By Lava be Purged!


Tatsuo, Daisuke

Date: October 25, 2016


Tatsuo and Daisuke are sent out to purge a vicious attack against a nearby noble village together.

"By Lava be Purged!"

Land of Fire

Word had arrived by way of a bedraggled Noble youth. His finer garments were torn and dirty in places, certainly farm from how the son of a NOble would usually appear to a place like Konohagakure. His message was delivered straight away to the person assigning missions for the day and he immediately consulted his list of available shinobi. He'd just sent a number of teams out and much more would leave the Village under-defended. Quickly Tatsuo was pulled from hospital duty and, after given details, was sent ahead with the promise that any others would catch up or meet him there.

With everyone else busy or assigned elsewhere the only other person to ask was the Hokage. Maybe he could find some people to assign out! The message was delivered to the man and left. A small city within the Land of Fire was currently under attack by powerful foes. They were wiping out entire families and buildings. Immediate help was requested!

Daisuke receives the mission request and makes note of who is on it. The village had numerous shinobi out in the field and couldn't afford more, so it looked like he only had one option. Now was as good a time as any to stretch his legs. The Hokage gets up from his desk and stretches out. He then proceeds to open the large window and hop out onto the large rooftop, where he proceeds to summon his Nimbus cloud and take off towards the site of the mission to hopefully catch up with Tatsuo.

Tatsuo had a head start and, due to the urgency of the mission, he'd used his own water to speed him along as well. Thus, the Hokage would not be able to catch up to Tatsuo until he reached the city as well.

The city was already fairly well devestated. There had been buildings three stories tall but all that was left now was the foundation. Smaller buildings suffered damage from a hole in the wall the side of a person to half of a roof missing. Even worse, bodies littered the streets, some well dressed and some poorly so, men, women, and even children. Soldiers corpses are mixed in with the rest while only one or two with rogue hitai-ate are dead.

Smoke trails from a few buildings and occasional a whoop or scream can be heard throughout the small city. Whoever these people are they're still around.

Tatsuo, however, is not obviously around at the moment.

Daisuke briefly scans for Tatsuo upon arriving at the village, not immediately seeing signs of him. His thought was that Tatsuo may already be in the thick of battle or planning something stealth-like, so he decides to act braizen and bait-like to draw attention. He cruises down towards the village road within the walls, jumping off his nimbus before it hits the ground and POOFs in a giant cloud and small BOOM noise. That should bring enough attention from the surrounding enemies without attracting the entire village. He cracks his knuckles in anticipation.

The BOOM is enough to draw the attention of some of the locals. Some of them are friendly, some not so much. As a few civilians run from their hiding spots towards Daisuke their struck down by a variety of jutsu that come from the others who aren't so friendly. There's no hesitation as their eyes lock on Daisuke and a barrage of elemental ninjutsu is suddenly heading for the Hokage, prepared to tear him to shreds if he doesn't get some defenses up in time. There's is no talking from these people, and in fact their eyes have a crazed look in them, almost like they're teetering on the edge of sanity.

Daisuke watches as the men and women fall trying to get to him, seeing them struck down with no mercy. If it was no mercy the assailants would show the innocents, it was no mercy they would receive in return. Daisuke's form immediately errupts in an orange-red cloak as the attacks come forward, striking the cloak and dissipating. His eyes open within the cloak, replaced with the sinister golden eyes of Son Goku as he looks over the assailants.

"My turn." says the dual voice of the Hokage and Son Goku, appendages shooting out from his cloak in every direction aimed straight for the assailants chests. He was mad.

If the attackers were surprised to find themselves facing a jinchuuriki they show no sign of it at all. As the appendages come out and lash at them the attackers do various things. Some of them bring up a defense of some sort, some try to charge, and the rest turn to try and run back into hiding. Of the suvivors only the ones who actively defended manage to stave off the attack if only for the moment. The others get impaled by the chakra and writh until they did. Of the three remaining they send a torrent of attacks against the Hokage. Earth, wind, and water. And while they aren't the strongest in the world, the crazed folk do have some surprising power behind their attacks.

A few streets over blue chakra flares but it does no more than cause the noise in the area to get louder and some more of the crazed folk run through alleyways, flashing into Daisuke's vision for only a moment before vanishing again on their way towards the sickly chakra surge.

Daisuke turns towards the attacks incoming and opens his mouth wide, letting out a sonic roar that surely echoes through the village as it hits the attacks and breaks them apart, causing them to fade away. Out of the corner of his eye he catches the flickering of quick movement, though nothing seemed to be of immediate danger. He makes note of the blue chakra surge, though he still has three of his own to deal with before he can move. He raises his arms out in front and shoots them out towards the remaining foes, these arms branching and weaving their way through the rubble and, if hit by defenses, would continue to branch to try to work their way around and grab their targets before finishing them off.

Of the trio only one tries to defend this time while the other two seem to be so angry at the roaring that they simply charge at Daisuke. Of course this only works for them to end up impaled themselves. The only survivor is the earth user who surrounds himself in earthen walls to keep the attacks from breaking through. For a few moments nothing happens, then the ground beneath Daisuke shoots upwards, pointed ends seeking to impale the Hokage where he stands.

Meanwhile, more people run towards the blue chakra and the cloak visibly shakes as numberous attacks continuously flash across it.

Daisuke manages to get two of them fine, though the remaining earth user seems to be frustratingly resilient. He has a few moments of nothing in the battle, which instinctively causes him to use his tremor sense to get visuals within the walls. This helps him avoid the earth spike that comes up from the ground and narrowly misses the Hokage, who bends backwards out of the way. In this position, the Hokage flashes through a series of seals before his chest expands and, leaning back up, he expels large balls of Lava towards the walled final foe, intending on melting and trapping the foe for good.

The earth user knows he's outmatched when it comes to facing the Hokage by himself. So instead when the lava hits his wall of earth he breaks out the back side of it and flees towards the blue glow and what seems to be the rest of his group, leaving Daisuke alone for. The blue chakra shudders again under the continued blows from all the people that seem to be attacking it. And now one can add the earth users' abilities as he sends mud bullets at the top of the failing shield.

"No you don't" Daisuke says as he notices the foe leaving out the backway towards the blue chakra. He sprints forward, in pursuit, leaping up onto the rubble from piece to piece as he makes his way down to the blue chakra and surrounding foes. Daisuke perches high on a broken building, looking down at the foes around the chakra. He flashes through a series of handseals before he opens his mouth slightly, a thick haze shooting out towards the entire group surrounding the blue chakra, the haze itself super heated and filled with glass shards and toxic particles.

The blue chakra is covering an entire building with Tatsuo sitting calmly on the roof. While he may have a calm demeanor the amount of chakra he's expending is rather significant, especially as attacks continue to come. Through the windows beneath him the building can be seen to be packed tight with civilians and Nobles, Tatsuo's cloak being the only thing between them and a vicious death. An assortment of crazed bodies lay close to the building as Tatsuo seems to have lashed out at anyone who got close enough, but now that they're all attacking from further out he's got his hands full.

The heated haze catches the group by surprise but, while some of them fall victim to the heat and dangerous items within, others don't seem to notice it as they react. From the haze comes out gouts of fire, water, and lightning towards Daisuke while a few others even venture out to strike at the Hokage with daggers, a trio surrounding him to attack.

After the last bout, Daisuke fully expects swift retaliation from the group he just attacked. He raises his arms and slams them down, expelling a viscous liquid from his mouth that begins to shape and harden into a Daisuke sized rubber ball that causes all attacks against it to bounce right back off it, some even bouncing back to the group. Meanwhile the Hokage has already sunk into the earth below the ball, leaving it empty but unable to see inside. From within the earth, Daisuke makes his way closer towards the ones who attacked with the elements, popping up behind them and letting out a powerful gout of white hot fire.

Again the earth users are the only ones able to shield themselves in time, sensing the Hokage moving through the ground and knowing where the attack was coming from. Crazed and anguished cries come from the others as their skin burns and melts from the attacks, leaving only a handful of earth users and the three taijutsuists alive. Those three, having now figured out that the ball is a decoy, descend on Daisuke again while spears of earth shoot up all around Daisuke, trying to impale him no matter which way he moves.

Daisuke lets his cloak pulse with chakra as it extends outwards and smashes the encroaching earth spikes, letting them crumble against the bijuu chakra. That pulsating cloak then produces numerous spiked appendages that shoot out towards the encroaching trio as some are sent underground to pop up beneath the earth-wielders feet to surprise them with a little taste of his own types of spears. He seems to be able to micromanage himself alright, but he does wonder what Tatsuo has been up to this whole time.

The crazies end up smashing against Daisuke's cloak which is bad news for them in the end. None of them survive the onslaught. Once Daisuke has taken care of the last of them Tatsuo's cloak splits and parts of it go into the building, tossing out a number of people bound by his water. It had taken some time for him to take care of the ones hiding inside with the innocents while at the same time trying to protect them all, and he had expended a good chunk of chakra for it, but it was worth it. "Hokage-dono," Tatsuo says warily as he drops off the building. "I cleared the rest of the buildings already. This is all that is left of the rabble. Unfortunately many of the city folk didn't survive either. I arrived too late."

Daisuke makes sure the rest of the foes are down before he moves towards Tatsuo and the villagers. "That is fine, Tatsuo, you saved who you could. How exactly did you think you were going to hold out in your position, though? Seems like a lot of chakra to use in a steady stream." he asks his protege as his cloak disappears and he returns to his normal Hokage self. He leans to the side to look past Tatsuo towards the villagers and smiles. "Hello everyone, it should be ok. I am sorry for your losses. The capitol will surely pitch in materials and workers to help you rebuild, though that does not make the loss of life any easier." he says to the crowd with a sympathetic tone of voice.

"I knew you'd be coming at some point. My only thought was to protect who was left, even if I did have to weed out a few from the other side that were hiding. With what they were throwing at me, if I let the barrier down for even a moment they would've destroyed the building and everyone in it." Tatsuo had had to depend on backup arriving, and luckily it did before he'd completely exhausted himself. In retrospect he could've tried to do something else, but there might have been more casualties. His eyes sink to the ground, sure he's about to be chastised. But then it would be a lesson learned.

"You were lucky I have a nifty fast form of travel, so it worked out." Daisuke says to Tatsuo clapping his shoulder with a hand. "Other backup wouldn't have been so quick." That's all for the chastising from the Hokage, as he pushes Tatsuo forward lightly and motions to the villagers, "Lets get them all sorted and help clean up a bit. Pick off any stragglers as well. All things considered I'd say mission complete." he says with a smile.

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