Broken Memories Pt. 2 - New And Old


Amuro, Shinji

Date: October 22, 2010


The Tao Shih's plans for the immediate future are revealed to Shinji, and Shinji joins the Tao Shih as an official member.

"Broken Memories Pt. 2 - New And Old"

"High-Quality Wines" Shop - Kusagakure

It has been awhile since last Amuro spoke with Shinji in person. After spending a week or two in the relaxing environment that is Kusagakure, Amuro has recovered from the massive depletion of his stamina at Sunagakure, and is more or less back to full strength. Or as 'full strength' as a man more than a century old can be, compared to his younger years. He is presently standing in a shop that sells wine and other alcoholic beverages of all kinds. They are all bottled, of course. It is not a bar or tavern, but an actual wine shop.
He is fairly easy to notice, given that he is taller than the racks and shelves of bottles that are situated about the main room of the shop.
Shinji has been informed of the current location of Amuro, and invited to join him to discuss some matters of importance.

Having arrived into Kusagakure from Kumogakure, Shinji had to admit he was really enjoying Kusagakura. Granted the beauty of a woman he saw at Kumo was still on his mind. But alas all the women of every country can't be his and besides, he wants someone who is just as good as he is in combat. With the Sunagakure mission having been over for some time, he knew it was only time before Amuro wanted to meet with him. Having recieved a message on where to meet his new leader, Shinji makes his way towards the wine shop? Blinking a few times and looking at the sign of the wine shop, "Wow. Never knew one existed." A smirk plays on his face, as he walks into the wine shop. It doesn't take long for Shinji to find Amuro, he walks over to Amuro and bows his head respectfully. "Hello." he says.

Amuro grunts out an acknowledgement. "Hmm!" He then turns to face Shinji. "Hello, Shinji. Congratulations on your accomplishment. It is unfortunate that my messenger could not reach you sooner. We have already had a gathering of sorts here… But that is alright. I have other things to discuss with you alone." He then turns his head to look at the wine merchant behind the counter. He notices and nods, then indicates the 'staff only' door off to the side. Amuro says, "If you will follow me?" He then heads towards the door, opening it, and proceeding down some stairs into the wine cellar.

Shinji shrugs, "I's a'ight monime." he says in that thick accent, one he seemed to have picked up. "I did get to travel a bit before being found." he smiles. As Amuro tells him of whats been done as far as the gathering he bows his head. "I see." he says and before he can say anything else, Amuro tells him that there was still more for them to discuss. Nodding his head and knowing when to keep quiet, as they are gestured to the wine cellar, Shinji follows behind Amuro. Moving down the steps, Amuro would notice that Shinji isn't making any sounds, there is no audible foot steps, but then again, most ninja tend to keep quiet when moving about. Once in the wine cellear, Shinji takes a moment to look around for a moment, to make sure there is no one around. He wasn't about to let them be attacked here. Once he sees that everything is ok, he nod his head to Amuro, and waits for him to speak.

Amuro is not that concerned about being spied upon. Unless someone is able to completely mask his or her Chakra — which is not beyond possibility, but that is what the Seals set up around the room in concealed places are for — such an individual would be detected long before he even came down here. When they are alone, he says, "The task I assigned you, to lead the bandit forces and your own mercenaries in combat against Sunagakure, has been accomplished adequately. The overall mission was only a partial success, but that was through no fault of yours or the ones you lead. Thus, I congratulate you on your achievements."
A pause. "Just to make sure you understand, though you will still be paid for a job well-done, you have more expectations and responsibilities beyond merely a given assignment or contract now. You are a member of my organization. You are Tao Shih. Speak this name to no one except the other Tao Shih, and then only when necessary. Your duty is not just to serve, but to accomplish. You are not just to play, but to win. You are not just to try… But to succeed. Your thoughts and opinions as an individual are valued now, as they might not have been as a mere mercenary. If you have a complaint, a suggestion, a request, or anything else, speak your mind. Silence is the domain of the dead, and I would rather not employ those dead-of-imagination."

Quirking a brow up at Amuro as he leans back against one of the wine racks. He's careful not to cause the rack to fall or anything, but as Amuro spoke to him, he bows his head at the compliment for his mission in Suna. He hadn't really been complimented much when he was only a Rice Nin. Feeling like this was finally going some where and well this wasn't something he's ever seen in Amuro, granted the man has always had those deadly women around him which they probably only seen him like this every so often.
Still not speaking, Shinji blinks a few times when he is told that he is now apart of the Tao Shih. This has been something he's been trying to work towards for some time now, well trying to work at being close to Amuro and being his guard of sorts, but to have been brought fully into his orgnization was mind blowing. "I see." he says to Amuro. That was the first thing he's said since coming down here, but now he had more of a reason to be a bit happier now. "Looks like I cannot stay silent much anymore." he smiles. "This is a big honor Amuro-sama. One that I will cherish and not squander your trust in me." he states. "Seeing as you and the others spoke some time ago, may I be brought up to speed on why we are here as well as whats our next move?" he asks.

Amuro nods briefly in agreement and approval. "We are in Kusagakure because this is where a tournament between various nations, as well as independent ninja, will be held. The idea was the Kazekage's apparently… But when I heard of it… Well, a 'suggestion' to the Daimyou of the Land of Grass has resulted in him volunteering his Village and country to host the competition. It will be quite interesting to see how it goes, as well as who shows up. And perhaps even what those who show up are capable of… More importantly, however, it provides a way to keep an eye on all five Great Shinobi Nations at once, while we go about our own business."
"As for our next move…" Amuro begins. "…Apparently not all that I wished to obtain at a certain cave in the Land of Fire actually >was< obtained on my last trip there. And now my seekers have found the location of what I sought. It has been moved from Ankoku Cave. I am not yet ready to seize the Stone of Yin-Yang, but keeping an eye on it is definitely a priority. Until then, we will have to change objectives. The niece of the Daimyou of the Land of Fire is our new objective. She has not been seen in quite some time, and my sources in the Fire Palace indicate that she has vanished completely. It is time to find out where she went to, and why everyone is so very interested in keeping that a secret."

Silent as Amuro speaks, Shinji puts his mind to work remembering everything that is being said to him. He does quirk a brow up a bit due to their being a tournament. A sigh escapes him, "Looks like I'm a bit late to enter in." he frowns a little, but then chuckles. "Oh well, there will always be tournaments." he says. Hearing how Amuro had the Daimyou speak up to have the Land of Grass to have the tournament, this impressed the wanderer. "Impressive." he says as he continues to listen. Feeling that he spoke a bit too much already, Shinji folds his arms over his chest.
When details of what happend at the Ankoku Cave and the stone of Yin-Yang is brought up, Shinji ponders about the stone and what it's effect are and why the need to keep watch of it is needed. "What is the significance of this stone?" he asks curiously. When Amuro continues, his mouth closes and eyes perk up when he hears about the Daimyou's niece. Nodding his head, "So that is why we are here, while everyone is distracted, you want us to find his niece and see why secrects are being kept?"

Amuro explains, "The Stone of Yin-Yang is a relic from an ancient time… It is a remnant of a very powerful man's life and history. I thought I had found it in Ankoku Cave, but I did not realize that what I Sealed away was just a side-effect of its presence, not the actual Stone itself. For some reason, I could not find the genuine article then… I suspect that it may have been hidden somehow, and has only now been revealed. The one who holds it, holds power over life and death, light and dark, reality and illusion… But it exacts a terrible price in the process."
He hmmmms. "That is more or less correct. There is a reason why the Princess has disappeared. She is almost of marriageable age, and there are many clamoring for her appearance, so that they may attempt an arranged marriage, and thus become next in line for the position of Daimyou of the Land of Fire. Others want to make sure she stays gone permanently, so that they can take action to claim the seat of the Daimyou for themselves without interference from blood relations. If things are permitted to continue as they are… We are looking at the potential for a Civil War, as various lords and rulers attempt to become Daimyou. I would like to avoid that possibility. Thus, the girl must be found. And if she is already dead… Then I would at least like confirmation."

Bringing his right hand up to rub his chin, Shinji listens as information about the Yin-Yang stone is revealed to him. He didn't know much about the stone, but now at least he's being brought up to speed. Once Amuro finishes about the stone, "SO I take it we either want to claim the stone or destroy it because who ever has it's powers would litterally become something akin to a God." he states. "But if you find it, then you have control over what happens in all the different nations if not control all of the nations." he says simply. He doesn't seem to care about either of the choices because maybe having someone who is able to think better then others could make better choices for everyone to follow.
Now as the daimyou's niece is brought up, Shinji seems to perk up more. Following what is being told to him, Shinji thinks for a few moments, "So we need to find her. THen what?" he asks. "We return her allow her to marry and have a new Daimyou, which is better then having people trying to start a civil war." he hmmms for a few moments, "Do we have any leads as to where she may be? ANyone see anything, or are we doing this by the regular way of tracing back steps, looking in places she frequents?" he asks. "Because if I had to bet money, I would say someone kidnapped her."

Amuro offers, "The Stone is the key to something greater. It cannot be used as-is without corrupting or destroying the one who wields it. Thus, merely keeping an eye on it until we have the resources to take it and keep it safe is all that is required. As for the Princess… At least two attempts on her life have been made. The first attempt claimed her two cousins — the sons of the Daimyou and thus the ones who would have become Daimyou next after their father. The same attack killed the Princess's mother. Thus, the Daimyou has no more heirs. The Princess was sent into hiding, but communications between her and the Palace have stopped. No one knows where she is now, and my own investigations revealed only a volcanic eruption where an island and temple once were. I imagine she has not gone far, if she survived, but I can not be sure. So I will be investigating some rumors… And may need you to do the same."

Nodding his head, "I see." he says. "Well keep an eye we will until we have what is needed." he smiles. As Amuro informs him of what's happend to the royal family he just rubs his chin. "This is really bad then. ANd as long as everyone who wants her dead thinks she's dead or continuing to go after her, they will get what they want which would be a serious war." Looking up to Amuro when he states that he would need for him to do some investigating, Shinji bows his head, "Let me know when and where and it will be taken care of. If you find her and need me to go retreive her, she will not fall into harm's way." he states.

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