First Promotion Exams - Brute Strength Against Tactics - Shintaro vs. Yui


Shintaro, Yui

Date: January 25, 2012


Yui runs into Shintaro in the caverns and asks for a scroll. He advises her to challenge him for it, and thus a fight begins.

"First Promotion Exams - Brute Strength Against Tactics - Shintaro vs. Yui"

North Shiren Caverns

As the afternoon sets in, Shintaro is once again seen crouching down in the shadow of a large rock formation. He doesn't really appear to be trying to hide, more like just waiting in a place where he can be prepared if someone tries to attack him. No expression shows on his face, his eyes actually closed at the moment as he simply relaxes and waits for the next person who thinks it might be a good idea to challenge him to come along.

Yui walks along the cave still cover in dry mud from her last battle. She not in a good mood at the fact someone used Earth dragon on her. She soon spots you and walks over, "Hello do you have a scroll?"

Hearing the sound of someone walking up, Shintaro looks up to see the Kaguya girl who tried to 'cut a demon out of him' the last time he saw her. "Yes, I still have two, actually," he says dryly, looking up to her and still not bothering to stand up. "You're the one who thinks the Kaguya have the right to 'purify' the world, right? That's an interesting theory. If your clan is so strong, you should have no problem taking scrolls from a member of a clan that's known to be support-type shinobi, right?"

Yui frowns at the comments and shakes her head, "lets not talk about that I'm not sure what I believe at the moment." She has learn so much in this contest and one has shaken her believe system she does not know what the truth is any more, "I am still going be a demon one day after that I am not sure." She holds out one of her hands as if she expecting you to hand her something, "Can I have a scroll please?"

"I see," Shintaro says, his voice rather solemn as he watches the Kaguya girl rather laxly. When she holds her hand out, he quirks an eyebrow and chuckles a bit. "You expect me to hand you a scroll I toppled one of the strongest contestants in this little game to obtain?" he asks, shaking his head as he begins to gather chakra throughout his body, preparing. "If you want a scroll, you will have to earn it, Kaguya. Come, and I'll show you that true power lies not only in physical strength but in all the ways a real warrior pushes himself to know how to bring his opponent down."

Yui nods, "never hurts to ask before hand demon." She pulls out the silver sword with the thin blade. She then charges forward and then she jumps placing her hands on your shoulder to give her a boost over your head. She lands behind you spins on her heels and slashes at you. She then drops to one knee and thrust up at your torso.

Shintaro doesn't even budge as Yui uses him to give herself a boost. Already in a large shadow, he simply forms his hand into the Rat Hand Seal, and it is almost unnoticeable as the shadow forms a shell over his body, causing her attacks to bounce off. "All your efforts are to naught if your attacks can't touch me, my dear," he says as his shadow creeps forward to lock with Yui's and allow him to control her movements if she doesn't get out of the way.

Yui runs up the wall and onto the ceiling of the cave, "the same can be side for you. she standing upside down one hand holds the front of her loincloth so it does not fall exposing more then she wants. She then shakes her head she sure he is stronger then him but maybe she can find a weakness. She pushes off the ceiling and lets gravity take over. he sword slashing down as she lands in front of you. She then rolls to your side and thrust at your body.

"Me? I'm just getting warmed up," Shintaro says with a smirk, staying in the same spot and allowing the shell of shadow around him to keep her strikes from coming through. "Speaking of warming up, you look a little cold," he says, bringing a hand up to his mouth. "Here, let me help." With that, he inhales and breathes out a wave of flame bullets at Yui, intending to set her ablaze.

Yui Arches her back to a point that seems unnatural letting the bullets pass by with out touching her. She then thrust her sword at you and then slashes at you. Since your shadow is fully around you she can not get you from behind

Watching Yui arch her back, Shintaro raises his eyebrows slightly. Her flexibility at least is impressive. Her first slash bounces off as normal, though the second one actually manages to graze and make a small cut in his arm. He glances to it and chuckles, giving a light applause. "You'll at least have me step up my game a little, hmm?" With that, the shadows begin to spread out around him, joining with other environmental shadows around and creating a large radius of shadow around him.

Yui frowns as you change. How is suppose to win if you keep getting stronger on her." She raise the sword and trust again at you, "Stop upping you game I need a scroll" She thrust at you again, "I am I suppose to get higher rank if everyone stronger then me!"

Watching Yui begin to strike at him again, Shintaro chuckles a bit and shakes his head. Her blows bounce off much easier now. "Consider this a learning opportunity for you to learn what it takes to be a Jounin. You are obviously not ready yet, but there is much you could learn from this Exam so that you can be ready next time. For instance, you should learn how to use tactics in combat." With that, his shadow forms a hand that moves to trail up and spiral around her body to bind her down.

Yui tries to get away from the shadow only to find she can't, "I try tactics but there no good. I still lose. I was using them on you in the beginning and all I get is that shadow blocking me." She struggle to get free.

"Striking head-on is not a good tactic," Shintaro says, shaking his head. "All it does is let your opponent know exactly what you are doing, which can be deadly if they are stronger than you." With that, the hand spiral down to turn into the Shadow Imitation Technique as he stands to face her. If successful, she will follow his movements as he shift the seal his hand is hand. The hand of shadow trail up her body again, but this time in a straight line toward her neck, intending to choke her out.

Yui can't move so she can't get away from your shadow she frowns some, "how can I do anything else all I have is a heads on move. It's not like I can play with shadows or shot fire my sword is my only weapon."

"Learn how to do something else then," Shintaro says as the hand creeps toward her neck to choke her out. "If this is all you think you need to know how to do, were we still at war, I would simply let you die rather than call for a Medic. Think about that when you wake up." With that, he seals the grip of the hand of shadow on her neck to put her down.

Yui struggles to get free but the hand keeps comnig up her dark half naked form until it reaches her neck. She gasp and then her eyes roll back in her head as she goes limp

As the girl goes limp, Shintaro takes a few steps toward Yui, which in turns causes her to move toward him even though unconscious. He drops his hands and releases the jutsu, allowing her body to fall limp as he stretches his arms forward to catch her. "I could just let you die and let your friend find you here, but then someone might be upset with me," he says as he gently sets the Kaguya girl down against the wall. That done, he brings a hand up to his mouth and breathes out a large ball of fire, creating flag with it to signal medic personnel to come get his fallen opponent.

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