Cat Hunt


Sei, Meruin

Date: December 20, 2013


Sei has been slowly recovering from a series of injections of an extremely potent toxin. To allow him exercise, Meruin allowed him to undertake a large cat hunt with only supervision. The young Okumo's tactics proved fairly effective for the task.

"Cat Hunt"

Forests east of the Koumorite Village

Forest Path [Land of Water]

A lengthy but relatively-clear path through the woodlands of the Land of Water acts as one of the few maintained roads through the wilderness in the entire country. Most other forest paths are more or less left up to locals to keep clear and known only to the same. The forest all around varies in density, with many hunting camps, small villages, two or three towns, and various traveller's rest stops, inns, and tea houses. It is not entirely safe, but it is also a great deal safer to keep to the path than to wander aimlessly through the wilderness.
To the west lies the Koumorite Clan's Village, on the coast. To the east is a stone-paved road leading towards the Capitol. To the north is a shadowy forest path, rife with danger and a constant, dense fog…


North-West - (NW) [West Mist Forest]
North - (N) [Road of Fear]
West - (W) [Koumorite Village]

A giant cat — a panther, the precise species undetermined — has been causing some issues in the wooded area to the east of the Koumorite village. As one can believe, it's caused a little bit of havoc for those needing to pass through and the Kuomorite themselves, as well as doing a little alarming exploration of its own. Its adopted territory seems to be the forest glade to the southeast of the Koumorite village and the Forested path to the east of it.
And thus the mission was to remove the panther, either through a kill or a capture. But it wasn't Meruin's mission. There were few chances he'd be sent on a mission such as this one. Nay, the Okumo's reason for being here this day was simply as bodyguard and examinator of the boy who /did/ own this mission. He looked to the younger of his clansmen, subject 32591. Ailing but recovering, this job was his alone to undertake, and so Meruin simply looked to him, seeing what their move would be now that they had entered his target's territory.

Sei had his brood active. The cloud of spiders thickest around him, but they were spread out even from there. To the full range of his control, they moved. Meruin may or may not be able to track exactly where all of them went. A nester was best with a nest. Unfortunately, he was within the nest of another. That, however, did not mean he couldn't adapt the area to his own making. Clumps of spiders here and there were already setting up traps, things to aid witht he capture of the beast. Of course he was going to capture it. One this strong to threaten Kirigakure's land needed to be caught, to be studied. If forced.. he'd kill it if he had to. But this was a mission to claim his first experiment piece. His first of a more serious mission and he was alone. Sure.. Okumo Meruin was around. However if it came to it, all that would happen is he'd be recovered. A failure was a failed experiment, he refused to fail and he refused to be destroyed. Another pulse of chakra spread outward, invigorating the brood. He would be ready as he saught out the beast first with brood, before he came apon it in person.

Meruin watched and felt the proceedings but remained within the trees, dormant. Senses opened but mouth closed, he simply breathed and remained prepared.
But it seemed that Sei and his brood's senses were no less finely tuned than his own. The chakra invigorated spiders actually came upon the object of their search. The panther is reported to be found to the north, near to the thick-fogged border of the Road of Fear. It is dormant at the moment, apparently resting. And it is… large.

Sei's path simply changed course. it wasn't a matter of stopping or questioning. Indeed large. Calculations from what he finds of the initial spiders done, the rest of the brood got to work. A tiger trap pit had to be made first, the burrowing spiders quick to dig, while the rest set to work stringing the trees in preperation for what was to come. The best way to lure something into capture alive, was of course, bait. Even as he dealt with the fact he was weaken, he didn't let it stop him, or really slow him down. Instead he kept at that even pace. The trap wasn't too far away as it was prepared. Secondary locations, netting, a weaker secondary for something so large, was set up as well. Never let it all be in one place. As soon as he knew the panther sensed him, he'd pause and see what it took to start the lure. Distance at this point, was Sei's friend. The panther, however, was a variable.

As traps were being crafted and lain, Sei would seen find reports that the panther's sides heaved and it's head raised, turning to look in the Okumo's direction. It's yellow feline eyes were unwavering and it shifted slightly, a third pair of legs steadying themselves on the ground. It must have smelled him. And he was still nowhere near within visibility. Still, the creature seemed only prepared. Alert. It made no further moves to approach the one who was approaching it.

Stopping short once it stood up, Sei calculated. Here to there. Alright. Sei did a series of hand seals, focusing as he gathered strength. The pain of the poison pushed aside, that clone was created. The rapid acceleration of the clone would rush for the panther. Stopping up short of the beast, that act of alarm was done and it'd turn to run. When it was created, it took the set of clothing that Sei had been wearing, another set, fresh, not scented as him, was quickly taken and donned while the clone ran. If it worked, the scent of the child should get movement, as soon as there'd be a break in line of sight, the clone would dissapate into it's base of spiders and web, the clothing pulled into the bundle of webbing to get scooped into the trees while Sei would lead the panther on for the chase.

The panther was on its six legs in a flash as the clone was abruptly within sight. The animal's hackles rose as the Sei clone came into view, but it wasn't until it turned and started to flee that its pupils narrowed and its fangs showed. Hunter's instinct sent it flying towards the fleeing, nearby prey, putting any others sensed out of mind as it gave chase. It slipped through the trees like a clawed eel, legs giving it guidance and propulsion as it moved through the trunks, leaving scars behind. This lead to the panther soon scrambling up the tree that the Sei-scented clothing had been brought up to once the clone had been broken down into it's original components. IT snifed around the branches for meat but found nothing worth sinking its teeth into.

Fast. 6 legs. This made things slightly more complicated. However Sei was use to dealing with 6 legs. A sharp whistle was given, seeking it's attention. He'd wave about as well, doing what he could to cause motion. Waiting for the initial launch of the panther, a web wall would be thrown up, even as Sei moved, no, he wasn't going to let it just run at him, even with him in full strength, he probably couldn't out distance that for long at all. However, the panther had entered the nest. While it dealth with the webbing that was woven together with chunks of trees to slow it down, Sei took to the branches, using the web network to get back towards the pit. By now, it should be deep enough and the sides covered in thick webbing. All the quicker to cocoon and claim the prize.

Sei's simple goading was enough to do its work on the simple animal, its head whipping around to view the boy. Its fangs bared around a roar before it hit the ground and streaked forward, giving chase once more after the Okumo. It dashed forward — right into the web wall thrown up before it. It's mass and speed — nearly nine feet from head to tail, powerfully muscled, and moving as though it were far smaller — allowing it to nearly barrel through the obstruction, already halfway through it when it was stopped by it. Four or five seconds of snarling and clawing later, it was free from its restrictions, the web adorned animal loping swiftly after Sei once more.


The clothing was brought forward, the scent kept on it as much as possible. The pit covered, it'd get a careful make over to make sure that nothing was visible for someone outside of it. Within range of the pit, the clone was formed and dressed again, this clone light, the scent meant to draw the creature in. Once Sei got in range of the pit, he'd go into hiding, the clone cowering where it rested, acting much akin to what an animal would that was being pounced, curled over and trying to ward off the attack. If it all went as planned, the real Sei would vanish, leaving the beast to see the 'sei' ahead and pounce on it, falling into the pit that would quickly cocoon it to the point of submission.

And thus was the scene that the panther came upon, the cowering prey curled up before it. The beast's eyes locked onto the Sei clone and it's eyes… narrowed. Its chest heaved, taking in a great gust of the air. And then its head swivelled, looking directly towards the real Okumo and his hiding spot. And then it turned its eyes towards Okumo Meruin, catching sight of him.
A low rumble coursed through its body, a powerful enough vibration leaving its chest to be felt in the ground around it. But it reoriented its eyes on the clone. The nearest prey, the least able seeming, and the more assured meal. It leapt, a dark blur that tore through the clone — and the ground, it's weight and speed sending it plummeting into the pit trap. From below, it loosed a surprised and angered roar.

Sei frowned. It saw him. Pity. He'd have to work on that. Shaking his head, the brood immediately went to work, the pit a deep recess of a mass of webs, the panther would be wrapped, again and again, continuing to bind down until it had just enough room for breathing. Claws would be tended to, webbing getting between the toes to render them out and innert in motion. Once Sei knew that the panther was bound, would the brood pull it up, bringing it to the surface to hang suspended. His attention on the beast, he glanced over at Meruin then, raising a brow to figure out if the job was done or not. While he could probably carry it back to the village via his webs.. it'd be slow and if the other Okumo was willing, it'd expedite the procedure, to be sure. The land itself was already being cleared of webbing. Remove what was used and what wasn't. Make sure there was no trace left. That is what he was taught and he made sure to keep to that rule.

Meruin only watched as Sei managed to see his trap sprung and then subdued the animal within the bounds of a place it couldn't easily — if at all — escape. But when attention turned to him, he nodded. Pressure was always a necessity, but the importance was in knowing when and where to apply it. In Sei's current state, it would be better to take the animal in himself. They would lose more in hindrance to recovery than they would gain in anything else. So he slipped to the ground, making his way towards the pit and the captured, pantherine creature.
"Neat capture, short timeframe. B- performance."

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