Bringing Brats for Dinner


Tosai, Daichi, Fuuka

Date: February 17, 2011


Being a leader of a platoon can be tough. It takes a certain amount of patience, and can require a very delicate touch. Well Tosai is going to find out just how delicate a touch he is going to need, when he decides to get a few Genin out of the rain, and over for a meal. Oh the horror!

"Bringing Brats for Dinner"

Gaza Plains [Land of Grass]



The plantation here is rather sparse. There are tall blades of grass and trees. Though they seem to lack a bit of nutrients and look rather pathetic looking. The soil here is still rather rough, but it is darker to signify it has gotten the proper amount of water lately. The grass itself rises to a foot tall if not taller, with the color being light brown. Giant rocks can be seen scattered about with weeds growing out from underneath. The canal still continues to flow its way through the area. It is murky and very shallow at this point however.


One of the few days in rained at this time in the Land of Fire and Daichi would be standing in the rain for no apparent reason. Not that anything the boy really did had a purpose to it. Stoic and motionless Daichi seems to have taken a few pages from Meruin's book of blending in with the scenery. It was pitch black outside, and the rain looked heavy yet fell softly on the ground. His hair ran wild down his face, Daichi stood there soaked and looking down. No wind, the atmosphere was calm even in the rain finally Daichi moved. He sat down with his legs folded and his arms resting on each knee.

It was a dreary day indeed. It was a wonder why any person would bother to come out into this mess, and even want to remain anyway. Tosai was about, and as tough as the large Chuunin was, even he had the common sense to at least take an umbrella. After all, cold was one thing, while pneumonia was another. Even the largest and toughest of men, tend to be babies when they get sick with a cold. That brings into question though, even if the Akimichi protected himself, as to why he was out and about in the rain as well. Well… through the grapevine, Tosai always found ways to keep track of his team. One would never know when he was around, watching, or when he was even investigating about.

This wasn't one of those times however.

Instead, Tosai had been merely walking about in thought about one kid in particular. Of course, it would be a real coincidence when he would near the one of them from behind. "Dai-kun?", would be said with a raised eyebrow, as Tosai would stand over the boy, stopping the rain with his rather large umbrella. "You know.. Even though I like hot soup when I'm sick, I rather not /be/ sick just to get it.", would be said with a chuckle. He would crouch down and look to the boy's position and say, "Though, I would think that the soft sound of rain would be good for meditation too."

As if it was relatively strange enough, Fuuka was seen wandering outside the village again. While heading back into the Leaf, she would be seen skipping along merrily in the rain whistling while doing so. She was enjoying her time. This rainy day was soothing. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Lost in pointless thought Daichi was a sitting duck for anyone. His senses seem entirely devoted to finding reason to calm random circulating thoughts. He was lost, not knowing what to do next but in the midst of his thought came a familiar voice. Daichi turns his head slightly so he could at least see the person addressing him. "Tosai-sensei? What are you doing out here," he asked. Daichi hadn't thought about the possibility of contracting an illness out in the rain, but now that it was brought up he could see how being out in this weather was not a wise move on his part. "Oh, yeah a cold better get back to the village soon then," the sound of cheerful whistling caught his attention afterwards "Ummm, what is that?"

The Mednin’s question would seem to make Tosai chuckle a little. It was the same one he had himself, though Tosai could probably guess. Daichi did seem as though he was deep in thought. Tosai would dig at the moment, only smile and say, "Perhaps when we get in town, me and you could eat something warm back at the quarters. The only reason I was out here, was actually due to simple boredom, but if I have a little compan—Hmmm?" The interruption of Daichi's question, would cause Tosai to listen for a moment. He would smile, and say, "Oh.. It seems like we are finally together now. Time for some team bonding then?"

Tosai would then gesture for Daichi to walk with him under the umbrella and out to the path. Before long, Fuuka should have been able to see the two approaching. Tosai would wave and say, "Man.. Even on a gloomy day like this, you seem overly happy, and energetic.", before giving her a small nod.

Fuuka's eyes where closed whilst whistling a song she made up 'Im a little China girl. Delicate like a paper doll' bag filled with nick nacks and doo dads she had acquired while out of Konoha. Just when she heard someone address her she then bumped into Daichi. She was not watching where she was going and was relatively happy at the moment, till the moment of impact sent the things she purchase flying out of her backpack. She then hit the ground and slid in the mud with the umbrella she was holding floating in the air. "WAAAHHH im dirty!" was cried while she rubbed her head.

Slightly nodding to Tosai Daichi joins him under the umbrella. While walking with Tosai he wanted ask a question but he couldn't find the words to break the silence, then Tosai would speak and Daichi looked up. "Oh hey Fuuka….Fuuka…FUUKA?" Daichi said as she showed no sign of stopping. Daichi collided with her head on and was knocked down on his back. He would look up for a moment and sigh "Why does this feel soooo familiar?" he asks. He slowly gets up and moves a bit stiff as his back is covered with mud. He looks at Tosai and grins slightly "Not…a word," he advises politely. He walked over to Fuuka and offered a hand "Here, let me help you up,"

Of course, as this whole series of events seems to unfold, Tosai would simply watch, not even bothering to help out, or intervene. He really would just wonder, with how clumsy they were, how Daichi and Fuuka were such good taijutsuist, or even how they put their sandals on in the morning. But even this would pale in comparison to his next few thought on this whole collision. Especially when he would see Fuuka now looking as though she was straddling Daichi, laying on top of him. It didn't look all that PG-13.

Tosai's eyebrow would twitch, as he would ignore Daichi's own command, and say, "My.. aren't you two getting along well.", just to mess with them. He would began to walk away, snerking a bit as he would then say, "Now.. When you to get done having your romantic moment, follow me back to my quarters. Dry clothing, and food await!" Tosai would laugh on the inside just thinking about how devious those few words would be.

"HEY!!! HE GOT ME DIRTY AND YOUVE BEEN GONE FOR ALONG TIME YOU BOTH OWE MEEEEEEE!!!!" was said, as she got up attempting to fix the last bit of hair that wasn’t muddy. "WEEEE SHOOUULLDD GO TO A RESTURANTT AS A PAYMENT TO MEEEE!!!" while getting up she noticed her umbrella was blowing in the rainy windy air. She was too distracted by Tosai's comment to notice it moving before its too late. She stared at the distance and then to the other two and then stared into space a bit, she then groaned "THAT BRELLA WAS SPENSIVE!! WAAAHHH!! you owe me for that too. She then tried to collect the little souvenirs she could the rest was soaked and buried under the rainy earth.

Daichi glares at Tosai for a brief moment, he then smiles as he got his cool on for the day. "Ok, good one," he then looks at Fuuka and smiles while helping to gather her things "Umm well I am hungry and Tosai did offer warm food," Daichi looks in Tosai's direction then back at Fuuka "Um I know this is kinda…hard for you…with the lost umbrella and everything buuut he is offering food…I'll give you a moment," Daichi waits for Fuuka to settle down and realize that they can totally mooch off of Tosai. Daichi follows Tosai and looks back at Fuuka from time to time "Well are you coming?"

Still walking forward, Tosai could hear everything going on behind him. Surely, he would not walk too fast where the two could not follow, however, he did want to see exactly how they interacted with each other. The surprise of all, would be Daichi being the sensible one. It would make Tosai snicker about to hear him trying to make sure that Fuuka knew to follow, even while helping her find her things in the mud. When the two would finally began following, they would find themselves walking into village gate, and not to far after, reaching the Tourist District. Soon after, the Jasmine Fields hotel, a five star inn, would be where they would soon arrive. It was a rather expensive looking place, and what Daichi and Fuuka had not known, was that Tosai had accommodations as a participant in the World Tournament.

Tosai's room would be on the third floor, looking over most of Kusagakure. It had two bedrooms, and a central living area, with a large open hibachi style grill right at the center. Vegetables and raw meat, along with various sauces and seasonings, as well as a few plates, would be sat out and waiting. Tosai would then say, "You guys can change into the kimono's that are in the bathroom, and leave your muddy clothing in there too. Fuuka can change in the second room, and Daichi, can change in my room, right near the restroom. Once you wash up, come back here, so we can eat something."

While they walked the mile to Kusa's inn, Fuuka stayed several paces behind Tosai to level with Daichi. "So mooching sounds really good he may even pay for the things I got while I was in the tournament stands." she had a cat-like grin pointed towards Daichi, while whispering. Upon arrival at the hotel, Fuuka happened upon the building with pure amazement, this place was great but totally worth it. 'Why couldn’t she get nice digs like these she deserved it' she thought to herself. When in the room Fuu then prepared for her bath. She went into another room sliding the door open. "YEAH IM GONNA TAKE A NICE HOT BATH!!" she grinned in excitement. She then slid it close but not before saying, "Even though Im the most beutifulist cutest adowablist kunoichi you ever did see contain yourselves and please do not peak Kay'." She scowled at Daichi before this action was completed.

Daichi would not to Fuuka "Ahh you see it now? Yes he will pay of everything once we get into the village we…we.." He stops to marvel the inn that Tosai brought them to. Daichi would look at Tosai then at Fuuka then back at the Inn. "I…I…ooooh this is nice," Daichi is virtually speechless as they enter the elegant hotel. Daichi can't keep his eyes stationary, the sweet smell of jasmine had him relaxed from the start. "Wow," is all he can say as they enter Tosai's room. He wants to dig into the food right away but Tosai was right, they should change out of their muddy wet clothes. Daichi heads into his room and exits back out to get his hands on the meal before him. He would hear Fuuka's comment and look at her as she glared at him, "Peak…" Daichi would grin and shake his head "Oh I'll try my best not to give in," he says sarcastic tone and all. Food was present, the last thing he wanted to think about was another young supple female body. "Seki isn't here…it's ok…you can have a good time," Daichi says trying to suppress that memory.

These two were really something else. Had Tosai gotten himself in real bad when he got these kids or what?! They were plotting against him, even when he was actually being nice. What kind of weirdness is this? Well, it wasn't as if Tosai couldn't hear what they were saying. After all, Daichi had been his student long enough to show all of his flaws, and Fuuka, no matter what, was completely incapable of whispering. He wouldn't even need his enhanced senses to hear them both. However, the two would never know what Tosai did or did not hear, for now. Besides, by the looks of things, he much more to worry about, like damage to the hotel room that these two might cause.

As they would arrive, Tosai would smile cheerfully at the excitement the two Genin seemed to display. It was as if the kids had walked into an imaginary world. "Indeed, Daichi-san. I couldn't get a place like this on a Chuunin's salary either. I am staying here because of the Tournament." Fuuka's immediate and utterly loud excitement at seeing that she could sit in the large hot tub and bathe, would be the first thing to cause Tosai both fear, and sweat dropping. He could not be as scared as he was at that moment at what could possible happen. Daichi's comment would cause Tosai to face palm, though it would do nothing else. For once, he actually agreed with the boy. However, moments after Fuuka entered the restroom, Tosai would think of the place being brought to shambles and say, "Ummm.. yeah.. Just don't mess anything up in there, Fuuka, or you'll be missing that pretty face of yours." A very horrible threat indeed. Tosai would mean every word too.

Anyway, as Daichi would seem to murmur something about some Seki-person, Tosai would sweatdrop. "Man.. whatever that Seki-girl is about, must have been quite the spook for ya, huh, Daichi-san?" He would ask this, and wait a moment for a answer, before something peculiar would seem to catch his attention. Or, rather, it was a lack of something.

"Daichi-san… Where is the Madness‘s Butcher?"

As her bath was done, the room in wich she came out of had steamed and there in the fog of hot evaporated water, stood a figure in kimono. She had over heard a conversation about a girl named Seki, She came out of the door, full kimono decorated hair pins in her green pulled back hair, with nice wavy wet bangs hanging fro the side of her hair. She smelled of Jasmine and liliacs, the sweet aroma filled the air as she came out walking slowly gracefully. Then in one of her classic Fuuka moments she grinned. "SEE IM REALLY CLEAN!! NOWW THANK YOU TOSAI-SIR!!" she bowed cutely to Tosai and then dropped the grin for a more mischievous expression. "DAICHI-KUN TELL ME WHO THIS SEKI ISSS PWEAASSSEEE!!" hoping to charm him.

Daichi nods to Tosai timidly yet he felt insulted to a degree "What do I look like a savage? I've been in fancy places like this before…" Daichi says as he inches closer to the grill. Chop sticks in hand Daichi smiles "But thanks for the treat Tosai, I know you didn't have to do this," Daichi starts with the meat…then the sauce…then the meat again followed by moree of that delicious sauce. Then Tosai asked the first question that would cause Daichi's hand to twitch slightly. He reaches into his back pocket as he knew this would come up sooner or later. Pulling out a scroll Daichi prepares to hand it to Tosai just when Fuuka emerges from her bath. Now of course Daichi stared, he even blushed a bit. Then Fuuka inquired something about the name he didn't know he said out loud. Her charm was effective to a degree but the image of Seki shut Daichi up and he slowly turned back to the grill. He shoved several veggies in his mouth and handed Tosai a scroll. He would swallow with one hug gulp "…..she….is….complicated," He glanced at Fuuka then away quickly "Uhh err she is a Genin from Kiri…I fought her….and…" Daichi's eyes keep drifting towards Fuuka's kimono. He sighs heavily and smiles hard yet nervously "Soooo Tosai, funny thing about Madness's Butcher, ya know how you sealed it iin a scroll? Well I kinda thought that was cool and…." Daichi chuckles nervously now between a rock and a hard place…

"Yes..", would be Tosai's answer to Daichi's question, especially when he would see Daichi literally woofing down raw meat, and raw veggies without even noticing what he was doing. The Hibachi hadn't even grown hot yet, and Daichi was attempting to eat it all. Yep… if he hadn't caught a cold from the rain, he would definitely catch a sore stomach from eating raw beef. Tosai would slap the boy in the back of the head, and shout, "YOU HAVE TO COOK IT FIRST, DUMMY! YOU'LL GET SICK!!", right after he had been thanked. Talking about mixed messages. This whole thing was enough to distract Tosai away from thought about his weapon. He wouldn't even see the scroll being handed to him.

For at the same time, Daichi's eating of raw food, would pale in comparison to how pretty Fuuka actually turned out to be, after her bath. The Senju girl apparently knew how to clean herself up well. Before Tosai could say anything, Daichi had already seemed to go ga-ga over her as it is. Tosai would chuckle at the boy's blushing. The girl would even seem classy for a while, causing Tosai to forget that the girl had been anything but. However, Fuuka's screaming would soon bring him back to reality. "Heh.. You're welcome, Fuuka-san.", would be said with a sweat drop, as he would then cringe once more at the question about the Seki-person. The part that made the questioning even worst for Tosai to watch, was when she almost seemed to charm the information right out of the Mednin. For some reason, Daichi wouldn't give in, and instead Tosai would finally see the scroll.

"Whats this?", would be said even as Daichi began to tell of the girl though for some reason, the boy couldn't bear to think about or elaborate on the girl from the Land of Water. Or, maybe it wasn't that he was to distracted to tell the tale. After all, Fuuka would have /some/ of his attention. Then Daichi would began to drop his bomb upon Tosai. "…I never sealed it in a scroll Daichi… well, not when I gave it to you, anyway." When Daichi would began to stall, Tosai, would face scrunch at him, and say, "You thought it was cool, so… What happened after that?"

Fuuka then marveled at the fact that Daichi ate half cooked meat, "Shucks I only asked bout a Seki." She then looked real close to Daichi while he choked and stood back while he was then accosted on the back. Spitting up raw meat was something not even the typically accident prone Fuuka had ever been through. She simply folded her arms and said, "Typical you should probably say 'Id rather not talk about it than go choke yourself to death." She was turned and then excitedly stood next to Daichi "What’s she like huh huh huh?

Daichi's head jerks forward suddenly and next thing he knows, he is choking. Daichi manages to force down the raw meet and vegies then he looks at Tosai with a bit of a dumbfounded look. "Hm, thought it tasted funny," he put down the chop sticks and rubbed head. "Well….I think my appetite is gone," Daichi chuckles lightly and before long he can feel a slight grumble in his stomach. Nothing serious yet, he over looked it and instead would try to satisfy Fuuka's curiosity "Well…um she's like…um spunky, vicious, short tempered, vicious, taunting, vicious, and a little cute I'll admit, but she's vicious too," Daichi says with a light smile. He then looks at Tosai, sighing he tries to find a good way to explain himself "When I was in the medical ward, you brought it in…and it was sealed in a scroll," Daichi explained. He shook his head "Anyway I wanted to give it a try and now it's stuck in the scroll or rather I can't get it out…but I got it in! That's progress in my book…" Daichi smiles but his stomach begins to grumble….

This entire situation, had been chaos. Daichi's eating raw meat and apparently enjoyed pretty much half of the supply that was there.. Fuuka's being loud, and nosy about another girl. As far as Tosai was concerned, he still hadn't even gotten an answer to what was in the scroll he was handed, and even worst, this good idea for a team get-together, was being shot to hell. Tosai's temper seemed to be bottled in something like a steel case, way beneath the confines of his stomach, and other than it, his stomach was empty. So, this all meant that Tosai now hungry, mad, impatient, and annoyed. Not to mention that the conversation about this Seki-girl, was not what he brought the people here for.

But this would pale in comparison as to the cat that was let out of the bag by Daichi. Tosai, would shoot out steam from his ears at this entire thing. Looks like Daichi was the straw that broke the camel's back. Tosai would lose his mind.

"EEEEEEEENNNNNNNNOOOOOUUUUGGHHHHH", would be shouted to the top of his lungs.

Huffing and puffing, Tosai would have the look of a man deranged as he would then eye the two kids, huffing and puff. "I brought you two here, for a reason tonight. That reason was to bond, as a team, and /share/ in the eating of a nice /cooked meal. But /noooooooo/… There was screaming, and stuffing of peoples selfish faces, not to mention talk of some nin who is not even /from/ Konohagakure. And to top it all off? Some silly kid, in an effort to make his life easier by not carrying the weapon /himself/, tries instead to use an eight point decagram seal, to contain a weapon thats /not even his/!!!!!!!" Tosai was now shouting to the top of his lungs, his face red, and his fist balled up tight enough to break an iron portion of the table they now sat at.

Seeming to realize he had been screaming, Tosai would then sit back down, calming himself a little before then looking to the kids plainly. He would then say, "Now… I expect you two to realize a couple of things. I am not here for you to /mooch/ off of." A stare would go to Fuuka. "I am not here for you to try and cheat, or even impress." A stare would go to Daichi. "I am here to teach you. I am here to help guide you as ninja. I brought you here tonight, as a way of getting to know you guys in a way that would be simple, and informal. And… it seems that, to my torment and frusttion, it has worked out. I now know that I have probably the two /worst/ behaved kids to ever come out of an academy!!!” Tosai would sigh, and say, "So.. I will cook /whats/ left of this meat, and vegetables for me and Fuuka to eat, and I will allow you guys to rest for the evening here. However… Tommorrow.. we all will be getting to know each other a /different/ way. Through vicious, and merciless /training/, we will work out any… misunderstandings we have had here tonight, and before long, you /will/ see the errors in you ways."

From there, Tosai would began cooking what hadn‘t been eaten by Daichi.

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