are. She imagines being him, what he would do. Instead of calling out to him she rushes through a shortcut in the streets, hoping she read him correctly. On the way there she tagged a guard, telling him to wait on the other side, when she arrived she trows a kunai with ninja wire across the street, a simple yet effective trap to make the guy trip! Good thing she knows the streets better than an average assailant! Slippyit, she knew this day would come! If only she could be there before they got into this compromising position. "Come on…" She whispers to herself, half praying to the gods she doesn't believe in that this guy manages to trip over her simple trap!

The whistles from the guy can be heard down the street and soon the figure appears with Katsurou drapped over him. Eventually the guy comes up to the wire and just as he is about to step through it, he pauses. "It's a trap." He says comically to himself in an unnatural voice. He raises his foot up as if he is going to take a big step over the wire but then stops in mid stride. His eyes locked onto a shadow that is projected from the street lamp. "Sorry Nara girl." He pulls his foot back to its original position. Bringing his hand up to his chest he performs a hand seal and suddenly his whole body including Katsurou's becomes translucent. Foot steps then can be heard as he travels further down the street.

Satomi's plan worked, she formed a shadow from the street light. So he thought she was somewhere else. Meanwhile she was watching him while embraced by her best friend! The shadows… So she follows his translucent body move, foccusing on the sound of his footsteps. Eventually, Satomi lifts up her right hand, making a set of seals, she wasn't taking any chances on this guy. "I'm not just some Nara girl." She says from the shadows, meanwhile, on the opposite side, in a huge range all shadows come down to the middle of the street as soon as he passes a light. Yes, half the village got deprived of its shadows while Satomi opens up the flood gates of her chakra. She didn't know exactly where this guy was. But if he was there, her shadows would catch him! "I'm Nara Satomi, team leader of team Shadow Strike, and right now… Your greatest BARREL ROLLING nightmare!"

The sounds of foot steps stop once Satomi reveals herself to the guy. He stays invisible until the last thing she says then his body materializes ten steps in front of her. "You obviously havent met my wife." He says in regards to her being his nightmare. "But wait, is it because how you look or do you plan on hurting me? If I were you I would go for the first." He would then pick back up his whistling and take a step forward as if ignoring the girl. That is until he sees the mass of shadows coming his way. "Oh boy." He says a little worried. The shadows swarm the guy's body and for a moment darkness is all that could be seen as the shadows engulfed him. Once Satomi's shadows cleared, the guy would still be standing there as if not to have ever been affected by them. He looks around himself in a way that would say 'What, is that it?' "Well that was a neat trick." The guy says. "Think you can come to my kid's next birthday party?" The guy adjusts Katsurou's body on his shoulder with a groan. "Ugh. Come on fatty, we've got long ways to go." He says as if completely ignoring the girl.

Satomi peers at the man and shakes her head. "I hope you trust me… Katsurou… Because this will take a little focus." Satomi weaves new seals. "Hidenjutsu… Shadow sewing.." She focusses her chakra, those shadows engulfing his body gave her a great marker. Yes, if that body bind wouldn't stick to his eel-slick body, this should do the trick! The shadows rush forward, aiming to stab the guy straight through his back, and then the rest of his body, avoiding his shoulder. "WAKE UP KATSUROU!" She yells. Loud enough to wake more people up, street lights are beginning to turn on, as well as houselight. Then, Satomi gets an idea. "FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" She yells as loud as she can.

Now, if you know people, you also know that they usually just turn and continue sleeping at commotion. Fire however… now that causes a ruckus. She hopes that this whole part of the village lights up and people go out of their houses to check out the 'fire' … If only ten percent of them are Shinobi, she has enough to overwhelm this guy! She keeps marking him with her shadows.

The bounty hunter lets out a cry as shadows pierce his body from behind. This causes Katsurou to roll off of his shoulder and land with a thud on the ground. The guy stands there with his chest out and his back bent as if he was being exorcised. A few lights flicker on but the people who do step outside are hesitant to do anything. Seems that no one is wanting to take on the threat. "Stupid girl." The guy grunts. "Youre going to wish you had not done that." He says gritting through the pain. "Katsurou is my cousin. I was hear to intercept him before the real threat came. But now…now you just gave away our position."
Suddenly a blade pierces through the chest of the paralyzed nin. His eyes go wide and he begins coughing up blood almost immediately. "Thats enough, Shin." A females voice calls out from behind his body.
"I told you we couldnt count on the Shirayuki trash to handle the job, Megumi." Another male voice speaks up. Shin's body goes limp as the girl pulls the sword out from his body.
The shadows vanish and all that is left is the lifeless body of the Shirayuki laying in his own pool of blood. If Satomi notices she would see his features change as if he was using a henge all along. Shin's real features werent that different from Katsurou's. Only his hair was long and raven black and a scar ran from the bottom of his eye to his chin. The only flaw on his pale face.
"Now theres you." The girl known as Megumi says while staring at the Nara.
"Let's make this fast, sister. I can't hold this genjutsu forever."
"Its ok, Ryokoo. She seems like a smart one. This should be quick. Your name was Satomi, was it? Nara Satomi. We had expected to run into you as we prepared to do this job."
It is at this point people are walking along the streets in confusion and looking at the group of nin as if they are seeing right through them. That was the art of Ryokoo's genjutsu. He was affecting everyone around them to give the illusion that they were not even there.
"I dont care for Kirigakure at all." Megumi says. "They can all burn in hell along with that pathetic village of savages. But, i cant walk away from a price like this for this job. Fortunately for you, there is another target out there that pays a little bit more than this bum here does." She says motioning to Katsurou who was slowly beginning to come around. "Now, here are your options. You can try and fight both of us and try your best to avoid letting your student be killed by one of us or better yet, you can agree to help us with this next job. Who is the target you ask? Well…its a Nara who has been putting his nose in the wrong people's business. Now surely you won't let blood get in the way of your better judgment like this poor soul did." She says now pointing at Shin with the tip of her sword. "So Nara girl. Whats it going to be?"

Satomi watches as her tactics backfire on her, and then it's worse as she finds out it's genjutsu thats keeping the villagers from doing anything. "My name is Nara Satomi, Jounin of this village." She says loudly to everyone around her. "Get the Uchiha police force, NOW!" She shouts firmly. Before looking at the pair. "Look - Katt - she says firmly. "Here's how we'll do it. You're within Konoha walls. If you think you can come in here unharmed you're sorely mistaken. Heard of the Uchiha? Their eyes see straight through your little genjutsu." Satomi pauses. She knew how to fight authority, with more authority! "So here is the deal. Katsurou stays unharmed." She peers at the two. "And my family stays unharmed." She pauses again.

"Unless…" She looks at the two hunters. "You can proof this particular Nara is a criminal, a runaway or otherwise a feasable target. If this is not the case, I'm going to give you exactly ten seconds to leave, unharmed, not return…. And you won't be hunted until your heads are up on pikes…. Am I clear?" Satomi subsides her shadows to show she's no direct threat. "I know your names, bingo-booking you won't be an issue. Who wouldn't want to kill a bunch of high end, yet not truely elite bounty hunters?" Satomi pauses. "So, your bounty… Spit it up."

"Again you fail to judge someone accurately, Megumi. She isnt even sure of her self which option to take. So instead, she hides that fact with a loud bark." Ryokoo says in an annoyed tone. "She is much more ignorant than our cousin with that illness he was born with."
"Quiet, Ryokoo." Megumi scoffs. "Listen girl." At this point Satomi would notice that no one was responding to her cries for help either. Seems the genjutsu did much more than just alter people's vision. "We know you had just picked up the rank of Jounin. It would be a shame if a situation when from bad to worse just because of your poor decision making. And as for threatening us with the bingo-book? Honey, we write the book."
"Last chance. Which door are you going to choose?" Ryokoo smirks.
"Ti-ck….to-ck." Megumi taunts.

Satomi looks at Katsurou and sighs. She had to make a difficult call her. Either save Katsurou, and betray her family. Or betray Katsurou, and save one of her family member. Satomi takes a deep breath. OH no, neither would fly with her. Though she wasn't stupid enough to engage two versus one. "I will take out the Nara…" Satomi says slowly. It was a plain lie. But she had to stall if anything. She stands up and shows her empty palms. "On one condition." Satomi looks at the two. "Katsurou gets to get some medical attention." Satomi's right eye twitches for a moment. The shogi board in her mind shoving the pieces. She was up two against one, and they had some killer leverage. "Which Nara do you need taken? Or dead?"

"That's a good girl." Megumi grins.
"Only took us badgering her to death to make the decision though dear sister. I wouldnt praise her too much." Ryokoo butts in. "Your student pet thing will get some medical attention, but until then…" He performs a series of hand seals and almost immediately the ground begins to shakes. A fissure appears and suddnely a large skeletal hand reaches up from the split in the earth. It grabs hold of Katsurou and slowly drags him und the ground below. Once the hand disappears the ground closes back up to normal. "We will keep him as collateral."
Megumi nods. "Anyone with crooked morals know that leverage is the key to success." She says with a wink. "He was kind of cute behind all the blood and bruises. I wonder if he would go out on a date with me after this is all over." She muses. "Is he dating anyone?" She asks Satomi. "Well it wouldnt matter anyways. I would just kill them if they got in my way."
"Control yourself, Sister." Ryokoo cuts in. "As for the target, your kin, we only need to bring him in alive. We are not /complete/ savages." He says with a grin. "But now the person we are turning him in to may have other plans. I believe I heard the words "Torture" and "Making an example" come out of the contractor's mouth. Anyways, that is none of our concern. Now, of course we could just go in and do our usual thing, shake up a few people, spill some blood, cause a real scene but you see…this week is a holy week for us. Meaning, it would be a sin to spill blood unless it is out of self defense. Not only that but it would just make sense for the job to be handled with someone who can already move about freely in the Nara village. The target's name is Hijo. Are you familar with them?"

"I might be…" Satomi says, turning around. "The Nara village is this way." Satomi says, looking at the siblings. Her mind already formulating a plan. She turns and didn't know any abilities with fissures and skeletal hands. Leverage or not, she suspected Katsurou to still be right there, on the ground! Just hidden by genjutsu, as soon as her back is turned to point to the Nara village she weaves a seal. "Kai." She whispers, before turning back around. "So what's the plan, I walk in, come out with him?" Satomi asks, walking past the two in full confidence, without actually showing she sees Katsurou, if she sees him at all!

Holy week? Satomi keeps her ears perched and runs religions through her mind as fast as she can. Trying to figure out if she could use that. "And I think he's single. Though there's this girl I fought who's into him!" Satomi grins. "Not going to tell you who though, would be a shame to get a leaf nin killed." She knew the pair were bluffing when they noted they wrote the bingo book. Satomi's no idiot! She clicks her tongue and walks north through the village. "This way to the Nara village."

It's round and about the way to the Nara village. Thing is, the Uchiha police station is just a tad north from the Nara village, and its dark out. Unless the two of them knew Konoha perfectly, they would be lead straight past the Uchiha police station since Satomi's trying to make a left turn over the bridge. If they correct her she instead goes straight, taking the path which avoids the police station instead! She considers her equipment and grins… A plan has formed!

Unfortunately for Satomi the technique Ryokoo used was not genjutsu. Katsurou had indeed disappeared under the earth. "Oh no, Nara girl." Megumi says with her hand held up at her. "We are not going anywhere." She says motioning to her and her brother.
"Silly girl. If we were going to go through the trouble of making our way to the Nara village we would just do it ourselves." Ryokoo tsks. "You have one hour to meet us at the waterfall outside of the village with Hijo still alive and bound. A minute after that and the ice boy will be going back to his homeland."
"Or back home with me." Megumi winks.
Ryokoo shakes his head. "I do have to apologize for my sister. You see…our holy week is also our week to mate. In a sense, our females are basically in heat."
"You make it sound like im some animal, Brother." Megumi glares at Ryokoo.
"Anyways." Ryokoo says turning his attention back to the Nara girl. You have one hour starting…now."
"Ti-ck…to-ck." Megumi taunts as they both seem to fade from view. Satomi would also notice the fallen body of Shin disappearing from sight as well. Was it all just an illusion? Then again, where is Katsurou if it was only a trick?

Satomi rushes through to the Nara village, but first, she lifts out a scroll from her jacket, writing on the run in short words. Describing what just happened, and dropping it into the mailbox of a friend in the village on her way to the Nara part of town. At least, if things would go wrong, they would know what happened and potentially come to the rescue! Satomi meanwhile bashes on the door of the Uchiha police station. "Listen, we have a situation and I'm going to need your help." Satomi might be stuck here, but she never stops trusting her comrads! "I need the most talented Uchiha you have available right now to come with me." That blatent. "It's an emergency!" Satomi urges as soon as someone opens the door. If… someone opens the door!

Satomi considers, blasting another Kai for good measure while looking around. Just to check she's not under genjutsu now. She orders whomever she gets with her, without being able to explain further than 'this is an emergency' to go find a Hyuuga! Then, she arrives in the Nara village, taking a deep breath while headed for her father's place first, looking in through the window, just to check on him, before heading on to the house of the target. "Silly girl my Falco. I'll show you who's silly!" Satomi gnawrls while shaking her head. "Screw this, I'm not going to risk family over this." Satomi tries to recall how her distant nephew looks and rushes back to the rendevouz point, hopefully to find the Uchiha and Hyuuga.

"If they were actually in here, barrier squad would have picked it up." Satomi scratches her head. "Though to cast the genjutsu, they would need to be in the village in the first place." Satomi was lost for a moment. Sitting down while looking at the Uchiha. "Was there any movement in the barrier team's quarters? Did they report any strange chakra?" Satomi asks, looking towards the Hokage's lookout, close to where the barrier squad works.

The door does open but behind it is an Uchiha with a frown on his face. "What's all this commotion? Youre going to wake the entire village." After Satomi gives out orders frantically the Uchiha at the door merely shakes his head. "Look, I dont know who you are giving out orders like your the chief of police but unless youre the Hokage we dont care to listen to someone of the likes of you. Now run along and dont bother us again unless there is an actual problem." The door would then shut and that was that.
Back in the Nara village everything was peaceful. Everyone laid snug in their beds and enjoying their own dreamlands. If Satomi were to check the time she would see that she had 43 minutes left to figure out what to do next. She could either try her luck again with gathering a team to combat the bounty hunters, even though they had already shown a glimpse that they were a force to be reckoned with; or she could proceede to give them what they want by extracting Hijo from his quarters.

Satomi went with a slight alternative to her plan. She makes a set of seals. "Earth style: Earth clone jutsu!" She makes an earth clone! But not one looking like her! Oh no, the earth had been shaped in a way that it looked exactly like Hijo! "This should do…" Satomi then squats through her legs, grabbing Hijoclone's belt and attaching all the flashbombs she has on her. "You're like a suicide bomber, but different." Satomi mentions. Making new seals to make a Satomiclone this time. She was going to try and free Katsurou with a ruse.

Shes'not going to endanger Hijo. No matter what he's done. She assumes it was a mission, in which case he doesn't deserve this! Satomi keeps telling herself that while heading for the gates. When she arrives she looks at the gate guards. "We have a Konoha shinobi kidnapped, I need to free him. I could use a hand to help us get away. Now… can you help us?"

Satomi asks, while Satomiclone ties up Hijoclone. Good thing gate guards are all sensors, easily capeable of destinguishing clones. Or at least, they normally are. "All I need is you to form a pocket for me to fall back to, and help me escape." She blinks. "If all else fails, I'm going to fight them head on." Satomi cracks her neck. She isn't a joke either, and quite confident in her abilities. She would just rather avoid having to take that risk all together!

The gate guards turn around as Satomi approaches. They both study the clone then look back at Satomi. "Wait. Did this have something to do with the commotion over there by where that Shirayuki lives?" One of the guards asks. "We've got your back, Satomi. Just give us a signal and we will be ready to intercept you. Just make sure you give us enough time to get some more bodies up here to help out or else we're all going to be caught with our pants down."
Meanwhile, Megumi and Ryokoo are seen by the waterfall in anticipation of their bounty. Katsurou himself is seen in the clutches of a rather large skeletal hand that looks to be erected from the ground. His body was limp and lifeless but his breathing was still regular. Ryokoo was seen leaning with his back up against the base of the skeletal hand while Megumi is sitting near the waterfall sharpening her blade on a whetstone.

Satomi nods. Finally someone she could count on! "Okay, thanks you guys. If you see flash, or a light… Move in." Satomi makes her clones walk up ahead while she hangs back. Making her clone fake the exchange. When they arrive by the waterfall, Satomiclone focusses on the two of them. "Okay, here…." Satomiclone pushes her other clone out in front of her. "What are you doing Satomi!?" He says, Satomiclone kicks the other clone forward so he stumbles. Then however she grabs a kunai from a belt Satomi so conviniently placed there. Pressing the tip against the other clone's neck. Now they're not the only ones with leverage. "Look, unless you want to lose your bounties…" Satomi pauses. "I say this goes as follows." Satomiclone pauses. "We cross both our assets over at the same time. We stay two meters away from eachother." Satomiclone slowly stands up, her kunai pressed against the other clone's spine. "Deal?" Satomi waits a little further back in the treeline. Waiting until she sees Katsrou. She gets ready to avoid the flash, free him with shadow sewing, and retreat as fast as she can! She sighs… Trying to stall as long as possible for the other team to get into position!

Neither Megumi nor Ryokoo show any concern as Satomiclone took the Hujiclone at knife point. Megumi merely looks up from her whetstone for a second then looks back down as she continues sharpening her blade. Ryokoo folds his arms across his chest with a smirk. "No need to be so dramatic Nara girl. You have what we want. It is only fair if we give you what you want." The Skeletal hand holding Katsurou stretches forward and drops the Shirayuki five feet above the ground. His body covered in dried blood and bruises hits the ground with a thud. He was now laying on the ground at the halfway mark between Ryokoo and the Satomiclone. "Your turn Nara girl."

Just as it seems Satomi was clear from the threat, the ground began to shackle and rumble about her. Suddenly the path in front of her turns into a large fissure. Two large skeletal hands erupt from the depths and latch onto the Earth as if it was pulling itself up. A large skull and half of its upper body emerges and lays over the ground. It opens its mouth and Ryokoo is standing there with his clothes a little ripped and bruised from the bombs. "Stupid girl." He hisses. "You have just made the biggest mistake of your life. You had the chance to get away perfectly but you blew it by blowing up that clone too early just to make a dramatic entrance for your ice friend when he was already yours for the taking. Now you will feel my wrath!" With that said, Ryokoo forms a few hand seals then leaps out of the skeleton's mouth and onto the ground just as it raises up and rear its head back. A faint green light can be seen forming in the middle of the skeleton's chest. Then without warning, it lurches its head forward and spits out a wave of green flames at Satomi and Katsurou which she is carrying."

Satomi stops when she noticed her flashbombs didn't do the trick. That freaking dude shows up everywhere in his skeleton with his freaky jutsu! "You, my friend… are outnumbered!" Satomi says. Firing a flare in the air while her shadows form layer upon layer of walls to protect her and Katsurou. She then uses her sewing for something she hasn't done in a while! She jumps up, literally riding her shadows like waves, using new shadows this manouver creates to fuel the ability, this way, she tries speeding past the skull towards her fallback pocket!

Ryokoo spins around in a fury seeing that the Nara had successfully dodged his attack. He wasn't giving up so easily though. With another series of hand seals the skeletal hand rises up from the earth and shoots forth in an attempt to grab hold of the Nara. However, just as it was getting close to her and her shadows a half dome of ice erupt froms the ground behind Satomi and stops the skeletal hand from advancing.
As Satomi travels a few paces further, Megumi's image would appear before her with her sword drawn and her clothing riddled with rips. "Time to die!" She lunges forward to meet Satomi's momentum with her's and her sword sticking out to catch her with a deadly blow. However, just before Satomi is met with Megumi's sword she see a quick puff of smoke at the side of her then suddenly find herself standing on the ground on the other side of Megumi. The bounty hunting girl quickly whirls around in mid air with a glare at the Nara. She then catches a glimmer of a cloud of smoke leave Satomi's side and her eyes widen. Just as Megumi hits the ground she is met with a puff of smoke then a sudden appearance of a male figure. Megumi would swing violently at the figure but she would only hit air as he vanishes and reappears at her side. This would continue on for a few rounds until finally the figure connects with a swift punch at her face which causes her to stumble backwards into his reappearing body where he would then kick her so hard in her back that she falls face first to the ground.

Satomi looks over her shoulder when she hears an attack approaching, watching the ice protect them. "Kats, you're up!" She says, before noticing he's still dead weight! "What, if you didn't then who!" No time to think. She's going straight at a sword! "Is this the backup?" She says. No, it can't be! Her backup didn't know any ice jutsu! Nor that smoky ability! She doesn't take very long to realize what's going on there. "The Shirayuki.." She whisper. Not taking any chances and heading further towards the pocket of allies. Not engaging nor avoiding the Shirayuki all together. "There's a smoke and ice user behind us, do not engage him. The rest… kill it!" Satomi shouts loudly now she's heading for the rendevouz, hoping her backup squad can hear it. She's not going to be keeping this up for very long if she needs to keep using her chakra to defend herself and Katsurou! Eventually Satomi reaches the rendevouz without any more resistance, her fallback pocket keeping her safe as a deterrance mostly. Rushing with Katsurou back to the village, to the awaiting ER!

It had been an hour after Satomi emitted Katsurou into the ER. Come to find out the Shirayuki only had minor cuts and bruises about his body. His chakra had been drained by Ryokoo's jutsu which kept him in knocked out. Nurses would say that it would only be a matter of a few days before he returned fit for full duty but to take it easy for a week at the least.
Once Satomi was left alone with the recovering Katsurou, the lights would flicker and a whirl of smoke would appear on the other side of Katsurou's bed. Soon a figure dressed in a dark purple (almost black) cloak. "Do not be alarmed. I am a friend." He says as he reaches up to remove the hood of his cloak. Something would tell Satomi that it was the Shirayuki from earlier but his appearance was different from the ones she had seen earlier. His hair was short and black. Both ears lined with assorted piercings. His eyes a hazy gray color and his skin pale like his cousin's. He stood tall and broad as if he was born a physical fighter. He had a few cuts and bruises on his near perfect face from the fight earlier but nothing to be concern of. "I must thank you for looking out for my kin. You also did well standing up against those two."

Satomi looks at the person who suddenly shows up. Her chakra blasting so hard it makes things in the room rumble. Though she calms down when she recognices him… Sort of! She makes sure he keeps some spacing and listens to what he has to say. "Thank you for eh… saving our Landmasters as well there." She returns. "Now, unless you want to be caught by ANBU, I recon you have ten seconds before the Konoha barrier team picks you up, another thirty before ANBU's on it. They're still on high alert from earlier." Satomi looks at Katsurou. Her hand protectively on his head. "He'll be fine. Scram…. before they find you!"

The figure shakes his head. "You have a lot to learn naive Nara. That bull headed attitude of yours will be your undoing one day if you dont learn to put it in check while youre young." The man's eyes look down and scan Katsurou's body. "Who do you think made it so easy to access the village in the first place?" He looks back up at Satomi. "I am in the business of favors. You dont survive out in the world without learning how to trade. Rest assure, I am no threat to you nor this village. There is no need to go screaming "fire" up and down the hallways." He pokes at her from earlier. "My name is Ruko. I used to work at the same agency as the ones you met tonight; Megumi and Ryokoo. A year ago we had two rules. Do not accept contracts that involves killing and do not engage in combat with other members of the agency. Lust for power and greed had overcome the brother and sister unit. They tricked the heads of our agency and assassinated them in cold blood just for the opprotunity to start allowing the agency to pick up assassination contracts. Most of us were not happy with the change but some stayed loyal to the agency while others feared for their lives to stand up to those two. Everyone, accept for my unit. It was a brutal battle between my unit and theirs. Both of my partners were killed and one of theirs died by my hands. I almost had the upper hand on the duo but they managed to threaten the rest of the agency into turning on me."
Ruko pauses just long enough to look down at Katsurou once again. "It was fate that brought me here to Katsurou-sama tonight. I had tricked the duo with my genjutsu and became apart of their unit in hopes of reaching Katsurou before they did. My attack on my cousin was merely a diversion. A diversion that was spoiled by you, but I do not have any ill feelings toward you. You were only doing your job as his team leader. Speaking of which…" He looks up at Satomi once again. "You have done well looking over him so far and helping him to adjust to the new village. Like him, i was exiled from the clan and ultimately the village due to my inadequete adaptation to ice justu. That would later come to fix itself." He says offering a smile. "Through my journeys on my own i have come to unlock the ability to form a link to our Shirayuki ancestors. With that comes a great power that Katsurou will need to awaken if he hopes to succeede out on his own and also to accomplish his life long goal of bringing glory and honor to the Shirayuki. In my meditations the ancestors have spoken out and have said that he will be the one that will lead us all to a great new era. I will be staying around to guide and train Katsurou through this new transition. Once I feel he is capable enough we will put it to test by taking on the agency's duo and bringing things back to the way things should be."

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