Bunny Business


Kurome (emitter), Tatsuo, Kajiru

Date: June 9, 2015


Some bunnies escape from a poor old merchant who can’t seem to keep things together. The genin nearby are supposed to help, including Tatsuo and Kajiru.

"Bunny Business"


OH NO! Farmer John has lost his wabbits, and now they're going around Konoha eating all the plants!
Due to an unfortunate accident that involved the shipping of bunnies, the entire cart that was to take them to other lands is on its side. Any genin in the village near that area were immediately made to assist in rounding up the rascally rabbits, and that included Kajiru and Tatsuo. There was no official person to give the goal; no team leader. They just had to find and capture the many bunnies that are hopping around the Hidden Leaf.

Rabbit duty? That doesn't sound too horrible! Tatsuo was around when the mayhem commenced and so he went to get involved right away! Rabbits may not be something that you have to fight against, but it sure would help with his speed if nothing else! The boy has just started looking around wherever the last reported sighting was and he's trying to find some tracks to see which way they went so he can capture the wasically things!

Rushing up to beside Tatsuo, the girl seems to almost appear she is moving so fast. She spins around once and declares, "It's Wabbit Season!" She then nods her head and sniffs about, "Tatsuo! I can sniff 'em out and you grab 'em!" She nods her head, "Got it?" She then starts sniffing the air and starts looking around here and there. She then nods her head at Tatsuo, "Don't you worry! I'll find our wabbity foes!"

The rabbits are everywhere! It's a bit hard to pick /one/ out, after all. A few even go zooming by right past the two genin as they try and search for these 'wascally wabbits'. Regardless, the ones that are less obvious to spot are all hiding out… Near the cabbage man! "MY CABBAGES D:" can be heard quite loudly through the village as the merchant tries to snatch his produce back from the hungry herbivores.

Tatsuo is all calm and peaceful and happy looking for tracks by himself and then wham! A surprise visitor. "Oh…Kajiru-chan…" he seems surprised and maybe just a touch uneasy. But then Kajiru is like the anti-Tatsuo. She's always so chipper and outgoing and loud while Tatsuo is always so very much introverted. "I…um…okay." He says finally. And then there's all this noise about cabbages. Tatsuo looks over quickly and then runs after the rabbits that are trying to eat the cabbage. "Um…put that down!" Yeah, that'll work…

Rushing forward toward the cabbage man along with Tatsuo, the girl grins as she moves, and then she points at the rabbits beside Tatuso to nod, "Unrabbit that cabbage!" She then rushes forward to snatch up a rabbit before rushing to grab another rabbit. She then glances back at Tatsuo, "We need somewhere to put these rabbits!" She nods her head and already has one in hand and is going for another.

Wha…somewhere to put them? Tatsuo dives for a rabbit, snatching it up as it tries to hide under the cabbage mans cart. But he's got it by the ears! Whew. "Um…I don't know where…" he looks around uncertainly, then finds a burlap sack that the cabbage man has. Guess that'll work for now. He grabs the sack without asking, then throws his rabbit in quickly before going to Kajiru and holding it open for her to throw hers in too!

Grinning wide, she nods and drops the rabbits into the bag and chases off after two more. Kajiru nods her head as she snatches up two more, "Good job, Tatsuo!" She nods her head and puts two more into the sack before spinning around once as she drops them in and then rushes off after another she grabs up, "I wonder if we are allowed to eat any of them?" She hmms and peers at Tatsuo, "They are real tasty, ya know?"

"I…um…I don't know really. We'd have to ask whoever they belong to…" Well that's kind of obvious. Tatsuo just holds the sack and kind of follows after Kajiru, though as the thing fills up with more and more rabbits it's getting a little hard to carry the bag. "Um…we're going to need some help or something…this is getting really heavy." He looks around for something else to maybe help them or somebody or…who knows!

Well, Tatsuo and Kajiru now have about ten bunnies in that burlap bag. That's enough for them to get squealy and wriggly, so it might be a bit tough for Tatsuo to hold onto the sack. Shinobi have been coming in and out as they seek to try and subdue the chaos that has ensued. The rabbits were slowly getting rounded up, but it may not be enough. There are only ten genin chasing after all the bunnies, including Kajiru and Tatsuo.

"Uh oh!" She declares as Kajiru looks at the wriggling bag. She tilts her head as she looks over the bag before helping Tatsuo and starting to push and/or pull him toward the farmer, "We need to get them put away." She nods her head and then looks back at the area, "We gotta get them scared or something and get them to rush back to something and then put them in cages or something." She nods, "Hey!" She calls out toward the farmer, "Where were you keeping these?"

Tatsuo pulls the bag with Kajiru's help towards the farmer, grunting a bit with the effort it takes to haul the massive wriggling sack of bunnies away. Who would've thought it would be so hard to deal with??? "Um…we need to make sure that they find a place that they aren't going to get out of again," Tatsuo says, looking back at the farmer. "I might be able to make the water scare them back towards the farmer though." At least it would be worth a try. After this first bag is done with of course.

"That sounds like a good plan!" She declares and points at the boy before nodding her head and rubbing her chin, "If you can get them all herded up we can gather them up." She nods her head, "Hey!" She calls out to other genin, "Tatsuo is going to scare them with water and then we grab 'em!" She nods her head, "And then we put them…" She looks around, "IN that wagon!" She points at a nearby cart and nods her head, "Someone get a tarp!"

"Well, uhh.. They were in the crates over there…" The original merchant gestures back over his shoulder to the piles of crates that had contained the rabbits. "I'd appreciate it if you got them …" And then Kajiru is off. The poor farmer can't even finish his sentence! He watches, unable to do much at the moment. He was just trying to make sure the remaining crates (yes, there are /more/ rabbits!) are secure so there isn't any more trouble.

Tatsuo blinks as Kajiru kind of just tells everyone around that /he/ was going to take care of herding the rabbits. He hadn't meant for everyone to b e involved…now they were all looking at him! The boy swallows loudly as he looks over to the crates, then the wagon. "Okay, so…um…well get ready…" He says, then takes a breath and makes a few handseals. All around from whatever sources of water there are it shoots up into the sky suddenly, then comes crashing down in the general direction of rabits he sees, trying to make them run towards the wagon and other kids.

A thumbs up is given to the farmer guy as she runs off, "Don't worry!" Kajiru states and even as Tatsuo starts making water crash down, she rushes to try to help herd the Rabbits, "Send the rabbits bakc to their crates!" She declares and Kajiru grins as she chases around after the rabbits along with others, "Get 'em, Tatsuo!" She cheers on.

With the water, the rabbit jumps, hop-sprinting away from the sudden splash like frightened rabbits usually do. It ends up hopping right into the aforementioned cart, quivering in the far corner of it. The farmers and merchants nearby quickly grab the bunny and toss it into the crates that the bunny-merchant pointed out, wanting to get this nuisance out of their own produce quickly.

Tatsuo doesn't just stop with one. As soon as it's in the crate he starts moving on to another rabbit, then another, trying to scare them all as quickly as he can back towards the farmers and the other genin chasing them down. He's focused and moving as quickly as possible with the water manipulation, making sure the whole time to not actually hit the rabbits and possibly hurt them.

"Go, Tatsuo, go!" She declares and races around helping to grab up rabbits and put them in crates as he scares rabbits. She is on the move fast with other genin, "You can do it!" She calls out and giggles as she catches one rabbit with her teeth while holding down to other with her hands. THe thing squeals as she races back to put it and the two others in crates, grinning wide as she does.

Eventually, the genin and merchants are all able to grab the rabbits and collect them in the crates. There were about ten crates, each holding ten rabbits, that had gotten loose, and nine others were unbroken by whatever mysterious accident created this incident in the first place. Overall: success! The people who helped even get paid with one rabbit each!

Yay they did it! Tatsuo smiles when all is said and done, accepting his rabbit with a proper bow of thanks though he doesn't know what he'll do with it. Eat it? Keep it as a pet? Decisions decisions. "Um….you did very well Kajiru-chan," the boy says, bowing to the girl as well and giving her a small, shy smile.

Smiling as she accepts her rabbit, she grins at it and then looks at Tatsuo, "Yeah! It was great!" She then holds up her rabbit, "So, you gonna name yours dinner? Cause that's mine's name!" She nods her head, "I worked up quite the bit of hunger and now it is time to go cook!" She then nods again and starts off with Tatsuo being urged to come along, "I Bet we can get a good stew going!"

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