Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Just As Planned


Amuro, Hashiramako, Noab, Naru, Soren, Hinotori, Mugen

Date: May 27, 2012


The intruder is detected and ninja come out of the everywhere. But there are some nasty surprises waiting for the Hidden Leaf as they move to confront the invader.

"Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Just As Planned"

Hokage's Lookout - Konohagakure

A few minutes ago, in a hospital room in Konohagakure, Uchiha Fuyu had an unexpected visitor appear out of a rend in reality itself. A certain masked man finished copying the memories of the Uchiha Clan Head regarding the location of a certain >item of interest< and then suppressed the woman's consciousness so she would be of no use to any rescuers in providing a description or anything. Then the door to the hospital room burst open, because Amuro had set off the Sensor Barrier that engulfs the Hidden Leaf in every possible way.
Ninja came out of the everywhere moments later.

60 seconds after that, the roof of the hospital erupts in a geyser of dirt, dust, and masonry. 4 seconds after that, as various ninja attempt to halt the flight of the masked man through the shattered ceiling, the window of Fuyu's hospital room explodes and a bridge of mud starts to flow outside. It is this that Amuro escapes via, >not< the broken roof. The mud bridge loops and moves almost like a living thing as the 8 ft. masked man rides it. He wears a mantle of black with red clouds, a mask of black with a red question mark, and he's radiating enough Chakra that any Sensor-Nin within a few >miles< should be aware there's something crazy going on.
Leaf ninja are no weaklings or slouches themselves, however. A Hyuuga ninja uses Juuken to destroy the base of the mud bridge, even though it appears the masked man is releasing all that earth from something on his right palm. Amuro falls through the air helplessly, and then an Inuzuka and his canine companion slam into the intruder with their Fang-Over-Fang technique. Despite his size, he is hurled a considerable distance…
Only to vanish in a puff of smoke. The Hyuuga Chuunin is already searching with his Byakugan for where the >real< intruder is, but a pair of Aburame are on it too, sending up a cloud of insects that relay all that they see to their hosts.
Amuro emerges from the street after merging with the hospital itself and making his way underground. Before he has even finished getting to his feet, alarms sound all over the Hidden Leaf. "…What a bother," the masked man mutters and begins to run towards the Hokage's Lookout while most of the Village's ninja mobilize to stop him.
Just about anyone should be aware by this point that something is happening.

Aware indeed. The village is abuzz with activity and shinobi have begun to gather and receive instructions of where to go and how to handle this problem. They don't know who is responsible for this or why it's happening, but what matters is that it's suppressed and stopped at all costs. News doesn't take long to reach Hashi's ears about what has happened. Besides, someone just busted in the door to her office to notify her of the activity. She nodded, despite her being fully aware of what's going on and told the messenger to be prepared. She had some work to do. Already, deductions were being made. Couldn't be Kiri, they'd be either entirely bold or stupid to do that, but she doesn't discount the possibility. Still, something tells her that there's more to this than that. Just a matter of trying to run down who or what it was.
Outside, ninja were coming along, the Aburame taking to the air with their kikaichu to spread out, Uchiha wandering around with Sharingand Hyuuga with their Byakugan alike. Inuzuka were being deployed to sniff out the chakra source. Something as strong as that coming from this person must be easily detectable, right? Somewhat. Some lucky groups begin to try and close in on the intruder, thinking they may have found him, but considering the last one was a clone, there might be possiblity this one is too. Only one way to find out…

Noab is up by the lookout when this event starts, taking care of bureacratic matters. People will tell you many things that an army runs on — food, weapons, courage, strategy — but sadly, paperwork also happens to be one of those things. -.U Still, Noab will take paperwork over slaughter any day, so when the possibility of fighting becomes apparent, it doesn't lift his spirits…much. c.U "Battle stations!" he barks at anybody within hearing. "Everyone to your posts, you know what to do! And if you don't, keep your head down and stay out of the way!" >.U Noab heads down to the base of the building, preparing to coordinate defenses.

Naru happened ot be up on the look out, more or less minding her own business, looking out into the skies, after hre previous mission she thought things would be calming down a little bit. Unfortunately for her there wasn't going to be much of a break, she blinked while suddenly a loud crashing roar could be heard throughout the village, and secondly was the blaring alarm throughout konoha that something was going on. " Huh…?" Naru whiers quietly under her breath, she peered out, spoting something crazy going on at the hospital, muck and rock and mud spewing out, she knew this wasn't just a conicide… Something was definitely going on.
Instantly as the alarms were going off and the ninja around her began to look around vigilantely, she activated her own sharingan and began to peer around, especially at the voice of battle stations… Noab moved down to the level below, she soon followed after him, aiming to go down the stairs and making out to the base of the building. " I'm here to help anyway you see fit…Akimichi-sama…" Naru spoke softly, she was in her traditional Uchiha garbs.,, perhaps with even minimal ninja equipment due to the circumstances…But she was ready….

They don't tell Soren anything around here. Not that they should. He may be warming upto this place quite well, but that doesn't mean he's trusted yet. But when the ninja start mobilizing, he gets ready aswell. It only takes him 30 seconds to get the few scrolls worth of Ninja equipment ready. As soon as he was ready, he moved. The action seemed to be moving in the direction of the lookout, so that's exactly where he went. As soon as he's within view of the lookout, he takes to the ground, running through the front gates. He's not been in the village long, so he doesn't know the actual plans here, but he immidiately looks for whoever is coordinating defensies. Seemed like an older ninja was coordinating defenses. He took a breath before walking upto the man. "I'm here to help with any defense. Where do you want me?"

Having come back with his team, Hinotori knew he had to turn in his report of what happened. Though that was a few days ago but now Hinotori is walking through the village. He was hoping to have some down time and actually doing some more things with his team training wise, the Tobubetsu Jounin walks through the village, allowing himself to emerse back into the place he love so. It's not soon after as he hears the sound of a loud crashing something going on within the village, "What the hell?" he asks almost immediately to no one in particularly. Running towards the sound and noticing ninja starting to spring out of everywhere, Hinotori hears the alarms going on and thats when his speed increases as he begins following the group.
Moving like a blur, his sharingan activated, he begins looking for the source of the disturbance. Being able to see numerous chakra signatures. The Uchiha is quickly able to gather that many of the shinobi rushing to the defense of the village are heading towards the Hokage Lookout. Moving with ease and taking quite a few short cuts he begins making his way towards his desitnation.

Mugen is in the village as the alarms and explosions go off. The boy is definitely taken back by the sudden violence, "What? Inside the village?" he calls out, busting out into a sprint towards the lookout with some other ninjas, "What's going on?" he asks as he runs, attempting to get whatever information he can on the way to the lookout.

The ninja of Konoha are likely trying to minimize damage to their own Village and to not endanger civilians, which is why evacuation orders have probably been given. But it's not easy to pin down the culprit for all this chaos. Sometimes, jutsu have to be used that may leave a fruit stand owner cursing whoever invented ninja. But as Inuzuka ninja chase him down, and though Amuro seems to be aware of his pursuers even without eyeholes in his mask to see them through, he gradually runs out of options. He doesn't even look in the direction of the large number of ninja of various levels of skill, Clans, and ability focuses, as they gradually surround him, cut off one avenue of escape after another, and leave him trapped a couple blocks away from the Hokage's Lookout.
The masked man is outnumbered something terrible, and he has slowed down and stopped his attempts to move. What next? An order to surrender? A desperate struggle? Some awful jutsu that is twinky as hell and breaks the entire Village!?
"What a bother. I thought I'd make it to the front door at least before I had to do this," Amuro announces, half to his soon-to-be captors and half to himself. The eight-foot tall man raises his arm in the air, points his palm straight up at the sky, and the kanji on that palm changes. The ink glows, runs, and changes into a new kanji. "Sealing Technique: Lethe." The kanji is now that for 'Forget'.
As Sensor-Nin, Yamanaka Telepaths managing coordination of forces, and everyone else who has been watching begin to report that the intruder has been contained… The messages would change. Communication has been lost. No one is saying anything. Everyone is still alive, and still >there<, but there's no attempts being made to respond. Eventually, the most experienced Yamanaka on the comm team figures out that the reason they're getting no response is because no one is conscious. Their memories and awareness, at least for the moment, have been erased. The intruder is on the move again, and arrives shortly near the Hokage's Lookout, with the defenders there finally getting a good look at him.
He's tall. Really tall. Like, 'whoah he's tall'. He has a lot of Chakra radiating from him. Then he actually starts to focus it. "Move aside, all of you. We are running out of time for this nonsense. Your intentions are good, but misplaced. The Hokage does not >need< you to defend her, and I do not wish to harm her even if I could." The mask without eyeholes that conceals this man's face turns from one person to the next. Uchiha, Akimichi, Yamanaka, Satonezu… More probably hidden around. And there's just… No >time< left. Amuro turns his head to briefly, raising a fist to his mask as he coughs a couple times, despite there being no chance of coughing on someone at this range or >through a mask<. "Stand down or fall down. These are your only options." His Chakra is grey-black to those with Doujutsu active. There's no way that's healthy or normal.

"You're needed down that way!" Soren is pointed in a direction where the majority of forces seem to be headed. "Just be careful and find a group to join into. We have all this predetermined, but there's some wiggle room for extra numbers." With that, the guy continues to coordinate teams and groups while shooing Soren away to tell him to get a move on. The village is on high alert now and every caution is being taken for people to be protected and kept safe through this attack. Naturally, people are frightened. Direct attacks mean that this village is in serious danger to be breached in such a way and with no way to tell where the danger is coming from, some panic needlessly and are in need of being kept under control, even if it means knocking some people unconscious. Speaking of unconscious…
Those that gathered around Amuro have just experienced it. Anyone within the vicinity that is. They may recover soon enough, but it's become clear this is not the usual threat they've dealt with like that in the war. This one was on a different level entirely and those outside of the range of the jutsu were baffled and perplexed at what just happened. At any rate, they know to keep their distance and use their time to transmit messages about the location of the intruder. He's going into the Hokage Lookout. She may be in terrible danger…
Hashiramako, still within her office had decided to take some precautions. Any plants that were available were now grown out to be of some use to her against the danger below. She could feel it now and what's more, there was a feeling in the pit of her stomach that suggested something was wrong with this person. As opposed to others, this one could be considered strange fruit. She maintained her position in the office for now while listening to the commotion below her. Soon, that person would arrive. Soon.
A kick in the door didn't cause her to raise her head, another messenger had just arrived to indicate that the intruder had arrived. She cast her gaze on him, a certain intensity in it that hadn't been experienced before. They should know by now that she's aware of the goings on of this place. It wasn't that difficult to tell that this intruder was here. "Tell them to cease their fighting," she commanded. No one else needed to be hurt for this. She would meet him personally with the least amount of damage possible. She didn't say much more as her gaze finished it for her. The messenger, getting the idea, ran back to spread the word to those in the lookout. Whether or not it'd get to those outside is yet to be seen.

Noab doesn't know the specialties of every ninja in the village, and he's working with the ones who just happened to be in the area. That means he has to make quick-and-dirty guesses about how to use his troops based mainly on appearance. Seeing an active Sharingan helps a little. "Get someplace high and be a lookout," he orders Naru. Next, weird kid with a sword? "First line of defense, be ready to either strike or block," Noab tells Soren.
Noab continues to shuffle people into place until the threat arrives. Oookay…big guy with a question mark mask. o.U Well, he got this far, certainly can't afford to underestimate him. Noab snorts at the stranger's statement. "You don't get to make the rules in this village, bub." Noab does a few handseals and spews a river of mud at the intruder's feet, then lifts his hand in a signal for those who think they've got a fair shot to take it.

The amount of chakra in the air was absolutely enorumous, this guy was absoutely daunting, she hadn't see chakra like this ever, especially this black manifestation, still though she retained her distance, keeping herself close to Noab, though Hinotori's apperance had definitely surprised her, she offered him a slight nod but her attention was still perplexed by this… Guy, still he was threatening and she followed Noab's orders.
"Hai!" She speaks up, begining to take a giant leap backwards, placing her feet along the side of the lookout and holstering herself up against it along the high point, at this point she began to motion through a pair of hand seals, seeing that Noab took the opening shot she attempted to catch the man in a genjutsu, allowing her chakra o race otu and attempt to lock his senses, while she followed through with her own fire release, "Fire Release! Flaming Artillery!" Naru exclaims, sending a orb of fire directly into the sky, coming down upon him and denotating prematurely to catch him off guard…

Soren glanced at the guy. Well… he's made it past all the defenses. This guys no joke. May aswell go all out. "Well… didn't want to have to do this… but…" chakra strings extend from the fingers of his right hand, as he grips his sword, drawing the weapon, chakra strings lacing into the blade. "Allright… let's go big man!" He tosses a few Kunai, one of them aimed to hit, the other two missing by a few inches. As he dodges, two of them would redirect to where he thought he'd dodge, as chakra strings tug them off to the side.

Following along with the others, Hinotori isn't the fastest but still he is pretty quick. His thoughts were on this danger that is in his village, why is it that Konoha is just the place to attack most of the time for no damn reason. It has been put to the test that Konoha isn't no joke especially when threatened or attacked, but now someone else must learn this lesson. The male Uchiha looks up as he nears the Lookout, his eyes narrow. Brushing hair from his face as he leaps up the side of the lookout, moving towards the back side of the lookout. Moving to fill what hole he sees in the attack formation.
His Sharingan picking up the chakra signatures, but the black sickly looking chakra is what really gets his attention. "Fan out…" he calls out to the shinobi nearby him his rank known and the shinobi does move. As he makes it up to where the attacks are now going, he crouches on a railing looking to the masked figure. With the number of attacks going off right now, Hinotori didn't dare jump in just yet to begin any type of taijutsu techniques he's capable of doing. "Coordinate your attacks, don't attack out of reaction." he calls out hoping to get some order out here, and hoping that some of the higher ranking Shinobi begin stepping up. At that same time his hands flash through seals and quickly bringing his hands up and timing his attack to strike as those who are closing in fall back, he fires, "Great Fireball Technique!"

Finally the young Yamanaka makes his way to the lookout and jumps up to find a single man the cause of all the commotion. The thought of that alone is enough to make Mugen gulp visibly, though he forces his body onwards and attempts to keep some distances from the enemy ninja while maintaining a clear line of sight amidst the chaos.
He waits and slides to a halt as he sees a small 'break' in the activity surrounding Amuro and hopes that the distraction is enough. He kneels down, forming a quick handseal(s?) for the mind-body switch jutsu. To the more experienced in the fray, or to those who have worked side by side with the boy before it'd be easily recognizeable as his signature jutsu and his standard plan of attack when dealing with someone — contain and subdue, even at the risk of injury to your self. With that he calls out, "Mind Body Switch No Jutsu" as he projects his mind outwards like a bullet hoping to snag the enemy.

Noab's river of earth is a handy move for reducing mobility in most opponents. The masked man is not most opponents. He uses the Hidden Among Rocks Technique, allowing its caster to merge with the earth, to merge with Noab's own jutsu. He is by no means an expert at Genjutsu, but he has been around the block enough times over the past 130 years to recognize an Uchiha when he sees one. Sharingan is a >huge tip-off<. Sharingan is also good at casting Genjutsu. In this instance, he suspected he'd get an eye-contact attempt at Genjutsu, but the less advanced form of Genjutsu Link is noticed because he was already on the look-out for Sharingan-based Link-attempts. Otherwise he'd probably have had as much chance as any other ninja of spotting it.
The rain of fireballs that burst in the air, however, are more of a concern. The flames land upon him, strike him, punch holes in him, and then he crumbles away into clumps of earth formed from the same Earth River that he merged with. An Earth Clone! The real invader stands up then, just in time for a few kunai to be thrown at him. He raises his right arm and blocks the blade bare-handed, seemingly willng to accept the cuts that result. Ordinarily, Soren's trick would have worked. Very few can see Chakra, and this guy doesn't appear to be either Uchiha or Hyuuga. But he has something else. "Clever, child. I have not witnessed that particular technique at least since I laid siege to Sunagakure…" He is a Sensor-Nin. He might not be able to see the Chakra, but he can sense it like anyone else would feel hot or cold on the surface of their skin.
When the other kunai curve towards him, some shape suddenly inflates as it emerges from Amuro's right palm. The kanji has changed to 'Prison'. "Seal Technique: Purgatory." The black continues to grow until it has become a duplicate of Amuro himself. A clone made of rubber. The other kunai that come back for Amuro via the Chakra Strings puncture the Rubber Clone, which in turn releases a cloud of Chakra that had been what was being used to control it. The cloud of Chakra then turns into a Shadow Clone, which moves in front of Amuro and takes the Great Fireball Technique directed at him. The clone burns into flame and then poofs in a cloud of smoke.
Mugen uses the hand seals of the Mind-Body Switch, and even without eyes, Amuro can tell what's coming. So he dives into the ground and vanishes beneath the street. The Chakra that was sent to possess the intruder is now floating around somewhere and will need to make its way back to its own body. Sucks.
To those with Doujutsu, sensing abilities, or simply an awareness that things are not looking so happy-fun-times, the fact the intruder still has Chakra to spare after all that may be all too bleakly obvious. But he's in the ground right now, so just watch for him to re-emerge, or maybe use Akimichi strength to tear up the entire fricking road, or something like that, and all's well, right?
The Chakra of the intruder suddenly increases to about double what it was before. Then his voice, so deep it is almost inhuman, echoes out, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu! <Summoning Technique!>" The world then suddenly becomes a much scarier place. Even before what has been summoned appears, something bad can be felt. sunlight, moonlight, torchlight, the light of life, of hope, of love, of the eyes of the Uchiha, of the Will of Fire, of the Byakugan's shielding, of the Yamanaka and Akimichi Clan's friendship, of the Kugutsu no Jutsu's aspiration for achieving 'true art', of every conceivable form of brilliance that gives meaning to one's existence, all just goes out like a candleflame that has been snuffed by a blizzard.
A blizzard made of blood, hate, darkness, fear, sorrow, despair, loss of loved ones, loss of purpose, loss of desire to keep living, so much loss, and the water has turned to blood, and the sky has turned to ashes, and the dead and the living both groan in horror and agony at being forced to continue on in this Hell that is the shinobi world. It really does feel like something so horrible there are no words that can ever adequately describe its awfulness has just emerged into the world and begun to end everything.
Voices half-heard, like ghost-signals on a radio, echo in the minds and ears of all around. This isn't Genjutsu. This is… This… What >is< this?
«Do you know what it feels like when all hope dies?» an unfamiliar man's voice whispers. Then a second man's voice answers, «I do now.»
The street erupts as a pillar of black and red tears out of the ground at hundreds of miles per hour, reaches the apex of its ascent, spreads its malformed appendages, opens its fanged maw, and screams out all the horror and evil of all humanity.
Amuro rises from the ground, and even he seems to be impacted. "This is the Beast of Blood that shattered the Land of Whirlpools and Land of Waves. I am here for the Stone of Yin-Yang that the Hokage keeps in her possession. Do it and I can reseal this monster. Refuse, and this is the end for every last person and creature on the entire planet."

Something all humans possess and something that comes into play for Hashiramako at this moment. The sinking feeling, the indication, just /knowing/ that something is wrong. Terribly wrong and the only response is to fight or run away. Contact or separation? She doesn't need to look out of her windows to understand what's just happened. Something just entered this world that doesn't belong. The true invader borne of all the darkness mankind has to offer.
She didn't leave her office. It may appear to be a move of cowardice, but she had been preparing. This moment called for a release to hold back this evil, whatever it was.
She rose from her desk, inhaling deeply and sighing. Finally, the battle has been brought here and it was going to stay. This was to go no further than this lookout. This village was under her protection, all within it, even the very ground it was built upon. She looked up toward the roof of her office and then ahead as she began to flash through the handseals calmly, set in determination. When she finished…"Wood Release Secret Technique…: Nativity of a World of Trees!"
Her office went silent, but below the lookout, the ground would begin to rumble and creak as something began to rise from the surface and quickly. Bursting forth from the earth, roots surrounded the lookout, writhing and twisting around one another as they shot up into the sky creating a gigantic tree. The branches cracked loudly, jutting out and exposing themselves to the village, looming over the battleground as the tree continued to grow skyward, enveloping the pillar turned beast to seal it within. It would not attack the village this day. Hashiramako refused it. Denied it. The other intruder, the one responsible for bringing it to this place, would not be so easily let go and would suffer the same fate of the beast as the roots continued to crawl and seek out anything related to the darkness.
With the jutsu completed, the tree, roots and all, would seal off entirely, separating the village from the intruders inside.

Ohhhhhhh crud. X.U;;; Noab doesn't know too much about spirits and stuff, but he knows this sensation and knows it's bad news, even a split-second before the part of his brain which registers fear levels responds with a resounding YOU DON'T SAY!?!? DX This just got way bigger than an S-level intruder trying to get to the Hokage, shoot, the initial intruder doesn't even matter anymore. It's like spotting a bomb that's about to be detonated, one that's big enough to wipe out everything for miles around, and knowing there's no way on earth anybody can do anything about it.
But someone does. Up goes the colossal tree technique, and suddenly there's enough of a shield against the malevolent influence that Noab can act again. "EVACUATE!" Noab barks. "THAT IS YOUR SOLE PRIORITY! GRAB ANY CIVILIANS YOU CAN AND MOVE THEM AWAY FROM HERE AT TOP SPEED! GO GO GO!!!"

It seemed like no was going to be dying, at least not yet. Naru kept her eyes on the guy, as difficult as it may have been with the enourmous amount of energy he was pushing out, soon enough though something interesting happens, and a massive tree literally grows at a rapid pace right before her eyes, watching it loom high into the air until finally picking up Amuro and the beast…. She felt herself shivering, not necessarily out of fear but more of an I have no idea what to do… Looking into the face of that beast caused her to go skeptic… There was no game plan for her to take something like that on but it seemed like Hashi-sama had an idea of taking care of it… For just a moment Naru expells a light sigh, and leaps from the front of the lookout tower back down to the floor below. She listened carefully to Noab's orders as he shouted out, almost hesitantly before swallowing dryly and pushing forth. " Evacuating!" Naru exclaims, before going off in a burst run…She would go out about and exclaim for everyone to get out of the village. Of course with alarms going off and a giant tree observed within the middle of the village, she was sure people definitely already go the picture…

Soren couldn't move. That fear, that despair… it was so all encompassing that he chouldn't move. What the hell is this thing!? The pain. The fear. The despair. It quickly gives birth to anger, and fury. So much negative emotions, it was choking him. No… this creature… it won't be the end of him. No it won't! The raw fury that was born from this creature influence gave him strength. Strength enough to take a step, before the orders to retreat started getting barked off at everyone. He grit his teeth at the order to evacuate, but then… he realized… the civilians. They were the ones he wanted to protect, weren't they? One nice, deep breath. "Covering Civilian evacuations!" he yells, glaring at the S-rank intruder, the summoner that called out this creature, before dashing off in the other direction, body flickering as he ran, to get to the civilians as quickly as he could, going off in the same direction as Naru.

The attacks were easily defened against by this masked individual, the amount of chakra he is able to generate and use is something that Hinotori has never seen. How to fight this man, how to defend the village was something he didn't have a answer for. Even his skills weren't comparable to this man, but one thing he did know. He had to do something, they couldn't let this man destroy their village but how? No one is indestructable, but learning their weakness is somethign that sometimes either takes time or you know of beforehand. Konoha to his knowledge didn't have that or rather to say the shinobi gathered didn't have that information.
Then the beast is revealed and utter horror escapes Hinotori, his sharingan fully ablaze with power but he doesn't know what to do. Staggering back a step, he allows himself to steal himself, shaking his head. But his body is trembling, how the hell are they to destroy this creature, how can any of them, maybe the…. as he starts to think it, it's as if the forests comes alive throughout the Lookout, capturing both the creature and Amuro, but then a heartfelt pang of fear escapes him 'Aunt Hasiramako' is all he could think of. Hearing Noab calling for everyone to fall back and help the civilians get out of the city, HInotori gathers his wits about him, "THATS AN ORDER MOVE NOW!" he calls out to reinforce Noabs orders. With that he dashes towards Naru, "Naru-chan, do as he says get as many people out of her as quickly as possible, I will meet you and the others on the outskirts soon." and with that Hinotori quickly follow a group of Shinobi as they dissappear down the side of the Lookout.

Mugen's technique is deftly avoided and, had he not had a more skilled version of the technique he may not have made it back to his body before the summong of DOOM. As it stands though, he makes it back in time to hear the foreboding words. They're enough to cause him to quickly hop and slide down from the lookout only to be almost blasted from his feet by the sheer negative energy of the summong. The call to evacuate is give and no questions are asked as he takes off like a cat who just had a firecracker go off near it down the street. He pauses only to bag on doors, yelling, "Everyone! Clear the village NOW! Don't worry about your stuff! Just go!" he calls out repeatedly.

Wood Release. At one point in time, Amuro had some of his agents try to obtain DNA from Senju Hashiramako to duplicate it. They were unable to even get close. They succeeded in getting some cells from Senju Tobiramako, the Hokage's younger sister, but she had no Wood Release evident in her DNA. Amuro had wanted Wood Release because he wanted to be able to control the Beast of Blood. His Sealing Techniques weren't enough. The Sealing Technique he and his wife, Uzumaki Natsu, had devised together when their minds and memories were fused, was not enough. The inheritance of the Eldest Son of the Sage of the Six Paths, the infant who was >born dead< and yet >came back to life after being discarded in the snow of winter<, Munashiigan, was not enough. Amuro had >erased< all of Level 5 of the Tao Shih's secret base with his Kekkei Genkai. The Void Eye had eaten up the horrors there and a tiny piece of the Beast that had gotten loose as well.
Now, the Beast has corrupted even the power of Nothingness and begun to use it against its wielder. As a direct descendant from the very first bearer of the Rinnegan, Amuro thought he could possibly have used Wood Release if he had been able to add it to his body. He never got the chance. Now, here he is in Konohagakure, going after one of the two >most< critical of the Six Sage Stones. He has the other of those two already, back at his base in Mountains' Graveyard. He just needs this one. Stone of Nature, Stone of Yin-Yang. With these two, the Stone of Body, and the Stone of Spirit, he can do what no one else can. He can gather and refine Natural Energy on a global scale. He can become the World Sage and surpass even the original Sage. Will that be enough power for his ultimate objective? He has to hope so, but having the remaining two Stones would be nice. Right now, though, he can not unmake the Beast of Blood with the power he has. It is bleeding out of him as it has been for decades.
Everyone cowering before the Beast, and he standing straight and tall out of stubbornness rather than immunity to the despair he feels, allows him to look down on them all in the literal sense, if not the figurative. In order to instill a bit more fear, even as the tree grows, tearing up from the ground, merging with Hokage's Lookout, becoming a massive plant known in ancient times as a 'World Tree', Amuro calls out to everyone right as some of the branches seize him and start to carry him upwards to where the Beast is shrieking in the voice of ten-million tortured infants screaming at once. "You all are lucky I am not two years younger. If I were, you would be dead already!"
Then he and his summon both are swallowed up in the massive tree. All his subtle schemeing, all his working through minions, through allies, through his inner-circle — the 'Tao Shih' — and he finally made progress when he went out and took care of things himself for once. It's his power that achieved this. No one else's! He is the Savior of this World! He will be the >WORLD SAGE<! And it all starts here with this >WORLD TREE<.
Senju Hashiramako is using Wood Release to contain the Beast of Blood. He doesn't need that power for himself anymore. She's doing it for him.
It's just plain wonderful when a scheme comes together.
A mile or more above the Hidden Leaf, the Beast of Blood and its summoner remain in the darkness of the giant tree. Hashiramako is in here somewhere with them, but for now, Amuro, with no eyes of his own, grows a pair of micro-black holes over his mask where his eyes >should< be. They eat the wood that binds him. He falls into a crouch, and then… He laughs. He coughs a bit too as his ancient, patched-together body weakens just a little bit more. But he also laughs.
All alone with the one person who can truly bind the Yin-Beast, and also the Stone of Yin-Yang he came for was brought along for the ride.
"Just as planned!" Amuro calls out, and all around him, eyes of blood-red appear. They whisper to him how right he is.
He listens.

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