Broken Memories Pt. 1 - The Expedited Expedition


Fuu (emitter), Goh

Date: April 2nd, 2010


Goh is on his way out of Konohagakure. So are a number of researchers, including the famous Doctor Uudo!

"Broken Memories Pt. 1 - The Expedited Expedition"

Village Entrance - Konohagakure

It's late morning, and the air is sweet with the smell of spring. There's still some moisture on the ground in places, especially in the shade of the trees outside of Konoha's gates. Birds are singing, the air is pleasantly warm, and the lively chatter of people in the streets of the Leaf Village lets any visitors know that this is a busy place. Whether it be children playing, or women talking about the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival, or people heading off to perform whatever errands they happen to be on, there is no end to the activity.
This is especially true at the front gates, where a gathering of researchers and workers are gathered. At the center of the thick ring of people, Doctor Uudo, internationally-known archaeologist is talking to a pair of colleagues and showing them something on a map.

As it's late morning, the first shifts of Gate Guard duty are beginning to rotate over. After all, you can't have the same people guarding the Gate all day and night! Accompanying the Chuunin that are making the switch, the ex-Jounin known as Goh appears to be in quite an animated little conversation. He's no doubt explaining some of his epic adventures with the shinobi, who in turn is laughing a little in response. Good times.
When the Chuunin leaves Goh, taking up his post, the blonde lifts hands to stretch himself up high. With a loud yawn, he tilts his head a little at the people that have gathered. "Eh? This is unusual." He declares, opting to approach the group. As he gets closer, he does seem to recognise a figure in the middle. But alas, his own arechaeic knowledge is quite lacking, as is the people who study it. "Oooh.. It's that really famous guy. Doctor…whats-his-name." He begins, worming himself through the thick ring to get a better look at what's going on. Hey, he was curious too!

Goh shoving his way through the throng of workers and researchers preparing their gear is met with some protest, but he eventually makes it through to the more open section in the middle. Immediately, one of the men that Uudo is speaking to turns to look at Goh, which leads the other two to look at him as well, and from there, Doctor Uudo himself pauses in some important point he is making about the map, and looks at Goh expectantly.
Others begin to notice him too, and soon, the majority of those gathered are all focused quite keenly on the ex-Jounin who has forced his way into the middle of something he probably doesn't know anything about. An awkward silence (except for some background muttering and whispering) follows.

Unknowingly finding himself in the centre of all the attention, Goh almost freezes like a deer caught in headlights. The awkward silence is enough to cause a bullet of sweat to run down his cheek. "U..Uh." He begins, before sucking in a breath. "Hello all! My name is Goh, and I am Konoha's Number One Pickled Vegetabler. You may've heard of me. I even have a pretty high world ranking." Putting hands on his hips, the youth beams around to the scientists. "Do not mind me, as I've just come to observe what was going on! I used to be a Jounin here, you see. And I know for a fact that it's not very often you see this sort of thing going on. Are you all clients?" He takes a bit of a further look around. "..the Hokage Office is to the North-East if you want to secure a mission. I mean," A gesture to the map. "..I can see you guys plan on travelling somewhere? Konoha shinobi are the best to hire!"

The gray-haired, squinty-eyed Doctor Uudo and the three other scientists stare at Goh blankly as he talks. The others making up the circle of people preparing to go somewhere decide this isn't anyone important after all, and return to what they were doing. The noise level increases gradually back to what it was before Goh showed up. Uudo Eddo eventually sighs and turns back to his fellows. "We'll continue this later. I'll take care of this," he says, folding up the map and heading over to Goh.
"Good morning, Goh-san. I'm Uudo Eddo. We thought you were someone else." He lands a rough, calloused hand on Goh's shoulder, and attempts to turn him around gently, but firmly. Then, with arm around Goh's shoulders in a very remarkably over-familiar manner, he starts trying to guide Goh back towards the ring of people as he talks. "You see, we're waiting on a messenger from the Hokage's office to let us know if it's safe to proceed with a little trip we're on. You know — dig in the dirt, look at rocks… Things like that. However, we can't leave until we have confirmed that we have permission from the Hokage to go digging in her country. So, Goh-san, if you could do me a favor…"
The ring of people has been parting to allow Doctor Uudo passage all this time, so now they are outside of it. Eddo releases his arm from Goh's shoulders, and says, "…Why don't you run over to the Hokage's office, ask what the hold up is, and if we can please get going before it's too much later? I'm sure someone with your influence can speed things up a bit." He then slaps Goh on the back lightly a couple times in an encouraging manner. He winks and says, "Thanks."
Without even waiting for a response, he turns and starts walking back to where he was before Goh showed up. Just then, however, there's a commotion as the messenger they were expecting comes running up. "Uudo-san! Uudo-san!" he calls out. Uudo stops and turns around. Everyone goes quiet again. The messenger runs up to Doctor Uudo, pauses, bows, and then straightens. "The Hokage's office unfortunately must presently refuse your request to—" he doesn't even get to finish before great cries of outrage and frustration go up from those assembled.

"E-Eh?" Being guided out through the ring which he just formed himself into, the ex-Jounin sort of nods slowly as he is instructed to see what was going on. "U..Um. I guess I can do that." He replies, lifting a hand to scratch his head. How was it that he was always stuck playing the errand boy? Who knows. "Dig in the dirt? That sounds like a pretty simple mission to me! I'm sure that there's just been a hold-up in paperwork. Yknow, formalities and stuff. I'll go sort it out. Just stay here!" As he's about to jog off, eyes widen a little as the messenger returns.
"W..What? Refuse?" Eyeing down the messenger carefully, the blonde seems to be puzzled. The cry of outrage is enough to nearly knock Goh off his feet! Teetering a little, he rubs his ears. "Why? Why was it refused? Uudo?" A look to the Doctor. "…Ah! That's right. You're that really famous digger! Doctor Uudo! I knew you looked sort of familiar. What are you planning to dig up? Or.. were planning to dig up, I guess I should say. And why are there so many people so angry about not being allowed to?" A sudden frown. " weren't gonna dig in the graveyard, were you? And revive some corpses?" It's clear that he has no idea /what/ an archaeologist is. He only knows that Uudo can dig well!

Uudo calls out, "Calm down, calm down!" to everyone, and gradually they settle down, though they are clearly unhappy. Then the archaeologist turns to the messenger and says, "Go ahead and finish your message, kid." The messenger blinks and then nervously says, "The Hokage's office unfortunately must presently refuse your request to conduct an excavation in the Land of Fire. Once a shinobi team has been assembled to escort and guard your expedition you will be permitted to proceed with your plans without delay. Our apologies." He then bows again, waits for Uudo to nod towards him, and then the courier-nin runs off again.
Uudo glances towards Goh as people resume muttering and packing things up again, apparently preparing to go home or to wherever they're camped out. "They're probably angry because they don't get paid until the job is done, and I've already hired them to help out with the physical labor. The scientists are probably upset because they don't get to do what we've been planning all this time." He peers at Goh at the mention of the graveyard and digging up corpses. "…What the heck do you think an archaeologist is, kid? And who have you been talking to that you think I animate corpses?"

"Someone who digs stuff, of course!" Goh proclaims, thrusting a finger out into the air! "I've heard that you archaeologists are the best diggers in the whole world! And that no-one can work a shovel better than Doctor Uudo. And when it comes to valuable stuff, what sort of other things would you dig for other than bodies?" The hand comes down to rub his chin. "…hm. I guess I am pretty keen to see what you guys have planned. In the Land of Fire, you said right? This hasn't got anything to do with that massive tower that's appeared, has it?" Eyes go to Uudo carefully. "That place is dangerous. But! I'll tell you what. Since I'm so keen to see some scientists and diggers in action, to see what they actually dig, I'll be the one to keep you company! Ha! How's that sound?" A big toothy grin comes across the face of Goh as he flicks a thumb up.
Turning about, the Pickler frowns a little as the Courier nin has already run off. "Hashiramako won't have an issue with it. Problem is, this just won't be an 'official' Konoha mission. But that way, you also don't get to shell out the money for the mission. Think you'll be able to handle that?" Was he really capable? To do the job of a squad of shinobi? Oy.

Uudo just peers at Goh some more. Finally, he says, "Dead bodies can provide a lot of information. But what the people those bodies belonged to crafted or did in life can provide a lot too. In the end, I'm not looking for 'valuable stuff'. The only think I really value is knowledge. And yes, we were going to excavate here in the Land of Fire. That tower has not yet been placed off limits, as far as I know, but we were actually going to head to the north a bit. There's a place near…" He pulls out his map and looks at it again. "…'Kadomai'." He then puts the map away and listens to Goh's offer.
"Hmm… Well, what would you get out of this if we're not paying for your services? No offense, but I've been around long enough to know that people rarely try to help for purely altruistic reasons."

"Well," Goh begins, folding arms across his chest. "Not much, really. But that's fine. I mean, I can just see what you guys dig up! I can get to see what you guys do first hand, free of charge. Then I'll be forever grateful." A long pause. "..Uwwaaahhh. That and I'm just so bored! I think I'm actually about to leave Konoha again soon, so this will be a good excuse to stretch my legs and see a bit of Kadomai. To be honest, I've only been there a couple of times. Sucks, huh? A place that close to Konoha." Having made up the mind for everyone it seems, the once-upon-a-time Jounin begins to step out. "Gather your gear, scientists! And follow me. Goh the Salamander will escort you all to safety. Yep yep!"

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