Second Promotion Exams - Boy Against Viper Fist: Ryo vs. Chiaki


Chiaki, Ryo

Date: November 27, 2012


On the second day of the survival exams, Ryo and Chiaki fight each other for their second scroll.

"Second Promotion Exams - Boy Against Viper Fist: Ryo vs. Chiaki"

Black Forest in the Blood Marsh

Beyond the border of the black forest the sun is made unwelcome by the thick overhead canopy that forbids the passage of any light, the swamplands retreating as the mammoth ancient giant oak trees stand tall creating a looming shadow over all things; the flora and foliage growing within the constraints of this darkened forest are all of darker colors, adapting themselves well to the shadowy life of this lightless place. Deep in the forest admist a clearing from the woods of wild unkempt bushes and vines, plants of all kinds; pillars of reflectionless obsidian jut out of the mossy forest floor..some half as tall as the giant oaks extending into the heights of the trees above covered with moss and razor-sharp yellow and red colored vines, others completely buried by the forest growth laying on their sides..perhaps remnants constructions eons old.

The survival portion of the exams had begun. Only the first night had past. The morning sun was just now starting to rise over the Blood Marsh. The colors seemed to illuminate the top of the forest like a canvas for a painting. The forest itself, though rather dark on the underside, appears to be rather empty. All is quiet. Possibly due to the winter or maybe a predator.
Ryo remains crouched on a tree branch in one of the forest trees. Earlier he had selected the area because it gave a decent view of what seemed to be paths meeting. These paths were animal made, but likely trails that a person might follow to get away from the main bunch. In the boy's mind he stood a decent chance of finding an enemy looking for cover.
Though the boy had not seen anything most of the morning, his spirits remained high. This was only the second actual day of the exams. There would likely be plenty of scrolls to go around. Now his mind remained somewhere between excitement and patience. It was a feeling that came close to driving him nuts.
Chiaki trudges through the marsh on high alert as she scouts the surrounding area of the marsh. She's still managed to keep ahold of her scroll, but with that said she hasn't managed to find another to match it either. Anyone she attempted to confront simply ran away from her, but that was to be expected. Not many were used to seeing a Beast Fist users fighting style and it can be a rather frightening thing. Still she had to hunt down her prey, she had too many people relying on her back in Kiri to mess this up. Students of their academy had to survive here so she had to prove that she could as well, even if she did not hail from their lands. She pauses and gives the area another quick look over before moving up into one of the trees as well. Perhaps she would have more of a vantage point from up here. Once up on a tree branch she peers around suspiciously and begins focusing her ki enough to make her transformation. Her form allowed her to be a bit more aware of her surroundings, and it did allow her to hide a little better as well. Once the transformation was complete she begins gathering her Ki to keep in reserve. There was no telling when someone or something could find her.

With the appearance of the girl, Ryo's luck had started to change. As he spotted her, the boy placed his fingers together to build his own chakra. He watches her movements. It does not seem that she has made his position. If she has, then she has not let on. His eyes follow her as she moves into the tree. She either had a similar plan to him or had been hunting during the night. The latter seems less likely. Ryo positions himself in the tree as he plans how to make his next move. Did he want to use the Ninjato blade at his side or would he be using fire?
Even after her transformation Chiaki does not seem to be aware of Ryo's presence. As she flicked her serpent-like tongue in the air she could not pick up any scents. They all seemed to blend together into one strange scent to her. She knew she would have to refine that at some point, but there wasn't any time for that. For now she simply remained crouched down on her branch thinking of a plan of action. Perhaps it would be best to go even higher and atempt to use the tree's canopy to her advantage. She climbs up further in the tree attempting to move with any shadows casted so she could remain hard to detect. Once in thicker coverage she continues to scan the area. Something didn't feel right, it was quiet, too quiet.

As Ryo had finally decided on an attack, he looked for the girl and noticed she was no longer there. Suddenly there was a cold feeling in the boy's stomach. He'd not seen anyone do that for a long, long time. In response, the boy took a deep breath. He had to remain calm. There were no intentions of running until he knew exactly what he was up against. If she had made him earlier, she could be planning her attack. The bald Uchiha curses himself on the inside. He did not want to use that power yet. It was a part of him, but it was not his sole weapon. He closes his eyes for a moment before opening them once more. This time they are filled with the Sharingan. "What are you up to?" he whispers to himself.
Chiaki's eyes finally lock onto Ryo's position and a faint smirk curls her lips. She knew something was out of place, still for it to have taken her this long to spot him he wasn't going to be an easy challenge. Remaining silent she pulls out several of her senbon to prepare for her strike, the perfect position for Chiaki to be in. A viper who has managed to catch her prey off guard. With a quick flick of the wrist she sends one of her senbon ahead of her in flight, this one tipped with her particularly special blend of poisons. Once the senbon was on its path towards Ryo she quickly leaps into action moving to land right on the branch Ryo stood at. Once there she attempts to catch him further off guard with a couple of quick jabs with her senbon.

The senbon hits Ryo dead on and the boy poofs into a ball of fire. The boy was trying to draw her out. He appears next to it on another branch and dodges the two jabs of her senbon. "Greetings. I am Uchiha Ryo of Konoha." the boy states before placing his hand on his ninjato. He makes two slashes towards the girl, each one aimed at one of her arms to try and slow down her attacks. He felt despite what had to be done here, there was no reason he could not at least be polite. It was not the most optimal deal for him to fight a girl, but he was making the best of it.
Chiaki frowns to herself and manages to slip past the first slash although it had put herself in the line of the second slash's path. She flinches in pain for a moment and pauses to stare at Ryo closely. A Uchiha..she had not ever ran into one of their clan during her time in Konoha. "Confrontation Beast Viper-Fist User, Mizukiyo Chiaki." She bows before him formally before straightening up "I had hoped that I would not run into any from Konoha, but I suppose that was just wishful thinking. I am going to have to ask that you hand over your scroll, or else." Without giving him time to answer she moves forward again trying to hit him with her strikes at least once.

Ryo turned to the side of each attack. "It is clear that you are out matched here. I will not hand over my scroll for charity." His hands moved placing the ninjato back in the sheath before returning to form firestyle seals. "Firestyle, Great fireball jutsu!" he yells as a finger curls over his lips. Soon a massive fireball is sent towards Chiaki. While Ryo hated to use his firestyle in a situation like this, due to drawing more attention, he figured the cover of the trees and the distance from the swamp would limit those drawn to the area. "That is my last warning. Give me your scroll and I will let you be on your way."
Chiaki growls as she ducks under the fireball allowing it to fly past its intended target before stepping back towards Ryo. "That is why I left Konoha. You leaf nin are all the same. Always underestimating their targets. If I have to I will simply allow yourself to tire yourself out then take the scroll for myself." She attempts to rush towards him again to try and prick him with one of her senbon. He was more than skilled at getting away from her strikes, but at least she was skilled enough to keep away from the majority of his as well. It seemed to be a rather even match defensively.

Ryo dashed to another branch and the lept to a further one to escape Chiaki's attacks. He positions himself between her and the marsh. "I warned you, now it is time to stop messing around. You will not hold back will you?" he asks. Once more his hands form firestyle seals as he blows out a small fireball towards the girl. Despite it's small size, one it hits something it would turn into a firestorm. Though hesitant to use the jutsu, Ryo wanted to finish this as quickly as possible.
Chiaki attempts to weave past the fireball to get back to her close position at Ryo but blinks and braces herself as it erupts once it hits. Ignoring the flames she runs towards Ryo once again a cold look in her yellow eyes as her focus was entirely on her stronger prey. "I thought you said you stopped messing around. If you truly want my scroll you are going to have to earn it." Her wounds weren't nothing to laugh at, but she still had a lot of fight left in her. She continues attempting to get at least one of her senbon to break the skin. That's all she needed to at least let the poison have time to wear him down even further.

That was the weakest firestorm he had ever seen the jutsu produce. He even glanced down towards himself. Had he messed something up or was it a fluke of nature? "Yeah… I thought I was too…" he states as he dodges away from the senbon strikes. "Lets try this a different way." His hands move once more, this time he spits out oil towards the girl. Instead of lighting it with a small fireball, he moves to light it with the Great fireball technique.
Chiaki moves to the side to allow the oil to move past her, but the resulting flames from the great fireball were impossible to avoid. She clings to her burns and pants tiredly slowly reverting to her more girlish form. It was getting difficult to focus from the pain and tiredness, and she needed to get somewhere to clean her wounds. She snarls to herself as it finally seemed that he beat her, but it was only a matter of time. Chiaki couldn't just get away with simply dodging to win. She looks up at the Uchiha as she struggled to find the words to end the fight. Finally she pulls out her scroll from her pouch and shakes her head slowly as she held it out to him, avoiding eye contact with him. "You earned it. Just take it and get out of my sight."

This was where things seemed to get difficult. Shinobi were tricksters and some were even liars. As the girl held her scroll out to him, Ryo moved slowly and cautiously. He did not want to be caught off guard by a senbon. He takes the scroll and backs up. "Thank you. I will put it to good use, I promise."
Now that Ryo had a second scroll, he tucks it into his attire before taking off deeper into the woods. For the moment the area had too much action not to draw some attention. He needed to recover his strength and then makes his way out of the area before anyone else or anything else could find him. It was survival after all.

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