Reina, Takuya

Date: May 28, 2014


While the citizens gather for a holy day, Reina and Takuya take advantage of the lighter security to complete their aim: storming a jail to locate and interrogate an inmate.


Zenjin Prison

They arrived at the village on the day of a religious ceremony. Many people had come on a pilgrimage here. It was amidst lightly wooded plains, and well defended. But not today. Every gate in the village is wide open, and every soldier on duty is listening enviously to the gathering in the town square and temple. Bordering the town is a prison, but the village is alive with celebration and communion. "Most people will be in the temple and town square," she says. "People don't expect anything bad to happen today. The prison isn't completely bare, but it's more lightly guarded. And we need to reach a prisoner inside. The prison has repelled strong assaults. They don't consider anyone stupid enough to come with only a couple people in broad daylight, and try to sneak in. Hehehe." As they leave the village, the crowds and sound of piety fade.

Takuya walked along with Reina as she led the way. Rather than his normal travel duster, Takuya had a darker one on, this one having the words 'Bad Luck' on the front and 'Trouble' on the back in bold red letters. Looking from the trail to Reina, Takuya gives a nod in response. Once out of easy sight of the others, he'd pull out his gadget, that heavy crossbow with a feeding cycle that allowed its rapid fire. Checking the weapon, clearing it to make sure it was ready, Takuya would return it under that duster, the seal once more storing it away. "That's why we'll get in, get the one you want, get out. Should be simple. And fast."

Reina says, "The prisoner is a pirate named Seinan. You'll recognize him because half his nose is gone. Here's the layout of the prison." She gives it to Takuya. It's a simple outline with a big X. "A rough estimate," she says. "He's here in solitary." She points. "He has valuable information, you see. Information on the three places the pirates will hit in the future. We'll hit them before…and reach this guy before the pirates do. They plan to do this today, at night. I only just found out."

They get to a prison surrounded by a moat and on a rising hill. Reina stops at the last corner. "Get in together, grab him, and ask his plans. He'll answer. I know his weakness, see. The same reason he was caught. His daughter. And if he doesn't answer, or tries to warn someone, we're going to find her." She doesn't say what they'll do. She circles around to the west gate, less guarded. Two guards walking back and forth. "Can you kill them both? Quietly."

Takuya followed along in silence, looking over that paper with a small nod before handing it back. As Reina would point out the targets, Takuya drew out that crossbow again. "Easily." There's a dark red glow from under the hat, a focusing of chakra that would allow his control of sight to expand, taking them in, knowing what they'd do. The crossbow was shouldered, pointing that direction. "The best part of a crossbow. It's quiet." One squeeze of the trigger. That's all it took. There was a triple 'pfft' from the crossbow twice, the mechanism working perfectly to set and fire those bolts. The results for the guards were of course, deadly. First shot to the throat, second to the chest, right where the heart would be an the third to the shoulder, causing them to spin and fall inward, landing on the edge of that wall, instead of falling out to cause noise, or inward and draw attention. Takuya lowered the crossbow, glancing at Reina. "I believe the door is no longer watched now."

From their higher vantage point they're strangely concealed. People tend not to look up when the sun will half blind them. Even when they might see two intruders plainly in sight. Reina walks across the moat quietly. She stops outside the metal doors. She places her hands on the hinges and they turn red hot. Despite the heat, her hand isn't scalded, and the hinges melt like glue. She opens the door on the hinges and quickly steps in. No one in the courtyard. Reina snorts in disdain. "Lunchtime," she says. "Avoid the dining hall." Still, she hugs the wall as she walks across the sunny courtyard. As she does she gathers her chakra.

There's a door and it's not even locked. A wide, double door hallway. But it's not empty. Two prisoners are being escorted by two guards, holding lunch trays to enjoy the sunshine outside for their lunch. Chakra suppressing manacles are around their wrists. Everyone freezes at the sight of Reina and Takuya. The words on Takuya's clothes don't help their cause. But without delay Reina attacks. Reina makes a hand seal and sends out a gust of wind that forces both prisoners and guards down, holding them down momentarily. She glances at Takuya.

Takuya would ghost behind Reina, keeping to the wall much as she did. He kept alert, once more that red glow emitting from under his hat as he'd focus himself. Pausing at the door, the x-bow came up and when Reina pinned them down, Takuya would flip a switch on that crossbow and shoulder it again. Once more that rapid cycling of bolts fed through the machine, targets picked out and lined up so smoothly as he'd proceed to pin all four down like he did the first set of guards.

Reina looks down at the four slain people and nods. "A mass prison break would be fun, but there'd be too much attention, and too many scum who'd turn us in anyway." She prods one of the men with a foot to make sure he's dead. Then she walks past them. They have yet to reach the jail cells, but it's a separate room they want. Unfortunately there's a long hallway with ten doors. Reina opens one and peers in. A cleaning supply room. The next however has a holding cell with a venom eyed kid in it and a man sitting at a desk. Reina immediately sends out a gust of wind that fills the area. The kid yells, and the papers and supplies on the desk burst into flame. So does the man. Their wails are brief, but it still brings a single guard bursting out into the hallway. "Kill everyone," Reina says. "And search the rooms till we find Noseless." She raises an eyebrow when she sees the kid in the cell is burnt. She glances at him to make sure he's not burning, but she doesn't free him and shuts the door to muffle his loud moans.

Takuya didn't bother to lower the x-bow as they'd move into the hallway, a nod given to Reina at her orders and he'd move forward. The guard spotted, there'd be a faint click from the x-bow before twin bolts were shot at the guard, one for the throat, the other for the heart. He was brutally efficient in his strikes as he'd start clearing rooms, careful with each one to sweep it properly before going on to the next one.

An aura of heat radiates from Reina, a faint ripple in the air. In the next room the personnel isn't even facing her. They're praying at a homemade altar. It seems they're having their own personal holy ceremony. Reina smiles. Too easy. They're turning around, and before the first has time to look fearful he's hit by the gust of heat. He doesn't ignite. Rather, his skin darkens and wrinkles like a prune before he falls down. The second manages to stagger up halfway, but then Reina is there placing a hand on his cheek almost tenderly. And in a few moments his skin darkens too, sinks back to mold against his skull, and he falls down mummified and dead. Reina smiles. "Their gods really aren't helping them at all," she says to Takuya.

Takuya follows along with Reina as they'd move through the room. Shaking his head, there was a quiet chuckle at best. Cleared, he'd open the next one, an empty office room. Looking it over with those eyes, a small nod was given and the door got closed. He'd move down, opening the next one to find a few guards playing cards. Both of them would get to their feet. Takuya shouldered that crossbow smoothly, the first couple of bolts easily downing the first guard, the other ducked behind his partner however, the extra bolts hitting the already dead body. Takuya cursed as he'd take a step back, out into the hallway. "One. Behind the body. There's a door in the back, get him." Takuya worked on reloading his crossbow rapidly, the gadget attached seeming to handle that capability as well smoothly.

Reina glances down at the guard Takuya shot in the hallway and blinks. Those wounds were done so forcefully and close range they look more like he was gored with a spear, than shot with an arrow. "You certainly are useful," she tells Takuya. And then she pushes the body aside with a foot before opening the door. Immediately the sounds of two voices can be heard, full of spite. Inside five hulking guards are questioning the shackled prisoner with blond hair, a darker beard, and the left side of his nose just a flat mess of scars with a hole for a nostril. There are five guards inside, and Reina says, "Here! Don't kill Seinan!" while all five rise. Two are dropped by blasts of scorching air.

One guard lunges toward her, unsheathing and swinging his kunai with a vicious swipe, while another shoulders forward to send a bolt of lightning towards Takuya. They're quick on their feet. Reina leaps back into the room to dodge the kunai. The last guard flickers from view, to appear behind Takuya and attempt to slam him into the wall, hard. Seinan is bolted down so he can only half rise. "Wh-who are you!?"

Stick and move. Stick and Move. Takuya knew how to move as well as stick it seems. The last shot on the guard that was trying to play cards with his now dead partner would get dropped and Takuya moved on. Although when those others went to attack him, he'd move himself, leaning away intuitively from how they'd attack to simply avoid it. Tucking into a roll down the hall, he'd pin that one who tried to flicker to him to the wall, three bolts blossoming in throat, chest and shoulder, keeping him there. The other man wasn't so simple, the wall deflecting part of the shots so he'd only get clipped and fall back into the room with the others. "Blast it." Takuya growled softly as he'd stand to his feet and approach.

Reina glances at the destruction they both did. The last survivor is barely clinging to life, but instead of giving him a light tap she appears before him, her fingers wrapped crushingly around his throat. His thick, smooth throat that is now paling, shriveling in like wrinkles. His skin turns to old leather that sloughs off as every bit of fluid in his body evaporates in red steam. Reina lets him drop to the ground, in a crunch of slithery flesh and brittle bones.

She smiles to Seinan. "We're not your allies, or here to break you out," she says. "You're going to die now no matter what. You can leave the world two ways. Tell us the next three main plans your pirates have, when, where, and what. If you stay silent or lie, I will find your daughter and…" She taps the withered corpse with her foot. "If you tell it true, I have no reason to pursue her."

Seinan stares at Reina. He doesn't beg for mercy, and the fear on his face may not be for him. He licks his lips nervously. "I only know the next one. At Taruka Beach. The village there. We plan to raid it." Reina doesn't look convinced. She glances to Takuya.

Takuya followed Reina into the room, the x-bow coming to align on the man that was stuck there. Takuya watched Seinan intently, focused on him with that red glow from under his hat as he'd click the switch on the x-bow. "Talk. Otherwise what she did to the guards will pale compared to what I make you survive through. Afterall, the last person I made eat their own intestine lasted quite a while on it.." Takuya would listen as he tried to lead them on a false path, naming the wrong items. Shaking his head slightly, Takuya fired that first bolt, right through the man's knee. "Lie again, you get more bolts."

Seinan screams when the bolt goes through his knee. Reina looks down at it, and then up at Seinan. "He has," she says. "And I've changed my mind. Everything he does to you, he does to your daughter later." She draws a kunai that begins to glow red hot. But as it nears Seinan he says, "No! Please, leave my daughter alone!" And then he begins spilling everything. All the plans. Reina watches him and this time he's telling the truth. Reina commits it to memory. And after he's done Reina uses her kunai to slash his throat so deeply his neck tilts at an unnatural angle. As blood gushes out she says, "It's a holy day. Go to the afterlife knowing…hmm. Well, you told the truth. But not right away." She shrugs and turns to go out just as the shouts begin in the distance.

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