Second Promotion Exams - Byakugan Against Sharingan: Naru vs. Hiroshi


Ogosokamaru Naru, Hiroshi

Date: December 4, 2012


Narusegawa and Hiroshi battle it out for a scroll!

"Second Promotion Exams - Byakugan Against Sharingan: Naru vs. Hiroshi"

Dark Cavern

Hiroshi would find himself in the thick wooded area of the land of waters hidden tropical oasis. The tree's stretching from small shrubs to large giant over head tree's home to whatever would find itself in this location. Hiroshi however would find himself resting against an extremely large tree just before the reaching of the inner oasis. The time for the exams has reached its mid turning point where most who spent their chakra amounts and fought wildly are becoming the prey of those who conserved their chakra. Hiroshi however would simply be there, having split up with his purple cloaked ally for a moment the teen hyuuga would find himself waiting here to re-group with his companion. The two had different ideals about what this exam was about but they worked well together, and got along for the most point, Hiroshi would look rather good for someone who spent days in what most would describe as hell. His face and clothing was dirty but no sign of blood or struggle was upon him.

And speaking of looking 'good'. The purple clad warrior was still wearing that gaudy robe and mask. Blood didn't stain the robe at all, for the color didn't turn from having any more red in it, and the mask wasn't chipped or anything just yet. Maybe someday, but not right now. He landed from a leap at the oasis, the robe fluttering a bit as he stopped abruptly with the landing. He looks around, knowing this was the regroup point for when he had finished his scouting task he put himself on to see if there were any hostiles in the area. If there were any, they'd have more than enough skill to get the jump on Ogo. But he's fast enough, hopefully no one is that fast to catch him anyway. He stands there and waits for Hiroshi to come out, the same way they had discussed before he had headed out earlier. Basically just stand there for a good ten or twelve seconds after looking around with his head, and wait. If either of them wave with the right hand and/or nod, it's someone in disguise posing as them. Left hand and a chinjut was the signal.

Everything seemed to be going all according to plane for Narusegawa, though she wasn't at all unscathed. She fought long and hard throughout the entire exam, pushing herself leading the obtaining all the scrolls she required, still this wasn't going to be the end of testing her strength, she was key on pushing herself even further as well as looking for other worthy fighters that might be more prone to joining her in the final exams. She came across a particular group from a distance, no one she had really seen before, but Ogosokamaru looked at least somewhat familiar, she didn't realize who it was however at the given moment. "A Hyuuga?" Naru suddenly asks as she arches an eyebrow, taking a few steps towards Hiroshi arms crossed along one another. " I didn't think any of you would be in the exams this year…"
Hiroshi would turn to peer over the right corner, "Back already." He would say to himself as he digs into his duffel bag only to take out a small canteen of water. He would wait several moments before coming out, instead he would take a sip from the canteen before replacing the cap and standing to his feet. Hiroshi would raise his left hand in the return of the signal but it was at that moment that a smirk grew back upon his face, "Really I know this is the sixth time I have asked but, purple?" would be his only response before Naru came into the area. Hiroshi would maintain his eye sight upon Ogo for several moments, before his pale orbs shift lightly towards the right to peer at the female not far from him. "You, you say that almost as if you are disgusted with us." He would say, his voice was firm and deep yet no true hostility was in it.
Ogo would turn his head slightly to get Naru in his field of vision, dropping his hand and looking between she and Hiroshi. Maybe she wouldn't recognize his voice from behind the mask? He wouldn't dare it either way, knowing that in some way something bad or good could come from him removing his mask and she realizing who he is, and for now, he just shakes his head and walks over to a rock, moving to stand on it and take a look around the forest around them for signs of anyone following him or maybe just in hiding in this area.

"Not disgusted… I just find it to be rather interesting, though you all are known for your taijutsu prowess, I suppose I should say I'm not very surprised either," Naru responded back with a slight nod of her head, keeping her arms snug crossed along her chest while tilting her head at him. " How many scrolls do you have, Hyuuga?" She questioned, obviously there was some intent about acquiring his scroll. "By the looks of yourself and your friend it appears as though you haven't gotten into many scuffles, there has to bee a reason for that, right?" She arched her eyebrow in question, every now and then her gaze looked towards the robed figure, just to make sure a trap wouldn't spring.

Hiroshi would arch a brow at Ogo's reaction, "You seem comfortable with her here?" he would ask, but it seems Ogo was not in a talking mood could she be the one he mentioned at one point? As she questioned him Hiroshi would simply watch her carefully, Ogo didn't seem to believe she was an enemy so she was not treated as one. At that moment Hiroshi would arch a brow as he shake his head at the girl, "Scuffles, if you mean putting my body on the line during the first hours no. There is more than one way to defend and obtain a scroll, keep in mind that is the mandate of this exam, not a slaughter fest. But to better answer your question no I did not make a novice mistake and allow my pride or lust for battle to cause me to be disabled at the start of this exam. That was bad strategy, and would have ended bad. Where most I have encountered wasted large amounts of chakra, and suffered near death and comas with weeks still remaining in this exam, not to mention only to get picked off by the snake in the grass that strikes when both opponents are weak, I planned everything out." He would say moving towards a nearby tree to lean against it. "Curiosity sated?"

Ogo sighs, hopping off the rock and looking between the two of them for a moment, then smiling beneath the mask, he reaches up and peeks out from behind it at Hiroshi, face stricken with a tough decision, then he takes it all the way off and looks at Naru. "Naru-chan, if you and Hiroshi fight, I will not take part on either side. You are both former comrades of mine, and I won't take a side. As long as after wards, we aren't enemies." He knew what happened to her before, laying there on the ground bleeding. "But, I will assure you no one will interfere if you want to scuffle our clothes-" he stops talking, and just looks down and grins for a second, forcing it away. "But, if you'll excuse me, there's someone out there and I plan on getting rid of them quickly. So if you want to fight me, I'll be back in a little while." And with that, his offer to fight Naru, if she didn't want to fight Hiroshi, was offered, and he puts the mask back on, and before she could answer he would be leaping into the treeline to disp

Once Ogosokamaru decided to speak it became quite obvious who he was, especially with the blade he was carrying around, she blinked lightly though kept a hand along the hilt of her blade regardless, she knew that Ogosokamaru wasn't going to fight with her unlesss really pressed, but at the moment she wasn't interested in doing so. " How honorable of you not to step into this fight, I don't have any intentions of battling you…But maybe…" She spoke back to Ogo before turning her attention back to Hiroshi. " You didn't tell me if you had a scroll or not, so I'm going to assume that you do have one of them… The Exam are on their last legs, waiting out for too long iwll only amount to your failure…" With a slight step back she shook her head, and appeared to be readying herself. " I'm going to take your scroll…and offer it to someone else that might make better use out of it…"

"The final climax is upon us, with that those who were injured at the start are recovering, if you hurt yourself so soon by fighting now Ogo, you will not be at full power at the end, and then you may become easy pray." He would say as both arms fold across his chest, his intense pale eyes locked upon Naru as he watches her as if trying to read her body language. "I take it by your attitude you were one of the ones who jumped into an assault at this start of the exam, and things didn't go well. You peg me as the type who jumps first and walks into an ambush. But I share Ogo's feelings I have about a zero percent reason to fight you and waste my chakra and endanger my own health before the end, that surely means you are throwing the mission away." He would say as he simply tilts his head towards her, "You expect me to fight you and go towards my limits to protect a scroll and allow a nearby enemy to pick me off as I recover which is not done over night. Have you considered your own condition if that was to h

"Who said anything about being pushed to the limits? I'm an Uchiha, Hyuuga. We are known to take many risks and chances even when the probability is close to nil. I'm aware of the risks, and I have no intention of fighting to the death, if you fight well enough I will just give you the scroll that I have, it is as simple as that," Naru responded back, she already had begun to ready herself, even chakra began to surge into her eye's forcing the pale hue of her sharingan to blossom to flourshion. " This has absolutely nothing to do with how these exams have started… But I will test you regardless if you like it or not," Naru explains slightly narrowing her eyes upon him. "So ready yourself…"

"No your clan much like my own is known for hate and distrust of other clans and even its own members." Hiroshi would simply sigh as he takes a small black scroll from the inner regions of his carapace clothing, "If this is what you want you can have it. All you have to do is trade me its sister and you can go on and find someone else to bother and have waste their chakra." He would say in a regretful sigh, he would tilt his head towards the right once more to pop his bones as if he were limbering himself up. His face would go ashen for a moment as a small bulge begins to ripple from his ears travelling down in several lines towards his eyes. A deep intensity would gather in his eyes as he peers at her with his deep pale orbs. "Taking chances is good only when you have a clear insight of the path ahead of you, without that insight taking to many risk and chances could mean the death of a squad or a nation. So once more, are you willing to take such a chance?" he would ask, as he forms the tiger seal, a bursting gust of wind would pulse from him as he gathers a set amount of chakra into his limbs.

"Your eye's aren't the only set that offer clarity and insight… Our clans are known for their hatred and we will continue to clash as time goes on, but this right here has nothing to do with that rivalry… There are many things I don't agree with in the village but I do understand that in order for us to survive we absolutely have to preservere… " As her own chakra began to kick up almost instantly naru began to go through a set of hand seals, the moisture in the air had become more dense as she began to focus on the water element. " I have a goal that I must accomplish, prove to me that the Hyuuga clan has the capacity to hold the balance in the village…" Naru finalized and suddenly a swirling wash of water chakra was formed, concentrated into a pointed spear until finally launching it at the Hyuuga. "Water Release! Water Lance!" She exclaims, while following upon with another set of hand seals. "Raiton! Raikouhira!" Orbs of lightning sparks soon followed right after him in an attempt to delibate him, especially if the water hit.

Hiroshi would simply watch her as he remains silent, a small regretful sigh escaping his lips as he simply shake shis head, "I see fighting is really unavoidable, but if it is a science project you wish to experience you wont find it here. I care little for such things at this time since my mandate is a scroll." He would say as he brings himself into a stance. As the lance came forward Hiroshi would attempt to step himself out of harms way only that was no good, she was able to dig just into his side with the water. "And electricity, are you trying to kill me?" He would ask as he maneuvers himself from harms way dodging just outside of the rations range. Hiroshi would hold his right hand up as an amount of chakra builds up in the left hand, forming the head of a dragon, while the right only appears to focus a great deal of chakra into it. "Roar." Is all he would say as he launches forward towards the uchiha.

Naru's body moved skillfully with the motion of his strikes, her ability to predict their trajectory allowed her to move well before his attack had the ability to strike her. The fight had prompted her to suddenly draw her blade, maintaining close range between the both of them for better or for worst, after all a Hyuuga's forte was their taijutsu. Upon drawing her blade scorching electricity began to buzz and vibrate along the vibrant edge. Following through with the sweeping motion she guided the blade across his chest with hopes of barely scratching the flesh, but also allowing the bite of the lightning to induce numbness of contact was made. She also followed through with a second strike, backing away from their exchange of blows… "Katon! Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" From her lips she expells a small condensed fireball to smash into him. " Unfortunately… My attacks are more so lethal, though I know that your gentle strikes are more than what they seem…"

Hiroshi would carefully examine her body as she speaks as if he were reading and comparing her chakra with his own, its true her attacks were more lethal he would have to get close if he wished to hit her. As she summoned up her lightning Hiroshi would barely have time to count as he dodges the blade by more inches. Her second attack however was not as easy, but Hiroshi would find himself spinning backwards several times, as he does a single black flip out of the attacks range. Hiroshi would start to bridge a gap between them, moving back several spaces as he binds himself to a nearby tree. "Hmmm, This wont continue for long, I dislike using up so much chakra at such an early time." He would say as he takes out two shuriken. He would throw the stars towards Naru, but that was not all, as soon as this was done he would vanish from where he was, his feet hitting the ground once more as he once again gathers chakra into his fingers, this time searching for a well placed strike.

Dodge and tumble appeared to be how Narusegawa was defending against the bulk of the attacks. As the Shuriken came forth attempting from above, she reached down to pick up a few rocks at her feet, chucking them at the shuriken, one of them deflected while the another slightly pushed off though still razered along the side of her arm. Even beening slashed by the shuriken she found herself ever vigilant, keeping her eye's on Hiroshi to determine just where he would be moving next she narrowly avoids his strike pressing against the foundation and thrusting herself up into the air to apply her own counter attack. Right at his feet would be a single explosive tag, while needles of water came in from all directions in an attempt to catch him off guard…

Hiroshi would be silent as he watched only a single shuriken nick her, but he had no time to sulk as she managed to dodge his attack something would catch the attention of his byakugan, a tag. In that instant Hiroshi would dash from the spot only to catch a glimpse of the needles with his byakugan. His swift dodging movements would keep up as he spins in several directions dodging the needle barrage. However instead of backing away he would move forward moving several steps before her as he dashes forward in a spinning rotation, however the spin would be in reverse, he was not trying to knock her back but instead pull her in to his zone. The spinning would keep up for several moments before the blue chakra fades only to have him launch a chakra infused palm forward seeking to strike her tenketsu.

The intensity of the fight was increasing, Narusegawa could note the change not so much in his demeanor but the latitude of each of his strikes. The heavenly spin prompted Narusegawa to suddenly create her own force of spinning chakra, water began to form about her, spinning and spiraling about her form to catch herself against the speed of the spin, more or less clashing with one another but not causing any harm between any of them, the ribbons would last up until the second strike, pushing him out of the way and keeping him out of striking range. " Your abilities are definitely up to par when it comes to being a Hyuuga… more so than any Hyugua I ihad ever had the chance to battle, " perhaps you are rather deserving hmm?" She arched a brow and leaped backwards after the attack, brinign herself to her feet. Suddenly the ground would attempt to pull Hiroshi down into a dark abyss, briefly locking him in place and chaining him tightly with invisible threads of chakra, he was being trapped within a genjutsu. " I agree wit hyou, it would be a waste to use too much chakra and energy here…"

Hiroshi would simply peer at her for several moments as she speaks, a small sigh escaping him as he proceeds to pop his neck, he could not risk continuing much longer let alone bringing out a more feral fighting side of him, his chakra was at a limit now he did not want it to go. "And you are quick on your feet and your seals I will give you that much." He would say as he slowly feels an eerie feeling come over him, his feet sinking down into the ground it seems. IS this a jutsu of her own, I did not see her perform hand seals. Hiroshi would question as he started to sink more, meh genjutsu he would respond to himself as he slowly sunk further and further. A small sigh would come over him as he sinks down into the abyss, the chakra threads binding his body, true he could have tried to break out of this but was he willing to completely exhaust himself so much for this fight. "If this is your idea of flattering me I find bondage less appealing. The scroll is within my clothing take it or leave it, but I wont continue to break my body." He would say truly thinking of a bigger and longer picture it seems losing here and now was not his problem.

Narusegawa's genjutsu took place, though it was interesting to see that he wasn't very interested in protecting himself against her genjutsu. She approached him from within the darkness, a light sigh escaping her lips as she shook her head. " I thought you would at least to try and get out of this, but I suppose it is of no matter… Don't worry Your body won't continue to break in anyway, and I'm not interested in your scroll either," She reached behind into a pounch behind her back, slowly revealing a scroll of her own, reaching into his clothing to tuck it away close to him. " You should be enjoying this genjutsu, gnerally when I use techniques like this it involves lots of binding and lots of pain…" As she offered him the scroll she took a step back and finally began to release her genjutsu. " This should be good enough,"

Hiroshi's intense pale gaze stared into the darkness as the strands held him down, his body was tired and being affected by the genjutsu but he refused to show the strain upon his face. "Getting out would have used to much of the chakra I intend to use to defend myself when the end is near, a scroll for my wounds over the next few days is an exchange I can accept." He would say as he gaze upon her as she would place the scroll upon him, the skeptical gaze would slowly form upon his face, did she hand me a scroll or was this simple genjutsu? The question would echo through his mind as she spoke, the strands tightening just lightly, "A man was told me pain was something that can easily be replaced. IF you stop feeling it, you can simply start using it." He would say as the genjutsu slowly releases his byakugan still in full bloom. He would not brother to check if the scroll was there he would simply remain as he was, the area around him returning to normal. "What should be good enough?"
A few moments after Naru would finish her last sentence, Ogo would end up on a tree branch coming back from the direction in which he left a little while ago. His weapon was under his cloak now, which was made sure to cover his body and weapons as it was now overlapped in the front. He only realized his weapon was on the outside a few minutes after leaving to go take care of whoever or whatever it was.
Speaking of which, it was on his back. The carcass of a boar which he held by the hind legs over his shoulder, and hopped down to the ground then stood up from his crouch to look at the two standing there. He really didn't know what was going on, nor that Naru had just handed Hiroshi a scroll. But for now, he leaves them alone and pulls his tanto from inside his cloak with his free hand, and drops the boar. In a moment, he was cutting up a small tree nearby, a little ways away from the other two, and made quick work of it to turn it into freshly cut logs and tinder, and started building them up into a firepit to cook the meat. Another few sticks to make a spit, which the hog was set upon and then when Hiroshi starts talking, Ogo turns to look, but then goes back to what he was doing. It wasn't long before the smell of cooking food would pour through the small area around them. If someone smelled it, let them come and eat and be merry. Ogo didn't care. As long as noone bothered him while he was cooking or eating.

"It's of no matter…" Naru replied about his last comment, what he would come to known was the scroll she offered him wasn't at all genjutsu. " You appear to be the snake that attacks when two combatants are weak… That isn't necessarily a bad thing however, you have an interesting and useful strategy however…. Failing to defend yourself can lead to much more grave situations, and terrible wounds," Naru informed turning tail away from him and taking a few steps back, she could smell something, and it was apparent that the man in the purple cloak had returned back. " Ogo-san is back… It would be best to meet up with him soon increase there are any vultures about…"

Hiroshi would simply shake his head as his blood line limit slowly begins to fade, a small amount of blooding from his earlier wound, but nothing serious, He would turn to face and see ogo had returned and was cooking before turning to Naru, "You are only half right, I don't do anything on impulse however I have it to a certain extent. IF Ogo saw you as no threat when you approached earlier I knew you had not a killing intent or one that would bring overly severe damage to myself, not to mention breaking out of the genjutsu of the Uchiha is not easy, it can be done but it is not easy and I had not the effort to use my chakra and energy on someone who has no killing intent. Second, you mistake my part in the story of the snake. For I am not the snake in the grass who preys upon the weak. I am the mongoose on the land who would prey upon those who would prey upon the weak. That way instead of dealing with two enemies alone, I deal with one and accomplish the mandate without causing a bloodbath, or sitting by as one happened." He would say as he turns towards Ogo halting in his steps, "I am not a simple person to figure out."

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