Broken Memories Pt. 2 - Intruder: Captured!


Amuro (as Goro), Itami, Takumi, Rika

Date: August 24, 2010


The young man calling himself "Goro" who entered Sunagakure on the same day as the hospital break-in makes his move… To steal the birth-records of the Council Members from the Records Department! It's up to three skilled ninja that just happened to be in the area to halt this living whirlwind of pain as he tries to Taijutsu his way right out of the Administration Dome!

"Broken Memories Pt. 2 - Intruder: Captured!"

Outside Kazekage Administration Dome - Sunagakure

It is evening in the desert. The sky is a majestic mix of dark-purple and black, thanks to the sun having only recently set. Stars high above are not blotted out by city lights, thanks to Sunagakure not making heavy use of electric lighting, and so are clearly visible. A few days prior, on the 19th, there was some sort of break-in at Tenrai Hospital. The lock and entire door handle leading into one of the rooms that contains medical records were melted into a puddle somehow. As well, one nurse was found unconscious on the floor behind a desk, in the immediate vicinity of the broken-into room. She had somehow forgotten the entire hour prior to waking up.
This was reported to Sunagakure's police and ninja, of course. Word probably reached the Council and the Kazekage, if they read the reports or were told directly. But what was left untold was that at the exact same time that the hospital break-in occurred, a young, male outsider — unknown to the people of Sunagakure — had entered the Administration Dome, and attempted to gain access to the third sub-floor of that building.
The Sunagakure Public Library lies on the first sub-floor (Sub-Level 1). Records Storage begins on Sub-Level 2, and continues to Sub-Level 3. Sub-Level 3 is Restricted Access Records Storage. One needs special permission to enter or make use of the resources there. This young man, identified only as 'Goro' at the front gates of the Village, had proceeded directly from the main floor of the Dome down to the entrance to Sub-Level 3. He seemed to know his way very well. Upon entering, he was spotted and asked his purpose in being there by one of the records keepers. When he explained he was looking for birth records on a family member that used to live here, he was told that such was kept on Sub-Level 2. He apologized for the trouble and left.
Why would anyone report an innocent search for family records? Obviously the youth had simply gotten lost. Nothing suspicious there. Thus, no one was prepared for the commotion when this same young man was discovered down in Sub-Level 3 after removing the birth records for every member of the Sunagakure Council >except for Watanabe Itami< and attempting to depart the premises with them.
Surprisingly, the guards that were called to stop him were unable. They were either evaded easily or disabled quickly, with nothing more than some brand of unfamiliar — but highly-effective — Taijutsu. The most immediate and obvious sign that something is wrong, to anyone who is in the area, would be the guards and ninja rushing towards the Dome (from the outside), or for those on the inside, all the noise and shouts and so forth, as the intruder fights his way across the main floor, towards the doors. That should be plenty to alert everyone around that something is up. But then a tall young man with shoulder-length white hair, purple eyes, wearing a black, sleeveless tanktop, baggy black pants, and black combat boots bursts through the doors of the Administration Dome, knocking down some people who had been too close to the doors. The guards rushing up the long flight of stairs pause only momentarily to see what's going on, but the ninja keep moving. The youth leaps into the air, performing reverse-splits (one leg going one way and another going the other, straight-out) and then bringing both legs together — catching a too-slow Genin's head inbetween heel and ankle at the same time. He drops out of the air and lands on his hands on the steps behind him, before folding his legs up to his chest, and thrusting them out. Both feet slam into the chest of the stunned Genin, and then Goro pushes off with his hands as well. He 'rides' the ninja's body down the stairs like a surfboard, evading attempts to strike at him by the guards in his path.
Lots more crazy Taijutsu antics ensue. It is quite public, quite noticeable, and probably something that someone should do something about.

Of course this kind of commotion goes with all kinds of alerts and guards set up everywhere to be on the look out as well as ready to try and capture whoever it was that was causing it in the first place. There were many gathered outside and around the Administration building in order to be prepared should the person decide to make their escape from another area of the building other than the front doors. Considerig the way things are going, it might be a bit difficult to do that, but there's always determination.
Some guards begin to filter into the building to try and join the fray, most running towards the surfing taijutsuist to apprehend him. Some display fear, others brash and some just plain confused, but working as a collective might bring about some results. From what they've seen, this guy is good. It would be risky to spread their forces to thin since there's two responsible for busting in here, so there's more piling up outside to try and close any gaps.
Itami had heard news of what happened and she was on her way to the Administration building, but not without issuing orders to the guards about where to go, who to notify and try to keep things locked down as much as possible. Upon reaching the square, she sifted her way through the crowd of guards and ninja to make her way towards the building to provide some defense against this threat. Whoever they were.

Takumi is on his way to the item store to pick restock his supplies when the commotion bursts from the front of the administration building and spills into the street. Quickly processing what appears to be a losing battle by those involved so far, he dashes toward the commotion, ready to extract and administer aid to any seriously injured guards.
Arriving at the edge of what appears to be ground zero, he performs a quick mental triage before observing the main assailant. Knowing that his job as a medic is primarily to avoid and heal, he makes a quick break through the crowd toward the tail end of the fight path.

Rika was… well, doing as Rikas do. That being smoking the particularly awesome hookah at one of the marketstalls where she can lounge on the pillows and sip coffee and nibble at nice food the whole time. In other words? She was quite comfy before this hullaballoo started. No doubt thinking it was genin or students engaged in shenanigans at first. But that's still a reason to have to rouse her from her laziness.
So, standing up and going towards the gate, she quickly gleams this might be something a bit more serious… thus she knows to get a bit more serious as well, as evidenced by her putting down her goggles, night or not, her jutsu get pretty flashy! But instead of going into the building like the guards, she ends up standing near the exit, not too far from Itami. Any problems they may have not even an issue right now - this is a matter of the village's security at state. "Senpai." She greets, just loud enough… before seeing the ninja-surfing and looking towards the culprit with an increasingly dark smile on her face. "I think we have the one we need." Still, she's trying to keep an eye on the rest of the area too, in case there's more…

When the now very-messed-up Genin's unconscious body comes to rest half-way down the stairs outside the Administration Dome's front doors, Goro performs a spin kick to the face of one guard that has just caught up, and the momentum carries around to take out a guard behind the youth as well. He turns half-way to look behind him to see what he just hit, and notices the man staggering from the blow he received. He grins, squints his eyes and waves with one hand mockingly, before ducking under a sword slash from in front without looking.
He throws his left shoulder into the belly of the guard that just attacked him while the man's momentum leaves him leaning over the white-haired teenager. Goro then stands up, holding the guard on his shoulder with both arms wrapped around the unfortunate Suna-soldier's torso, and begins to spin around with him using the guard's own reflexively-clutched sword to strike out at and ward off the other guards that are trying to close in on him from every side. Despite how silly this may look to some, the situation is quite serious. At least to everyone >except< the attacker. He hasn't stopped smiling in some form since he was spotted. Is he having fun fighting for his life in the middle of a ninja Village? Or is this just a game that he isn't even really trying to win? Eventually, after delivering a punch to the face of an incoming Genin who was attempting to attack Goro while the guard on his shoulder was pointed away, he decides he has had enough of using the human shield (who is now quite dizzy anyway, and not really holding out his sword very well), and just tosses him away with remarkable strength, directly onto a guard captain that is rushing in and a Chuunin that is attempting to make some order out of all this chaos.
The Guard Captain manages to deflect his subordinate with a raised arm, in order to push through to the intruder, but the Chuunin is not so lucky. He is knocked onto his back on the stairs, with the human-shield guard on top of him. After regaining his senses, he raises his head just as the thoroughly dizzied guard's looks up. His cheeks bulge and then there is a loud, "BLEEAAARGH!" and accompanying undesired visuals and repulsive scents that make those not presently engaged in combat (and some of those that >are< engaged in combat) pause momentarily to go, "Euurgh!" in disgust.
Well, with the Chuunin leader blinded for the moment (gross), it seems to be up to Itami and Rika to stop this noisy, disruptive, and troublesome youth. And he's coming right for them, running down the long flight of stairs, apparently intending to simply bypass them. Maybe he doesn't recognize the two for what they are, or maybe he underestimates them. But the end result is that something is about to happen here, and it might not be pretty.
There are a number of guards with varying levels of physical harm inflicted on them, but none seem to be in life-threatening situations. Even the Genin that was used as a surfboard is more bruised than anything. Arguably, the Chuunin that got a guard's sick all over his face is the one most in need of medical care, but that's more due to the emotional trauma than anything else. It seems that, no matter how good this guy is, he's not trying to kill. At least not yet…

Even Itami had to wince and turn away a bit in order to try and recover from seeing that and keeping it together wasn't easy. Once you've seen it you can't unsee it, as the saying goes. It also happens to cause an upset stomach by proxy, so she inhales deeply, probably not the best thing to do, and exhales the breath out. Eventually the scent would fade out due to being used to it. Onto other things. "Greetings, Rika-san." She addresses the Jounin, first.
Secondly, Itami has to admit that the way the kid fights is odd, but interesting. Versatile, but that can't stop her from trying to stop him from what he's doing. Further admiration can come after. So, she tries to engage him, first with a verbal warning. "Stop where you are this instant! As an official of the Council, I order you to desist!" If that didn't work she'd have to use something non-leathal to get him to stop.

Rika is already in the process of preparing herself. A look on her face of focus. "I suggest you listen to her." She says in a soft, though somewhat menacing tone, at least as much as a seventeen year old girl can manage creepy without being Wednesday Adams. Still, the look on her face is quite dark. And she's studying every move this interloper is making, as though trying to plan out just what she's going to do in order to stop him. She is slowly moving to the side, away from Itami so as to help cover further paths of retreat so that Goro doesn't get by her. All the while trying to signal for people to get out of the way… if she does have to cut loose, well, Nagahara techniques aren't good for bystanders' health.

Takumi leaps quickly to avoid the water hazard, which is just another day at the office for him. He lands by the unconcious genin and slaps a hand onto his shoulder, sending a quick pulse through his body. Detecting nothing that a long sleep wont fix, he reaches into his waistpouch and pulls out a kunai, ready to stop any more injuries from occuring.
Looking around at the level of damage that has already been done, he quickly decides that force should be met with force, and not more than needed. Putting the blade away, he shakes out his hands and charges after the white haired youth, keeping position behind him, hoping to get the man boxed in.

The teenager slows down briefly when confronted with the two Jounin, and their warnings called out to him. Remaining in motion seems like a good idea right now if he wants to continue evading capture/physical harm. For the moment, however, he has stopped. He is crouched down a few feet away of and in front of Itami and Rika. One leg is forward a bit more, two steps down from where his rear leg is standing. His left arm is bent at the elbow with the forearm and hand in front of his chest and shoulder. His right arm is held out straight behind him, fingers splayed. He remains low to the ground and retains his smirky smile.
The guards and ninja that had previously been trying to gather and rush the intruder in a wave of fists and steel notice the hand-based warnings/directions from Rika, and the ninja order the guards to halt and get in the way, making sure that everyone realizes not to proceed forward. They then start to clear to each side of the staircase — though the ninja just jump right off to the street below, over the side-railing. The guards don't have that kind of agility or ability to land safely, so they try really hard to not get in the way of any ninja magic that might get thrown around.
Purple eyes flick from Itami to Rika, then back. "An official of the Council?" Goro's voice is somewhat deeper than is probably normal for a teenager, but still high enough to confirm he >is< a teenager. He glances to his left quickly, then back to Itami. He looks to his left one more time and keeps on looking there as he quotes, "'When an official order is given by a representative of Sunagakure's government, the components of the Village's law being used as a basis for the order must be cited if requested by a witness or any other present party who may logically be endangered by the order given. This includes section, article, and all applicable paragraphs (though in instances of emergencies the exact content of the law may be paraphrased provided that the spirit of said laws are not compromised or altered by doing so).'"
He then says innocently to Itami, "Citation of the section, article, and paragraphs pertaining to the order you just gave is hereby requested." Following all of this confusion quotation and the apparent request for Itami to confirm her order falls into the boundaries of Sunagakure's laws and her authority as a Council Member, there are about six seconds during which she is free to speak or react (even if her reaction is to be very confused). And then Goro is on the move again. He turns to his left quickly — the same direction he had been looking during all that talking — and then leaps into the air… Travelling >backwards< towards the hand-rail and the ground below on the other side of it! Depending on if Takumi proceeded to try to come in from behind or if he moves aside/jumps off the stairs, like the other ninja that were further up the stairs, he may or may not be in a position to stop this stranger from his apparent escape attempt. Rika, meanwhile, can certain try to blast him out of the air, but the people that were previously out of the way are now directly in the path that her attack may likely take if it is centered on the white-haired teenager. Meaning those guards and any civilians would likely become casualties or at least patients at the hospital.

Itami frowned. If the teenager knew that much then she assumed that he should also know of those that were on the Council, but maybe that's just her giving him too much room to breathe. Within the 6 seconds, she uses 1 to sigh, 2, handseals, 3 "This is bothersome. I try to follow the law and give a verbal warning, but verbal warnings don't work on these types. Sometimes, I just want to change it, but then again, I also reserve the right to attack once an order is ignored. The law covers this, right?" Right. 5 to engage, and 6 to finish her jutsu.
Upon thrusting her hand down, a strong wind would be summoned down upon the area the teenager jumped towards in order to force him down to the ground along with the rest of the guards and ninja within the area of the attack. It wasn't lethal, thankfully. She needed to keep the person alive and well. All this would do would stun him and the rest of the others enough for capture.

At the same time Itami is doing that, Rika jumps into action on her own. Suddenly she disappears in a whirlwind of flame and wind. And a similar one appears on the other side of where Goro was going where she stops ready to take advantage of this. "You will halt," She says, presuming Itami hasn't done something already. Though there's a dual layer to this, she's done a couple things on the side as she goes through the whole Ninja Wheels within Wheels thing. First, she's tried to trap the boy in a genjutsu - though hasn't done anything beyond attempting to link him yet. That's for if he doesn't surrender. And second, she's been preparing herself for something else, just in case. In this case? She's about to use a more powerful version of what Itami did… but she hasn't formed the seals yet, just readied herself to.

At the same time Itami is doing that, Rika jumps into action on her own. Suddenly she disappears in a whirlwind of flame and wind. And a similar one appears on the other side of where Goro was going where she stops ready to take advantage of this. "You will halt," She says, presuming Itami hasn't done something already. Though there's a dual layer to this, she's done a couple things on the side as she goes through the whole Ninja Wheels within Wheels thing. First, she's tried to trap the boy in a genjutsu - though hasn't done anything beyond attempting to link him yet. That's for if he doesn't surrender. And second, she's been preparing herself for something else, just in case. In this case? She's about to use a more powerful version of what Itami did… but she hasn't formed the seals yet, just readied herself to. >re<

Takumi is about to dive into action, quite literally, when all sorts of fire and wind burst into appearance, seemingly everywhere. He stops short, throwing his arms up wardingly in front of him. The sudden shift in situation puts him more at ease, as clearly there is someone else here to take the front line. He spots one ninja at least who seems to know whats going on, and then backs off to a support distance, while making himself visible to the group at hand.

The sudden blast of wind from above nails Goro and hurls him downwards! His feet impact the handrail since he was directly above it, and he somehow manages to maintain >perfect balance< for a couple seconds in that crouched position, with strong wind trying to shove him down! Gritting his teeth he tries to struggle to fall backwards so that he will be pushed down to the ground on the side of the stairs, but he can't quite manage it and the shift in balance sends him forward instead. He is immediately slammed into the stairs on his face, the shins of his remarkably long legs resting against the hand-rail.
The youth takes a moment to wince at the impact to his jaw, and just lies length-wise across the step or two he landed on. He opens his purple eyes and looks to his right, towards the nearby Council Member Itami as she maintains her Wind Release. Then he looks upwards as though he could somehow roll his eyes far enough that direction that they wind up looking behind and above himself at Rika. This fails, for obvious reasons.
Then he glances up and to his left at where Takumi is standing ready to help if necessary. He doesn't know Takumi's capabilities, nor the full extent of the Jounin with the wind and fire deal. He knows enough about Itami, however, to determine that dealing with these three ninja is not a favorable situation for him.
"What a bother," he manages to get out between clenched teeth, due to his jaw being more or less forced shut by the wind howling about him. Assuming it's still doing so. If it's not, then he still doesn't get up or try to escape. Instead he slides his hands together from where they lay at the end of his long arms that are in turn stretched out in front of him. Then he manages to work his hands into an odd, and never-before-seen handseal!
"Secret Technique:" he gets out, and then clenches his eyes shut as he yells, "JISHU NO JUTSU! (Surrender Technique!)" There is a brief pause as absolutely nothing happens unless someone decides to blast the prone teenager.
Then he seperates his hands and raises the palms a bit, turning his head to face Itami and announces while smiling, "I give up!" And… That's all that happens.

Itami sighs. What a bother it was. The wind had drawn up before he spoke, but she imagines that the force of the wind might be a bit much to recover from in such a short time. Although, she isn't going to try and underestimate his abilities. He fought as well as surfed his way out of harm's way, after all. When Goro stretched his hands before him, she tensed a bit only for him to end up surrendering. "Erm…right." She remarks while lofting a brow curiously.
"Well, I'm glad you give up. This will make things much easier. So, if you know the law so well then you probably know what comes next." She begins to walk up the stairs towards him. "So, mind telling me why you're here and what you were doing?" A gesture is made to summon some ninja to detain him. No use in getting the guards to do so.

Rika stands there, ready should the boy try anything funny, but she's not exactly the strongest jounin physically, so some taijutsu specialist chuunin can probably handle it. And with Itami talking now too, she just stands there with her arms folded looking as intimidating as she can, and maintaining her link - though still not using it to do anything proper, since he's cooperating.

Takumi looks around at what has just happened, and notes that things seem to be somewhat in order now. Yet another heroic battle successfully avoided!
These other two ninjas can handle things, he thinks to himself, and without another word he heads back up the stairs the various bumped and bruised people to see what he can do.

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