Second Promotion Exams - Building Inspector


Koseitama, Naru, Shuuren (as Tadashi)

Date: December 3, 2012


A scroll changes hands in a rather…unorthodox way.

"Second Promotion Exams - Building Inspector"

Ancient Temple [Land of Water]


The largest building in the ruins inside the Hidden Tropical Oasis, this place stands as a testament to the ancient people's values determination. There are no seats in the main area, likely meaning that they kneeled or stood when here, the area itself forming a massive circle. Around this circle stand several massive statues in the image of men appearing to be great warriors, though it is hard to tell if these were men of statute or deities to the people since there are no names engraved on them. The floor's design is of six circle of different designs, each one considerably smaller than the last until the very center one.

At the very back of the circle, opposite the door, a wide pair of stone stairs leads up to a platform with two statues of men who were apparently held in the highest respect, surrounding a stone outcarving in the shape of a door, though it doesn't appear to actually open to anything.


A lone figure comes walking through the temple area. She bends down and peers at the floors, walls, and columns frequently as she goes along. "Yep yep, purty old stuff…ain't been kept up too well neether. Cracks everywhar, totally structurally unsound. Board'll have a field day with this'n." Koseitama straightens up and lifts her voice to the surroundings. "BUILDIN' INSPECTOR! Whoever owns this hyar place, c'mon out, we got some serious fat t'chew!" :P

For the most part it seemed as though Narusegawa had a stream of good luck. Not many people had approached the Uchiha wanting her scroll. With that in mind, Narusegawa had shacked up within the ancient temple. The ancient temple was a crawling ground for shinobi but also an excellent location to fend away from the harsh elements of cave life. Sitting along the windowsill, Narusegawa's ears twitched the blaring voice echoing along the temple grounds, prompting the Uchiha to roll from her rest and rise to a stand, brushing off her black shorts. " It's not a good idea to be shouting about. you will end up having more attention drawn to yourself," Naru advised Koseitama from afar, dropping down from the windowsill with a slight thump.

Koseitama looks toward Naru and adjusts her glasses. "Attention? Ma'am, it's part of my job to get the attention of the property owner. If I can't do that, how'm I gonna let 'em know what's wrong with their building?" :P Koseitama walks closer, pointing out the flaws in the stone. "Plenty wrong with this'n, too. I realize this is an older building, but the materials used here are stone-age. This place ought've been demolished long ago." Koseitama chuckles and pulls out a black scroll. "'Nless of course, you were smart enough to get a special permit like this'n back when they were handing them out, but if you cared enough to do that, I seriously doubt you'd've let it fall apart like this." X)

"Your job?" Narusegawa merely furrowed an eyebrow at that comment. Was this woman up to no good? " Has time in this cave allowed you to lose your mind? What you see before you is a decaying relic. Considering the exams are being held here I heavily doubt there is much care in the upkeep of this place. If anything, Kirigakure probably wants us to destroy this place," Narusegawa tapped her foot lightly against the ground partially annoyed. " No one owns this temple, you might be at the wrong location,"

All this talk about the property owner finally draws the guy who's taken up residence here for the Exams out of the room he was working in. The masked shinobi known as Tadashi steps out of one of the rooms he set up as a surgical room on the side of the stairs and looks around to spot Naru and the woman whose job it apparently is to inspect the place and tilts his head slightly. "May I help you?" he asks, curiously. "Are either of you in need of medical attention?"

Koseitama frowns. "Nobody owns it, hey? If that's true, somebody's in deep mud for leaving an abandoned death-trap like this stan — " Koseitama turns her attention as Tadashi enters and asks about needing medical help. "…Oh great. A doctor. Lemme guess, y'saw this place and thought it was perfect for giving your patients an old-fashioned, you're-in-experienced-and-carin'-hands, right? Wanted to stand out from them newfangled straight-laced hospitals. Well lemme tell ya, that's all fine and dandy until this dried-out tinderpile catches fire, and then not only does it burn down quicker than most healthy people could get out, you've got a bunch of cripples lyin' in these beds, callin' fer someone to carry 'em t'safety." Koseitama marches up to Tadashi. "You'd better have th'right paperwork for operating a physician's office, buster." :/

A sweat drop trickled down Narusegawa's cheek as the situation unfolded, Koseitama appeared to be really losing it, prompting the Uchiha to shake her head while she began to pester the medical shinobi instead. " I don't have any wounds, Tadashi-san. However, this girl… I think something might be wrong with her," The Uchiha stated with a shrug of her shoulders, she sighed and took a few steps back, crossing her arms along one another while her obsidian locks bounced along the base of her shoulders. "Paper work has nothing to do with this…"

Tadashi tilts his head slightly at Koseitama's words, deducing pretty easily that she's not quite in her right mind. "Ah, yes, I do have that very thing, along with proof that this building has been swept clean and prepared for any such disasters." With that, he reaches into his coat and produces a random scroll that he tosses to her, some sort of notes about anatomy and such. It's not exactly a permit, but it'll likely do for that girl. "I assume you have some sort of license as an inspector?" He casts a glance over to Naru and gives a wink, as well as a dismissing wave to say to just play along.

Koseitama catches the scroll tossed to her and opens it, studying it briefly. "…Hmph. Some of those kids working in the records department these days will hand out permits to anybody, won't they?" :P Koseitama pulls out her black scroll again and tosses it to Tadashi. "I certainly am certified. Y'all can take a look at that to your heart's content, won't find a single discrepency in it. Lookie here, even though you've got th'permit, don't mean you can get away with not reinforcin' your buildin'. I'm going to go take a look at the upper levels, then I'll get back to you about what needs fixin' if you want to have a prayer of keepin' this place." Koseitama climbs up a column and disappears through a large crack in the roof.
…A minute later, the same voice with a very different accent yells out before fading into the distance, "TREETOP RANGERS, AWAYYYYYYY~!!!"

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