Carrion Eaters


Kiji (emitter), Asashi, Hiei, Michiko, Amata, Hiroyasu, Nariko

Date: June 11, 2014


The D-rank that went wrong leads to slavers…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Carrion Eaters"

A village in neutral territory

Okumo Taree had returned the following day from a seemingly simple mission to report disaster. Bandits had infiltrated the village Taree and Kiji were supposed to be guarding along with 2 students. Somehow they had managed to poison Shimizu Kiji and an unknown shinobi (Asashi) along with the two students. Also taken were several villagers. The bandits then set several buildings including the tavern aflame to cover thier escape.
Morning. 36 hours after capture.
Asashi would come to relatively slowly. The poison used on him had been aimed at subjugation rather than lethality. Luckily enough for the Iga. It's immediate side effects would be dehydration as well as making it hard to think or move right away. He would find himself oddly on a matress on the floor inside a brush hut. Beside him was a tray with some food and a large glass of water. If he tested these for poison he would find them clean and the water would be needed to stave off the dehydration. There were sounds comming from outside the hut and Asashi would find himself mostly free. His feet were linked with rope that gave him about 12 inches of maneuverability and his wrists were bound together.
Back in the First village Hiei would find half of the hovels burned to the ground. The fire caught quickly in the brush and grass homes and buildings causing great distruction. The Headman is sitting under a shade as villagers alternately clean up, console the devastated and salvage what can be salvaged. Luckily for them the food shelter was not harmed. They would not starve. But they might face another kind of devastation if the shinobi decided to be angry with them….

As he comes to, Asashi grumbles a bit and peers around. He sits it, yawning a bit and shaking his head. He tests the ropes on his hands by tugging them away from each other a few times, eyes narrowing. "Idiots," he sighs before looking down at the food supplied. He inspects it for a bit then tastes to be sure before consuming the food, mainly focused on the water. Judging things over, he ponders over who this might be… and why they might think keeping his limbs bound is actually going to help anything.

Hiei had returned to Kumo briefly to request aid for a personal mission. With Michiko agreeing to lend Hiei her skill, he fills the young shinobi in on his way back to the village where this all started. "Some slavers attacked the village after poisoning one of the Kiri shinobi and an..associate of mine. I managed to overhear before I left the area that it was all staged. So we're going to return to the original village, and if it's still there, we're going to burn it to the ground unless we get some answers about where they took the Kiri shinobi and my..associate." He shakes his head. "I don't know a lot details, Michiko. And if you feel like this is too much for you, you can go and I won't think badly of you. This is not an offical mission…I would consider this a personal favor to me." He moves into the fringes of the half burnt village and moves slowly, scoping out the scene before he spots the Headman supervising the others. He frowns. "Michiko, odds are you're going to see a different side of me. It may scare you. I want you to know that no matter what I am the same person you've always known." For the moment, Hiei watches. Maybe they'll talk about where they took the others.

When Hiei asked Michiko if she wanted to go on a mission, however unofficial, she was eager to go. She followed him to the village that was attacked, listening silently as he told her the situation. "Understood, Hiei-san!" she said after the full update. "I'll do my best and hopefully the mission won't be too much." Upon arriving at the half-burnt village, she would follow Hiei's lead and keep quiet and out of sight. "Of course, Hiei-san. You'll be the same person you always are," she replies in a low voice, straining her senses to hear or see anything that would hint to where they took Hiei's associate and maybe the Kiri Shinobi.

The sound of movement can be heard for a brief moment before Amata arrives. She moved with all speed toward this village after hear what had happened. Someone had to get Kiri's shinobi back and this wasn't something that woudl simply be left to the wayside. Amata arrives with, spiders already moving over the village as she arrives, starting first a search there before she even asks questions. Her spiders moving in such a way that not only are they searching but they could do a lot of damage at the drop of a hat if she so wished. Upon spotting Hiei, she moves near to him and Michiko but Amata turns her gaze upon the villagers about and more importantly, the headman upon her arrival. She sticks her hands into the pockets of her labcoat like jacket, not being as silent as Hiei as she looks toward the sitting Headman, "You appear to be in charge and yet you appear to be sitting while Kiri ninja are missing. Is this the stance you wish to portray? It feels as if to me that you should be doing far more than just sitting given your situation."

Asashi would heaar someone approaching before a cloaked figure bent to enter the room. The man was tall and covered in black, a mask over his face. He stood probably at 6'4". Watching Asashi as he finished eating and drinking . "You're awake I see. Good." He peered at Asashi over his face mask. "I know who you are. I appologise for my subordinate's stupidity. The villagers were supposed to bring us the shinobi from Kirigakure. I did not anticipate anyone else being in the village." Of course he hadn't anticipated the students either. "If it's all the same to you, I'd like us to come to terms with eachother." His green eyes watched Asashi closely. He seemed to hold a confidence brought by strength. In the backgroud the Iga might pick up on the soft sobbing sounds of what sounded like frightened children. There was also a strong scent of blood (well strong for the Iga) in a western direction. Otherwise it would sound and smell like a typical camp, fires, food, water, humans.
Back at the original village…
The Headman waved off one of the villagers waiting on him. He seemed irritated and angry. An older looking woman scowled at him "I told you theywere trouble. We should never have agreed to help them take those other shinobi."
"Oh shut up woman! We did't have a choice and now they burned down half the village and took off! And without paying us!"
The woman scowled, clearly not cowed by the man or his attitude. "They were children, Kira. And that older girl was polite to you and so willing to protect us. We're going to pay for it even now."
Amata's words would get a chuckle fromt he older woman and a scowl from the Headman. At least he scowled until it dawned on him who she was and what she had said. The woman stood and bowed to Amata, bearing an attitude of one with power. She was probably the second highest ranked person in the village. "I assume you are from Kirigakure as well. Ignore him. Kira's a coward to the core. Unfortunately, even if you killed the rest of us, I do not believe it would help you." She bowed to Amata then glanced at Kira before saying, "I have things to see to." The headman waved a hand again and the woman walked off with a sigh, heading in vaguely Hiei's direction.

As the cloaked man comes in, Asashi peers up at him. "I see," the Iga says, pondering a bit and looking down at his food as he calmly finishes it. Mainly, though, he's using this opportunity to take in all of what's around. Only a fool would try to take so many Kirigakure shinobi at once and leave someone to tell the tale, not to mention Hiei. This place is done for. It's only a matter of time. So, now, all the Iga can do is prepare. "Tell you what, you cut these stupid ropes before I simply use the weapons your men aren't smart enough to figure out are on me or how to take off if they even found them, and we'll talk about what terms you and I can come to."


Hiei waits another moment, then motions for Michiko to follow him. He walks into the center of the village towards the Headman. "Unlike the Kiri shinobi here.." He motions to Amata. "…I don't have a reason or a want to keep things diplomatic. The people that took the Kiri students and genin…I don't really care what kind of relationship you have with them. I just want to know where they took them. Answer me that, and I'll get out of your village and go take care of the shinobi who did this. They'll never bother you again."

Michiko keeps slightly behind and to the right of Hiei when she follows him out to the open. She stares at the Headman, considering him for a moment or two before looking around to see if there are any attackers or anything that might put them on the right track. A hand wavers near her side, the girl obviously wanting to grab a shuriken or Kunai if the situation goes bad.

A glance at the woman as she walks off and Amata turns to the man, narrowing her eyes at him even as she stands there. Hiei's words have her blinking and glancing at him. She gestures and spiders are seen moving around her and she then states, "Diplomacy? This was merely a question before I started sewing people to their own huts." She then looks back at the Headman, "The question, has been posed. Where are my allies? Either give me a way to find them or I will track them myself and leave nothing in my wake." She nods her head but otherwise does not move.

- It was day-time when Hiroyasu with his bald head peeking out of a bush watches the Jounin Yotsuki race into the city and scamper around frantically. "What do you think he's up too? Something Salacious?" then he watches as he leaves with Michiko "And he's stealing your student for something.. doesn't he have like 5 already" he says with a sweatdrops down the side of his face.. "Come on Beariko.. I feel like the Courier needs to know".. Several hours and even more miles later, he whispers "You don't think.. " then he shakes his head as the Goat of Kumo himself lurks in the bushes with one other.
"Eh forget it; Lets just go embarrass him.. He is probably forcing Michi to help him pick out some gift for Sachiko.. you know how terrible he is at gift giving.. " Hiroyasu says waggling his eyebrows before coming out of hiding or rather ~inconspicuous surveying~. He moves to approach the Yotsuki and party, calmly as if that was where he belonged. -

Sitting in the bush next to Hiro was the female Yotsuki known a Nariko. She rattled around in the bush as she watched Hiei. "Interesting…" She says as she watches him go off with Hiei. "I've given up my job there." She shrugged as he spoke of the courier. "Alright, let's head out." She pops out of the bush and follows Hiro on the trail to follow Hiei. Once he reveals himself, she would as well, moving towards Hiei.

In Asashi's location.
The cloaked man smirked under his mask. "I am not so stupid as to think you would be disarmed by my men." Withdrawing a kunai he flipped it around in his hand a bit before bending down to cut the ropes around Asashi's hands and the length between his ankles. Then he stood againa dn put the blade away. "It was not the most advantegeous night for us, I have to admit. But we got a few prizes." He titled his head, watching the Iga finish the food and water. "I'm willing to let you walk away. Leave us to our business and we won't bother you with yours. Take one of the slave girls if you want one."
Back at the village…
The headman looked at Hiei as he walked up to him. The man looked about to speak when he looked between Amata and Hiei. The older woman stepped in then, having returned from where she was headed when she'd seen Hiei moving through the village. "My husband here isn't thinking straight. I am Lila. We have no loyalties toward the group that took your allies but we also have no interest in angering them. We do not beloing to your countries, we are just off the borders here." She glanced at the newcomers and folded her arms matronly. "All I know of thier location is that they headed East."

"I'd hoped you weren't," Asashi says, smirking up at the larger man easily and waiting for his bonds to be cut. Once that's done, he'd untie the knots, something he probably could've done without them being cut if he really wanted to, but why spoil the formality? He stands up, stretching his limbs out a bit then looking up at the man once more. "Just like that, huh? I see your memory isn't short, so tell me… Where is big sister in all this? It's not like Jira to skip out on any fun. She already knows I'll sniff her out, even amongst all the stench of blood and tears, so there's no point in hiding."

Hiei turns around and looks pleasantly surprised. "Nariko? Hiro? What are you…" He shakes his head. "..nevermind. I'm glad you're here. Michiko and I could use the help. I was here earlier, and some children were taken, along with an associate of mine." He motions to Amata. "Some of the Kiri genin and students." He looks over towards the Kiri nin. "I'm Hiei. And we're after the same people. I propose an alliance." He then looks back towards the Headman, before asiding to his wife. "I hope you're correct. We don't have a lot of time before they're probably sold, and my temper is even shorter than that. If they went East, then we go East. With Hiroyasu here now, we can track their chakra signature once we get close enough."

Michiko is … well, surprised isn't even close to how she's feeling. She's shocked to see Nariko and Hiro all the way out this way. Especially since they made it without her noticing. Michiko doesn't show that feeling though. The look on her face is that of happiness. "Hiro-san! Nariko-sensei! What are you two doing here?" she exclaims before her attention is forced to shift to the matter at hand. "East, Huh? And with the Kirigakure Shinobi?" The genin looks at Amata, a bit suspicious since she doesn't know the Kunoichi at all. "It's certainly better to have less enemies… Especially if we don't know much about this."

A look at Hiei and then at the headman's wife before nodding, "East it is." She glances at Hiroyasu and Nariko before idly tapping the odd sword over her shoulder, the wire coming off of it's handle rubbed with one finger before she starts off toward the east and states, "I agree with you." She looks to Hiei, "Time is of the essence." She then looks to Hiroyasu and then nods to Hiei, "Glad that we have someone who can sense chakra along then. This will make things easier." She nods her head, "I appreciate any help at all we can get to get our students back not to mention our Genin."

- Hiroyasu shrugs when he is asked the obvious question of why.. mischief didn't sound like a proper answer. "I have no idea what your talking about, maybe if we find some footprints or something we can track them" he says acting ignorant of the comment about his abilities. When the Kiri nin takes right to the fact he would have rather not had just announced to the world, he glares at the Yotsuki "Your Associate? Just Consorting with anyone these days?" he asks him plain out before looking at Nariko then to Michiko who was drug in the middle of it. "We'll be having a talk when we get back to village.." he says before nodding "How many are missing? and anything particular about them I should know now?" he asks pushing the glasses up on his nose. -

Nariko nods to Michiko and gives her a nice smile. She looks to Hiei and tilts her head. "Oh you know, enjoying the sights." She puts a hand on Hiro's shoulder. She looks to the rest and takes in the information, nodding. "As long as we are here it would be our pleasure to help you find your students and genin."

In Asashi's location.
The man frowned, his eyes narrowing at the mention of his sister Jira. "If you have something to say to her you can say it to me first. She doesn't have the time to deal with trivial things." He glanced to the side as if looking at a person or checking a person's location when he spoke of Jira. "I won't let you take her you know. I'm not someone to mess with either." He seemed to ignore the mention of the blood for the moment. Of course Jira's perfume would be comming from ths same general location as the blood and the sound of the frightened children.
At the original village.
The headman did not apreciate his wife's stepping in to deal with the shinobi but he wasn't stupid enough to say anythign to her about it. Lila eyed Hiei when he spoke of his temper being short. She wasn't a stupid woman. She did seem to wait though as Amata appeared to back down the threat level. The villagers were shrewd enough to switch loyalties when they needed to and as it stood, they had nothing tying them to the bandits. Lila sticks to her story. They do not know where exactly they went with the captives but they headed east out of the village.

Asashi grins up at the man as he shows his bravado, seeming rather amused. "Oh, is that so? Well, no offense, but I prefer not to go through middle men," he says as he places his hands on his sides. "You can either stand down or never make it out of this tent. The choice is yours. I'm sure Jira will be delighted to see me either way." With that, he seems to start chewing. Perhaps a piece of the food stick in his teeth? Either way, he doesn't seem too bothered by the larger man's words, simply waiting for a reply before making his move. "That's a lovely perfume she's wearing today."

Hiei shrugs towards Hiroyasu, "….right. Associate. And we can talk all you like. After this is over." He begins to walk at first. "Two students. One Genin, and an Iga. They were poisoned. I have no medical knowledge of what kind of poison it was. I only know that it was in the food and drink here. Good thing I don't drink sake." He eyes the old man a long time before he continues. "We're wasting time." He then turns and begins to run east.

Michiko gives a slight sigh of exasperation at Hiro's non-answer, choosing not to press him since it would waste time. Then Hiei takes off. At least he updated Hiro and Nariko before dashing! She follows after him, managing to keep up, even if just barely. "Hiei-san, maybe we should ask what that one kunoichi's abilities are, or maybe make a plan together?" she suggests, not knowing if her words could even be heard while they were traveling.

Spiders would come out of the village toward her as Amata nods simply a little as Hiei leaves and they start to hide within her person and clothing. She rushes along, the last of the spiders disappearing as she moves along then states, "The plan is simple. We get them back…and kill every single person that thought it wise to take the shinobi and students of Kirigakure." She nods her head and, like Hiei, simply runs.

- Hiroyasu nods "Sure it was a poison? Not like a knockout drug or paralytic" when the spider laden Kirigakure shinobi speaks, his eyes rolls over to Hiei with that kind of 'told you so' kind of look. Before elbowing Nariko in the ribs "Enjoying the sights?" he says in a lowered voice to her before nodding rejoining the situation "2 Students, One Genin, and an Iga.. why the Iga mentioned separately?" he asks with a raise of his eyebrows at the yotsuki. -

Nariko looks to Hiei and then to Michiko. She gives Michiko a thumbs up. Then she get elbowed by Hiro. "What?" She grumbles a moment. She blinked at the the thought of killing everyone. She shrugged and followed everyone as they led the way.

In Asashi's location.
The man narrowed his eyes again at Asashi as he began that chewing motion. It seems he's not stupid about his sister's 'friends' either. He shook his head, though. "Calm down." He sounded annoyed, stepping over to the blanket over the door and he lifted it, motioning for Asashi to proceed him out of the tent. Once they stepped out the man would shadow Asashi's movements being very alert to the Iga's movements. It would not be hard to locate Jira either. She was sitting outside of a similar tent to what Asashi had been in. Her clothes had a hint of the blood that was permeating the air for Asashi. This one, however was where the sound of children was comming from. Jira looked up and raised an eyebrow, finally comming to a stand before Asashi, hands on her hips, near her weapons. "Well, well, well, if it isn't our friend Asashi. Have you come to cause trouble or are you going to join the party?"
At the original village.
East was a vague direction to send them in. There were footprints everywhere but only at times did those prints coincide with the easterly direction. Hiei would spot the occasional set of prints that had not been disturbed in the dust. They were deeper than the average man's print signifying that they carried some kind of load. A good 15 to 20 minutes went by with just those hints being visible. Then Amata's spiders scented thier first hint of chakra-enriched blood. There were only a few drops, but it was enough to tell the Okumo that they were going in the right direction. After a bit more time Hiroyasu would sense chakra up ahead some distance away still but as they get closer he would be able to distinguish that there were at least 3 strong signatures signifying stronger than genin status.

As the man finally makes his decision, Asashi offers a simple nod then spits an eyeball out into his hand. "Wise move," he says with a smirk before tossing the eyeball to the side to discard it, seemingly a notion of approval that he won't be bringing harm to the man. Of course, what's not seen as the man is busy shadowing the Iga's movements out of the tent is that it rolls out from under the tent to start getting a better look around. As Jira comes into view, a light smile graces the Iga's lips. "Ah, lovely Jira, always a pleasure," he says then grins just slightly at her question. "I haven't decided yet, I'm afraid. Perhaps you could sway me one way or the other."

Hiei replies to Hiroyasu as they run. He also points out the footprints to help keep them on the right path. "The Iga is important to Sachiko. I can't let him die. And he's the one that told me it was poison. I believed him." Sparks of lightning lance off his exposed arms as he runs. "I don't care who I have to kill to make sure that does NOT happen. I'm with the Kiri shinobi on this. I'm not leaving one of them breathing. Not. A. One." He leans forwards slightly and accelerates a little more, but not enough to get ahead of the group.

Michiko, really, doesn't have any personal ties to this whole mission or whatever it is. But Hiei seems to be taking it to heart, and apparently Sachiko is slightly involved too. It's enough to give Michiko the encouragement to do her best on this unofficial mission. She notices the sparks flickering on the Jounin's arm and moves slightly to the side just in case. Hiei's acceleration doesn't cause her to change pace though, the genin already at her max speed by now.

Moving at speed, she stares ahead, Amata hmms as they are moving, looking to Hiei briefly before looking forward and licking her lips, "We are heading the right way." She simply states before looking to Hiei and then back at Hiroyasu to get confirmation of her assesment perhaps or just to look. She then looks forward, conmtinuing to run. She holds her hands at her side for the moment. If she has any anger, it isn't clear. She's as cold as when she arrived at the village.

- Hiroyasu ahhs "A relative? I met a different one of hers recently.. and not the 'crazy' one" he says looking to the side.. "Of course you do.. the Yotsuki charge.. no telling where they are and what kind of collateral could be caused by running with jutsu blazing and not a clue.." he says with a slight jeer. "3 Beta's ahead" he says to the yotsuki using Kumogakure Military Parlay, pointing in a more direct direction. "Beariko, you got my back right..?" he asks looking at her with a pleading look, hopefully not the yotsuki went straight to plaid at the thought of battle. -

Nariko looks to Hiro and nods, giving him a thumb up. "Gotcha." Taking in the formation. he doesn't even know what Hiei is pointing out, just dirt to her. She looks to Michiko and smiles. "You're doing great." She would tell her student as they picked up speed.

In Asashi's location.
Jira smirked at Asashi's words. She looked relaxed but she had always been good at hiding her readiness. She was probably just as ready to attack him as hug him. "Well, I need to know where you're leaning before I let you see the prizes we've collected, Asashi-san. You know that." Shetilted her head to the side though. "I suppose I could let you see the small picks we brought home. But I'm not the weak little girl you used to know. Don't jackal with me."
Meanwhile with the group…
Hiei would see a small village in the distance as he ran. Hiroyasu would be able to determine that there was something happening up ahead, one of the 3 larger signatures was using chakra actively. The other two felt prepared. As they got closer, though, Hiroyasu would begin to sense the fainter chakras around the camp. Several lower level chakras were wandering about the camp. Under the crowd noise, though Hiroyasu would catch wind of a faint pulse, either a low level shinobi or possibly someone seriously injured. The closer to the 'village' they got the clearer these things would be.
Hiei's use of lightning, however, would catch the attention fo Jira's brother, Toru and he spun on his heel. "Someone's comming. Arms! Now!" Several shinobi ran from thier tents, weapons at the ready. Jira frowned at Asashi suspiciously. "Fight with us or I'll take you down myself." It seems the siblings had little patience to spare.

"Of course," Asashi says with a simple nod to Jira, seeming rather relaxed in being surrounded by all this. Meanwhile, that eyeball explores what it can by rolling around as stealthily as possible. At her last words, he smirks back at her, saying, "Oh? But I thought you wanted to sway me to your side." It might be hard for her to tell if he's just flirting or trying to throw her off her game… though it could technically be both. Of course, this could draw enough ire from Turo to be entertaining until the calvary arrives.

Hiei ignores Hiroyasu's snide remark. His blood was pounding in his ears, he had that tingly feeling all over that he got just before a battle. The Yotsuki was in full charge mode now. When Hiro tells him that there are 3 betas ahead he nods. "Understood. The plan is simple. Michiko and Nariko find the children. Everyone else prepare for contact." He's blazing directly for the village and doesn't even break stride as he leaps high into the air and begins to spin like a top. The first shinobi in his path gets a kick towards the torso. Hiei uses the impact to flip back the other direction and then when his feet hit the ground, he rushes forwards, flinging his arm out to the side and aiming it for their throat.

Michiko is still behind Hiei, and maybe a little out of breath from all the traveling. It was at top speed and then some for a long time, and Michiko's stamina was only so large. At least her physical stamina. She hears Hiei's orders and gives a nod, glancing over to Nariko. "Nariko-sensei, should we split up or work together?" she asks, still moving with the female Yotsuki as she makes her way towards the edge of the village.

Rushing along as well, Amata looks to Hiroyasu for a moment before looking forward, "Plan or no…these people captured Kirigakure shinobi and may have killed them. These people are enemies of Kirigakure and are sentenced to death." She then rushes along, pushing chakra into her person to be able to use. She looks over at Hiei as he takes off and goes into fight mode. She is already releasing spiders to move forward, around and head of her, starting to set up traps and webbing for her to use. She then looks back at the others a moment before pulling the needle like Nuibari from her back.

- Hiroyasu rubs his temples, "Yes charging into a village and burning it down because 3 bandits is hiding in it.. could be considered a plan. If it wasn't more like genocide or massive collateral damage" When the Yotsuki charges in he sighs loudly "Typical.." he looks at Nariko "I'll be the medic!" he says before his body begins to swirl as his body becomes less and less prounced until he became nothing more than the outline of a shinobi moving against a busy background, his interest was the injured or weak.. the frontline fighters could handle the nitty-gritty. -

Nariko looks to Michiko when she asks if they should split up. "Well, if the Jounin says do it, you do it. So yes clan head sir!" She gives him a salute before running towards the children to save them. "Lets go get them Michiko." She looks to Hiro and nods. "Sounds like a plan."

Asashi's words got Jira to narrow her eyes at him. "There are times when I forget how much of a liar you are Asashi-san." She stepped back, her hands forming seals as she moved to get between Asashi and the rest of the camp. The hut behind her where the children's sounds are comming from does not seem to hold a large interest for her. The prize was elsewhere. The eyeball would roll under another tent's flap and roll right into a puddle of blood, obscuring it's sight for several seconds assuming he doesn't have a way to clear the thing's sight immediately.
At the front of the camp several shinobi appeared. Hiei's first attack snapped the collar bone and a rib or two of one guard, putting him out of commission as he crawled away (or tried to) from the battle. The lariat snapped the neck of the next guy. Neither were shinobi really, just lackies that were supposed to stand guard.
They did face a line of shinobi after that, however. They came at the group en masse, kunai and senbon at the ready. Each attacked according to thier skills, but for the most part it was kunai and senbon at this stage.
Hiroyasu's attempt at sneaking into the camp did not go unnoticed, but no one stopped him either.Toru was far more concerned with Hiei. The masked slaver stepped right in Hiei's path, sending a large boulder heading for the Yotsuki. An Earth wielder.

With Toru now occupied, it leaves Asashi to focus on Jira alone. He chuckles a bit at her words, saying, "All part of the business, love. You know that." There's a brief pause before he says, "But you already know how this ends. Toru is as good as dead, as are the rest of your men, so why don't you let me capture you and bring you in alive for the bounty before the rest of them get over here and want your head on a pike?" With that, his hands leave his sides, sending a duo of wires her way in an attempt to bind her down.

Hiei makes a beeline for Toru. When he launches the boulder towards him, Hiei slides to a stop and kneels, slamming his fist on the ground. "Firestyle: Faaalcon!" His forearm is wreathed in flames before he launches himself from his position to strike the boulder itself. "PUNCH!" There is a thunderous sound before the thing is reduced to rubble. He stands up and begins to walk towards the slave trader. "Scum like you deserve nothing but death." He reaches behind him and withdraws his chakra swords. Hiei runs towards the man and spins just before reaching him, dropping low and swinging both swords out at once towards his thighs and torso.

Michiko saw some slaver trying to dice her up. It was her lucky day, apparently. Michiko wasn't all too happy with the fact that there was a slaver getting in the way of what she was trying to do, and she was already out of breath from the long run over here. With an angry huff, she stomps on the ground after several handseals, causing the earth to jump up to her defense. "I don't have time for this…" she growls at the guy, focusing her chakra while trying to escape his attacks. Hopefully the earth barrier blocks the genin from vision for a few seconds head start.

Following in after Hiei, Amata goes in against the line of shinobi that are attacking them. Already one poor shinobi will find himself with spiders jumping up around him in an attempt to lock him down with webbing before Amata will first attack the man beside him with a quick double strike with Nuibari, her right arm swinging right before swinging back left. As she swings left, her arm spins her with momentum, her entire body twirling. As the twirl ends, a spinning sidekick will go for the man she is trying to web up in an attempt to bring two men completely out of the fight right off.

- Hiroyasu slowly fades back into the material realm as he comes upon the tent staked, and bloodly near-corpse. He raises his hands into a quick prayer steeple and says something under his breath, before beginning his work of removing stakes being careful to remove them and instantly wrapping the wound with his own special bandage roll, chanting and focusing chakra into each as it infuses the victim with a rush of healthy healing chakra to close some wounds, stave off bleeding, and reinvigor! -

Fading from sight as the kunai fly towards her was Nariko. She disappeared from the sight of the attacker for a single moment before reappearing just a bit further ahead. "Come on Michiko. Let's get these kids." She keeps running towards the children to rescue them.

Asashi's words made Jira narrow her eyes. The look on her face showed a kind of acceptance and she flicked her eyes forward to where Toru was fighting Hiei. A pissed off Jounin against her brother? he might end up dead… Her distraction is enough to cost her. The wires wrapped around her and she sneers quietly. "Well played Asashi-san." She didn't struggle really, but she did cost herself a few cuts by stepping forward straining hte wires and attempting to kiss Asashi right on the lips. He would of course find out where they got thier poisons from as a seal activated in her mouth, trying to give the Iga a dose of poison on her breath.
Toru was stunned by Hiei's tactics, shocked that he had destroyed that boulder with his bare hands. He wasn't given much time to think about it, however, as the Yotsuki came at him with both blades slashing. The slaver tried to use his muscles to escape the onslaught, but both of Hiei's bladesbit deeply into his body. The first blade gutted him, the second bit to the bone through his thigh. With a cry of pain he went down into the dirt, blood and gore falling about him in the dust.
Michiko's defense had a suprising side effect. The stone that rose to defend her against the kunai aimed at her clipped the shinobi nearest her in the jaw, snapping his neck in a single moment. He let out a suprised yelp then collapsed to the ground. Nice aim.
Amata's attempt at webbing both slavers was successful. barely, but successful nonetheless. And her twirling attacks sliced thier throats as theycouldnt even move to defend themselves. They would bleed out momentarily.
Hiroyasu would find Shimizu Kiji in the tent beyond Asashi. There were poisoned spikes through her wrists and ankles, to keep her bleeding. Each spike was attached to a chain which was then attached to a stake in the ground, which kept her hands and feet away from each other, preventing her from using seals. She was a blood user, but even she couldn't fight back if she was too low on blood. So they had bled her into a weakened state. Obviously they'd planned to make money off her kekkei genkai considering the amount of time that had been alotted to keeping her alive — barely. She winced as each stake was removed from her but otherwise showed no signs of pain. She opened her eyes to watch the man helping her warily, her eyes a bright gold surrounded with a ring of orange. She looked suprised when he aided her rather than anything else.
Nariko and Michiko would locate the students and villagers (all children) in the tent nearest to Jira and Asashi, bound and scared but mostly unharmed. The two Kiri students were suffering from a bit of the effects of the poison used ont hem but were otherwise alright.

"Not surprised, hmm?" Asashi asks, smirking slightly as the woman comes at him. Oddly enough, he just lets her kiss him, moving into the kiss quite fervently… and she would get a surprise of her own. Blocking the entrance of her poison into his mouth is a full sized extra tongue that slide from his mouth into hers to block her poison then burst into his own vicious poison once inside. Never mess with the guy whose moves yours are just a buzzard replication of.

Hiei flicks his blades to rid them of the blood and sheathes them smoothly onto his back. He walks towards Asashi and the woman. He inclines his head. "Nice to see you alive, Iga-san." His cold gaze drifts to the woman. "I trust you have this one under control, then." Hiei would like nothing more than to gut her like he did her brother, but he curbs that urge before he looks around. "This operation is over. I'm sure that Kiri shinobi I came with is going to burn it to the ground." He then turns to go check on the other. He waves without turning around. "Iga-san. If you come towards Kumo, look me up."

Michiko is just as surprised as the guy she killed when her earth barrier does the death blow. Well, it was a welcome surprise, at least. She successfully dashes off, then, finding students and villagers and making sure they're unharmed. Of course, it was one of the last tents she checked because that's where action was happening, but at least she found them!

After dealing with those shinobi, Amata was already sending out more spiders to search for any shinobi that might still be around. A nod is given to Michiko as it is noted the students were found. She walks up to tents and finds Kiji in there. She doesn't stay for very long. She steps out in time to hear Hiei and then she nods to him, "Burning…isn't what I had in mind." Even then she moves at amazingly fast speeds, her dash step taking her around quickly. She begins to search for any shinobi still alive, anybody involved in this horrible bit of business, using webbing to tie them up. Even as she gets them rounded up though, she doesn't kill them if they are still alive. She seems instead to be preparing them for something. Anyone who comes back through this area will find the bodies and dying bodies of those involved sewn to various buildings, trees or otherwise with some kind of odd metal wire later on. Not tied to things, but very literaly sewn into spots via some kind of large needle.

- Hiroyasu looks down seeing that the person is beginning to stir "ahh ahh.. be still. let me seal these wounds as best I can before you are returned to your comrades." he says before finishing up the bandages with a volley of Pressure Points Jabs intended to improve healing and relieve some temporary pains as best as possible. "You will find your allies in that Direction.. tell them a wandering goat said.. ~mnaah~" it was more an amusement to himself but it could be even more amusing when if its repeated later.. Making his way to the other two Kumo Kunoichi to provide some first aid to the younglings with simple bandages and salves to match their minor wounds. "Your Allies have arrived to take you home, please thank the two Kunoichi who freed you and move along!" he says to them as he prepares them for their rescue and return. -

Nariko looked to the kids and gave them a reassuring smile. "It's alright." She provides them with a soothing voice to help them further out. She guides the children out of where they were, toward the rest of the group.

The fact that Asashi kissed her back put Kira on edge. She'd expected a retaliation for her attempt at poisoning the man, but that doesn't make the poison taste any better. To her credit she didn't swallow or breathe in once she felt that tongue enter her mouth and the second she got a chance she pulled abck and spit to the side viciously. "Typical." But she was smirking at the Iga nonetheless. The woman showed no concern or emotion at her brother's death and didn't seem too upset with Asashi's capture of her. She glaced at Hiei as the man looked at her with that cold hatred. And she smirked again, but she didn't fight against Asashi's wires at all.
Kiji kept still as Hiroyasu continued his healing work, but her eyes never left the man. She did raise her eyebrow at the goat comment, wondering if she was hallucinating. She kept silent when Amata was there as well, but soon after she was trying to move despite the poison and her injuries. She never was one to listen to the doctors…

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