Brothers Unite


Hinotori, Daisuke

Date: July 20, 2012


Two best friends coming back together after a long time apart discussing the fight of Hashimarko (Lady Hokage) and Amuro. Rp scene during the fight between the Lady Hokage and Amuro.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Brothers Unite"

Windmills [Konohagakure]


Found here are several windmills made out of a dark wood expanding into the distance. Each windmill sways at its one pace, the windmills within this area appear beautiful but children tend to not be allowed to wander here due to the danger of the blades that can suddenly turn faster. A small river stream snakes its way through the area before finally entering a hill section further in the distance. There are no trees or birds seen here, simply the windmills and short green grass.




North - (N) [Jougen Street]

It's early in the morning, the sun is slowly cresting over the thick trees on the outskirts of the village, Hinotori is back here again. The patrol he did with Haruka last night didn't bring any results, but now as he stands here looking at the massive world tree that covers the area of the Hokage Lookout, Hinotori could only wish his aunt will fare well and make it out of there. His fist clenches and the bright red demonic look of the Sharingan ablaze in his eyes as he could only watch.

Daisuke was headed out towards the forests for training when he decided he would take a walk around the village, putting off training for now. He walked through the village, through the early morning crowd of the markets, and passed the windmills on his way out to the forests. He does a quick double take as he passes by the windmills, spotting what looks like his old friend Hinotori. Upon second glance he confirmed that this was indeed Hino and decides to catch up with his friend. With his hands in the pockets of his jacket he walks casually towards Hinotori, offering a nod of his head upon meeting up with the Uchiha. "How you been, Hino-kun?"

It has been some time since he's heard his brothers voice and there was no hesitation in his movements. Walking over to him and giving him a big hug, he didn't care about anything. His family meant more to him and right now the hug would show that, and after a moment he lets him go. "I'm not doing all that good. I'm tied, mad and feel linking powerless right now." he says knwing that he doesn't have to hold back. "I know you feel the same way." he states. "I know our aunt will be alright, but damn it." his fist balls up.

Daisuke is a bit surprised by the hug, though with Hino's accompanying words it all fits in place. Hino was upset at what was going on, as was the rest of the village. But as Daisuke turns to look up at the great Tree Hashiramako had created he smiled. "See that tree. Nothing will beat Hashi while that tree still stands, Hino-kun. So as you look up at that tree don't think of how powerless you are, because surely you have done you part in protecting this village from various threats. Look at the tree and think, 'my god what a wonderful aunt, and wonderful Hokage we have', he says as he pats Hinotori on the back. "She's doing her part to protect the village and us." That smile that is rarely missing from Daisuke's lips is widely spread across them as he looks over to Hino to try to cheer him up.

Turning to look at his little brother and his words, the passion and sureness he has of their aunt just shows. He nods his head slowly allowing his anger to abate, granted he knows other Uchiha would just be happy with the possibility that a Senju would die, well teh hardliners anyways, but Hinotori wasn't like that, isn't like that. He looks back at the World Tree, "She will come home and we will be the first to be there to greet her and take care of her after this Daisuke-neesan." he says. The anger can visibly show that it fades from him as he looks upon the World Tree with renewed hope.

Turning to look at his little brother and his words, the passion and sureness he has of their aunt just shows. He nods his head slowly allowing his anger to abate, granted he knows other Uchiha would just be happy with the possibility that a Senju would die, well teh hardliners anyways, but Hinotori wasn't like that, isn't like that. He looks back at the World Tree, "She will come home and we will be the first to be there to greet her and take care of her after this Daisuke-niisan." he says. The anger can visibly show that it fades from him as he looks upon the World Tree with renewed hope.

Daisuke nods his head firmly to Hinotori. "We will. And then I will get even stronger so that next time some freak enters the village she won't have to fight." he says with a resolute look. "How have things been going? It has been quite some time, after all. How is your team doing?" the Senju asks his friend, trying to catch the abridged version of the last year from Hinotori as the duo have both been busy with important shinobi-like things.

A smile crosses his lips, "Alright, thats a promise." he says as he looks to Daisuke. When asked about his team and everything, he only chuckles. "Well they've been doing a lot of things on their own. I've been helping guide them as best I can but I don't think I make a good teacher but then again, Naru-chan is Chuunin now and Ryo-kun should be close to Chuunin." he states. "As for Etsu-san, we've not seen much of her at all." Shrugging a bit, "Lately I've been helping a very beautiful young lady get situated with teh village as she is now a citizen of our village. Her name is Haruka-chan." he grins and blushes a bit. "She does have a sister around your age lil bro." he hints. "Unless you are already talking ot someone."

Daisuke nods along with Hinotori's recap of his passed year, wincing a bit as Naru's name comes up, remembering the bratty Uchiha. "Another pretty lady, huh? I guess it's been awhile since the last one." he says, chuckling and teasing Hinotori. "As for me, I don't really have much time for women with all the training I still have to do. I've been around the world in the last year, mostly with Mako-baa. I even helped participate in a small war and formed a contract with a group of animals. I haven't met a woman yet who could keep up with that kind of lifestyle while under the scrutinizing eye of the Hokage." he says with a chuckle, knowing Hashi was very protective of him. "But hey, did you see me win the Promotional Exams in Suna? That was pretty neat. I'm sort of glad I didn't get promoted because now I can go win again."

Quirking a brow at his recap of the last year, "Someone has been very busy and I feel all left out." he laughs. Though as he continues on, just listening to Daisuke he's grown quite a bit and this impressed him a lot. "Well while you were gone I was here keeping things in check for the most part, and Naru-chan isn't that bad." he says. "Granted she is like most Uchiha and don't care all that much for the Senju." he says with a bit of annoyance. "But everyone can't be me right?" As he speaks about not finding a woman who can keep up with him, "Well I've found one and she packs a nice punch too." he laughs. "Oh yea Uchiha Fuyu has been back though from what I've heard shes in the hospital. I will be going to visit her soon. Right now some of the Uchiha are there protecting the area along with others not wanting a attack to coem there." It was offhanded but still there is a bit of worry in his voice. "Yes I did and why the bond you didn't ocme to me and let me know you have a Bijuu sealed within you." he hits his brother in the shoulder.

"Its not something you really announce to the world, Hino-kun. Lets not go tell anyone else. It took me 14 years to learn to control what is within me and of the rare amount of people who know what it is, including you which I can only assume is because of Mako-baa, everyone stays away and fears them. I only used my power in the examinations to show my aunt that it was ok now, she didn't have to keep tabs on me anymore, I can take it from here, you know?" he says, recounting his choice and how much resolve he had shown to the other Jinchuuriki he met when stating he was 'coming out' to the world. "I'm glad I did, though. I was sick of letting you think you could beat me in a spar." he adds with a grin. "Anyway, as for Naru, I'm not interested. She attacked me during one of my naps and provoked me into a spar and now she really just hates me and I bet she's gone and badmouthed me to everyone in the village. She seems like a typical Uchiha, whereas you are not. But I'm glad to hear your kids are growing up, even if you do not think you are a good sensei, the evidence is in the kind of shinobi they become. And I'm sorry about Fuyu, I know you two were close. I'm glad she is ok, though, for your peace of mind."

"Yeah I know." he syas. "I wouldn't have either but then again this is something you had to live with and hey Aunt Hashi is only looking out for you. Granted if I was told sooner, I've would've been teh same way." he states. As Daisuke continues, he did have to admit that it was spectactular to see his skils. "Oh you were taking it easy on me and letting me win?" he asks. Gesturing to the fields, "Oh if you really want to test me just let me know when." he grins. But they both know that they've always been close in skill, but Hinotori did feel that Daisuke was holding back sometimes. But as Naru is mentioned he did hear about what happened between the two and here recounting of the events. "Its in the past, hopefully she adn the others will grow out of their hate and if not…." his voice goes distant and he shakes his head a little. "…..I don't know." Hinotori is quiet for some time even with Fuyu being mentioned, "She is one tough woman, I ahve to admit but even her eyes are opening which shows some hoep for my clan Daisuke."

"We can only hope Hino-kun." Daisuke says to the comment that the Uchiha were coming around. "Because this village is only suffering at the fact that our two most powerful clans are so disjointed. United, Konoha would gain just as powerful a reputation as our Hokage has." he says with a small smile, a brief picture of a possible future of hope flashing through his mind. "And don't get all excited about my new powers now. The last time I used them to their full extent Hashi stormed out from Konoha to find me and scold me, pretty much embarrassing me infront of someone." he says with a small frown. "I would like to get out into the world again once this is all done. Maybe you can come on my adventure and bring your new girlfriend this time." he says. A small rustling in his jacket makes Daisuke shift and open his right side pocket, out popping a black and white furry head. The small creature yawns before looking around the area. "I guess she woke up finally. I swear all she does is sleep." he says before fetching the creature from his pocket and holding her in his hand, revealing her to be a small panda bear. "Hino, this is Lin. She is a part of the summoning animal contract I have signed with the Panda. She is the bosses daughter and has sort of latched onto me, so I'm pretty much stuck looking after her unless her father actually wants to hang out with her." he says with a sigh, the task seeming to be a bit of a hassle for him. Lin narrows her eyes at Daisuke before curling up in a ball in his hand, looking at Hino. "Hello" says a tiny voice from Lin.

Nodding his head slightly, "I hope so Dai-kun." he calls his brother. But when he explains about his powers and what Hashi did, he only laughs. "Yeah that sounds like her." he couldn't help but laugh as he could see the Lady Hokage storming to where Daisuke was to scold him, "So she scolded you in front of a girl didn't she?" he ask with a wry smile on his face. It has been a long time since the two has done this, talk like family and brothers something they used to do all the time, it was like nothing else mattered to them something that Hinotori really missed. "Well once this is over and Anutie is alright we will travel for a bit and maybe I will bring my girlfriend." he laughs. "I will have to introduce you two." he tells him. Though when Lin awakes and Daisuke tells him a bit about her, he quirks a brow, "Wow, a summoning contract?" he asks. "I think it's about time I begin on that journey myself." Looking to Lin as she speaks, "Hello Lin. I'm Uchiha Hinotori, big brother to Daisuke and self adopted nephew of the Lady Hokage." he introduces himself.

Lin nods her head politely to Hino before resting her head and going back to sleep. Daisuke mutters something before putting her back in his jacket pocket. "In a year or so she won't be able to free ride in my pocket so I just have to hold out till then. As far as you and summoning goes, it's not something to enter into lightly. Mako-baa had all these lectures for me before we even set out to find an animal. It's not for everyone, I suspect." he says with a shrug. "Anyway, before I go, how have you been? We've talked a lot about your kids, Fuyu, myself, and your girlfriend, but how is your training going?"

He chuckles and smiles, "She's cute." he says to Daisuke. "Take care of her, don't look at it as a burden man. You continue building that trust and relationship with her and her family." Hinotori stretches out a bit, allowing his muscles to relax, "Well I've been alright man, my training is coming along, granted I have been slacking off a lot and I've seen it now that I"m back training granted I did pick up a few weapons that I'm enjoying." he grins and walks over to a pouch near the windmill, he opens it and there are some sharp blades with chains on them. "These." he says.

Daisuke peeks in the bag and chuckles. "Yikes, didn't know you were into bondage Hino-kun!" he teases his brother, playfully punching his shoulder. "Well I'm glad you picked up the pace a bit, I remember our last spar where I actually won without a doujutsu, we both agreed you were falling a bit behind back then. I'm sure Fuyu has taught you a lot since then, though. Just don't fall too far behind me, or we won't be able to save the village next time, right?" he says, reaching out a hand to clasp Hino's. "I need to get going, but lets not make it another year before we talk again, ok?"

Hinotori nods his head, "Well I've had to rediscover myself a bit and honestly I think I know what I need to do and what I will be doing." Agreeing with Daisuke about this performance in the past, "I'm not going ot be much more behind and that is a promise, auntie is going to need us both you know." he says to Daisuke. Feeling the hand clasp his own he bows his head, "Actually no more staying away, training is mandatory and whatever you got planned let me know so I can help out."

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