Broken Memories Pt. 3 - God


Fuyu, Amuro

Date: May 27, 2012


The memories of the Stone of Yin-Yang's location are held by two women. One is Senju Hashiramako, the second is Uchiha Fuyu. Fuyu is incapacitated in the hospital and unable to resist. The Hand of Lore wielded by the leader of the Tao Shih will be used to obtain the information he seeks.

"Broken Memories Pt. 3 - God"

Hospital - Konohagakure

A well-guarded hospital room in Konohagakure's medical center has a single patient. Uchiha Fuyu is still in recovery and likely will remain that way for quite awhile. But there are other rooms that are being guarded even more than Fuyu's, and to be honest, no one really expects trouble in relation to Fuyu. It's the Fire Daimyou's niece who would be in more danger. However, both are in the middle of a Hidden Village and any assassins that might try to cause trouble would have to be BEYOND merely 'clever', 'sneaky', 'resourceful', or 'powerful'. There are ways to counter all of these things.
The Sensor Barrier that was established to cover all of Konohagakure by Senju Tobiramako two years ago provides detailed awareness of any trouble that might crop up. If someone attempts to enter by any means other than the front gates, they are instantly detected, tracked, and ninja forces sent to investigate. Fuyu isn't worried about her own well-being right now. She's just… Resting. Resting and thinking.
Thinking that she's not sure anymore that Uchiha Madara is really dead. She was told he was. What Senju Hashiramako had said was that she had DEFEATED Madara. She never confirmed Madara was really dead. That's something that has been a barb in the Uchiha Clan Head's suspicious, nasty, PARANOID mind for many months. She hasn't spoken of it, but she has thought it. Once, she had found herself 'sleep walking'. It was shortly after the 'Dark-Light Stone' had been recovered from Ankoku Cave, when Fuyu herself was still recovering from the massive drain upon her body that just TOUCHING the Stone had done to her. She found herself wandering around in the Hokage's Lookout and she didn't remember how she got there or WHY she was there. She would have just asked some Medic-Nin to check her out, but one thing stuck that made her suspicious it was more than just a sleeping disorder.
Her Sharingan was active, and she was looking at a place in the Hokage's office, right in the floor, that was heavily shielded against Doujutsu, Sensor-Nin, and other forms of detection. The only way she knew it was odd, really, was the fact that she could see the Chakra of people on the floor below right through the boards, EXCEPT for that one spot. It looked normal, but it was like a 'blank area' to her Sharingan when someone's Chakra passed beneath it.
She didn't know what to make of it. But she suspected that someone had used Genjutsu of an extremely high level to manipulate her without her knowing it. Not wanting to be treated as a security risk, she told no one.
'What if Madara-sensei is still alive?' Fuyu wonders. 'Will I have to be the one to face and destroy him this time?'

The sensor barrier is a very good defense. However, there are ways around it. One man, with over a century of experience at identifying, understanding, and countering the techniques of others in order to maintain the secrecy of his very existence, >knows< the ways around the barrier. However, he has been losing power steadily for months now, and most of the methods he knows of for bypassing the Sensor Barrier are too 'expensive' Chakra-wise to make use of for a quick visit like this.
…Especially considering what he's going to have to touch, pick up, and carry with him on his way out of the Hidden Leaf. So he goes for a more direct method. Uchiha Fuyu's hospital room is suddenly filled with a shrieking, thunderous roar of vacuum as a rend in reality itself appears, drawing in air, heat, light, and anything that's not nailed down. The pinpoint of utter emptiness goes away a few seconds after it appears, leaving the room a colder, messier place. It also leaves a very tall man in a black and red mantle with a black and red mask standing a few feet away from Fuyu's bed. In a voice so deep that it is almost inhuman, the masked man says, "We meet again, for the very first time." Given the near-monotone that comes with a pitch that deep, it's unclear whether he's making a joke or what. But he's radiating Chakra without even trying sufficient to set off alarms all over the place, most likely. Leaf ninja will be here very, very soon. "I require your memories of where the Stone of Yin-Yang is. Thank you for your cooperation." Then he advances on the immobilized Uchiha kunoichi.

Fuyu's closed eyes snap open at the sound and feel of the air currents moving so violently, the temperature dropping so fast it leaves ice burns on the walls and floor, and then the utterly HUGE presence of a Chakra almost as great as the Hokage's, or Madara's own. She's not supposed to be using Chakra right now, but it's reflexive at this point. Her eyes glow a bit as she stares, wide-eyed, sweat trickling down her forehead. «This man…» she thinks dimly. «This… This…» The vast amount of Chakra she can see, the sickly grey-black coloration of it, the fact the mask this stranger is wearing is blocking her vision in the same way that one spot in the Hokage's office did… She doesn't know how to react. Her mind is stunned. «…There's no way this can be a human. Just what the HELL am I LOOKING at!?» Trying to sit up, Fuyu only manages to inflict great pain on herself due to the connections between the top half of her body and her lower not being fully repaired. She winces and then looks back at the masked man as he approaches her. "…Who ARE you?" she demands hoarsely.

Amuro raises his right hand, revealing the kanji for 'Memory' is tattooed on his palm. The black ink begins to glow a mix of black and red as he answers Fuyu. "The five Kage know me as Fuu Ka. Those in my inner circle know me as Amuro. The bandits of the Land of Wind knew me as Koro. During the Clan Wars, I was known as Nagato. When I was born, I had another name most likely. I have been known by many, many names and aliases. However…"
The right hand closes on Fuyu's face as this Sealing Technique begins to infiltrate the kunoichi's mind, and copy her memories. "…You can call me 'God'."

Fuyu's breathing increases in pace as she grows more and more agitated. She can't move! She can't act! She can't defend herself! The hand closes on her face, the palm alone nearly engulfing her entire head, and then…
Everything goes black.

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