Steel Soul Tourney - Breezy Fabric: Jiro vs. Hanami


Rockpath (as Mai), Jiro, Hanami

Date: May 17, 2015


Jiro’s first official match in the Steel Soul Tournament places him against Hanami, of Kumogakure.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Breezy Fabric: Jiro vs. Hanami"

Dammed Arena - Kirigakure

"Hmm… I wonder how interesting this will even be…" the Kaguya wonders as she peers at this next match. Two Genin. And Jiro had recently been sliced and diced. With a small shrug, Mai takes the center of the Arena. "Our next match: Shinatobe Hanami, Genin of Kumogakure, and Amaro Jiro, Genin of Sunagakure." Sides cheer and roar, especially those from the respective villages. A few who had seen Jiro's previous fight planned to be entertained, knowing the boy was more than he appeared (which, considering his size, could be anything). "Heh. Go all out, you two. Make your villages proud." Then she disappears, speeding to where the proctor tends to sit for these matches. No need to get in the way until later.

Yes Jiro is back again after not very much rest. He got healed, got some sleep, but now it was time for his first official match. Despite his thorough whooping previously he isn't one to give up so easily. He doesn't look up at the crowd as they're announced, still a bit uneasy with all the eyes on them, but ignoring it as best he can during the match. He pulls off his sash and flings it behind his neck, pulling it down over his shoulders as he looks at his opponent from the Hidden Cloud. Huh, interesting. "'m ready when you are." He says with a bit of a grin, crouching slightly as he prepares.

Hanami had been watching the matches, seeing a little of Kirigakure during the time. She was hoping the added rest and training would pay off here in her first match. She makes her way out into the arena, nervous. She had her kunai, her chakrams, she was all set. She knew she was. Readying herself she takes a deep breath, steadying herself for the match. She would let the wind guide her once again, hopefully be fast enough. With a quick nod she opens her eyes and looks across at her opponent, the boy. "Same here. This should be fun." She smiles, taking a stance in preparation.

Blue eyes flick over Hanami as the girl gets ready and, one she is, Jiro grins widely and nods. He takes a second to look her over, unmoving, then quickly lashes out with his cloth to slash once, twisting it to try and catch under he leg and trip her up before another lashing blow is shot out.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(29) attack from Jiro with a WIND-DASH…37
COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TRIP(19) attack from Jiro with a WIND-DASH…22
COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(37) attack from Jiro with a WIND-DASH…25
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 343 damage.

Hanami knows what to wait for, and is ready as the cloth whips out at her. Wind chakra at her call speeds her along as she jumps to the side, twisting and kick flipping over the cloth as it twists down to try and trip her up. Though her luck doesn't continue, she could move out of the way in time and feels the bite of the cloth in her side. Hissing with the pain she slides a bit to a halt and reaches down to draw three kunai. One after another she lets them zip toward the boy, wind chakra infused as she makes a moving target of herself, circling around.

COMBAT: Jiro defends against WIND-SHARP(16) attack from Hanami with a DODGE…30
COMBAT: Jiro defends against WIND-SHARP(20) attack from Hanami with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 192 damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against WIND-SHARP(23) attack from Hanami with a STEEL-CLOTH-BLOCK…39
COMBAT: Jiro takes 90 partial damage.

Wind! What is it with people and wind lately? He manages to get away from the first kunai though the second catches him in the air. He brings up his cloth to block away last one but, while the kunai itself is deflected, the wind still slips by and cuts his shoulder. Bother. He darts forward quickly, cloth lashing out and trying to envelop an arm before hardening into steel and biting in. Whether or not he succeeds he follows that right up with a swift punch.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against LIMB-ENSNARING-CLOTH-RAZORS(34) attack from Jiro with a AIR-CURRENTS…17
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 486 damage.
COMBAT: Hanami defends against PHYSICAL(26) attack from Jiro with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 280 damage.

Hanami clearly dropped the ball after that, as Jiro's cloth whips out, and her hope of sensing the direction of the cloth and being able to dodge didn't happen. All she managed to do was get her arm bound, the steel cloth biting in. The pain from that momentarily stuns her, slowing her down so she can't react in time to the punch. Straight in the gut she gasps, febreeze it hurt. With him so close though she tries something, fumbling at her pouch she whips out her hand calling upon her chakra to send it blowing right at Jiro, hopefully surrounding him in a close cloud of dust. If it manages to work he should start feeling weakened from the poison.

COMBAT: Jiro defends against FATIGUE-SMOKE(22) attack from Hanami with a BREVITY…32

Jiro is watching carefully since he knows the close range is dangerous, especially since he's actually…smaller. When she reaches into her pouch and blows something at him he's…gone. Actually he's a good twenty feet away, watching Hanami curiously with her poison. Another attack he recognized. How interesting. He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a seal with one hand, slapping it on his opposite arm. The tag makes his fade from sight.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against LESSER-INVISIBILITY-SEAL(20) attack from Jiro with a AIR-CURRENTS…15

Hanami curses as her attack missed. Completely, as it seems Jiro has disappeared. She stumbles back, flexing her arm and wincing from the cuts. She tries casting her chakra out on the wind, but either her concentration was off, or maybe he's too far away. Either way he's completely lost to her at the moment. She can't do much, and decides fling kunai around blindly wont get her anywhere so she takes the moment to catch her breath, waiting tensely for the next attack.

"Do ya give up?" A mischevious sounding voice asks from behind Hanami, Jiro reappearing as he pulls off the seal and tucks it back away. He's not going to continue to beat up on her unless she doesn't want to give up yet. He'll at least give her a chance to back down if she so desires. He doesn't attack though he does look ready to move in case she attacks. Instead the boy just waits, blue eyes sparkling with a humour as he watches his opponent.

Hanami pauses at the sound of Jiro's voice behind her. She knows she's wounded, and if she were to be honest, it's clear she's not going to get anywhere. It just…aggravates her. So she gambles, the point of this tournament was to test herself. So she tests herself, even if it'll probably just end up badly. To Jiro she says softly, "I can't." Then whips around, exhaling her attack of wind chakra to make an immediate cyclone hopefully catching the boy as it whips up debris she hurries backward to put a little distance between them.

COMBAT: Jiro defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(27) attack from Hanami with a BREVITY…40

Jiro watches Hanami a moment, then blinks when she attacks again. He hadn't really expected her to though he'd remained ready and all that. He vanishes again, reappearing a moment later behind Hanami again despite her jumping away. The benefits of speed. He lashes out with the cloth again, trying to slip under Hanami's leg and trip her up before giving her another few flicks, trying to keep from hurting her too much more.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TRIP(17) attack from Jiro with a WIND-DASH…19
COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(30) attack from Jiro with a WIND-DASH…30
COMBAT: Hanami defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(40) attack from Jiro with a WEAPON-BLOCK…18
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 364 damage.

Hanami wasn't too surprised Jiro got away, even at that range. The cyclone dies out quickly, scattering debris around as he appears behind her she turns and hops away with wind enhanced speed, dodging the trip attempt. As the cloth comes at her again to strike she twists and shifts away once, but on the second attempt the battle catches up with her as the wind dies around all she can do is try blocking with her chakram but her reactions aren't good enough and she feels the steel cloth bite into her shoulder. She stumbles back before turning and trying to keep some distance as she concentrates on gathering more chakra to her.

COMBAT: Hanami focuses 1870 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Jiro frowns a bit and scratches his head as he sees Hanami still wants to fight. "'ey! You shoul' just give up. I dun wanna make Hiei made by hurtin' one'a 'is shinobi." He says, looking a little unsettled at that thought. He thought to highly of the Raikage and liked him too much to go around injuring his shinobi all the time, especially past a certain point, tournament or not. He looks around wondering where that proctor ran off to.

Hanami peers at Jiro, frowning. But she couldn't give up. She could still fight. What was the point of doing this? And yet apparently that was all she had left. Her shoulders drop, "Fine. You win." She does look pleased about it, giving in she feels the effects of the fight on her body; pain and aches, just lovely.

The Kaguya watches as the two genin decide to stop there, and she nods, hopping down from her place. She would have stepped in regardless, would there have been an attack, but she would allow them to talk it out. Mai steps between the two once she reaches the arena's floor, making sure that the fight is definitely over. "The winner of the match is Amaro Jiro, of Sunagakure. Congratulations to our ally." A cheer comes from the Sunagakure section of the stands and a number of Kiri-nin as well, though it doesn't last long as both are ushered out of the field. They were done fighting. It was time for the next battle.

Jiro leaves the field with Hanami, retying his sash before grinning at the girl. "Yer goo'. 'm sure you're gonna get yer next 'ponent." He offers as he passes. Then he's gone, off to take care of something or other.

Hanami nods wearily, "Thanks, you were really good. I'm sure you'll do well in the tournament." Then as he leaves she does to, rubbing her arm, going to see about getting patched up a little more. And then probably curling up and sleeping or something. Yeah, that's probably for the best.

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