Burning Desires - A beginning


Shikoge, Karasu

Date: September 3, 2014


Shikoge has been attempting to use Scorch Kenjutsu, but it turns out his blade may not be able to accept the element without a proper insulator and his search started with the item store within Sunagakure. Unfortunately, the one stop shop requires a trip else where for Shikoge to find what he needs to continue.

"Burning Desires - A beginning"

Sunagakure Item Store

The item store of Sunagakure is a well stocked and well staffed one stop shop for all your shinobi needs. Or so they claim. The place itself had barely managed to unlock their doors this early morning before Shikoge had burst through as the first 'customer' of the day and had already started a loud arguement with the owner of the joint. "I told you last time you were banned! You come in here and wreck up the place with your oversized blade without a care in the world. You can't be in here. Now get out!" Demanded the shopkeep. Shikoge ignoring the man rested his arm on the counter, "I'm looking for an item. You must have it. You're the only shop in Sunagakure"

He could not for the life of him understand why his mentor went out of her way to make life more difficult than it needed to be. Still, Karasu lost himself to inner debate, if only to pass the time and better seperate himself from the lingering devestation wrought by the Silence as he made his way to the Item Store for a pick up. Nothing hinders him or would give him pause from the internal debate. Nothing except the racket coming from his destination just as he entered the shop. "Is everything alright?" He asks against his better judgement. After giving both a studious look, the idea that avoiding further interference becomes all the more appealing..

The shopkeeper shook his head, "What you want, I don't have." His attention turning to the bald headed teen as he enters. "No, everything is not all right. This kid always causes trouble in my store. I don't even know how he could possibly be a shinobi. He's a natural disaster." Shikoge kept his focus on the man in front of him, unintentionally ignoring Karasu. "So, I've been trying to fuse scorch techniques with my blade." Grabbing at the handle of his blade attached to his back and bringing it out before him. Seeing this, the shopkeeper took a few steps back in worry of being hurt. "Like I said before, I don't have what you need." Eyeing the blade and its odd shape. "Well, look." Shikoge glided his hand along the handle until reaching the top and started to twist the top, unscrewing it to reveal a hidden compartment. "I discovered this by accident. I was training with the blade, trying to force scorch techniques into the blade and the handle heated up, popping this cap off. What does it mean?"

Karasu listened calmly with only a small frown marring his features as time went by. That and momentary surprise when the boy seems to brandish his weapon at the shop keeper for a second there. After a moment more of hesitation, Karasu clears his throat before he approached the duo. No point getting accidently beheaded trying to speed things along so he himself could go home. "Probably that your missing something to help guide your… techniques." He says, and if allowed to, Karasu leans in a bit closer to examine the notch. "Where'ja get that blade?"

The shopkeeper glanced at the blade, seeing the opening in the handle and then nodding, "The bald one is right, but I am as well. I told you I don't have what you want. What you need is quite possibly rare and will take you far away from my shop. So…get out and don't come back!" Shikoge hummed silently as he peered into the opening of his handle before holding it out for Karasu to examine as well, "It's a heirloom from my dad. He never used it and I don't think his parents used it either if I recall. But it's continued to be passed down through our family. I think I'm the first to actually wield it in combat, but I imagine if I was better with focusing my chakra and using scorch techniques alone, I wouldn't use the blade either."

The shopkeeper's comments pass through one of Karasu's ears and right out the other at this point. Now that he had a peculiar mystery on his hand, it was difficult to hold anything else in mind outside of it. The fact that it was an heirloom having only sweetened the deal further! "Maybe. Maybe not.." Karasu says off-handily before finally straightening out again. "Either way, I'm…. Hmmm…. If you give me a second with the shop keeper, I could probably point you in the right direction after." Karasu states simply.

"Eh." Shikoge put the cap back on the handle, twisting it in to place before strapping the blade on his back once again. "I wonder where I should start looking then. I doubt my family would know or the blade would already be equipped with it…Come to think of it, maybe they already tried, but never discovered the compartment." The boy goes off into his ramblings as he starts to walk out of the store, curious as to where he should start looking. Perhaps that poor town to the south or the fancier one in the north…The shopkeeper eyed the bald teen, "I already told you I don't know anything. What you see is what my shop sells. Nothing else. Do I need to ban you as well?!"

Karasu sweatdrops at the boy's antics, but doesn't intervene with his ramblings as he made his way out. As far as he should be concerned, just defusing the situation so he could handle his own thing should've been enough. And yet…
"Huh?" Karasu whips back around to face the shop keeper, confused at first, then aggravated enough to force a sigh just to calm down. "I'm… I'm just here to pick up an item Natsuki-sensei said you had on hold for her." He replies. And if all went well from there, the package would be sealed up in one of his scrolls in no time at all; leaving only the matter of Shikoge. That is, assuming he actually waited outside instead of disappearing somehow. "Shikoge-san." He says (or calls out, if need be).

"What?" The boy replied as his name was called. He hadn't gone far at all, simply leaning against the wall of the shop with arms crossed over his now bare chest. He was busy thinking, lost in thought as to where he might search next. The possibilities were actually endless. He needed a starting point, a reference, but had no clue where that might be. "What are you doing out here?" Glancing the teen over, remembering how the individual was a puppeteer. Considering though that snake creature wasn't around, it must be invisible once again.

Karasu tenses up at the reply. He hadn't expected… It didn't matter. A quick few shakes of the head brings back order in mind, more or less. "Just what I said earlier." He replied a little stiffly. "I'm gonna help you find out what'chu need for that blade of yours. Just… I wouldn't get your hopes up. After what happened last week, most of the good places to look might be too wrecked at the moment." Karasu shrugs off-handily before stuffing a hand into his pocket and rub his chin with the other thoughtfully.

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