Michiko, Hisomu, Naruko

Date: December 5, 2014


Team Volcano are sent out on an easy mission to test their teamwork and compatibility. It all turns out very well for them. The giant mutated bunnies, on the other hand…


The Mountains in the Land of Lightning

Michiko had promised her team a mission, and she's determined to find one. She finally found a mission that seemed better for teambuilding than for actual… well, a mission. She had sent messenger Hawks to Hisomu and Naruko, the instructions attached to the birds marking a spot on the map. Conveniently in the mountains rather far away from trees… Michiko could be found at the meeting place in her usual gear around dawn, which was the appointed time.

Arriving quietly, Hisomu was peering around as she arrived, looking at the area about before looking directly to Michiko and tilting her head to her. She bowed her head slightly and then stated, "Michiko-san. What is going on?" She hmms as she peers at the area around before looking for Naruko, "What is going on today?"

It took a little while for Naruko to show up but she did. Moving swiftly along the mountain path, some how she found herself near the destination on the map. And who said Naruko wasn't good at following directions. Skidding to a halt she grins cheerfully and waves at both Hisomu and Michiko. "Oye! How is everyone? This looks pretty urgent hmm?" She asks as she perks a brow in Michiko's direction. Hoping for some kind of explanation.

Michiko smiles a bit. "I did say we're a team, yes? That means we have to mission together. I selected a somewhat easy mission for our first, accounting for Hisomu-san's recovery and our … Hmm… Well, we have to work on the teamwork." She nods a bit. "So then… Our first mission as a team is chasing down some giant rabbits. A … Scientist's son that I took care of got ahold of his father's notes, apparently, and now we have to deal with the mess." She nods again. "The rabbits have been seen in this area. We're supposed to exterminate them all and collect a few samples, if possible.

A blink a few times and then she nods, "Giant rabbits then." She then nods to Naruko, "Good to see you." She then looks over at Michiko again. Hisomu ponders, "I don't know much of rabbits other than snakes really enjoy eating them." She smiles softly, "Let us find them though before something like that happens…but when you say giant, what do you mean?"

"Exterminate… a bunch of rabbits?" Naruko quirks a brow slightly, "I like to hunt rabbits every now and then…but I try not to…exterminate them," Naruko speaks up, it was such a strong word to use and honestly it left her a little worried. She smiles lightly at Hisomu, while thumbing a finger along her cheek. "Right, how dangerous and big are these things anyways?" She ponders this idea, while considering how well they will be able to work together. "I suppose should get started…"

"Hmm… About the size of a medium house, I believe… Two stories tall, or so, if I remember correctly. There was talk of… Altered abilities with this new breed, so be careful. They have a carnivorous diet, so they prey on the mountain lions and bears in these parts. And apparently they're very vicious compared to last time I faced them…" Michiko replies, extending her senses through the earth to try and detect something, if anything. Nothing, however, is noticed by her. Everything is too far or too still.

A blink, and then another blink, "Wait…you are talking about a bunch of two story tall rabbits that eat mountain lions and bears as a light mission?" Hisomu taps her chin before looking at Naruko and then back at Michiko, "We will, likely, need to talk about the definitions of various words later." She nods again before looking over at Naruko before letting out a slow breath, "How many do we think there are?"

"It's… hard to tell," Naruko comments as she sniffs the air, rather profoundly. She could get traces of scents, but it wasn't enough to start tracking. Obviously they have been here though at some point. "They were here. Might need to walk around a little more to catch a scent…." A sweat drop then trickled down her cheek. "Two story rabbits… and here I was thinking maybe there would be at least the size of a little dog. I can see why they might need to be put down… "

Michiko nods. "Indeed… And I say light in that it's not chasing after criminals. I believe I classified it as a C rank, since there's only supposed to be two rabbits, if not one." She points to Naruko. "Naruko-san, would you care to lead us this time around? I think you might be better at finding these rabbits of ours." She smiles a bit, stepping to the side so she can follow the Uzumaki. "Ah, and I believe heading in the norther and east direction would prove fruitful."

A look to Naruko and she nods her head before looking to Michiko before sahking her head, "Meat eating house sized rabbits, possibly two." She then reaches up and rubs her chin lightly before shrugging, "I guess…that will be fine." She then looks over at the woods and the norther and east directino before nodding, "Well, let us head that way then, if Naruko wishes to lead."

Naruko scratches the side of her noggin, looking out towards the north east. Nothing truly registered at the moment, but she didn't have a problem with taking the lead. Her senses became more acute, her nose, ears and eye sight looking for any leads that might push them in the right direction. "Okay… Let's see if I can lead us in the right direction then…" Quietly she began to move forward and lead them along, musing quietly under her breath. "There…are a lot of scents as we move along. I might need a bit more time to decipher them,"

Michiko fortunately has a rather good lock on the targets. But she wants to see how Naruko and Hisomu handle the situation. She follows after the Uzumaki, offering a slight nod. "Take your time. We can't startle them away, and we also don't want to be attacked first. Hisomu-san, work with Naruko-san when we encounter the rabbits, and I'll work on the second one. If another shows up, we should try to work together to take it out."

A look to Naruko and she nods and then looks over at the trail. As she hears Michiko, she walks a few steps ahead of the group toward a bush. She spots something in it, her eyes skimming past the leaves as she slides to a kneeling position and reaches inside a little before pulling out some fur, "I believe this might help." She looks ot Naruko and offers it to her, "What do you think?" She hmms and tilts her head.

Naruko was careful to keep herself quiet as she looked over towards Hisomu, she did find something pretty useful, and it was something she could use to really make out a scent. Reaching over she took the fury and brought it to her nose, giving it a slight sniff. she rolls her eyes and then grins. "Okay…this should definitely help…" Naruko states, kneeling down beside Hisomu and peering about the bushes and down along a path way… to where she and found the other scents…..

Apparently that scrap of fur that Hisomu came upon is extremely helpful to Naruko, as she leads them right to the rabbits. It's not difficult to track the path once the scent is found, and there are obvious signs of giant rabbits. A few droppings here, some rotting remains of a lion there. Eventually they come across where the two rabbits have made their 'den'. A small crater in the mountains, likely left by some meteor, allowed for the rabbits to make a cozy resting spot. There were two, like Michiko said, and they were huge. Maybe more than two stories high. Their teeth shined faintly in the light of the sun, very sharp looking.
Some noise in the shinobi's direction alerts one of the large rabbits to their presence, and it spits in the ninja's direction. If it hits, it will burn… Horribly. Michiko idly wonders if Kumo ever invested in an animal trainer like she suggested some time ago. If they had, the poor guy better be paid a lot. She avoids the venom, watching the clone poof away. "Ah, good luck, you two!" she says, already moving off to the side to draw one rabbit away.

A nod to Michiko and Hisomu smiles, "I am glad I could help." She then starts over wioth the rest, approaching the crater and peering into it only to be attacked by poisonous spit from the rabbit there. She simply seems to be hit till the tell tale poofing sound comes from the area she was at as the clone vanishes. She creates a hand seal, holding it and sprays out a spit of pure poisonous spit at the rabbit that attacked them before she looks over at Naruko and then at MIchiko, "I will attempt to weaken this one."

Naruko too was quick in her reactions, spinning her body around just enough to avoid the attack and dart after the rabbit Hisomu had began to attack. "Spotted…" Naruko grunts under her breath, following upon Hisomu's lead. She darts off in a Zig zag towards the rapid, clenching her fists, watching as the poisonous spit beta it's work on the rabbit. Once Naruko herself was close enough she vaulted over it, trying to stomp once on the rabbits head as she went over and then deliver another kick in the back to launch the rabbit towards Hisomu. " Again!" Naruko calls out, hopeful that they would take quick work of the 'big' critter.

Michiko's target avoids the exploding dirt with a quick hop. Though that's what Michiko was hoping for. The girl continues to try and get the rabbit down by sending bullets made of mud, the projectiles moving quickly so it would hurt. She glances over quickly to call out, "Good job, Naruko-san! Hisomu-san!" when their attacks hit the rabbits. Unfortunately, only a few of the muddy bullets hit her target, and it only makes the rabbit angrier. With a large leap, it lands to try and knock Michiko off her feet, which it does successfully.
The second rabbit also isn't very happy as it gets hit by some yucky draining spit. It makes angry rabbit noises at Hisomu, sending its own spit right back at the Hebisuuhai while performing a hopping strike down on Naruko. If the rabbit succeeds, Naruko won't be able to attack, and Hisomu would feel a burning sensation.

Letting out a screeching scream as she is hit, Hisomu falls back and then rushes forward and makes another handseal. She unleashes first a blast of purplish mist right at the creature following it with a blast of venomous spit at the creature. She then attempts to grab Naruko by the hand and yank her free.

Hisomu was able to tug Naruko free, but it wasn't a normal Naruko. It was…a clone? The voiceless clone grinned at Hisomu sheepishly before it pulls forward, using this moment to literally rush at the rabbit and explode. A second Naruko suddenly came into view doing the exact same thing. The real Naruko was a bit off to the side, grinning from afar and kneeled down into the grass. "Are you okay! Hisomu-chan!" Naruko calls out to her, watching as the poison seemed to seep through the rabbit. " A few more of those and I think it will be toast!"

The rabbit the duo face off against tries to use its own spit to counteract Hisomu's, but the force behind it is too weak and the rabbit ends up even more tired and in pain than before. So much so that it thinks it's seeing double with the Naruko clones heading at it. Wait, they actually hurt when it hits! The smell of burning fur fills the air, injuring the rabbit to the point that it's extremely unhappy and in no mood to fight. Instead, it turns tail and flees!
Michiko's rabbit squished Michiko under its giant hop, which results in something that would have broken a few bones if she wasn't conveniently in a slight cavity of the mountains! She sends more bullets of mud, that it attempts to roll out of the way of, but the projectiles hit their mark in some effective places, one of them hitting the rabbit's head at just the right angle to kill it. What luck!

"I'll be fine, the target is escaping." Hisomu points as the Rabbit attempts to escape and she creates a handseal and this time she sprays out a pure deluge of the purplish spit she creates meant to drain the rabbit of its ability to escape by simply draining it, "I'll slow it but you gotta finish it, Michiko!" She calls as the last of the spit fires and she then looks to Michiko to try and catch it.

Second time around, Naruko wasn't interested in chasing after a rabbit that she might not be able to catch. The next best thing was to make various Narukos come after it and they did. Hopefully with Hisomu's draining spit more than a dozen Narukos, including herself sped down after the rabbit, attempting to corner it and catch it in one massive combo. They kick and punch, spontaneously exploding to catch the rabbit in one final explosion.

Michiko stares at the rabbit that she just downed. Well, that was easier than she thought! The girl hears Hisomu call out and she turns just in time to send chakra through the earth, allowing a wall to form. It slows down the rabbit just enough that both Hisomu and Naruko's hit amazingly well. The rabbit turns into something that could potentially feed a small village if it's safe to eat! Phew. "Good job, you two," Michiko says with a smile, enveloping the body in earth to sort of hide it and the other rabbit. The girl would rather things /didn't/ get to it before Kumo could analyze the body a bit. "I call that a successful mission. And we seem to work well together, too. I'm glad we're a team."

Looking at Michiko doing her work, she smiles and nods. Hisomu then looks over to Michiko as she approaches, the damage done by the spit from the rabbit is already almost completely gone as she nods her head, "I'm glad, as well. This was well done." She nods her head and then she looks over to Naruko with a nod and then takes a breath, "Good job."

Naruko offers them both a thumbs up, looking back at the sizzling left overs of a downed rabbit. She lightly scratches back behind one ear and nods once more. "That…was surprisingly easy. Good job everyone! I suppose we should lug this back huh? Time to get a few samples?" Obviously Naruko was excited about their success. They all had a unique skill set, she was sure that things would continue to work out. "One more time for Team Volcano!"

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