Bumps in the Night


Taree, Kiji, Asashi, Hiei

Date: June 11, 2014


A D-rank mission goes very wrong…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bumps in the Night"

A village in neutral territory

With the Hitokage finally defeated and his shadow minions gone things were starting to get back to normal in the ninja world slowly, at least for the ninjas. The common folk and peasants all around were scared, worried, and generally panicing whenever anybody saw their shadow. It was starting to turn into a royal mess for all involved. Any two bit bandit or thief were having field days stealing. The ninja villages quickly stepped up to try to solve the problem.
The solution to the problem was rather simple. Randomly choosing and accept from all the plies for help and low end mission requests, teams would be sent out. With instructions to put on a good show for everyone involved. To make sure people saw everything was okay now and there was no need to worry. One such team was sent from Kiri. The genin Shimizu Kiji would be put in charge of a small group of genin and student for this milk run. Coming along for the trip would be Okumo Taree, another genin. Two students would also be sent along for this trip, under strick orders to obey Kiji as the team leader, and not to cause trouble or else.

Kiji had on her usual clothes, a simple black tank and a pair of simple black pants with a belt around her waist. On the belt were pouches and a few Kunai. Her long hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and she wore her Hitai-ate denoting her as a Kiri shinobi around her forehead for once. She glanced back to Taree as they walked. It was Kiji's first mission being in charge of students and another Genin. Usually she ended up on missions with Chuunin or genin like Sei who weren't really Genin. "We should probably make a perimeter, Taree-san. Your spiders would do a great job."

Taree smiled at Kiji, she was taking this milk run seriously. "Yes the spiders will make a great perimeter, I will even throw up some basic web walls for show. Where do you think we should stick the students?" Taree did not mind one bit that Kiji was in charge of the show. It would allow her to pay close attention to her spiders, good practice. Sending out her brood , Taree would whip up some spier web trip lines and walls. Making a really good show of blocking off the small village, so the the occupents would sleep well tonight. "Anybody entered the village would have to break the web, or go over it. Will be very hard to see once it gets dark" Time passing as the sun would make its way downward in the sky.

Kiji nodded to Taree as she explained the web setup. She wasn't as thorough as Sei probably but she did a pretty good job. Kiji turned to look at the two students and thought a moment. "I think they can run a patrol together once you've sealed off the village. It should be safe inside the perimeter once it's set up. If you could send a couple of spiders with them…. So we can keep an eye on them." Kiji then glanced around. The sun would set soon. Once the perimeter was set up, Kiji went through with her loose plans and sent the two students with the spiders on a patrol. Of course, no one expected the bandits to have already been inside the village when the perimeter was set up….

Within the village, a pink-haired man sits at the local tavern with a bottle of sake in front of him and a half-empty saucer. He appears to just be relaxing here for the evening, not really on edge or guard, or at least so it would seem. Though adorned in a black hooded robe, he doesn't appear to have any ill intentions thus far, just simply passing through and having a drink like anyone else while he waits for the sun to rise to move on in the morning.

Within that same inn, sits another individual. Hiei wasn't covered up or anything, he was just sitting there. He had stopped in on his way back to the Land of Lightning from another mission. Or so one would believe. He sits alone, with a drink in front of him. The drink itself hasn't really been touched, though his hands are wrapped around the glass. He stares into the drink…sort of staring out into space. Or concentrating on something.

Taree would take the students on a quick tour of the perimeter, showing them what to look. Reminding them if they found a broken web just get everybody attention don't act like a hero. As the tour continued Taree would secret several spiders on each of them. Taree smiling to them, hoping that would keep them out of trouble. Returning to Kiji, she would give her the nod as the student went about their patrol. "We are going to have to give them a few good surprises tonight just to keep them awake. About midnight I would not mind a little time to practice my mists."

Kiji eyed Taree as she suggested they give the students a few suprises through the night. She folded her arms, her brow furrowed. "Maybe…. We don't want to mess with them too much. I have to meet the Village Head in a few minutes then I'll meet you at the city center." As the other Kiri nin dealt with thier jobs, Kiji went to make the formal visit with the village headman. It was a quiet 15 minutes. But it was enough to distract the sensor nin from sensing the powerful chakras within the village. Once the meeting was over she headed to meet Taree in the village center. Little did she know the students had been followed and stopped. They didn;t have the skills to offer a fight and ended up being taken within one of the huts toward the edge of the village.

The pink-haired man casts a glance back at Hiei from the bar, offering a simple nod before pouring his saucer full then downing it. While his eyes show the gray of blindness, one can assume there are some eyeballs hidden within his pink hair. As he looks back ahead, his eyes narrow a bit, and he tosses some money on the bar to pay for his drink before picking up his bottle of sake and turning to make his way out of the bar.

Hiei is accustomed to the Iga and their ways of seeing even when they appear blind. One of Sachiko's favorite tricks was to put an eyeball in her cleavage. Recognizing Asashi, Hiei dips his head to him in return, but makes no move to approach him. He was working, afterall, even if it doesn't look like it. He watches him leave, and even though his own senses tell him that there are other shinobi in the village, he almost dismisses it. Almost. Putting some ryo on the table, even though he's never touched his drink. Then he rises to his feet and makes his way outside.

As kiji left the meeting with the head man of the village she found herself not feeling well, not feling well at all. By the time she was head back the center of the village she was stumbling having trouble thinking. Taree would be there with a sudden worried look on her eyes. "Kiji the spiders on the students just stopped reporting back. I am starting to track them along the webs to see where they ended up. If they just fell asleep somewhere the spiders would have reported that. Something is wrong! Kiji?" Catching Kiji in her arms helping to stay on her feet, Taree would look into Kiji's eyes seeing her pupil slowly shrinking to pin points.

Kiji had noticed she wasn't feeling well which was odd. She didn't get sick often and it never lasted long. She shook her head and blinked her eyes a few times before continueing her walk. Taree's voice reached her and she tried to pay attention. Students.. Something was wrong with the students. "We have to take care of them… I'm responsible..' And she dropped, her vision going white for a moment. She could heaar Taree calling to her but she could only shake her head as Taree tried to keep her on her feet. "D..dark.. Taree, forget me and get the students. Hurry! MOVE!"

Knowing the effects of poisonous things, Asashi blinks a bit as the effects of the drug start to seep into his system. "… Son of a…" He growls a bit and shakes his head as he moves to lean up against the wall before he slumps down. "… Somebody's gonna get hurt a bit more for this…."
page asashi=our plans got twisted XD

Hiei steps outside and notices a Kiri genin stumbling towards the village center. He also spots Asashi leaned up against a wall and he frowns before looking around. "Something isn't right here." He murmurs to himself before moving over to the assassin and grabbing him by the upper arm to help him stand up straight. "Are you alright? What's wrong?" Hiei doesn't have a lot of experience with poison. It's just not something that's used a lot in Kumo.

With KiJi turning to dead weight in Taree's Hands, her choices of actions were starting to get smaller and smaller. As Asashi starts to slide down the wall that would almost clinch it for her. Looking over to Hiei someone she would almost recognize, all be not really trust, she would carefully set Kiji down on the ground. "Sorry Kiji if I was stronger I would carry you out of there, but as is I think I going to have problems as is." Turning toward Hiei, Taree would stare at him blankly for briefest of moment. "I am going to go get help" As she would say this several dark cloak forms would start to step out of the shadows. The whistles of darts being heard as they start raining down on Taree and Hiei at odd angles

Kiji scowled at taree's seeming willfullness to ignore her words But when she said she was going for help Kiji nodded. The shimizu was on her knees when the Okumo left her. It didn't take long for one o the encroaching shadows to lay hands on Kiji. She tried her best to struggle, but they caught her hands before she could make any movements or seals and she couldn't focus enough to control her blood. For the moment all she could do is glare as she was lifted and carried off.

"… Drugs," Asashi mumbles out as Hiei lifts him up. "… Defend yourself. Don't worry about me." Asashi's starting to get an idea of who might be doing this, at least narrowing down groups… and they're going to be sorry they tried to include him in the casualties of this operation. For now, though, he merely tries to shake off the cobwebs caused by the drugs.

Hiei frowns at Asashi, but the man had a point. There was too much chaos at the moment. He could always meet up with the Kiri shinobi that managed to get out and then rescue the group later. Leaving someone in danger went against every fiber of his moral being, but tactics won out over his feelings. He forms handseals and then breathes out..creating a dome of burning haze that melts the darts before they reach him. He frowns towards Asashi again before forming another set of handseals. A bolt of crimson lightning descends from the sky to strike Hiei's position. After the bright light and the sound are gone…so is Hiei. Without a trace.

Taree would not need more encouragement to get out of here. The darts sailing by and the huge blast of lightning making her act instintively. Drawing deep down into her chakra reserves Taree would grab the nearest water source she could find, The village well, and summon a water prison jutsu. The difference that would seem odd to some is the classic jutsu was around herself. Forming a very good barrier to attacks multiple darts would bounce off the sphere from all angles. In moments mist would start to pour from the well and the sphere, all hell breaking lose. Ninja moving quickly to gather and make sure the prisoners would not get away.
Some time later as the mist settles the prisoners are all piled up in the center of the village. The slaves grabbing a few more villages just because they could. The mysterious cloaked ninja yelling at the head man of the village. "You said you could get them all drugged. Closet you now we are going to have to deal with a rescue mission for sure." Punching the head man in the gutt, raising him clean off the legs he gets to cough and wheeze as he watches the bandits prepare to leave. Setting the town hall and the tavern ablaze just to give the villagers something to keep them busy.

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