Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Fear of the Heavens


Fuyu, Shintaro, Ichinose, Tosai

Date: May 27, 2011


A meeting between the Uchiha Clan Head and various other Clan officials following the announcement and warning given by Uchiha Madara becomes very heated… And almost leads to violence. Thankfully, an Akimichi Jounin and a recently-promoted Yamanaka Chuunin step in to help! And a certain Nara passes off a secret note to Fuyu during the chaos…

"Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Fear of the Heavens"

Hokage's Residence Meeting Room - Konohagakure

Quite a few bombshells were dropped recently. As of yesterday, the former Uchiha Clan Head from before the establishment of Konohagakure has returned. Uchiha Madara practically just walked through everyone in his path as he approached the Leaf Village, and it was all just for the purpose of delivering a message.
'An enemy is coming who will destroy us all.' 'Send your strongest north, to where Ankoku Cave exits into a valley.' 'The final battle shall be fought there.'
The name of the enemy is still unknown, but the supposed identity was made clear. 'The Eldest Son' of the Sage of the Six Paths. Fuyu has never heard of the Uchiha Ancestor referred to by that title. It was always the 'Elder Son', not the 'Eldest'. After all, if there are only two sons, why specify one is the MOST elder among those two? Either one son is older or he is not. There is no inbetween. This leads Uchiha Fuyu to think that there is something she has never heard of before… Perhaps a THIRD son?
The conclusion seems a bit absurd, even in her own thoughts. But, perhaps unwisely, she trusts the word of her former teacher more than ancient legends that may well be inaccurate. Now, as she stands in a planning room within the Hokage Residence, she has to simultaneously provide order to the various shinobi who clamor for her attention, argue with her and each other, walk in and out constantly, AND she has to grapple with her own emotions and memories from the past. 'Madara-sensei… What are you planning?' she thinks for a moment as she sits at the head of a long table, hands folded together in front of her mouth, elbows resting on the table's surface.
Couriers have already been sent to deliver the news to the Hokage. The cause of the Void in the Land of Grass is right here in the Land of Fire. The timing is terrible, and yet she can not help but feel this was all intentional. This 'enemy' wanted the Hokage and her sister to be gone, most likely. If Madara had not told them… Would they all simply have died when this ghost-given-flesh completed his plans? She doesn't know. But she has to maintain order and come to a decision unless Hashiramako herself returns first.

Walking through the halls of the Hokage's Lookout, Nara Shintaro walks with a purpose. His teaching at the Academy for today is done, and he is now off to attend more… personal matters. While he still teaches the children the same loyalty and love for Konohagakure that he always has, something struck a cord in him. Most consider Madara to be an enemy of the villlage and a man to be feared, yet the man's words did not bring the Nara Chuunin to that conclusion. Rather, his words made sense to him. There can be no stopping the threats made to this world without power. Without it, the Tailed Beasts, the creature that caused the plates in the ocean to shift, the creature Madara spoke of, even down to Kirigakure… Any of them could rend this village asunder if none had the power to stop it.
Mind riddled with thoughts, the young man approaches the room where he was told Fuyu is. Raising his right hand, he politely knocks on the door and waits for a response. As he waits, he reaches up, pulling the hood of his modified Chuunin Vest back to reveal the rest of his blue hair, showing respect for where he is.

Ichinose having only recently been promoted to chuunin rank, still wasn't quite too sure about where to go for certain things. He had reached the tower hoping for his latest assignment, but as per usual managed to get himself lost. The massive yelling and swarming shinobi knocked him around like plastic bag in the wind.
When it seemed like it would finally stop and he would be safe to try and ascertain up from down and left from right a large person passing by knocked Ichinose to the side. The frail blond man could be heard wailing out for people to look out as he was sent crashing with a loud sickening crack face first into the door of the office where Fuyu resided. His body left to gravity and friction unless someone intervened or the door gave.

In Tosai's point of view the most recent series of events that have involve Konoha, were still largely out of reach of sensibility. Even now as the Jounin Akimichi ventured to the office of the Kage, he pondered the events of the past in utter amazement and very impartial skepticism. He still could hardly believe he had talked to even had been encourage yet again by a powerful… no… /the/ powerful Uchiha Madara himself, to move on in strength.
The feeding of his courage had not been without some form of disrespect and smuggness. The man had been a symbol of his clan after all. But still, Tosai was urged to stop whatever way had been paved by Rain for this great evil. But even this had to start with a plan, and as much as Tosai hated to, the chain of command had to be obeyed. Fuyu and he needed to talk, and his lack of faith in the then hesitant woman needed to be placed aside.
Shintaro was seen just as Tosai looked toward the look out. Even a more frail blond man was seen knocking on the wrong office door but only the Nara was to be spoken to. "Not strange seeing you here, Shin san. Seems we both were called."

With directions given by a helpful office assistant, those who may be disoriented or lost would likely be able to navigate their way from the 'official' office that had been set aside for Fuyu within the Hokage Lookout as opposed to the one she frequented in the Uchiha Enclave all the way to the meeting room where everyone is gathered and making a lot of noise. Fuyu glances up when the three men arrive. Apparently all the noise does not keep from noticing people standing in the doorway. Or maybe she was expecting reports from someone else and was thus already paying attention?
Either way, she unfolds her hands and sits back as she gestures for Tosai, Ichinose, and Shintaro to come over to where she is. While she waits for them to make their way through the long, crowded room, she talks to someone next to her about some report she has just been handed. "Noab should be informed. We need him to organize his Clan members and to say whether he will be going with us to the valley or not. We're not going to force anyone, but we need both powerful and INTELLIGENT ninja to offer their aid," she says loud enough for those nearby to hear, though the details may be lost by those further away. An Inuzuka man calls out, "We have not yet agreed that there will be ANYONE going ANYWHERE!" Fuyu hands the report back, with some notes she writes quickly, and then turns to face the protesting ninja as he continues on. "We should be fortifying the Village against an attack and scouting out where that traitor went to!" Before Fuyu can speak, a rather matured Senju woman says, "Even if we do investigate this alleged 'threat', sending all of our greatest combatants to the same place would leave the Village defenseless. We can not afford to open ourselves to an attack right now."
Fuyu calls out, "That is why we are not TAKING all of our strongest -- just the ones that are most appropriate for the job." The Inuzuka man pipes up again, "There has not been any cocensus regarding taking anyone anywhere! You do NOT dictate to the other Clans, UCHIHA. We should wait until HOKAGE-SAMA returns." Fuyu glares at the Inuzuka but does not deign to respond.

Glancing over as some guy falls down the stairs, Shintaro quirks an eyebrow and then turns his attention to Tosai. "No… I came of my own accord." He looks to Fuyu and the protesting Konohagakure clansmen, shaking his head a bit at the chaos. "Such a shame that we cannot all agree for the sake of Konohagakure." He steps into the room, bowing his head lightly to any who happen to notice him. Walking up beside the Uchiha, he slips her a small scroll. "It is nothing you need attend immediately, Fuyu-sama. Pardon my intrusion." With that, he turns and walks out the door as quickly as he came in.

Ichinose slid down to the floor before an Inuzuka dog came growling at him, causing him to leap to his feet and clearly over a few heads in the process before he landed in the room. His dishelved form looked about the room at the yelling and snarling clans and individuals.
A small sigh passed through his lips as he rubbed the growing knot on his forehead. His eyes only starting to halt their confused spiraling motions @_@. He said softly to himself mostly, but didn't doubt that someone else in the room would hear him. "Sounds like someone could use a flea bath…or neutering…whichever calms down dogs…."
Even a dunce like him knew who Fuyu Uchiha was, and he groaned a bit feeling like a rabbit in a lions den. Speaking a bit more clearly he looked to Fuyu, "Uhm…excuse me…Miss Fuyu-sama…I was wondering where the assignment office was…If you could….maybe…kinda…just point me towards it…I could get out of your hair….Iamsosorryforbotheringyou…"

This whole situation had caused madness. Understatement of the year, anyone? Indeed. But at the height Tosai stood, his massive frame seemed to meander through the crowd of ninja, like a child through blades of grass, his attention given even now toward the various voices in the meeting room. The gesture by Fuyu is seen. Her words, though slight, are heard by Tosai, and strangely enough, or not taken negatively. "I see. Well I am glad. You were witness to the scene so your imput will be needed." Seeing the scroll passed along and the Shin leaving, Tosai would quirk an eyebrow. "Must have been important", is mumphled, all before the Akimichi looked to some designated seating.
The word of every personal who rebuttled had a slight twinge of distrust, one that while Tosai understood and shared only slightly, came off as very uninformed. But that two was expected. What proof had the ninja Konoha even had to prove this possible. Tosai's thoughts were interrupted again at the sight of the goof blond man whome after a run in with a pet familiar, decided to ask Fuyu for directions. Tosai's hand smacked audibly against his forehead. "Down the hall to the left. It should be next to the water fountain about 3 feet from the mail room." Tosai would then look to Fuyu and mutter, "It seems folks already are trying to tear into your hide. Even I know that this thing needs not to be ignored. Even if the source seems weird."

Fuyu briefly glances towards the Yamanaka male, ignoring a few other people who are also trying to get her attention, mostly due to her preference for the Yamanaka Clan members in general over some other Clans. However, even her relative friendliness and appreciation for Ichinose and his Clan is strained when she discovers he is just asking her for directions. A vein pulses on the side of her forehead.
She is spared the task of answering, however, when Tosai calls out directions for her. Nodding in agreement with Tosai -- and also appreciation for the interception -- she takes a moment to respond to one of the others nearby before focusing on him. "I agree. Madara-sen--Madara, that is, left Konohagakure over a matter of personal principles. Some see him as a traitor, but he has not taken action against us directly or indirectly since his departure. There is no grounds for distrusting him when he comes to us with valuable information--"
She is interrupted by the Inuzuka again -- and with the Senju woman aiding him this time -- in decrying Madara. "If he wanted to help us, he could have approached us peacefully, or sent a courier! Instead he used force!" The Senju says, "He is a violence-hungry man. He bears ill-will towards all of us for choosing Hashiramako-sama over him for Hokage. He would not tell us anything unless it would lead to our ruin." Fuyu glares at them both, her Chakra becoming intense, cold, and painful again… Just like yesterday. Her hate makes her stronger than she normally is, but she manages to resist the urge to activate her Sharingan. That would be seen as a threat. "He approached us in the manner he did because of suspicious minds like your own. He would not have been permitted to come close and his messages would have been ignored or decried as false or 'tricks' or 'traps'… Much like you are doing NOW." The man and woman both bristle at this accusation, but are kept from speaking on the matter when Fuyu says, "I am one of the two Clan Heads available to make a decision in place of the Hokage. If she returns and countermands the decision then the matter will be dropped and we will do as she says. But for now, authority is split between myself and Akimichi Noab. If you do not trust ME to make an unbiased judgement, then do you also not trust Noab?"
Things quieted down during this conflict, to the point where only mutterings are heard for several seconds afterwards.
Ichinose bows towards Tosai, "Thank you…" The arguing gaining his attention now a bit more clearly as he looked about the room. It seemed Fuyu was in for it. These guys were out for blood over the matter of Madara.
Shifting as he rose, he turned again towards Fuyu. "For what it is worth Fuyu-sama…I agree with you. It would seem odd for a man like Madara to come in by himself if he sought the destruction of the village. He isn't a fool from my understandings. Perhaps…he was looking at this as an 'enemy of my enemy' situation…or it really is a danger to alot of people that would be hard to be handled."
He shifted again turning his ice blue eyes from Fuyu to the ground and then around the room. Angered faces were never a good sign, and considering his own limitations this was not a place he really wanted to be or cared for the risks he just took.
He looked back to the big guy as a bit of a rallying point. He looked tough and strong, perhaps he could help to deal with these guys before they all turned on Fuyu and himself. There was an almost audible 'Help!' coming from the look in his eyes.

Tosai, for a moment, for a moment, felt sorry for the Clan Head, as she was suddenly having to battle the swarms of denial and hatred for her kin, as well as establish some kind of basis for trust. Brought him back to his own days of exile. The woman had to even site Tosai's own clan head just for some head way. When the silence had been brought forth, Tosai made it a point to nod at Ichinose, before listening to his word as well. Ichinose had made sense but Tosai had more to add. "Let me ask you all one question. Who in here has no doubts of the danger that Uchiha Madara could cause on his own, if he ever chose to truly put this village down?" Tosai would allow a pause before suddenly saying, "Now think even more into what it would take for a man that powerful, to began fearing something." Tosai would allow it all to sink in. "I know how you all feel. I am there even now as I sit amongst you, loyal to the Kage of this village, who is in fact a Senju, who rivals this same violent man that you speak of. I know of only one love this Uchiha Madara could have ever had. And is of his own clan."
Tosai would come to a stand as suddenly his word would become louder. "And despite what some of you may feel, the Uchiha clan is a founding part of this village, one for which is meant to not only protect the land of fire, but be protected as well. If I were to wish anything for my clan, is the chance to act. Madara, though this warning, had given us a chance, whether we realize it or not. I don't know about you all but, to not take action, whether this rumor or not, is folly."

Fuyu hears the support being offered by Ichinose and any annoyance she felt towards the Yamanaka Chuunin more or less evaporates. She nods in thanks towards him, and then towards Tosai as well when the Akimichi Jounin also speaks on behalf of the entire Village instead of heaping praise upon the judgement of Noab and his faith in his Clan Head to make a good decision. He COULD have done that… Instead he chose to speak on matters of unity, and to speak of his confidence in the Leaf Village instead of one or more of the individuals who compose it.
Fuyu looks at the table for a moment as she thinks about how she was willing to attack and kill all of the Leaf shinobi present yesterday simply because her teacher was disappointed in her. Disappointed in her for not carrying out his will, for staying within Konoha instead of following him, and for becoming soft… Letting go of her hate. These people have their own problems, and in some cases their own hate. But they can be made to stand together.
Is that worth supporting? Or must it still be torn down because she is afraid of living a life without war -- a life she has no idea how to lead, as she has never known anything BUT war? She will have to decide soon. But for now… "We must stand together, whatever is decided. The lines between Clans and individuals matter little amongst we of the Hidden Leaf… But they will mean nothing at all amongst the dead." Looking up, she says, "Let's take a break to rest, feed ourselves, and consider what has been said here. But a decision MUST be reached. We can not afford to do nothing."

Ichinose nodded towards Fuyu and Tosai both in approval. They had their heads on straight for now. Now…he needed to get to the office. If he remembered right it was a right…then a left…then through an office…up a flight of stairs…something or other. He began to walk out calling back in an attempt to look cool. "Fuyu-sama…if you are in need of my services later, do hesitate to call on me. I am Ichinose Yamanakaaaaaaaaa….." There went his luck and his feet as they caught on the baggy legs of his pants and sent him falling to the ground and rolling out the door into the hallway.

The words before adjourning were nodded to by Tosai before suddenly the rustles and independant stirring of a group of individuals began to cloud the air. Tosai looked immediately to Fuyu and waiting for her to be done with Ichinose. The young man falling was very odd, though Tosai would have to thank him later for removing himself out of the room. Tosai needed to speak with the woman personally. With a sigh to began it all, Tosai spoke frankly.
"I can care less about what your preferences are in accordance to people. I can understand even more so about how close you and your sensei were. Like many ninja we are not that unique as to never had someone to teach us. However, I am here to make sure people don't die all because either an deeper agenda on part of some madman, or because leadership is incapable of making decisions when lives are at stake." Tosai would turn away and say, "I follow your lead, Lady Fuyu, but if you screw up, I won't. Even if I die trying, I will find away to succeed. Even if it involves removing any obstacles in my way." The woman was eyed for a moment before the Akimichi moved away and out of the room.

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