Carrion Eaters 2


Yoichi, Akane, Takahiro, Yuriko

Date: June 23, 2014


A group of Kiri shinobi are sent to deal with a criminal infestation where the fishing village in the Land of Tea once stood.

"Carrion Eaters 2"

Land of Tea - Fishing Village

With the coming of morning, a group of Kirigakure shinobi are seen making their way into the Land of Tea. While the country is still trying to recover from the Hitokage's attack and rebuild, bandits seem to keep trying to make their way in and root themselves. Thus, Yoichi has been sent with a team to handle the infestation in the least kind way possible. As a bandit encampment comes into vision where the Fishing Village once stood, the Swordsman glances around at the team as if to be sure they are ready for definite combat, his face stoic as usual and always prepared for combat.

Akane had come along as the group's medic and of course as the only official Chuunin, she would fight as needed to protect the young futures of Kirigakure. She had her own reasons to go on a mission so close to her wedding btu she did not share them with the group. She was wearing her usual leather attire and had her hair up, her eyes jade and normal. She stepped up beside Yoichi when he looked around, silently waiting for orders.

Takahiro had been ordered to come along as the newbie of the group. The freshly genin wore his headband proud, and he was dressed in his usual long black jacket, that reached his ankles. The chokuto strapped to his back, and the red charm that Amata and Kiji made for him, dancing around his neck. The boy was in a particularly good mood today, and was glad he had something to do today other then just training.

Yuriko takes careful, quiet steps as the team follows their path deeper into the Land of Tea, making sure to stick close to Takahiro if only to make sure she keeps an eye on the boy. At least he's a Genin though. She has a pretty good idea what he's capable of. Her snowy head turns to glance at Akane and Ishino. The distinct difference between the grownups and younger… well, Genin. It was a little odd, but she speculates on this only briefly as she turns her attention forward again, the forest parting in front of them.

With no questions from the others, Yoichi would simply move ahead. Rather than give the bandits any chance to survive, the Swordsman immediately goes to work. "Let their last learned knowledge be that peons should not step into the realm of shinobi," he says as he moves through a set of hand seals, creating a wave of mist that expels out from his body to darken the entire criminal camp. Shouts begin to ring from it form confused bandits trying to figure out what's going on, though some seem to be keen to what's about to happen and try to run. "No one escapes alive."

Akane nodded as Yoichi spoke, stepping forward into his mist as she gathered her own chakra about her, she flashed through seals, sending a wave of medical chakra out ahead of her and noting the signatures behind her of the genin. Locating a target, she drew both swords and slashed in spinning formation that had in the past removed heads, the poison on her blades designed to do damage if her blades missed thier marks.

Takahiro would think for a moment, before focussing his chakra into his stomach. The boy shortly after would make another handseal, moving a part of his lightning chakra towards his brain, infusing it with lightning chakra. The boy's eyes would now and then show a spark, but not much happens differently. The boy would then would take a good look around him, naming each silliouette into team mate or foe. The boy would then quickly leap forward, with his arms raised, while a cloud of lightning would emit from his chakra points on his arms, two bandits would have the possibility to be hit by it.

Under the enveloping sleeve of her kimono, Yuriko subtly tightens the grip on her ivory blade as Yoichi purges the camp of bandits into darkness. The immediate shouts coming from the bandits elicits a small smirk from the small girl. "None alive…" she repeats Yoichi's words quietly. Between the darkness and the sudden barrage of Akane's blades, it's enough to give Yuriko brief pause, wondering if she's really needed for attack.

She lifts a pale brow as she glances at Takahro beside her, already sparking with lightning chakra. With the long range attacks, it wouldn't be safe to jump in and kick butt hand to hand… Gathering her chakra, Yuriko takes a deeper breath and… spits out bone needles, adding them to the barrage!

As the others charge off and begin to lay waste to the bandit camp, Yoichi would smirk slightly. The men that were outside were easy enough to strike, struck down rather easily by the Chuunin and Genin. Meanwhile, Yoichi reaches back and grabs his swords, not even having to look through the mist as the lades begin to crackle with lightning and fire off orb after orb of lightning at bandits as he leisurely makes his way around the camp firing at bandits that are attempting to escape.

Akane felt the man she'd attacked drop and she watched his head roll. Well that was sad and disappointing. Her eyes were a darker green but she seemed well in control. She moved on. This time after she'd sent out her sonar, she located a group of shinobi-type chakras ahead at the center of camp. She figured Yoichi would know, as he'd taught HER how to sense chakra he would be heading for it directly on his own. But she knew for a fact Yuriko was stronger than her. In the blink of an eye she disappeared then reappeared near the young Kaguya, though well out of her arm's range. She looked at the girl, emerald eyes sparkling. "There's a group of shimobi-level chakras at the center of camp." And gave general coordinates relative to Yuriko's location. She then spoke very low and only Yuriko could possibly hear her. before she sped off toward Takahiro's location. Her blades lifted and she sent lightning chakra through her blades at a bandit commoing at Takahiro's back….

Takahiro would have looked rather happy, after he felt the lightning that he transmitted into the air, getting taken by the bodies he had aimed for. "Let's see what happens if we give the next attacker some spasms." The boy would mutter before Akane would appear behind him. The woman would attack the bandit that came at his back, and by the time Takahiro actually had turned around, another bandit had arrived in front of him. "Just in time." He would say before making a handseal. He opened both his palms, and several balls of lightning would shoot out of his hand at wrist level.

Yuriko moves forward as the ivory blade as her side flashes into visibility, twirled expertly in her small fingers while the team continues to throw attacks at the bandits. Some fleeing, some attacking. Those nearest… the small girl smirks as she tightens her grip and slashes at the open air in front of her, making senbons from the actual blade and throwing them at her targets with each slash.

"Yes, they seem to be deciding whether it's worth protecting their hired guns… It seems the answer to that is no," Yoichi says with a shrug as he looks around, pointing the blades of his swords forward at bandits and beginning to fire off a barrage of lightning needles. "Be on your guard. They could strike at any time," he says as he begins to make his way in toward where the high level bandits are waiting.

Akane grinned at Takahiro's attack, stepping back perfectly to allow the boy to shoot off the lightning and following it up with a slash across the bandit's neck, effectively using the Raikouhira attack as a distraction or stun to land a killing blow. Blood sprayed from the artery and left spatter across the medic's face and torso and when she looked back at takahiro it was with a stricter expression but there was still plenty of approval there. So this was the little one that Akane was asked to train. He had potential. The woman did not move, then, keeping her eyes on Takahiro, solidly on Takahiro, even as a bandit came running at her. She struck quickly and with force, but did not look at the man nor did she react when seh felt her blade slide through his throat. More blood then and she simply glanced aside to see that the idiot was dead. Then her eyes returned to the boy. How would he react to the display?

Takahiro would have grinned himself too. He watched as the man went into his spasm, and the fact that he could actually say it became a team move, made it seem way better. "Be-." THe boy would try to say, but Akane would already have slain the man without looking. He would look Akane in the eye, meeting her probably, and a few sparks of lightning would be visible in his eyes. "Time to see what is going on in there." He would mutter before kicking his legs into a steady motion to even himself to the level of Yoichi and Yuriko, hoping Akane would follow. He would make a seal or three before moving his hands in front of him like a gun, shooting off three bolts of lightning while aiming for the hearts of his attackers.

Since Yoichi gives a cautious word of warning, Yuriko narrows her eyes as she switches from offense to defense, keeping the grip on the hilt of her blade tight and held in front of her. While others attack, the young girl takes a breath and expands her senses outward, stretching them to narrow in on what bandits there may be left, or who else there could be hiding out of sight.

As the shinobi rid the area of more and more of the bandits, suddenly three chakra signatures would move out. Yoichi's eyes widen slightly as he realizes something, which he quickly retrieves a scroll from his coat and writes quickly. He'd then vanish and reappear beside the newest Genin in the group. "Takahiro, retreat and report this back to the Mizukage. Show it only to him. Do not look at it yourself. Go now." With that, he'd step in front of Takahiro and guard him as dozens of ice needles begin to pour out over the area.

Kyoujin watched the boy and noted that he did not flinch when she acted as she had. Good. He could be taught and perhaps this scene would make him more interested in her as well as a teaacher. When he turned she was on his heels, fully prepared to step in should he be attacked or be placed in danger. She sent out another wave of sonar to locate the larger more dangerous targets, evena s she followed Tahakro's attacks with thrown senbon, the poison more fast acting but again she targeted the arteries, making the men bleed out if the boy had not already stopped thier hearts.

She had no sooner located the same kind of danger Yoichi had sniffed out than the swordsman appeared before Takahiro, shielding him and thus her from the ice needles. "Where do you want This One, Yoichi-san?" Her tone and words showed both that Kyoujin was solidly in charge and that she saw Yoichi as a superior. There was no challenge or argument there. She was a shinobi awaiting his orders. Her hands came up, blades flipped back so they pointed away from Yoichi and she pressed a hand to his shoulder, transferring stamina directly into the man's body alng with her lightning chakra. it would take bit a moment for it to fully set in. It was the second time Kyoujin had used Akane's medical skills.

The boy had just nodded, before clearing his throat softly. The boy however had not much time to respond, as the swordsman would jump in front of him to guard him. He waited no longer and the only thing that came out of his mouth was. "Understood, take care." He would sprint off through the mist, to the way they came from at first, just hoping that everything went alright. And even though he regretted leaving, he figured he was no match for them. The boy jolted off, regaining the path in the forest while running back to Kirigakure. He knew that his mission was no longer to kill off the bandits, but to deliver an important message to the mizukage. By the time he felt he was out of danger, he would remove the lightning chakra from his brain, stopping al sparking in his eyes and it would reduce his speed by a quarter. "Time to fulfill my own mission." He would mutter before sprinting off normally towards Kirigakure, to deliver the message.

Yuriko feels the chakra signitatures not even a fraction of a moment after Yoichi does, her steps coming to a hesitant pause before glancing back to see Yoichi issuing an order of retreat to Takahiro, handing over a scroll for the boy. "But…" she murmurs, worry showing now as she looks between them. She could protect him. She knew she could.
Whatever protests she could have had are useless now, dozens of sharp, pointed ice sharps swiftly pouring themselves across the forest floor. Not a good sign. Takahiro takes off through the mist, disappearing entirely.

As Yoichi deflects the incoming barrage at him, Yuriko would feel a nudge in their connection. The general idea that he did not doubt her abilities but had a greater reason to send Takahiro away would be felt. A glance is cast Kyoujin's way as she speaks, the Swordsman nodding at her then looking back ahead. "Stick fairly close. These are Shirayuki we're dealing with, and there's at least one that's formidable," he says as he looks ahead, the Shirayuki suddenly making their presence known as the mist around them litereally freezes and falls to the ground like sleet to clear up the area and show the bodies laying around. Among them are a woman around thirty and two younger shinobi probably in their teens, standing at her ready to attack.
"Ah, the one Sister froze outside Kirigakure that time," the woman says with a smirk, lifting a hand to smooth black hair away from her eyes. "Why don't you all run along back to the Mizukage before we have to kill you."
"One, Yuriko… You may kill the other two, but I'm going to bring her in for interrogation. Got it?" the Swordsman orders as suddenly chakra would begin to surge through his body. Things are now getting serious.

Kyoujin saw the acceptance and nodded. The One spoke quickly as she prepared to obey Yoichi's commands. "The Medic has prepared a syringe witha mixture that will not kill but will take down a human her size temporarily." She does not speak more, but simply moves to obey his orders. Yuriko was closer to the one on the right so she went left, trusting the child to defend herself. She had a faint understanding that the girl was not your average genin but she also understood that Yoichi trusted her to defend herself and thus she must have the ability.
She seemed to disappear from behind Yoichi then, and reappeared before the indicated target, herspeed hopefully allowing her two blades to cut the man's throat and stomach where they were aimed. She knew, though that she probably couldn't take these down in a single strike so she was prepared for return attacks.

By Yoichi's instruction, Yuriko takes a few steps closer while keeping her eyes trained on the Shirayuki, bright eyes narrowing at the trio. "Hai…" she murmurs lightly. With a shift of her grip, the Camellia blade is lifted ever so slightly. As Akane takes off to the left, the girl digs in her feet before disappearing with sudden speed, her target the shinobi on the far right. The goal for this game? Take car eof the targets as quickly as possible. That shouldn't be too difficult. Yuriko feels the slight smirk tug at her lips as she slashes, eager to draw blood.

"We'll be able to utilize that hopefully," Yoichi says with a nod to the One before looking back ahead. As she and Yuriko both race off, their targets both take a bit of damage, yet they are still standing and leap back, both bringing their hands into seals and creating shards in the forms of snowflakes that race at the kunoichi. Meanwhile, Yoichi's eyes lock with the Jounin level one of the group, and both would race toward each other, the woman creating a scythe of ice in her hands that she swings directly at his neck. To her surprise, it straight through him, only for his body to fully reform unscathed as he whips one of the blades back, lightning crackling and creating a whip of lightning that strikes down on her back and makes her freeze up for a fist that shifts into iron ball to make directly contact with her jaw and send her flying back.

Kyoujin saw the attacks comming and seemed to take the hit.. but no that was an after image. She'd simply moved too fast. Thenshe seemed to disappear as the second wave came in. She reappeared directly in front of the man, her eyes hard, a small smirk on her face. She moved gracefully, the blood already on her pale skin making her dark green eyes sparkle and the overall impression her opponent got was something akin to a kami of vengeance. Her crimson hair matching the blood on her, she twisted, her blades flashing. She put her wrists together, the blades facing opposite directions, and thrust forward, aiming to impale the man through the gut. Assuming that was successful, she would open her arms, hopefully gutting the man, otherwise simply cutting him well and of course, her poison was there. Pain would be the first indication, like fire in his veins then he'd begin to feel sick, sluggish… She'd refined her viper venom some recently….

Snowflakes strike her hard, the cold chill unexpectedly driving a sharp pain through her chest that makes Yuriko stagger at first, if only briefly. The young girl grits her teeth as she clamps down on a growl, her vision disappearing with growing speed. With a smooth flick of a wrist, the blade flourishes with graceful, precise speed just before the momentum unexpectedly drives the Camellia sword hard, striking hard and deep.

That scythe strikes down at Yoichi a couple more times, the Kaguya-Hozuki's body merely splatters to reform once again. As she strikes, the whip flings back again to strike her one her back once more before that iron ball would strike her in the stomach. "Going to keep whipping the bad girl 'till she learns her lesson?" the woman's voice rings out tauntingly from a bent position as she tries to gather herself.

Meanwhile, the determined but perhaps a touch unprepared Shirayuki that the other two are fighting both wind up receiving a multitude of slashes, the one fighting Akane crying out in pain due to the venom rushing through his veins. However, his only causes him to make a last ditch effort and go into a flurry of ice shards along with the other.

Kyoujin's smmirk faltered a bit as she was just just too shallow to actually gut the man but she caused plenty of real damage. His attempts to strike her again were simply avoided. Her body twisted in ways that weren't entirely natural and she just smirked at him. She brought up her sword and thrust it forward aiming straight for the man's heart. Assuming she stabbed him (wherever the blade landed) she would use that metal to transmit a powerful shock of lightning, aimed at stopping his (hopefully) impaled heart. Assuming her sucess she would look to Yoichi next, prepared to aid him if he wished.

The ice shuriken is thrown at her, and Yuriko expertly dances away before they are even able to get close. The small, slight smirk grows ever so slightly as she charges chakra through the ivory sword. Should her next strike make it's mark, the Genin will stun the rogue Shirayuki shinobi before making a more powerful strike.

The Shirayuki woman's eyes wince as she sees both of her underlings fall to being skewered by Yuriko and Akane. Meanwhile, Yoichi, who seems to basically ignore her taunt, whips both of his swords back, creating a large number of lightning whips that rain down on either side of her to bind her up. "One," he calls over to Kyoujin. "… Incapacitate her with your syringe then we'll bind her up more fully for the journey home."

Kyoujin was off the dead shirayuki and bringing her blade with her as Yoichi called for her. She sheathed her blades and drew the syringe from her pouch. It wasn't hard to find a nice open vein on the woman's neck. She flicked the cap off and sank the needle into her neck visciously. It would only take a moment but the woman would lose all strength of muscle and possibly consciousness due to the vein as the drug's entry. She would feel much much worse upon waking but it should do as Yoichi asked. Then the woman looked at Yuriko, judging whether to offer healing or not, then decided to let Yoichi order her if he chose. She peered back at the woman now at her feet…. Interesting.

Completely skewered. The body at her blade falls in a heap on the forest floor at Yuriko's feet, making the girl make a face at the remains as she flicks the camellia sword, scattering blood to the ground. "Annoying." she murmurs. Even as she does this, the minor wound she did get steadily close up. Glancing up, at their captured prisoner, Yuriko lifts a brow at the body for a brief moment before glancing up at Yoichi. There's a pause before she smiles innocently up at him. Genuinely happy.

Once the woman is knocked out by the drugs, Yoichi would nod to Kyoujin then release the lightning whips. He resheaths the Kiba blades then moves to catch the Shirayuki woman before she can hit the ground. Looking back to Yuriko then, he nods then scoops the Shirayuki up and puts her over his shoulder. "Good work. Let's get back to the village." Mission Accomplished. Fade to black…

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