Bridge Battle


Soujiro, Ataru, Sanada, Madarobi, Naru, Ryuunosuke

Date: September 16, 2012


Tempers flare as Sanada crosses Ataru. Seeking retribution, Ryuunosuke jumps in to make sure Sanada is saved for himself. However, Sanada turns the tides by putting Ataru under his control.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Bridge Battle"

Arikan Bridge

It was mid afternoon in Konoha. The temperature was fine; however, the cloudy skies up above showed signs of rain. The wind also added to the depressing affect the day was having. It blew harshly through out the streets and alley ways of Konoha. Soujiro could be spotted leaning against the railing of the Arikan Bridge. His toothpick twirled idly between his lips as his glazed eyes showed he was in deep thought. Anyone who looked at Soujiro would notice a busted lip and a few bruises across his face after his recent run in with the resurrected Ji-Kai.

Ataru on the other hand, didn't have a mark to him from dealing with the Yaolin family enforcer. At least, nothing physical. Walking along with hands in his pockets, he'd notice that Soujiro was lost in thought on that bridge. A brow raised, Ataru would shrug and walk up to lean back against the railing, not removing his hands from his pockets. "Yo. Been a bit.. lookin like somethin got the worse of it from ya, eh? I'm hopin the other guy is at least lookin worse.." Ataru would glance over with a small smirk, studying Soujiro. "but.. somethin's on yer mind.. fer sure.. So.. what's up? Wanna talk, or let it drop?"

Soujiro snaps out of his daze when he notices Ataru join him from the corner of his eye. The harsh wind causes the boy to squint for a few minutes. "Eh.." He says solemnly. It was interesting to see just how much the boy wanderer has grown up in the amount of time after leaving his home in the mountains. He takes the toothpick out of his mouth and sighs. "A gift from the Ji-Kai." He says turning his head from side to side letting Ataru see. "Doju broke out and is now looking to kill us both. Some how they found us here and jumped both Berii and I. It's only a matter of time before Doju himself shows up to finish what he started." The boy shook his head. "I let those two guys get away. I shouldve…i shouldve killed them!" Soujiro slaps the wooden railing. "But how would that make me any better from them?"

A few moments of silence passes by before Soujiro lets out a sigh. "Sorry i haven't been home much. I was in the hospital then i had a delivery to Kiri that took a few days longer than i expected. Have you had any trouble with the Ji-Kai yet?"

Ataru frowns slightly, a slow shake of his head as he'd study the injuries done to Soujiro. "nah mate.. the family I ran away from jumped me out on patrol fer Konoha.. They sent an enforcer.. but he didn't stand a chance 'cause I was kinda ponied off.." Ataru would shrug slightly, reaching out to put a hand on Soujiro's shoulder. "Ya dun kill mate. Ya dun kill unless they force ya to. Ya dun kill unless that is the only resort.. Unless ya gotta kill, or yer gonna die.." Ataru would smile slightly. "Afterall, ya can always run away first.." He'd drop his hand back into his pocket, looking at he water on the other side of the bridge. "Surprised they got us here.. then again, we didn't exactly hide where we went.. Ifn they want another beat down.. we'll just beat em down.."

"Yea, well…I might've just signed over our souls to the shinigami now that Doju knows where we are at." Soujiro says. "Great, now we have another family after us? I wonder if they are all working together after hearing how much trouble we've been brewing up against these people." The boy straightens up from his leaning position over the railings and turns around to mimic Ataru's stance. "We're getting over our heads here. Sooner or later our luck is going to run out, man. We need more allies. This two-man army thing we have going is wearing me down…I've thought about stopping this whole crusade." He lets those words linger before continueing. "But theres no way in equestria i could live with myself if i quit now. So…what the acme do we do?" He looks to Ataru hoping he would have an answer.

Ataru would pause a second, in that moment's silence of stopping the crusade. He'd chuckle then at the follow up, a small shake of his head given. "Buck up. We ain't that alone. We got Soren, plus the kid that had ta go ta Kumo. We just gotta look her up again.. Yatsu. Ifn ya stay in the village, they ain't gonna getcha.. too many shinobi here, they start shortcake, they'll get taken down, fast. We're both considered citizens of the Land of Fire, afterall." Ataru would shake his head slightly. "Otherwise, we gotta start recruitin. It's obvious the stealth thing with the masks ain't workin mate.. so either we go big, or go home, hai?"

Soujiro shrugs his shoulders. "I guess so, but it was at the lake when the Ji-Kai got to us. How did they even get in? Well i guess there is a few creative ways they could have." He says answering his own question. The boy places his tooth pick back in his mouth. At that moment a few drops of rain begin to fall hitting all around them. "Ugh. Rain…I hate it when it rains." Soujiro folds his arms across his chest but shows no signs of leaving the area. "I've got to find a way to get stronger…like really strong and in a short amount of time. I think we got lucky with Doju last time we fought him. This time he'll know what to expect from us."

Ataru waved a hand dismissing Doju. "He ain't that big a deal mate. Trust me. I've seen and dealt with worse." Glancing up as the rain would start falling, Ataru sighed softly and shifted in his coat, hunkering down in it slightly. "Ifn ya wanna get better, ya gotta train.. quit bein so whiney when I getcha up in the mornin and actually do what I tell ya to. Ya think it's amazin what I can do mate.. It's 'cause I'm up ever friggin day doin it.. ya dun get good goin fer short cuts mate.. trust me." Ataru glanced over at Soujiro then with a shrug. "It's been proven, plenty of times.. That's why I was able ta beat Doju last time yanno.. My strength is from me.. ain't from some barney lil modification or whatever the frick that was he did.."

"Oh please." Soujiro says looking over to Ataru. "Just because i dont get up at zero-dark-stupid-thirty in the morning doesnt mean i dont get my dose of training later in the day." The boy goes quiet for a moment as he thought to himself. "What if i could transform like he did though…" The thought lingers as if saying it out loud made the idea seem even more interesting to Soujiro. "I bet i could find some info at the library in the academy. Yea, i bet they have some pretty interesting stuff in there."

Ataru would go to punch Soujiro in the arm then. It wasn't exactly soft either, although it wasn't aimed at being harsh. "Are ya listenin ta yerself? Next yer gonna tell me ya wanna get a buncha goons ta help ya with dealin with the Ji-Kai.. then ya'll need ta see about gettin some tribute from a village ta help support the guys who are helpin ya ta defend the village.." Ataru would straighten up then, turning to face Soujiro fully. "then ya got some punk like me, walkin in, hollarin 'bout ya abusin the people under ya, and takin ya out.. ya seriously wanna go that route??"

"Ah." Soujiro frowns as he rubs his arm. "Eh, i guess not. I wouldn't want to fight you. I'm not strong enough yet." He laughs as he wipes away few rain drops from his forehead. "But i guess you're right. I'm just tired of getting my sprite kicked and needing saving every…single…time we get into trouble, ya know? Then you're going to say," He changes his tone into his best Ataru impression. "Ya jus gotta train and keep at it! Then one day you'll be strong 'nuff to take on an army, mate! I was once a lil' shrimp like you, mate. Now look at meh." Soujiro then looks over to Ataru with a wry grin to see if his impression gets any approval.

Sanada would wonder towards the Bridge, he would have his hands in his pocket and tone in his head. After trying to teach Ryuu a lesson last night the young man would be trying to figure out who else needs to be taught a lesson. Scratching his chest as he walked he would be focus on what good he could do and thus wasn't paying any attention of anyone else that might've been there.

Ataru cracked up at the impression from Soujiro. A big ol' grin on his face. "Hey! I guess somethin is gettin inta that rock skull of yers!" Ataru would laugh again, which would of course, have him completely miss Sanada plowing into him. Stumbling off to the side, the whole 'cool man' act of Ataru's completely ruined, he'd look at Sanada confused. "Yo, whatcha thinkin yer doin runnin inta a guy standin here, eh? It ain't like I lept in yer way there mate!"

Soujiro hehs at Ataru's words then looks to the new comer who bumps into Ataru. This causes the boy to raise an eyebrow though he doesnt say anything. Instead he just watches to see how his friend handle the situation while he twirls his tooth pick in his mouth.

Sanada would fall back slightly as he narrowed his eyes before speaking "move trash," is started in a rather serious tone before he gathered himself and spoke once more "sorry about that it should be please move trash or be forced to move." Sanada would have an even stronger tone than before as he laughed and slipped his hands into his pocket. "Just kidding what are you two doing here?"

Ataru raised a brow at the move trash. Both brows raised at the please move trash. Glancing between Soujiro and Sanada, he'd tilt his head to the side slightly. ".. kiddin.. ya think he's kiddin 'bout kiddin?" Ataru glanced over at Soujiro with that, before looking back at Sanada. "I ain't trash.. neither is he.. so.. I'm thinkin ya should seriously chill 'bout that kinda kiddin, hai? Otherwise, I could bust yer nose, say just kiddin, we'd be all good, right?"

Soujiro just laughs at how easy it is get his friend raled up. Normally he'd step in to help chill him out, but Sanada's first impression wasnt a good one. "Might want to listen to him." He says to Sanada as he motions towards Ataru.

Smirking as it appears that he struck a nerve he would shift about before laughing "by all means you are more than welcome to try my friend." Standing there with his arms crossed he would yawn as he flicked his nose. "Well I would say I'm not in the mood for a fight but that would be lying to ya." Cracking his knuckles the young man would turn his back to Ataru as he spoke. "Ready when you are."

Ataru raised a brow, glancing over at Soujiro again. He'd shrug. "K." That blur of motion had Ataru moving. Reappearing in front of Sanada once again, he'd have already wound back that fist. The strike would be thrown forward then, aimed right for Sanada's nose. While Ataru wasn't trying to kill the guy, he didn't hold back either, so his normal stance wasn't used, but if the man wasn't good at moving, he was going to feel that pain.

Soujiro raises an eyebrow as he watched Sanada turn his back towards Ataru. "Shouldn't have done that." He tsks and shakes his head. He then lowers his head to the side and winces as he sees Ataru's image appear in front of Sanada. Whether the attack would hit or not Soujiro looks back up and takes his tooth pick out of his mouth. "Just remember what happened last time, Ataru."

Ataru speed would be rather hard to predict as well as his punch of furry, it felt like he was hit by a heavy boulder as it slammed his face first into the ground. He would just lay there for a moment motionless as he was rebooting himself, just than when they might've thought he was dead he would twitch. While facedown into the ground he would charge a little chakra as he had a ranging headache. Struggling to get back to his feet he would have blood running down his face. "Hey that really hurt you know. So I take it, its m y turn right?" Focusing some chakra the young man would try and push him to his knees and then with a strange version of the Ram seal he would try and force himself inside of Ataru.

Walking carelessly through the mist style precipitation, Madarobi extended his arms allowing the small droplets of water to land on his palms. This simple sensation pleased the young Chuunin and allowed him to forget about the many troublesome problems he had been facing as of late. Approaching the usual bridge that allowed him to continue these routine walks he was surprised to see what seemed to be a scuffle between an unknown Chuunin and Ataru, a wanderer he had met recently. Noticing another teenager leaning agaisnt a post near the bridge, Madarobi approached the unknown on-looker and began to speak. "So ughhh… What's going on with… Ataru I think is his name?" He finished as his eyes continued to follow the two fighters.

"Is he causing a ruckus again?" the young Senju steps onto the bridge looking between Ataru and Sanada. He was trying to get out of the rain before it picked up but here he finds himself preoccupied. "Though Ataru-senpai does tend to overdo it I'm sure that jerk probably provoked him." Ryuu can spot Soujiro playing spectator to this and smirks softly. "I really want to let Ataru-senpai go wild but…" Ryuu's fist tightens and he begins moving towards the entire scuffle. "But a promise is a promise….he's mine." He passes by Soujiro and Madarobi as he approaches the two. "Soujiro-san nice to see you. Tell Ataru-senpai to back off." Ryuu's chakra rises vastly. "I have score to settle."

Naru had been watching from afar, for some reason she had been tailing a particular individual by the name of Ataru, after all for some reason every konoha shinobi Ataru had been sparring lately had ended up in the hospital, so for now she just watched an waited, hidden away from the sight of others, her sharingan burning slightly to secure her position within a secluded tree next to the bridge… The battle seemed to be bringing in more people…

Ataru gritted his teeth as the genjutsu started to take over. Grunting. He'd finally drop to a knee. Thus, there wasn't a way to avoid that incoming switch. While Sanada's body went limp, something seemed to go on within Ataru mentally. This.. may get ugly…

After taking hold of Ataru a smile would creep across his face as he spoke, "first things first" reaching into Sanada pocket and pull out a marker Ataru would step towards Ryuu. Using Ryuu headband as a reflective surface he wrote on Ataru forehead I smurf and draw a cutie mark on your left check. After taking a moment to marvel in this glory he spoke once more "that's about right." Smirking at Ryuu he attacked twice in a hit to the stomach that was quickly followed up with another chakra physical this one would be stronger than the last. Hit or missed he would just stand there shaking his head at Ryuu "those punches are from the other day," just than he would lead on the post as he looked off the side into the water. "You still don't get it do ya? Wow this body is nice…not a lot of space like Ryuu but it'll do. SO Ryuu we know you have no Daddy issue since he's dead and all how about mommy issues? No wait she's dead too…how do not being loved feel?" Laughing as he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest before turn towards Soujiro "what do you think of my new look?"

Soujiro notices Mada approach him but after glancing in his direction he immediately turns back to face the fight at hand. When Sanada hits the ground the boy sighs. "Well that didn't take long."

"Who? My mate?" He points to Ataru after Madarobi questions about what is going on. "Well this guy came up running his mouth and now Ataru is fixing it for it him…permenantly." He says with a concern look on his face though doenst show any sign of stopping the fight.

It was then a familar voice would grab Soujiro's attention as Ryuunusuke enters the fold. He would give a nod to the Senju's greeting but then makes a face of disapproval after his request. "Oh yea sure." He says mockingly as if he had to the power to do that. When in reality Soujiro probably was the one thing that could break Ataru's berserk spells. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Ryuunusuke." Soujiro says as he watches Ryuu move towards the fight.

"Seriously. Some day someone is going to realize how much wisdom i speak around here." He says looking to Madarobi.

It was then he sees Ataru begin acting really weird. "The hundred acre woods is he doing?" Soujiro mutters as he watches his friend walk up to Ryuu and draw on his own forehead. Suddenly he sends a few strong attacks at Ryuu. "Oh man. I warned him." The boy then would cock his head to the side as Ataru would taunt the Senju. "Hey man, that's not cool Ataru. You're taking it a little too far now." He says furrowing his brows and taking his tooth pick out of his mouth.

Sanada would be coasting inside his new home for now, as he just watched them from the Ataru body. "Leave now please or things are going to take a turn for the worst." Yawning as he stood there he would wait and see what everyone would do before acting.

Realizing his mouth was open at the shock of what Ataru had just done, it took him a second to realize that something fishy was going on. Seeing the limp body of Sanada, he tried to piece it all together, but the scenario was still too hard to fathom. Barely acknowledging the responses of Soujiro, Madarobi eyes move from person to person hoping to piece together some sort of reasoning behind the actions of all the people involved. Sighing deeply, he leans next to Soujiro and still continues to watch. "Looks like something's wrong with Ataru… I've only met him once, but he wasn't… Well you know, acting crazy like this." He says jokingly to Soujiro as he hugs his chest with his arms, still viewing the makeshift circus in front of them.

Ataru's change of nature and sudden attack weren't a surprise to Ryuu. He's seen this before. "Again?" Ryuu only gets angrier. "What are oyu playing at!?" Ryuu lashed out in rage against Ataru's body knowing that Sanada's would be linked to it. In his rage he didn't register attacking friend. It was one of Ryuu's fears and it was becoming a reality. He failed to combat against Ataru's attacks though. It seems Sanada had full control. Ryuu reels back taking heavy damage. He coughs up blood falling to a knee Ryuu tries to keep himself together. "That's my friend…." He mutters a bit ashamed of himself. "Ataru-senpai…hits hard hehe…" he almost finds a bit of amusement in his rage. "That jerk. I didn't know he was holding back this much." Ryuu stands a bit wobbly. "Get out of his body you coward." Ryuu growls his chakra rises again and finds the strength to move. "People are not your puppets!" He dashes at Ataru's body "That may be Ataru's body…but you're not Ataru." Ryuu grins. His first attack is a powerful swing which would come across Ataru's left cheek. A violent cyclone erupted from this swing and it would rage on the bridge. Ryuu's other hand drew back would fire upwards with an uppercut unleashing another cyclone.

Things seemed to take a turn for the worst, Sanada had used an interesting technique, nothing that she had ever caught before, and soon after that Ataru was turning into a berserker, rampaging towards Ryuunosuke with powerful strikes, still this appeared to be just the begining of the fight, so she stays put, grimancing slightly as Ryuunosuke took the brunt of the brutish swings… things appeared to be quickly becoming serious.

This body was perfect it had offense and defense and thus he was able to easily dodge Ryuu attacks, it's clear that young man didn't know what the lesson was so he spoke, "You're ninja and as Ninja one has no emotions. Even when your opponent use information against're not supposed to show anger. By showing anger you leave yourself open. There are care bears out there a lot worse than me…I could've took this nugget of information and used it on ya. When you're hit with anger don't lash out…for you Ryuu-kun you attacked this body instead of my lifeless host body over there all because of anger and Atsuro baka allowed his anger to cloud his mind and made it that much easier for me to take control that's the lesson here. Lesson one: Anger." Shaking his head as he looked at all them one at a time to see if his lesson was seeking in. "But then again I'm just a muppet baby after all so and kinda enjoy teaching lessons like this." A creepy smile would grace Atsuro face as he could feel Atsuro trying to focus him out and with smack the young man spoke "I'm not done yet."

Soujiro raises his eyebrow as he listens to Ryuu. Apparently he is familar with whats going on and his words do make a little sense considering Ataru doesnt normally act like this. He looks to Madarobi then back to Ataru. "Nah, he usually doesnt act like this. Usually by now someone would be heading to the hospital."

Raising his eyebrow, Madarobi fears what may occur if this battle continues. A simple lesson by Sanada seemed to be going awry. Using Ataru as his main lesson point didn't seem like the best idea in Madarobi's mind, but there was not much he could. Still posted next to Soujiro, Madarobi would begin to focus his chakra just in case he felt he needed to step in.

"So that's your reasoning? Your excuse for talking like you know me? For hijacking my body and the body of my friends?" Ryuu's rage is only intensifying despite Sanada's wise but harsh words. "Ninja? Ninja, do you even know what that means? Do you know what it means to be a true ninja? Ninja aren't heartless monsters that just kill and destroy. Ninja's are people too just like the villagers they fight for." Ryuu shakes his head "They have emotions. They get angry…sad…happy…" Ryuu takes out his trench knives "They do everything for the sake of the village….it doesn't make them heartless or emotionless. It's called conviction!" Ryuu enters a fighting stance "At least that's what it means to be a Konohagakure Ninja. If you're trying to say my parents died so our Hokage could give rise to a breed of emotionless cold blood killers…." Ryuu stare becomes embodied with rage. It looks as if he's about to lose his mind "Then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought!" Ryuu's fists start to tremble "It's hard for me to say this but….if you release Ataru-senpai now I won't harm you. But if you continue…I'm make sure your life as a Ninja ends here."

Ataru.. was gummied. This was a level of rage that was normally reserved for those who had done him wrong in the past. Mafia.. abusers.. controllers.. Oh was Ataru livid.. To be used.. to attack a friend? The surge of chakra that came before the true surge was only the prelude. The massive spike of chakra exploded out of Ataru in an active blue glow about him. Immediately shaping that into the pistons, Ataru didn't even speak. That blur had him immediately beside Sanada's downed body. The kick was enough to throw a chunk of the ground up with it as he'd kick Sanada's body straight up, flipping with the kick so that as Sanada's body was launched, Ataru's feet touched down behind him. The twin craters from those pistons slamming through his legs had him blurred up into the sky above where Sanada was flying to. "You.. YOU DO NOT KNOW ANGER YET!!" Spun into that attack, ataru would strike with a massive attack at the middle of Sanada's body, sending him screaming back for the ground as Ataru would land in his own small crater. His chakra was still flaring about him as he walked towards where Sanada was at.. yeah.. Ataru was gummied

Soujiro wasn't really paying attention much to the talk of what a shinobi is or isnt. The shinobi lifestyle wasnt for him; nor was he a big fan of it. He looks to Madarobi and even puts his hand up in front of the guy. "Really? I hope you dont plan on doing what i think you are. You dont want to—" Ataru's sudden appearance and chakra aura catches Soujiro's attention and cuts off his sentence. "Oh snuffleupagus. He's going to kill that kid. Stay here, that's not a suggestion." He flashes Madarobi a stern look. Even though he doesn't stop Ataru's attack on Sanada, he does walk over to the Yamaka's now beaten body to stand between him and Ataru and Ryuunosuke. He takes the toothpick from out of his mouth and shakes his head at the two. "Easy boys."

Just than a haze Sanada would be pushed into his own body, just than he notices that Ataru was overly anger. "Tsk, figures." As he was about to try and fade through the attack he would feel another person appear what it did next he wouldn't know since his eyes were closed. Not out of fear since his faced held a smirk on it I think he figures it what he was owed for pushing them to the brink like that.

Just than a haze Sanada would be pushed into his own body, just than he notices that Ataru was overly anger. "Tsk, figures." As he was about to try and fade through the attack he would feel another person appear what it did next he wouldn't know since his eyes were closed. Not out of fear since his faced held a smirk on it I think he figures it what he was owed for pushing them to the brink like that

Ryuu watches as Ataru's rage takes rise. Ryuu blinks "Is that Ataru-senpai?" THe furry in Ataru's eyes was intense Ryuu almost felt sorry for Sanada. He was paralyzed, dissuaded from making a peep as Ataru turned his furry towards Sanada. This anger, this intense feeling, it was like hatred. It would breed hatred. Ryuu only realized the gravity of Sanada's warning now. He rushes trying to get between Sanada and Ataru now "I get it." But it doesn't look like he'll make it in time. Thankfully someone beat him too it. Ryuu stops wondering who did intercept Ataru's attack. Though that wasn't as important as Ataru himself now. "Ataru-senpai! Remember what you told me!" Ryuu shouts. "That idiot over there might be a jerk but he's got one thing right. Anger is dangerous."

Things were becoming to get fierce, and noting Ataru's sudden burst in power, Naru moved in to intercept the attack, instantly coming face to face with Ataru in a attempt to throw off his attack, she managed to push away a few of the combo swings, slaming his fists in the other direction as her eyes maintained focus, many of Ataru's attacks had managed to hit home though, slaming into her stomach and sides though not taking nearly as much damage as she managed to roll away from the blows. After the final strike she is set spiraling off to the side, skidding against the ground collecting dust, " Ataru!" Naru called out to him, attempting to take stop his raging, Naru was hoping that alone would be enough… She did clear the way though, a straight path right for Sanada.

The attacks were intercepted. Glaring after Naru, he'd stare at her hard for a moment. "…" Walking towards where Sanada still laid at, he'd reach down and lift the kid by his front, smoothly lifting him over his head to stare at Sanada's face. "That's the second friend that you made me hit. You're big talk about ninja popple dun fly.. I ain't a ninja." He'd let go then, letting Sanada drop, to his feet or otherwise. "The only reason I ain't shreddin ya right here, right now.. is 'cause I dun wanna hurt friends more." Ataru would jerk a thumb at himself. "ya ever do that again ta me, or my friends, I will not be stopped til I snap yer neck. Clear?" Turning, Ataru would then start to walk off. A glance over at Soujiro, just that moment's look, had him stalking off towards the training grounds. Ataru wasn't going to be home til morning, so he could work off some agression.

Soujiro makes a sound as he sucks air through his teeth while watching Ataru give Sanada a piece of his mind. He catches the glance that Ataru gives him and knows what that means. Slowly, he walks over to the wooden railings and looks up to the sky that is still dripping with rain. "I tried to tell you guys." He sighs.

Sanada would smile and wave good-bye to Ataru and spoke "good bye Ataru-kun." Now on his feet as he looked at Naru he would dust himself off and speak "that wasn't necessary I was in the middle of a little lesson of anger…and the effect of rage. I was ready to take what's coming to me. All and all though thanks." Smiling as he felt a couple drops of rain still falling the young man would make a cup motion to catch enough of it to wash some of the blood off his face. "Man that guy can hit rather hard."

Relieved at the interference by Uchiha Narusegawa, Madarobi unclenches his fists as he watches Ataru speak his mind towards Sanada. Realizing that Naru had successfully prevented the two from killing each other, Madarobi began to relax. Nodding solemnly towards Soujiro, he begins to walk away enjoying the misty weather that was upon them.

"Next time I'll be sure to allow him to beat you into the ground…" Naru spoke softly to Sanada, though he wasn't completely at fault, she wasn't at all in love with his personality, she lets out a sigh, her body slightly bruised from the attacks already, "You wasn't ready for anything, I could see your chakra levels," Naru spoke softly, letting out a soft sigh she didn't wish to push the tension any longer. While Soujiro and Ataru moving off in the distance, Naru went to follow along with Madarobi, leaving Sanada alone on the bridge.

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