Broken Memories Pt. 1 - Cutscene: Just A Statue


Fuu, Mune

Date: May 25h, 2010


A glimpse at events behind the scenes, leading up to the mass influx of ninja forces to the Land of Waterfalls.

"Broken Memories Pt. 1 - Cutscene: Just A Statue"


The huge cavern was mostly dark. A dim illumination of undefined source managed to allow people to see, but it was centered around a pair of giant stone hands, with the wrists chained together. On the edges of the sourceless light, many people worked in near-silence, only whispers between them being heard, and occasionaly the clink of metal or glass, and the noises of medical equipment. Standing atop one of the fingers of the stone hands, a towering man in black robes with red clouds had his back to the people in the shadows. Spikey hair on his head rose above the high collar of his robe.
Above him, seemingly carved from the cavern wall, was a giant, stone creature. Only its upper torso and arms were visible — the stone hands belonged to the statue. Its back had a number of rocky protrusions, like bladed bone shards. Its face was altogether terrible to behold. An inhuman head with a blindfold, sharp teeth, and a bit in its mouth, not unlike what one would put in a horse's maw to control it.
Nine half-spheres of blank stone lay in the blindfold, rather than eyes.

One of the stone fingers on the hand opposite from the tall man suddenly gained a new presence. A shimmering — yet shadowy — form. From the outline, it was easy to tell this image was that of a woman. "What is it?" came the almost inhumanly deep voice of the tall man. "Amuro-sama," the woman began, her voice sounding as though there were electronic interference of some kind. "I request orders as to what I am to do next. As we have discussed, I have joined the organization you assigned me to. I have been assisting them as ordered also." The man called 'Amuro' said nothing. The woman continued, "I feel as though I am wasting my time here in this Village. Is there nothing further you wish of me?" 'Amuro' just went 'hmmm' deeply.
Then another two stone fingers suddenly bore passengers. "Amuro-sama, agents Ichi and Ni reporting." Amuro raised a hand towards the woman's image in a gesture to wait, and then asked, "What progress have you made?" The two new images, both male, were kneeling. Only their eyes were truly visible… Red crosshairs lay in their pupils. The one who had spoke initially responded with the same staticky voice, "We have found the Seal of Body." Amuro turned half-way to look at the two agents, revealing a black mask on his face, with a red question mark on its surface. "Excellent. Decypher the conditions for triggering it and then do so. I will leave for the area I suspect the tower will appear immediately." The agents both called out, "Hai!" in identical staticky voices, and then their images vanished.
Amuro turned to the woman's image, lowering his hand. "It appears I have a job for you after all. Meet me in the Land of Waterfalls, on the western border. Bring any of your companions along that you wish. But make sure you stress to the leader of the group how important this is. He will not interfere with your journey, even if he chooses not to follow."
The woman nodded once and then responded, "As you wish, Amuro-sama." Her red eyes turned on the statue in the wall, and she asked, "May I ask what that—" Amuro interrupted with, "Just a statue." The woman paused, then said, "Hai." Her eyes, and the rest of her transparent image, both flickered and vanished. Then the man began preparations to depart. This time he would not be second to arrive.

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