Cart Woes and Bandits' Throes


Kurome, Yasuo

Date: May 9, 2016


Kurome and Yasuo go on a patrol.

"Cart Woes and Bandits' Throes"

Land of Fire

A nice day out today, considering it's reaching the end of summer. The weather is nice, certainly. Sunny with no hint of cloud in the blue sky. Kurome leans lightly against the entrance to the Hidden Leaf, awaiting Yasuo. Today's mission sounded about as easy as it the weather was nice. A patrol that was fairly lengthy due to their skil.

Dropping down from a rooftop near the gate, Yasuo lands near Kurome and nods. "Ready when you are," he says with a faint smile. A patrol, simple enough. A bit boring maybe, but these things have to be done, and having both of the village's dojutsu on the path is likely to ensure the most information is gathered. He waits for her to move, assuming she'll let him know if there's anything more to this mission than meets the eye, though they're not in their official ANBU gear at this point.

"Just waiting on you, slowpoke," Kurome retorts with a small smile in return. She would stretch for a moment before she turned towards the outside. "This shouldn't be so bad, at least. If we move fast, then we'll have some time left over to do something on our own." Without anyone else noticing, was her secret hope. Kurome would gesture once to signal that Yasuo should keep an eye on things as they moved, and she took off, heading towards the western border.

"Sounds nice," Yasuo says, smirking a bit before he nods and brings his hands into a seal to activate his Byakugan so that he can keep an eye out on the entire area around them. He should easily be able to detect anything suspicious in the area around them as they move toward the border as he is able to scan basically in a complete 360 due to the advancement of his dojutsu.

Kurome just chuckles and makes a handseal of her own. It's not much effort for her to activate the pale red sharingan that many masters can acquire, and she looks around for any signs of movement that Yasuo might miss in his wider scanning. The woman would keep an eye out for suspicious movements, of course, but it would be Yasuo who notices the bandits on the road far up ahead. They were all just lounging about, as the day itself seemed a bit slow in terms of travelers. No need to get all worked up, apparently.

Yasuo wonders for a moment if the patrol might be uneventful, but that is solved as he takes note of the bandits far ahead on the road. "… Looks like we've got some troublemakers up ahead that we should probably get rid of before they do any harm," he says as he nods in their direction. "They seem to be basically just relaxing. We can probably ambush them easily enough."

COMBAT: Kurome focuses 3874 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…43

Kurome would squint a bit up the road, trying to see what Yasuo is seeing. It wouldn't really work because the Sharingan can't actually see through trees, but she would give a small nod. "Alright. Which direction should we come from? I can give them a nasty surprise and then you can come in and finish them off?" she suggests, already planning ahead. The good news is that she has more than just skills she has to rely on her Sharingan for. The bad news is that they are all pretty … umm… not stealthy -_-;; But for this round of bandits, it'll work perfectly well.

RP: Yasuo transforms into BYAKUGAN-III.
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-I…37

"The direction we're in is basically fine. We should just approach from the treetops so they don't see us," Yasuo comments as they move toward the bandits. He nods to her suggestion, saying, "That should work well enough. We'll probably make quick enough work of them that way." With that he prepares some chakra for what's coming, though his usage isn't quite as heavy since his jutsu are mainly Taijutsu.

COMBAT: Yasuo focuses 3107 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Kurome nods minutely, and she would start forming a few hand seals and gathering chakra. It would probably take a bit more effort because there would be a decent amount of work trying to hypnotize a whole group. The duo would arrive soon enough at their destination, the bandits largely asleep excepting two guards. How fortunate. Kurome would just grin slightly and activate the Genjutsu on the ones awake, forcing them to witness their own death. Each would get to experience someone suffocating them.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 39
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 62
[NPC System]: Bandit Guards roll(s) Perceptive Ability vs. Kurome (39) from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Bandit Guards roll(s) Perceptive Ability vs. Kurome (62) from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Kurome

With most of the men asleep and two under Kurome's Genjutsu spell, Yasuo decides to be a little less than kind. Once they are under it, he leaps up and spins into a rotation that creates an enormous sphere of chakra that he attempts to bring down upon the group as a whole. Two Genjutsud and the others asleep. Fighting with honor is not something high on the shinobi priority list.

RP: Yasuo transforms into BYAKUGAN-IV.
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 91
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 2 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 62
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 3 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 60
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 4 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 82
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 5 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 63
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 6 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 57

And because Yasuo just decided to go all out, there is pretty much nothing remaining of the bandits. Poor Bandits… Maybe. Well, they got their just desserts, and if they didn't deserve them yet, they would deserve them eventually. Kurome would just raise a brow at Yasuo when he decided to just annihilate them. "And this is why Jounin are sent on more dangerous missions," she would note. "Or not often sent with Genin." Because they could make the genin completely unnecessary, which really defeats the whole purpose of training… "Well, I suppose we ought to continue. There's still quite a bit of the route to go."

Yasuo's one of those Konohagakure shinobi that one might wonder if he'd fit in better with Kirigakure outside normal situations. "Well, it's not like we wanted to waste too much time on them, hmm? Or maybe we can take a little more time with the next set if you prefer." As she says they need to continue, he nods and gestures before scanning out with his Byakugan again to try and spot any more potential threats.

If there were any bandits nearby, they probably decided to disappear with their tails tucked between their legs. Yasuo wouldn't notice any more trouble from bandits, at least, and the duo would continue onwards without too much issue for the next few hours. Kurome would randomly just start talking about the nice weather since nothing was going on.

Well, Kurome DID say she wanted to finish early so they could do something else. Yasuo was just working on making possible! When she starts talking about the weather, he smirks and would return the small talk in kind while they continue to patrol and scout the area.

Patrol doesn't always have bandits getting in the way. The pair would eventually turn around at the furthest point of their route and begin to head back along a slightly different trail when Yasuo would see that there was a man with a broken cart. His goods, which appeared to be (now-broken) pottery were a bit strewn about as well.

As they travel on, Yasuo lifts an eyebrow as he spots the man with the busted cart. "There seems to be someone in need of assistance over there, though we should keep an eye out," he says before moving over to where the man and his cart are. "Are you alright?" he asks as he glances around at the pottery then at the man himself, using his Byakugan to inspect the items as well as the man's heath.

"Fine enough," Grumbles the merchant. "Hit a bit of a rough patch in the road or something and things went flying. Need to get everything in sorted order and all." He waves a hand and sighs again, picking up a broken vase. "'cept there goes all my goods…" He would look over to Yasuo and Kurome.
Kurome would incline her head slightly. "Apologies for the hard travels. Would you like any assistance in gathering your belongings or perhaps fixing your wagon?" she offers. Yasuo wouldn't find anything wrong with the man, excepting a few bumps and bruises if he could actually notice that.

A rough spot in the road manages to break the wagon and all the pottery in the process. It's not IMPOSSIBLE, but the one would've had to just been not paying attention at all to not notice they were about to hit a patch like that. "I see," he says, glancing toward Kurome a moment then back to the man as he waits for him to answer her question.

Well, Yasuo might also notice that there were no animals drawing the cart. The merchant just nods in thanks to Kurome. "Aye, that'd be nice. Many thanks. If you could help me get my horses, mebbe? They ran off when the cart bounced. My fault for taking the untrained, I suppose… Noise must've startled 'em. They bolted and their binds broke clean off. Which is a bit odd because I thought they seemed fine when we left." The man shrugs and sighs. "I c'n work on the pottery, though. You two deal with the more troublesome things that require less care."
Kurome just raised a brow and wondered if the man was insulting them or if he was just being a bit selfish when it came to his craft. Regardless, she didn't particularly care. She was just a bit amused. "Yasuo-san, look for the horses? I imagine you'll find them better than I. And I'll work on fixing the wagon. I'm sure I can figure out a few tricks to make them fixed in no time."

Insult or not, Yasuo seems to basically not ignore that comment and simply nods to Kurome's suggestion that he look for the horses. He gazes outwardly with his Byakugan, looking in the near 360 degrees allowed by his level of skill with the dojutsu. While he mentally pours over every inch of the forest in his range, he also listens to hear if Kurome asks for any help.

Kurome was studying the broken beams and binds that would have held the horses while Yasuo sought out the missing horses. One would think that they couldn't have run that far, but the Hyuuga wouldn't see them in the immediate vicinity. The merchant was still busy gathering his broken pots and other clay makings, sometimes inspecting them and commenting on whether or not he could salvage it at the end on his journey.

Yasuo furrows his brows a bit as he notices that his Byakugan can't find the horses, meaning they're either moving really fast or left quite a while ago. Either way, this task could prove troublesome. After a moment of pondering, he looks back to the merchant for a moment then begins to scan for tracks of horses. "Which way did they run?" he asks simply enough to gain some extra direction.

In all likelihood, it's the latter. The man would blink and wave a hand, indicating further along the path towards the east. "That way," he says, even as he hefty a particularly heavy piece of pottery into his wagon. Kurome was starting to work on repairing the wagon, or at least make it usable for the trip back. It wasn't really clear what she was doing right now…

Yasuo nods to the man then peers at Kurome for a moment. "I'm going to see if I can find the horses. I won't be long," he says before turning and leaping into the treetops once more to head eastward and try to find the horses. Just east isn't THAT big of a clue, but he can't expect much more from a merchant. Instead he simply moves along while scanning for either tracks or the horses themselves.

Not too long into his search, Yasuo would see the horses enter his Byakugan's field of sight. They seemed to be resting, and they were a decent distance away. If they were running full tilt, it probably took them about 20 minutes to reach where they were. Nothing too awful! They probably got tired and forgot what they were running from in the first place.

Well, that went a lot easier than Yasuo thought it would. Quietly moving over to where the horses are, he approaches them carefully and grabs each of their reigns. Assuming there are no issues, he pulls the reigns and guides them both to move back toward the broken down cart to deliver them back to their owner.

Aside from the horses reading from the surprise of being grabbed, Yasuo wouldn't have too many issues. The horses kept to a steady pace that might be a bit slower than Yasuo desired, but they would speed up given enough prodding. By the time the Hyuuga returned with the horses, Kurome would have managed to make a few decent patch works to harness horse to cart once more. And all the pottery was cleared up! Whoo.

Well, no trap set by enemy shinobi or crazy lab people trying to kidnap either one of them so far. This marks a pretty easy mission for them so far. As he arrives back, Yasuo glances the cart over with his Byakugan to be sure it'll hold before he dismounts and offers the reigns back to the merchant to secure. "Here you are. Be more careful on your journey forward so you're not delayed as such again."

Well, the good news is that after all that trouble, there is no more to run into! The merchant would thank Yasuo and tie the horses to the rig Kurome managed to set up, which was secure in its own right. It would definitely hold until they reached Konoha, thankfully, and the duo would be able to get back to their patrol with just a few minutes to spare. Not enough time for any sort of getaway, but … Well, mission complete!

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