Blood and Bones - Calling The Pack To Hunt


Yuge, Yuuka, Jynn, Meruin

Date: May 17, 2013


The situation with the uprising Kaguya has escalated, producing a body. Herein, the Mizukage calls together some of his forces to begin rectifying the situation himself rather than leaving it to the clan itself.

"Blood and Bones - Calling The Pack To Hunt"

The Mizukage's Office

Administration Building - Mizukage's Office [Kirigakure]

This room sports a large wooden desk which sits upon a blue-green carpet, the walls are decorated with scrolls of militiristic sayings and commendations from missions for jounin. A single large chair sits behind the desk and in front of the desk are two smaller chairs. On the wall opposite the door is a large single-pane window which looks off of a cliff and out into the sea.

Meruin (Lumberjack)

South - (S) [Administration Building - Hallway]

Needless to say, the village was in an uproar. There were those who wanted to kill off the whole clan completely fighting with those who still tried to speak peace. Yuge has been working on gathering more information. Something or someone is twisting the clans of his village and he was not pleased. Summoning Yuuka and Meruin both to his office, the whole place was abuzz about the latest incident. The holes in the wall had already been patched up, a proper burial given for the chuunin killed. There was going to be blood to be had. However.. the feeling was this wasn't based in Kiri. Simply a manipulation of Kiri.

Troubling times, indeed. But if Okumo Meruin felt any of it as he travelled through the shouting crowd as it parted for him, it was very well buried behind the emotionless mask on his face. None were given a glance as he walked. Or perhaps he intensely scrutinized each of them. Who could say with the pupiless nature of his dark eyes? Regardless, he was soon at the door to the Mizukage's room, a hand rising to loudly rap it's knuckles on the wood of it. He waited and, provided he was allowed entrance, would open the door, pass through it, close it behind him, and bow his greeting to the "Mizukage.
"You'd summoned?"

It wasn't even a moment after Meruin enters the Mizukage's office that Kaguya Yuuka follows, dressed in black robes of morning for the Chuunin that was killed. Whatever light and mirth was usually in her bright aquamarine eyes is now faded, as if a piece of her had been ripped away from the seriousness of the situation. As the door closes behind her, Yuuka lifts her gaze up at Yuge before she dips herself with a low bow towards him, "Mizukage-sama… I wish we could meet under better circumstances…"

Having been summoned, Wraith dressed and quickly made his way to the Kages office. Appearing and standing at Yuge's right side of his desk, he hasn't made much motions or noise from where he is, for now just standing there his mask covering his face. Blacks and greys silhouettes his form, his clothing baggy enough to be useful in fighting and doing whatever he needs but not too baggy to get caught on anything. He's heard of the death of the Chuunin thats died, but for now he stands there watching as Yuuka comes in dressedin all blacks. A woman he really respects and he agreed to be meeting under better circumstances, but for now nothing comes from him.

A final nod was given to Wraith as he finally came with the summon. They were all together which is what he appreciated in his nin. A small nod was given to each Meruin and Yuuka, his own voice darker than normal, the whole thing weighing heavily on Yuge's mind it seems. "Indeed. I really wish we could meet in a better time and place than now. That, however, does not negate the fact that we must deal with the here and now." He'd motion to the chairs for Meruin and Yuuka, settling into his own seat. "We must find out what is going on with this business. Your attempts to resolve it have not quite met with success. Or at the very least, it forced the person that is trying to manipulate us all, into acting rashly." Yuge would give a small shake of his head then, a grim look on his face. "Killing one of my shinobi is a line that you do not cross without payment in full. There is enough evidence collected that I do not fully believe Raiji is behind this. There is someone else manipulating people here." Pausing for a moment, considering who was gathered, it may as well go as he expected it to. "This does not leave this room, Yuuka-san." Yuge looks to Meruin then. "You are officially a hunter nin. You work under Wraith who will assign you a name. Gather garb appropriate for the vestment. Both of you will begin your first assignment immediately. Track down the source of what is causing this outburst in the Kaguya, end it. Understood?"

Meruin's head turns to the side as the door opens behind him, dark orbs watching as Kaguya Yuuka steps through. He makes space, simply nodding to the woman before turning to look towards the suddenly arriving Wraith. ANBU, then. Perhaps in the hunter sub-sect, by garb and the nature of the investigation that this conversation is doubtless going to take.
Whatever the nature of his present company, there was a seat offered by the Mizukage and the Okumo made no hesitation in taking it, barely seeming to touch the ground in his movement until his descent into the chair.
He is silent. Still. Unobtrusive. Taking far more in than he let out, as though the whole of his focus were on absorbing what was around him. And he took it all in. Situation, command of secrecy, and his abrupt induction, all without a single blink. The command was given and he inclines his head, the word "Mizukage," marking his obeisance, looking all the world as though he'd expected the announcement. He looked to Wraith. A nod.
They would see to matters after the meeting.

Lowering herself into the offered seat, Yuuka watches Yuge across his desk while she listens, a small frown forming in her face. "You think someone is trying to manipulate a situation into their favor?" she asks, not quite sure if she believes it yet. "What intel do you have that supports that?" The Swordsman falls silent once more as he talks, revealing his suspicions on Kaguya Raiji and the possibility of someone pulling his strings. Looking to Wraith and Meruin, she doesn't seem surprised that both are in fact Hunter-nin. Yuuka glances back to the Mizukage as she murmurs, "I request that there be at least one Kaguya member on this team. The village should not be responsible for internal clan affairs, but an innocent life was taken as well. I think it should not be solely Kirigakure or solely Kaguya investigating, but both together."

Wraith just faces forwad, his attention is spread through the room right now, and no doubtly that there are others are watching the Hokage office as well. Upon being told that Meruin has been appointed to Hunter-Nin, Wraith looks to the Mizukage and bows his head slightly then looks in Meruins direction and nods his head again. His focus goes back to the room at large and as he listens, he's been given some infomration not a lot and now Yuuka wants a Kaguya basically appointed as Hunter-Nin as well. That isn't his decision and so he does wonder what the Mizukage will respond with. Granted Yuuka-sama has a point the would need a Kaguya in this now.

Meruin turns his head to look towards Yuuka as she speaks, head canted just so, listening with blatant intent as he's done the whole of the meeting thus far. As she finished speaking, however, his gaze turns to the Mizukage, awaiting his response. "Mizukage," he begins after it, his hair beginning to thread itself into a braid, moving in languid sweeps. "I believe Kaguya Yuuka's request was to have one of their clan included on the covert side of the investigation. That is to say, working with Wraith and I. And while I see the propriety in this, I personally advise against it. We do know that the person who committed the murder is Kaguya, strong enough to kill a chuunin, and well enough versed in the subtle arts to pin the body and escape while avoiding detection. Someone meeting these requirements is precisely who we would search for to join our investigation. I believe it the chance that we will be bringing our own enemy into our midst is too great a risk to abide by."

Listening, her lips part with a small breath as she dips her chin slightly. "Agreed." Yuuka murmurs, meeting Yuge's direct gaze as he suggests including Kiku in on their side of the investigation. It was an interesting notion, but from her experience in the past with the girl she's always been a wild card, unpredictable. "Perhaps. I will consider the option." When Meruin speaks up, she turns her snowy head to glance at him, frowning slightly. "I do not disagree with your objections Meruin-kun, but hat kind of thinking is dangerous. If one clan is excluded because of one reason or another, resentment can be harbored and later it becomes more violent."

Yuge gives a small nod in response to Yuuka. "I do agree. That is a dangerous slope to slip on. However, that is not the reason why I am not adding a Kaguya to the covert side of this operation. Those who are called hunter nin are very specifically selected. Those whom I trust with such activities. There has not been a Kaguya that has gotten to that point yet." Pondering, he'd look between each of them in turn, before finally a nod was given. "If there is nothing else, then we can consider this meeting adjourned. I look forward to the reports of your findings as soon as you are able to do such."

"Noone knows that there will be a hunter corp investigation but Wraith, I, Kaguya Yuuka, and the Mizukage," speaks Meruin. "So long as it stays that way, I do believe we shall be in the clear of this danger." The Okumo rises to his feet in a single supple motion, inclining his head to first Yuge, then Yuuka. "I will give my reports as soon as anything significant arises. Be well." He looks towards Wraith then, inclining his head.
"We have dealings to discuss."

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