Bridge Duty


Borin, Shu

Date: May 31, 2015


Borin and Shu find themselves up a creak as they attempt to defend the bridge in the Land of Grass from bandits.

"Bridge Duty"

Land of Grass

Borin and Shu was giving the task to protect the bridge builders so soon after the mission was ordered they took off. After getting there they where briefed on the process of the construction site. Borin was given the leadership roll as he looked at Shu before sighing "it's simple all we need to do is stay sharp and everything should go smooth." Chuckling he extend his fist out before he noticed he blazing sun barreling down upon them. Shifting about he stood and sighed to Shu before taking off to scout the local surroundings.

"I get the gist of it all. It's just sooooo boring." Shu mentions with a yawn. He scratches Kimi behind the ears as he peers about. Behind the hood the Maneshi frowns wishing his first mission would be more exciting but there was solace in the fact that they were trusted with an important task such as this. Shu fist bumps Borin and heads to the other end. "Fine. You take that side and I'll take this one. I assume we're to report before engaging if we spot anything?" Shu asks rhetorically. Kimi at his side the young man opens up his senses and let's chakra flow into his ears and eyes. "Let's see what's out there."

Borin noticed them about three by his side and two more making a speedy escape he thought they had been going to inform someone. Shifting gears he made his way to Shu and the rest of the crew workers. Sighing he informed the head construction working that they should take a break while they did "work". Shifting they did as instructed however for Borin it was time to earn that money. Vanishing from sight and appeared behind the pair spying on him swiftly attacked with three pressure point shots to calm them long enough for him to gain the advantage. However for Shu they waited and watched how he marched along the pavement. The screams of dying construction works could be heard. They where coming from behind him which begged the question where the ninjas on the outside added insurance for the small detachment already among the mist of them.

Shu and Kimi were in a trance. Their ears are attuned to the world around them yet able to ignore all inconsequential aspects of their environment. Shu's eyes open and a cheshire smile glows in the dark of his hood. "Ha…ha…" Shu looks to Kimi who has found the same thing. "Let's go report to Borin. They're still a ways out. Probably waiting for it to get a bit darker." Shu turns around keeping his senses up. "Five shinobi…we might want to have the builders take shelter." Shu muses to himself. 'Why? Just eliminate the enemy. That's all that matters.' a dark thought crossed his mind. "No." Shu remarked fiercely aloud. Kimi stops and looks at Shu with a worried look in her eyes. "Sorry Kimi. Let's get back to Borin quick."
As screams filled the air Shu races to their source. "How did they slip past me?" Shu signals Kimi to get into formation. The pair would synch up and prepare to handle the invaders. "We're out numbered." Shu growls "We're getting pinched and on top of that there are some already on the bridge. We need a plan or we'll be overrun quickly." he looks to Kimi who is ready to move with him. "Plan stays the same. Neutralize what hostiles we can, confer with Borin."

Borin attacks missed and when the trio dashed back they sprung their own attacks as well however Borin natural calmness allowed him to avoid harms way. The trio notice that they weren't getting anywhere fast and faded into the shadows. Frustrated on his lack of abilities of finding them. The screams echoed in his ears as he made the choice of reforming their forces. As he dashed back towards the ground the smell of fresh blood was in the air. Shu would have his work cutout for him as the five he spotted launched their secret attack upon the pair which was a strange slashing inward and outward patterns while two struck two came in while they backed out while the last came crashing down from above. While this occurred more and more construction works died leaving Shu and Kimi pressed for time. Shu acute senses could be off the charts with how bad things are going now. For if Shu ignore the men in front he risked attacks from behind and if he fought the men in front more works would be slaughtered. All and all the duo efforts where all in vein.

As Shu and Kimi made their way to aide the workers more chaos ensues. Things go wrong very quick and it becomes increasingly apparent that this is a losing battle. He and Borin are simply outnumbered. The attacks from behind didn't catch Shu off guard in the slightest. Nothing could sneak up on this Maneshi. He and Kimi evade the elaborate attacks gracefully and continue towards the workers. "Kimi, we need to be fast. You don't have to kill just wound enough for them to back off. We're outnumbered but I have an idea." Shu grins behind the dark of his hood. "Oi bridge workers! It looks bad for you guys. We're outnumbered…at least as far as shinobi go. But there are more of us all together." Shu and Kimi rush to the worker's aide with blindingly swift attacks. Their attacks wound but lacked the power to kill outright but it saves time and energy to do it this way. "You will die if you don't fight. So fight with us! Protect this bridge with us. Lay down your lives for the future. As residents of the Land of Earth there is a natural resilience within you." Shu and Kimi growl aggressively. "Let's show them how gentle Hell can be in comparison when they threaten the the unconquerable people of the land." Shu rallies the workers.

Borin came at a great time for once cause he flashed in as they where trying to pinch in the crew and Shu alike and using his style hit three on his entrance alone, as he slide back into his fellow ranks Shu swift thinking allowed the works to over power the one hiding among them; however Shu speed was matched with the ninjas barrier technique crashing twice however his last efforts worked by slipping past it before it was put in place. Lucky for Shu he clipped an vein in the neck thus resulted in massive blood loss. The last of the hidden ninjas bounce to his side and the trio from before showed up with a huge bear looking guy with short brown hair. His weapon of choice was metal claws he stated into the eyes of Borin before cracking his neck. As for the slender guy he licked his lips at he grace of Shu "You move oh so nice my friend perhaps the two of us can play awhile." The works picked up their tools and crowded around Borin and Shu.

Slender guy wasted not time closing the distance he whipped a kunai towards Shu mainly to distract him while he struck with a spinning snap kick to he face. Hit or missed the man would swing a kunai laced with poison highly toxic.

Shu smiles as Borin comes in stunning a few. The maneshi's claws looked as though they were dipped in blood. Shu smiles as the workers rally and fight back. Some will die but they'll have a warrior's death. Shu figured it was better they die fighting than running. "Hey Borin. Nice of you to join us. So just though I'd let you know. We've got hostiles. Five over there. Five over there. And a two left here." Shu informs cynically. He then looks to the two more capable looking men that appear. "Oh man…they're getting serious." The slender man sends a shiver down Shu's spine. "Eeek. I don't want to play with you." Shu crouches down with Kimi at his side. "We have nothing in common. You want to see me move. I'd rather see you motionless on the ground. Dead. Cold." Shu growls aggressively.
The man's sudden attack doesn't catch Shu off guard but he moves pretty well himself. Shu easily evades the kunai perceiving it to be the distraction. He's ready to go on the offensive but the last attack grazed Shu. Kimi hisses. Shu does as well as he realizes he's been poisoned. "Of course." Shu and Kimi share a glance before kicking off the ground with their powerful legs. "Fight on!" he roars as he and Kimi bounce off various surfaces darting around their enemy in a complex and intrinsic fashion. Together they strike, passing blows but numerous. Should they all prove successful the Slender man will find himself unable to keep up the dance.

Borin shifted about as the big guy charged him unable to move around him and thus he took he first strike, however he last time was dodged he simply danced around him. Switching gears he attacked with graceful precision strike to the joints although rather successful the big guy just took it and the powerful gut punch. He smirked as he dusted himself off and slowly entered into Borin bubble. "Did a fly bump into me little man?" Arched brow Borin cracked his knuckles as he prepaired himself for a drawn out fight. The works held their own against the ninjas only to got hurt however the three Borin put down where swiftly dealt with.

Shu great speed and grace allowed two passing strikes to wave through the slender man's defenses also the number game generated so advantage. Shifted gears the slender man attacked once more with the poisonous bladed weapon before pulling out a whip and striking at Kimi if hit the cat would feel the poison instantaneously. Striking at the cat was a plan to distract Shu to allow him to get close enough to take a bite out of the Gentle men.

Shu and Kimi appear to be overwhelming the slender man. Though he evades their last conjoined attack he sustained considerable damage. Shu and Kimi come to a stop mirroring each other's movements as they crouch low and observe their opponent. "Had enough yet? You guys are outnumbered now. The workers aren't going to let you push them around….and neither are we." Shu hisses. He and Kimi get ready to go on the offensive. But the slender man was full of tricks today. Poison darts plus a whip both proved difficult for Shu and Kimi to avoid. Both of them took hits and suffered the poison. Shu didn't seem concerned in the slightest about Kimi being attacked and neither did Kimi. Evading the bite Shu and Kimi regrouped and kneeled trying to recover. "Tsk. This guy is getting on my nerves Kimi." the feline hisses growing increasingly angry. "Hehe when she gets like this I can't control her." Shu informs the slender man as he charges chakra preparing to follow Kimi's lead. "I'll inform you of one thing before you die pal." Shu chuckles rising up as Kimi snarls. The ferocity about the feline was intimidating. Her fur changes color becoming a sinister red. Shu pants a bit heavily but keeps up a haughty countenance. "A man who grabs a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way." Kimi dashes forward madly and Shu backs her up. Her wild attacks would give Shu a chance to exploit openings. When Kimi is like this they ignore each other's condition and focus on defeating their prey. This is the way a maneshi duo fight.

The last of the ninjas ran for the hills as the construction works gain leverage, as for Shu and Kimi the enrage cat duo got the better of the slender killing him five times before he even touched the ground. Although the increased efforts made the poison spread quickly. As for Borin well this thing was just getting started. Powerful body blows where exchange between the pair both beige respectful enough to avoid face shots. It was a sight to behold as the slugfest dragged on. Each putting everything they had behind each strike. Taking and chipping off the others pride and will power. "Your all alone *panting* what will you do now?" Borin asked as he bleed from the mouth. The the giant of a man looked over at a long dead slender man and sighed. "This contest is no longer it appears that the ninjas that hired me just been dispatched by your buddy…dead boss heed no payment for my services." Frowning the big guy turned around and walked away. The works prepaired to rally before Borin said no. "He could've killed me if he wanted today probably all of us…however his heart wasn't in it. However for now we need to treat the wounded and seen a report up the higher chain of command. Besides we have a bridge to finish." Panting heavily Borin took a knee as he sat there he was grateful to be alive and that so many people survived the brutal encounter. However he would make sure that next time their properly staffed to handle something like this.

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