Busted Crates


Naru, Usagi, Madarobi, Isato

Date: September 12, 2012


Naru leads a Team consisting of Madarobi, Usagi, and Isato on a normal patrol on the coast of the Land of Fire. Along the way, they run into a group of marooned seamen….

"Busted Crates"

Eastern Coast - Land of Fire

A few weeks had come back, and after being cleared by the Hokage, Naru had came back without much word within the populace… She seemed to be a little different though, adorned in a beautiful lavashing ribboned tied dress, the symbol of the Uchiha emblazoned along it. For now Naru had lead out a group of shinobi into an expedition along the outskirts of the Land of Fire. With so much troop movements and tension between the villages, it was up to them to pick up on any unusual activity, while essentially giving out a patrol along a local trade route as well. For now Naru lead the way along a grassy region, close to the coast towards the Land of Water, the mission simply was to look around and pick up on anything that might be… Off or unsual, for now everything seemed to be quite great.

Usagi was a bit back and to the left of the team lead, her gaze mostly staying in that direction. Made sense, the sensei watches front, and people watch the sides that they're currently on. She's relaxed for the time being, not having seen anything suspicious, or even hearing anything from the other team members about either tensing, or a warning…nothing. Just as well, she had a thought on her mind. Her team lead was one and the same that a particular Inuzuka was mourning over. And as far as she could tell…didn't know. She had a lot of questions…but they'd wait. They're on a misson now.

To the right of Usagi, Madarobi found himself having trouble focusing on the task at hand. With no real details to his mission, the past couple weeks lingered about his mind. His doubts and worries were beginning to control his emotions, and it couldn't be happening at a worse time. Trying to stay with the team, he felt his eyes gaze from member to member, adoring the abilities and skills that made each member valuable. He doubted as to whether he offered any true positives when it came to who he was grouped with. With all this rambling throughout his thoughts, he continued to try and block it out just in case a situation arose.

Isato would be in the back of the group since of the group Naru was the best and he would have to say he was the second best to what he gathered from others talking and body language. As he walked a tab bit closer to Madarobi he would whisper into his ear "hey dude just relax man, Naru is a ultra-strong ninja who more than likely gonna carry this team to victory…just kidding just know this though if your here on this mission that means you have a part to play." Smiling before returning to his position the young man understands how important this mission was to the village due to the pending war going on Intel was the game. As he stayed ready he found himself gazing at the back of Naru head trying to figure out why she selected him for this mission since they got off to such a bad start.

"You talk a lot Senju…. Please try and stay focused on the mission at hand…" Naru's voice spoke like a soft whisper, carried through with the soft zephyr which seemed to stroke against the area as they pushed on. "Do any of you see anything unusual? Something perhaps we need to keep track of?" Naru herself hadn't seen a thing yet, and the patrol was coming smoothly, with a few merchants being checked out while they pushed along the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Along the coast line wide endless ocean sparkled and gleamed in the distance, a few boats here and their, sparse and inbetween. "We do have to keep our guard up at all costs, especially due to recent events…"

Usagi's answer is a quick "Ie, Uchiha-sensei" A soft sigh escapes her, and while her eyes tend to their duties, until she sees something out of place or something doing something it shouldn't, she continues to allow her thoughts to wander for the time being. How would she tell Taiki? How could she prove it? And…well, would she be able to tell? She glances only briefly at their team lead for the time being, then back to her side. She only glances to Isato briefly as he speaks, then shakes her head. She'd keep those thoughts to herself for now.

Madarobi quickly mimics Usagi and repeats "Ie, Uchiha-sensei" as they continue to move forward. Turning back to Isato, Madarobi smiles and nods hoping to display how relieved he felt to have someone backing him up, even after they had seen first hand his display of doubts. With his negative thoughts fleeing his mind, Madarobi focused on the mission and began to scout the area. Although he knew if something were to arise, he would most likely be the last to notice. This fact did not suppress his attempt to try and help the team, for he had gained new confidence with the support of Isato.

Isato could hear Naru snap on him but that's to be expected as he sighed he would keep on the move with his head down before smiling back to Madarobi. "I currently spot nothing out of the ordinary Uchiha-san." Isato would be walk with his hands in his pocket and his eye still on the back of Naru head as he thought to himself (there has to be away to change how she view my clan.) Shaking the thought away he would for now watch Usagi and how graceful he gentle eyes took to the landscape.

Things were going normal, at least just how Naru had planned, despite the situation aronud them becoming quite, grave in a sense she just had this feeling that this mission was going to be pretty uneventful, of course that idea was soon short lived, as further along the coast line a boat is spotted onshore, down the rocky coast line, "Hmm well it looks like something is going on down there at the very least…" Naru spoke softly to the group, pointing down at the sight below, the boat seemed to have crashed onto the shore from the looks of it, and their belongings, scattered about the sandy beach, "Mind leading the way? Isato-san?" She asked him curiously, while she was leading the mission, it was always interesting to see how others, especially genin might react to leading them on, she waited paitently for some orders but inevitably, getting down there quickly would be the first step.

As soon as the words are finished out of Naru's mouth, Usagi completes a quick sweep of her area, then turns to look at the boat in question. She furrows her brow, peering in that direction for the time being. She speaks softly, but the team lead might be able to hear her say "No distinct markings from this distance, unknown crew size, likely small to medium…" She continues to mutter softly to herself, voicing her thoughts quietly as she looks. She blinks as she hears that Isato may be leading them down there, then closes her eyes and makes a face. Only very briefly. Seems to be a slight amount of exasperation, as she already had a thought as to what all he'd do if he accepted. But….it'd be interesting to see what he did. In the meantime, her eyes look back towards the boat, and more importantly, its surroundings…looking for places that would be a good place to ambush from.

Caught off guard by the scene that had occurred on the shore, Madarobi awaited the response of Isato. He didn't know whether he was excited, or nervous to uncover what had happened to the wrecked ship. Either way, he felt as if he needed to be prepared. Ready to focus his chakra at any moment, Madarobi turned to face Isato and waited for what could be an eventful mission. If anyone were to lead him at this point, he would gladly choose Isato.

The ship would cause some trouble or at least he thought, as he soon notice that it crashed his thoughts became true. "Great." is all that escaped the young Senju mouth before she would speak to Naru once more "hey I think things are about to get a little troublesome for us Naru-san." Isato would now be holding his hands into a basket behind his head as he started to loosen up for a pending battle. "Madarobi-san nice to be on the ready dude, natural ninja battle prowess." After hearing Naru give lead over to Isato he would be shocked but up to the tasks "sure think Naru-san just follow me." Isato was rather happy to be given the lead it means that she trusted him a tab bit more than before or maybe it was a chance to test him either way he was ready to leave up to whatever awaited the group.

Sliping down the rocky slops, Naru focused some chakra into the heels of her feet, making it easier to slide and move down the rocky mass as they cleared some of the way towards the maroone towering boat below them. Despite it being massive and sturdy, the vessel was splintered and broken, with a team of about 6 seamen attempted to gather their goods, cloths, food, metal, overall just supplies. One of the men closest to the shinobi group waved a hand, beckoning for them to move closer. "Are you here to help us?! We were attacked by a boat off the coast! I think it was pirates! Luckily they didn't get any of her supplies though…" The man explained as they neared forth, Naru thought carefully on the matter at hand but for now she was going to leave Isato and the others up for speaking with them, for now she just sat back and observed the situation, already cming to her own conclusions.

Usagi's doing much of the same thing Naru is, her feet seeming to just cling to the rocks and the like as she moves down. However, as Naru steps back, Usagi comes to see her first and whispers softly. "I can't say I like this much" She's not whispering directly in her ear, but they're side by side. "And secondly, I'd like to pay a visit to the Inuzuka compound later with you. If not….I would like to ask for a personal belonging that a certain someone will recognize" With that being done, she looks around again, eyeing those places she'd seen that would be good ambush locations, before dropping down again to join with the other genin. So far otherwise, she's remaining silent.

Following the group Madarobi begins to slide down the rock face, stumbling a bit at first before he begins to focus chakra into his feet. Simple mistakes like this are what worried Madarobi, but he felt either he had to concentrate or risk failing one of the few people who had faith in him. Trying to stay in the back, he closely watched the movements of the sailors and awaited and wondered how Isato would handle the situation. Once again ready to focus his chakra at any moment, he did not feel comfortable in this scenario. Something wasn't right in the air.

Isato would use what he knew about tree walking to aid in his decent toward the the destroyed ship, it would rather troublesome since he lack the great chakra control of Naru and Usagi but his great Taijutsu feats would be the front running of his success. Making over to the group he would speak first after the question "sorry sir I can't really say we are here to help…however we will do what we can for the time being though." Smiling faintly as he scratched the back of his head the young Senju spoke once more "so tell me are there any injured or dead from this attack?" There would be a slight pause in the questions as he thought on the man answer one thing was true thought this simple mission was becoming rather troublesome.

Noticing the side comments by Usagi to Naru the young genin just shrugged it off as girl talk before shifting back to the seaman. "So tell me did you see how many it was? Or the method of attack? Did you fight them off?" Isato would be asking the question before taking the time to look at the damage of the ships his limited knowledge though would be working against him greatly at this time. However that didn't stop the young Senju from trying to piece things together. However the young man couldn't shake the feel that something about this whole thing isn't right however he would play along for now.

There wasn't anymore comments from Narusegawa, the Uchiha simply stood there with her arms crossed along one another, the wind bellowing against her form, spilling her raven locks of hair infront of her face and slightly. "I'm not quite sure I know what you are talking about…" Naru spoke softly to Usagi, especially considering she had never met the kunoichi previously, instead while Isato begins to interrogate the poor marooned seaman, Naru had slipped away to investigate the Cargo, peering around intently to see just what it was that was washed up.

"We were attacked, a bunch of arrow wielding bandits! They made us steer off course and knocked a hole within the hull of our ship! It was nuts, we didn't stand a chance!" The blistering wholesome man seemed to be quite fustrated at the whole situation, and as usual the crew behind him attempted to gather things up. " It would be great if you guys could help us get this cargo port side…At least then the shipment will be done and right into Konohagakure,"

Usagi pauses for a moment, then turns to look at Naru. "Taiki. He….really really misses you" she shrugs slightly, looking to Isato now. Naru 'did' put him in lead for the time being, so it'd be more his call than hers to do anything. For now, she's still up in the rocks a bit, providing a high point if one's neccesary against any attacks from below. If there's any from above? Well, she's first in line.

Focused on the conversation between the seaman and Isato, Madarobi almost felt a sense of relief that the mission would still be a peaceful one, until something caught his eye. As Naru begins to step away from the group he notices that the sailors are a little too hasty at picking up certain supplies. Taking it upon himself to check out what the men were shipping, he follows a similiar path as Naru and begins to investigate.

To his dismay, as he sifts through the plethora of supplies, Madarobi stumbles upon what seems to be drugs of some sort. Trying to not make a scene he tries to quietly gesture Isato over to his location near a large crate that seems to have washed up on shore. "Isato, could I please speak with you for a moment?" Madarobi shouts over to Isato in calm voice, even though he has to raise his volume to overcome the sound of waves crashing upon the shore.

Isato would smile as he looked at the seamen and waved his hand "easy easy, now if you please excuse me for a moment." After a short moment before heading directly over toward Madarobi he would first spot the location of everyone, noticing Usagi first he would motion to her to meet over at Madarobi. If Naru looked his way he would do the same however if she didn't he would speak out towards her "Naru-san group meeting." Isato would stroll over to where Madarobi would be located with his hands in his pockets the young man wouldn't notice anything out whack just yet. However the case his guard would still be rather high.

"Believe me… Taiki will be fine without me in the way… But really I don't think its much of a concern of yours…is it?" Naru spoke softly to Usagi, her voice a little monotone but honest, it was obvious this wasn't something she wanted to talk about, especially on a mission. "This is a little obvious don't you think?" Naru almost mocked the poor Senju, even still she followed after him, crossing her arms along one another while her eyes remained on the men, some of them creeping off a little bit, while the head seaman had bullets of sweat trickling down his neck, they were getting nervous but why? " So, Senju-san… Come up with something interesting?" opening the conversation, curious as to just what it was that required the whole groups attention.

"Hence later. We'll get to that" Usagi sighs softly sa she heads on over to them for the same reason, coming up to the cargo. Outwardly, her expression doesn't change, she simply looks at Isato with a raised brow. She 'has' noticed that the sailors are moving away, and that the main one is looking a little shiny due to his sweat….couldn't 'possibly' be related to them coming up on the cargo, now could it…

As the group approached Madarobi, his eyes shifted from sailor to sailor, hoping that this meating of them would not tip off the fact that they had found something. As Isato arrives near the crate Madarobi places his back to the evidence and whispers out of the left side of his mouth. "They are transporting drugs it seems. The guy you were talking to seemed pretty truthful, but that could all change if they find out that we know. Your call friend." Madarobi states as he continues to watch the seaman. He had no idea what would happen next, but felt it would be a wise decision for him to be prepared. He began to focus his chakra, hoping that he would not be forced to use it.

Taken in the information Isatou would just act like he normally would, "Hmmm I hate to be that guy but I have no choice it seems." Shifting about as he touched the side of his face he would speak "we have to take them all in for questioning for the simple fact they were trafficking drugs in the compound of Konoha village." He spoke softly before nodding to the group. It's clear to the young Genin that a fight now as more than likely as the air around him started to shift "You all are under arrest of the possession of drugs and the trafficking of drugs please come quietly or we will have no other choice but to use force." It wasn't the smartest thing to do but it was highly effective with his limited knowledge. I mean why else would a ship attack another, why else would they be rather selective about what they picked up, and why else would some of them be sweating so hard?

Isato's assessment was surprisingly right on the money, it was the same thing Naru would have done, though without seeming so obvious though. With a single hand seal sudden the men became locked in place with an invisible force of body numbing chakra, the Uchiha lets out a tired sigh quite content with how things had turned out, with the "criminals" locked in place all the others had to do was bag them up and move things along. " Good Job Isato-san, I almost thought you were going to lose it there, Hmm all we need to do is arrest these individuals and get their crates setup for being picked up later, we have an outpost close to here that they can be escorted to, so much for honest dealings…"

Usagi looks at the drugs, looks at Isato, and looks at the now frozen men. She offers a quick smile at how effective that went, nodding slowly. She looks between the others and raises a brow. "Let's get to it then" She moves towards one of the gentlemen. "Since I doubt we're going to carry them all back…." She pulls some rope and seals from her packs. "These will have to suffice, I take it"

Smiling at Isato, Madarobi couldn't help be feel a sense of happiness at the results of the mission. He began to relax the chakra he had been focusing and watched as Naru praised Isato. "Well… Looks like I have some work to do." He said in a dull voice, acting as if he wanted to fight all the sailors. The outcome could not have been more perfect in his eyes. Well maybe if the men hadn't been transporting drugs, but he was happy nonetheless. Moving over to one of the men, he began to search and tie him up to be processed at the outpost nearby.

Isato would be blushing as he started to arrest them one by one as he spoke with Naru "Thanks Naru-san I was just going off my gut…I did what I felt was right." Isato was really happy that this mission was coming to a close rather nicely. To him there was nothing more that needed to be said as it's clear that Naru was starting to respect him for it, he was happy just to have the chance to change her perception on him.

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