Capture the escaped prisoner!


Ryo, Taiki, Atsuro, Naru

Date: March 13, 2012


Atsuro gets a falcon from the misssion office to capture an escaped prisoner, so he grabs Taiki, Naru, and Ryo to track him down and stop him.

"Capture the escaped prisoner!"

Fire country docks.

A falcon with a bird lands near Atsuro. The falcon is holding a missive with the seal of Konoha upon it. The scroll reads…

This missive is Urgent.

Inuzuka Atsuro.

A criminal has escaped the Konohagakure facility. Last sightings place him heading in the direction of the docks. Below is a photo of the man and a piece of cloth from his cell. Gather anyone in your immediate area and pursue the criminal. Do not let him get on board a ship. The man you are facing is named Ki Takeo. He is a master of lightning ninjutsu and fairly decent at water manipulation. He is wanted alive but if not dead is acceptable.

"Okay, let's see it again." Atsuro is in Team 10's training area with Taiki when the falcon lands nearby. But it seems like they're going to hold up for a moment. "Wait, hold on," he says. "What fresh hell is this?" he mutters under his breath. He takes the instructions from the falcon. "Thanks," he says, waving the bird off, then breaks the seal and opens the letter to read. "Seriously?" he groans. Well, whatever. "Taiki, Taizen, Shinobu… other dogs, you can go home," he calls, waving them all over, "Come on. We've got a job to do."
After a quick search of the nearby training grounds, he also manages to rustle up Ryo and Naru. "Okay everyone," he announces, "We're heading to the docks, pronto. We're looking for an escaped criminal named Ki Takeo. He uses lightning and water, and they think he's trying to board a ship. We need to stop them. Try to capture him, kill him if you have to." He pulls the cloth out of his pocket. "Taiki, Shinobu, Taizen. Here's the scent. Get a good whiff," he adds, "If it's not too disgusting." Apparently the prison here lacks proper bathing facilities.

Taiki and Shinobu have been training hard, and it seems to have paid off a bit. Shinobu is now quite capable of a regular tsuga on his own, under just about any condition. The duo are still have slight problems with coordination, but they're getting closer, and soon their teamwork will be sufficient to finally achieve Gatsuga. They're even closer when they use their juuijin bunshin, as the increase in teamwork gives them a decided advantage. Really, it's only a matter of time. The pair look at each other when the falcon lands, Taiki's face at least turning serious. Falcons never bring good news.

This seems proven when Atsuro orders Taiki's guards to go home. The older two lead the younger away at a fast run, apparently intent on letting Taiki's parents know. In the meantime Taiki and Shinobu follow, with the former giving a nod to both Uchiha and a smile toward Naru when they meet up. They're both silent though as Atsuro explains the situation, then nods. "This will be interesting," he comments to his ninken partner as the two come forward to take a whiff of the cloth. Taiki's eyes water briefly as he says, "Eww… ever hear of soap?"

Naru had been training in the area, though they wouldn't notice much action from her aside from her deep trance. However as she was called upon and gathered up. Lately Naru had been getting rather serious about things, and with the talk about a possible escaped criminal and even more so the possibility on probably killing him, it put her on edge a little bit. While offering Taiki a light smile and a nod of her head, she gets into motion and crosses her arms while tapping her foot on the ground. " We should get moving then… Is there anything else we need to know about him? What was he sent to prison for…?

Ryo was watching the Inuzuka practice. He had noticed the envoy of ninken. It was interesting to see how exactly another clan did things. The boy notices the falcon fly in and figures that Atsuro was going to be leaving. Instead he is surprised when he's given a mission. The boy jumps up and runs over. He looks towards Naru and then towards Atsuro after nodding to Taiki. "Sounds like they are in a hurry to catch the guy. Doubt they had time to pulls his file. Chances are whats there is what was right off the top of their head." Though deep down he did wonder what the guy did to get placed in prison.

Elsewhere near the docks, a man in ragged criminal clothing breaks into a hut. "Good, no one is home." he states before going through the clothing and finding some clothes. Now dressed like a normal farmer, the man leaves the hut and heads towards the dock. His face looks tired. He also does not appear to have eaten a whole lot. As he walks, there is a slight limp in his right leg. He walks past several people with food but does not even turn his head. He simply keeps walking.

Once all the scent-trackers have gotten a smell of the cloth, Atsuro folds it up and puts it in a pocket. "I don't have anything else to tell you," he says, "That's all they've given me." He pulls a lighter out from his vest and sets the scroll on fire. He sets it on the ground where it quickly burns down to nothing, then Atsuro stamps the fire out. "We're moving," he says, "Taiki, Shinobu, keep smelling for him. If we find his trail, it could be useful even before we get to the docks. Ryo, Naru, keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. Poorly groomed, behaving oddly. Maybe your Sharingan will show that he has more chakra than other people or something." He waves for everyone to follow him, then jumps into the trees and begins heading for the docks.

Taiki nods as Shinobu moves up beside him. "Hai." That one word said, they start to head for the dock area while keeping a nose out for the scent they smelled. The duo are channeling chakra into their noses, further enhancing their sense of smell. At the same time however their eyes still scan the area, just in case something is masking scents. They'd represent poor members of a tracking team if they relied solely on their sense of smell after all. It appears that when it comes to work, the duo is very serious, and focused.

Naru nodded and kept up with what was going on. At this point she was satisfied with the information she had reciveed she simply n ods her head while waiting for the scent trackers to do what they did best. At this point Naru began to focus her chakra, feeling it radiate throughout her body while her sharingan activates preemptively, she turns her attention to Atsuro and nods her head. " We will be on the look out for anything suspicous i'm sure," She states, stretching her arms jsut a little bit… This was going to make thigns rather interesting.. With that said she bega nto chase after Atsuro, moving through the trees as well mostly with well aimed footing.

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COMBAT: It is now Atsuro's turn.
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RPCOMBAT: Atsuro defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…40
COMBAT: Atsuro finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Taiki's turn.
COMBAT: [3300:Health] [Stance:NEUTRAL]
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…24
COMBAT: Taiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Atsuro's turn.

Ryo activated his own sharingan. For those who had not seen it yet, he now had a second tomoe in the eyes. He nods his head and follows behind Naru. His eyes now scanning around to see if he could find anything odd. Right now though he was placing more of his trust into the noses of the ninken and not so much of the eyes of his clan. He keeps one hand on the hilt of his weapon as he moves.

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The team is getting close to the docks when Atsuro suddenly holds up a hand, gesturing for everyone to stop. "Hold up," he says, "I've got the scent." He glances back to Taiki, "You getting this? Everyone, follow me. Keep your guard up." He follows the scent to the hut. "Looks like he went right in through the door." Atsuro takes a position off to the side of the door, silently gesturing for the others to get ready to move in. He reaches over and knocks on the door a couple of times, then stops to listen. Nothing. "Scent's faint," he says, "He was here, but not anymore." He looks the door over. "Lock looks fine,. Must have been picked." He opens the door, then quickly turns and looks inside. "Nothing," he says. Taizen gives a low bark. Atsuro nods, "He says the scent's changed a little." He looks around, spotting a set of clothes that seem out of place. He points to them. "Okay," he says, "He's changed his clothes. Everyone should be looking for stuff that looks or smells like the rest of these clothes."

Taiki was about to point out the hut to his sensei when Atsuro spoke up, but quickly falls into pattern of backing up the chuunin. When Atsuro enters Taiki also starts to look around, and takes a deep sniff of the clothing. "He's either wearing farmer's clothing or a kimono, and given that he'd look out of place at the docks in a kimono, it's probably a farmer's clothing," Taiki adds as he looks over the rest of place. "I don't know if he shaved or not, but he did obviously clean up a bit. Naru'chan, Ryo'san, you want to keep your eyes out for a scruffy farmer type, one that may seem to be watching his surroundings a bit too much. Shinobu, try to mix those scents together," he adds. After another quick scan he then nods to Atsuro. "Okay Sensei, we're ready to continue."

Naru casuallly looked around as they approached the building, though keeping herself alert enough to pay close attention to her surroundings, her abilities wasn't going to allow her to look around a clothing and see just what exactly he put on, but she did look around enough to see what had happened, her eyes were no Byakugan but maybe she could pick up a few new foot steps or something, chakra wasn't the only thing the Sharingan could see. " I don't see anything else out of the ordinary… I'll take a look around the dock and see if anyone is unusual… If we are prancing around in a group with 2 pair Inuzaka we might scare him off, and he might get away too," She states, thinking it was best to go into cognitio, of course this was Atsuro's call.

Ryo nods his head and follows Naru. He was not able to see the foot steps, though as they moved closer to the dock, he began to scan people. "If he is here, we will find him. Hopefully he has not left yet." The boy then places his fingers together and uses the henge jutsu to make himself look like a poor child with hair. He did not want his shinobi attire or the Uchiha crest to give him away.

RP: Atsuro uses HENGE.
RPCOMBAT: Atsuro attacks with STEALTH-II…32
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COMBAT: It is now Taiki's turn.
RP: Taiki uses HENGE.
COMBAT: Your chakra changes by -20 due to your skill.
RPCOMBAT: Taiki attacks with STEALTH…21
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COMBAT: It is now Naru's turn.
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COMBAT: It is now Ryo's turn.
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RPCOMBAT: Ryo defends against with a PERCEPTION…36
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COMBAT: It is now Atsuro's turn.
RPCOMBAT: Atsuro defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…39
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COMBAT: It is now Taiki's turn.
COMBAT: [3300:Health] [Stance:NEUTRAL]
COMBAT: Taiki focuses 1000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!
COMBAT: [3300:Health] [Stance:NEUTRAL]
COMBAT: Your chakra changes by -20 due to your skill.
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…34
COMBAT: Taiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Naru's turn.

"Good thinking," Atsuro tells Naru. Figuring that it would be simplest to do as Ryo's done, Atsuro makes a seal. After a brief pop and puff of smoke, the Inuzuka fang tattoos on his face are missing as is his forehead protector, and he's 'dressed' in a plain grey boilersuit with some grease and dirt stains on it. He now looks like some kind of dock worker. Hopefully Takeo won't see that as a threat. Taizen also changes his appearance, concealing his vest and its swords and giving himself a plain looking collar. Being a water-dog to begin with, he shouldn't rouse too much suspicion.

Unfortunately, the disguises don't work out so well, and Takeo begins to make his escape. Atsuro and Taizen both charge forward. Taizen tosses Atsuro a shinai from his vest and the two attack simultaneously, Atsuro trying to sweep his legs with the shinai, Taizen trying to leap on him and tackle him to the ground.

Taiki's own disguise would have thrown anyone off, as he henge'd himself to look like a starving 5 year old with a small, emaciated, hairless dog. But then he encountered a problem. Their target probably had him pegged first due to him falling over as he felt his chakra draining excessively. Not even thinking about it, he formed a ram seal and focused some chakra in his system to avoid having the henge completely fail. Only any half-trained ninja could have easily spotted him. Taiki cursed as he noticed he was seen and quickly dropped the henge. Instead Shinobu ran forward to grab the escaped convict's leg in his jaw as Taiki launched forward with a solid punch to the back of the head. Taiki landed in front of the man, declaring, "Don't move, the next trick won't be so… gentle."

A slight chuckle escaped Naru's lips, noting their transformations Naru herself didnt bother, instead she stuck to being incognito with the rest of the dock people, after all it wasn't odd to see an Uchiha girl walking around the dock was it? She yawns quickly before finally her eyes flicker with information, noting that someone out of the ordinary was begining to make their escape, before she could even say anything taiki and Atsuro made the jump on him… There were too many people on him at once… And not really knowing how to coordiante her attacks with the 2 pair she slinks in the back as support, attempting to put a genjutsu link over the prisoner, once that was established she could freely attack without getting in the way of all this taijutsu.

Ryo seems to be fine until the man trying to escape makes the group or at least one of them… Taiki. Instead of attack like the Inuzuka do, the boy yells "Evacuate the dock!" and then makes some fire style hand seals. He out a barrage of fireball bullets directly towards the sail of the single fishing boat. The sail catches on fire and begins to go up in flames. By now the civilians are running away to get clear of the battle taking place on the dock. Ryo then turns towards the man now looking to focus on him.

All of the blows from the Inuzuka make contact. In fact most of them hit the man very hard and eventually he is thrown to the ground although it seems too easy. With each blow, the Inuzuka and their ninken feel a jolt of electricity pass into them forming a burn spot on each point of entry.

Takeo then stands up and dusts himself off. He looks up at the ship and his eyes go wide. "Damn it. I will have to find another route." He then turns back towards each of the shinobi. "Time for you to die. I should have known Konoha would send their mutts after me. He seems oblivious of the genjutsu he is under. He starts to move through some water style hand seals. "Electric tidal wave jutsu!"


The sound of a needle wizzing through the air and striking the man in his juglar vein before he can finish his jutsu. Soon a group of three appears on the dock. It's the Konoha Anbu! Two of the men catch Takeo as he starts to fall forward. The third looks towards Taiki and Atsuro. "My apologies for having to get you all involved. We were diverted from another mission. Thank you for keeping him occupied as long as you did. It saved us a lot of work." The man then grimaces behind his mask at the burns. "I guess the scroll forgot to mention that trick. Ki Takeo. The most shocking man in the world. As for the sail, we will take care of that. You all should return home. Again, thank you for a job well done." There is a dark laugh as the three men and Takeo vanish from sight in a cloud of smoke.

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