Can You Spot the Difference?


Michiko, Sakuya

Date: October 10, 2016


Michiko goes snake hunting. The problem is that finding a specific snake gets amazingly difficult.

"Michiko's Sensor Training: Can You Spot the Difference?"

Land of Lightning - Kumogakure

It was an interesting propisition. Sakuya was asked to meet Michiko to help her train sensory abilities. It was fascinating that Michiko was trying to expand something like this, and given Michiko asked her to help Sakuya assumed that she was only going to help her 'refine' her sensory capacity. Michiko would have likely received a missive about ten minutes before the training session asking the Head Ninja to 'Seek Sakuya Out', giving no hints other than Sakuya would likely be nearby, and would sit silently to allow Michiko to use her sensory ability to seek her out. It seemed like a more useful way of helping her fine tune her abilities.

Frankly, Michiko had no idea this was actually happening. One of her summons, a white fox by the name of Shiki, was able to organize this without the Head Ninja realizing what was going on. It really only helps that the white fox knew a great deal about how Michiko's schedule worked, so she was able to maneuver everything such that Michiko was a bit surprised to get the missive.
When Michiko got the letter on her desk, she blinks. And then Shiki appears on her desk. "Really?" Michiko would ask with a raised brow. The fox would blink back innocently. "I know nothing, Iwata-san. You should just work on finding Hebisuuhai-san." Michiko rolls her eyes and flicks the fox on the ear before standing and taking a breath. "Just need to find Sakuya-san, then…" she mumbles, focusing on the senses she was still working on honing…

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…56
RP: Sakuya rolled a 70 with 1d100 die.

There were actually two Sakuya. Well, two different individuals who seemed to have Sakuya's chakra. One was actually Zuzu henged as Sakuya. Their chakra was very well attuned, and felt the same. At the same time, however, there was a difference in Zuzu's chakra pathway network. It was aligned differently, but only more advanced sensors would pick up that difference. That, of course, is Michiko's objective. Zuzu was actually closer to Michiko than Sakuya. Michiko would have to see if she could differentiate between Sakuya and Zuzu's fine details in order to pick one another out. All the while, Zuzu and Sakuya kept in touch with Genjutsu. «I can sense Michiko. She is currently in her office as planned.» - »Good. If she even senses us, she'll have to pick and choose between us.«

RP: Michiko makes a Int roll and got 16.
RP: Sakuya makes a Int roll and got 10.
RP: Sakuya makes a Int roll and got 14.
RP: Michiko rolled a 55 with 1d100 die.

For better or for worse, Michiko was able to figure out that there were two people that 'felt' like her student. It was a bit strange to be able to feel that there were two… The problem was that she wasn't sure which was which… She could at least assume that one was Zuzu and the other was Sakuya, but she couldn't differentiate the two. "Such a clever snake…" Michiko would comment idly to herself, deciding to go and seek out the one nearest to her: Zuzu. Michiko's senses at least told her that Zuzu was nearby. "I wonder if I'll be finding him or her…" Shiki would stand up and follow after Michiko to just keep an eye on how things would progress.

Michiko would have eventually come across Zuzu, of course. Zuzu, whom was henged as Sakuya, would be sitting upon a roof not a quarter mile outside of the Raikage's office. For all intents and purposes, he was Sakuya. "Miiiichiko-sensei!" Sakuya would stand up and wave to her sensei! Ah… Yes. A rather excited and spirited Sakuya. Which, obviously wasn't Sakuya. Sakuya these days emulates Michiko. Thus, a few moments later, and Zuzu would appear where Sakuya was. His voice returning to normal, of course.
"Kukuku… Of course it is I, Zuzu. Sakuya would never be so Happy go Lucky anymore. The village crushed that personality. So, now you understand, that this game is about differentiating similar chakra types. We will both change position, and then flare our chakra so that it is easier to see from any distance. It will be, of course, in your best interest to focus hard and choose the real Sakuya based on those subtle differences…"
Zuzu would communicate with his partner to lower the amount of chakra she was focusing, and he would do the same. Zuzu would slither off, outside of Michiko's range, likely switching up positions with Sakuya to throw Michiko off… Then, their chakra would flare once again.

RP: Michiko rolled a 22 with 1d100 die.

Michiko raises a brow when she sees Sakuya/Zuzu, though she would appear beside them either way. "Hmm… Is that so? Interesting… I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing, though," Michiko would say in response. She would fall silent as Zuzu tells her the plan, and she offers a small nod to show she understands. "Sounds simple. Let's see how well I do, though," she says, chuckling just a bit. Michiko would wait for Zuzu to disappear, just waiting for a bit. She didn't focus as hard on her sensing abilities, though she was trying to keep them in the back of her mind until she felt … Yep. The flaring of chakra she was starting to be able to sense. It was actually annoying since there were constantly flares of chakra like that coming from the training center.

"Hmm… Was that them? It's hard to tell…" she mumbles to herself. What she sensed wasn't Sakuya, nor was it Zuzu. Whoever it was just happened to mess with the Head Ninja. "That wasn't it, I don't think… But where…" Of course, they would get to flare chakra again unless they felt she was taking too long, in all likelihood, so at this point she needed to really concentrate on things. "Just need to concentrate…" she would mutter to herself, not moving much at all from her spot.

Sakuya and Zuzu ket into contact. Their senses were able to keep track of Michiko through different ways. «I don't think she notices us, Zuzu.» Sakuya would communicate with her partner. »Perhaps there is intereference. Focus more chakra. The point is differentiation, not detection…« - «Right, right… You know, it is rather nice to give back in some way, you know? I think tha-» - »I don't care.« Sakuya would sigh and keep her mind shut as she raises her chakra-level. Perhaps this time Michiko will find her.

RP: Michiko rolled a 59 with 1d100 die.

Michiko sighs softly. She supposes they moved out of her current range, given that she can't find them. The girl taps her chin, thinking back to when the chakra flare came in. "Well, I know that they're that way, at least…" she says to herself, starting to head in a specific direction. Hopefully she'd be able to detect something… And she /is/ able to find someone. She just isn't sure if that someone is Zuzu or Sakuya at this point. The Head Ninja chooses to stop atop a roof, taking a few moments to analyze the chakra signature so she could tell if it was the snake or her student.

RP: Michiko rolled a 89 with 1d100 die.

Finally, a success! Michiko would be able to figure out the fine differences when Sakuya and Zuzu increased their chakra levels. Specifically, the greater one's chakra is focused the more easy it is to tell the difference. Zuzu's chakra pathway was simple, almost linear. Sakuya's chakra pathway branched far more. This difference in how chakra flowed through the body allowed Michiko to notice that subtle difference, and thus she can distinguish between the two…

"Aha…" Michiko says, finally able to differentiate them. She could tell that the two had higher chakra levels than earlier and knew that they were going a bit easy on her, but she's just glad she was able to tell the difference. It took a few seconds, and then she was standing beside Sakuya. "Found you, Sakuya-san. Should we try again?" she offers. "At least until I'm able to track you down a bit easier … In a shorter time than I just had, I should say. Also, interesting in how you chose to hide yourself… Not bad, though, either."

"Yes, I'm the real one." Sakuya said with a small smile as Michiko arrived at her position. She was glad that she could undo the seal and focus less chakra. "I'm glad my idea worked. It was Shiki's idea to leave you completely in the dark." Sakuya would take a deep breath as she agreed. "Practice makes perfect, sensei. This time, though, we won't focus so much chakra… Add a little difficulty." Repeating this a few times, it is certain that Michiko will be able to perfect differentiation!

Michiko basically worked for the next two hours on the same task. By the end of it, she was very tired and felt her senses were pushed to their limits. /Someday/ this would come to be second nature for her, but until that happened, she'd have to endure this harsher training. Shiki seemed a bit too pleased with the results, naturally. The training sessions that Michiko was going through with the other Kumo-nin were going a lot better than some of the one-on-one sessions that the two have been going through. Which is why the fox would disappear to go and prepare another tor-training session!

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