Catching up at Jump


Goh, Aburei

Date: November 26, 2012


Goh and Aburei catch up in the healing quarters at Jump, before prepping to head for Kirigakure.

"Catching up at Jump"

Jump HQ

Since officially opening, the guild known as Jump has certainly grown. Wanderers of all sorts have thrown their lot in with the others, including some more well known wanderers. Granted, the more 'well known' ones drift in and out constantly and are always on the road, but there are still plenty left over! All talking loudly in the common hall, arguing, shouting, or discussing other things.
Having returned from his own stint away on the road, the blonde pickler known as Goh has been checking up on things to ensure all is well. General running of things can get pretty tricky, which is why he greatly appreciated the help of some more senior members. Regardless, after checking up on a few critical things, Goh was now on his way down into the rooms reserved for Aburei and the other healers. Wearing a poncho over his usual attire, the blue eyed male strides into the room, having a look around.
Always good to check up on how the medical part of Jump was going!

Gosh, special rooms reserved for healers? How flattering. No doubt they've also become the first place some Jump members come to get patched up, though. Why go to a designated medical area when there are medics sleeping right across the hall? X) Aburei doesn't notice any discrepency, of course, he's used to people coming to him directly for help. He usually doesn't have a special place for doing medical work, being a traveling healer. "Now remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," Aburei lectures one of the rough-and-tumble Jump members as he finishes bandaging his arm. "And there aren't that many pounds of me to go around." X) The guy snerks at Aburei's reference to his own shrimpiness, then heads out of the room, doubtless forgetting the admonition within seconds. Aburei peers out of the doorway and smiles as he recognizes a familiar face. "Hi there, Goh-san. How are things going?"

The room will have nearly everything that Aburei could need. Herbs, vitamins, medicines. Tools to even create and mix custom medications. Perhaps a bit surplus to Aburei's needs, but some of the other healers about at least enjoy having them.
Stepping aside, Goh watches the bandaged troop file out, before smirking. "Pretty good, Aburei." He replies, before approaching and having a look around. With arms folded across his chest, he sort of squints at the different medicines and such in the cabinets. It's entirely possible that Aburei doesn't even use them, though it doesn't stop Goh from being curious at least. "So many things to help people. Through pain, or injury. Crazy. Er, anyway. I just got back, but I can't stay here for long. So! I just wanted to check out how you've been going. Whether it be settling in here or on the road. If you needed anything, or if something isn't to your taste." He grins, rubbing his nose a bit. "I'm not very good at the healing thing, so… if I have something out of order, now is your chance to bring me down for it." He leans back against the wall.

Aburei shrugs. "I haven't been here very long myself. Just stopping in on my way to Kirigakure, actually. I hear they're having some sort of big ninja exams there soon, so they're probably going to need some extra medics around." Aburei glances over the medical supplies. "The stuff here seems to be in fairly good order. One of the other medics probably organized it. If I'm not mistaken, the medicines are grouped by the types needed for treating various common ailments. This row is good for sprains, for example." Aburei folds his hands behind his head. "So what are you going to be doing when you head out again, Goh-san? Or is that a secret?"

"Is that so?" Goh replies, sounding at least interested enough in medicine to care where everything is placed. "I'm glad everything is being organized. Hmm. The Kirigakure Exams? It's funny — I was actually headed there myself! Ha!" The pickler beams.
"No doubt at all I will see you there, but there's a few exams that I'm quite keen on seeing. Not only the Chuunin and Jounin Exams, but the rung above. Just to see where people are at in their lives. So if someone decides to attack Jump, we know how strong they are I guess." He's still smiling, so there's probably not a lot to worry about there. "Also, I would love to catch up with the Mizukage. Over some pickled vegetables, maybe." He rubs his chin in thought.
"Anyway, seems that Kirigakure is the place to be. I think it's a fantastic idea that you're heading there too, healing people and stuff. No doubt they will need your skill to try and stay healthy. Are you planning to meet up with any friends there?"

Aburei tilts his head. "Oh, okay. I wouldn't have thought you'd have that much interest, since Jump doesn't have ranks like that, but I guess it's a good chance to look for recruits, as long as they don't have to leave their own villages to join Jump. I'll probably have to leave sooner than you do, I don't travel as fast as ninja do." Aburei chuckles thoughtfully. "Poor Raili-chan, took me nearly a month to show her to the Neutral Medical Center. I'm sure she could've gotten there faster on her own." Aburei shrugs. "I don't have too many close friends outside the Medical Center, it's hard to establish relationships when you're on the road all the time. I'm sure you know what that's like. I think Mushi-neesan could be there…oh! And maybe Raili-chan will too, she mentioned being a test proctor last time!" :o

"Definitely a chance with Raili. I wouldn't mind catching up with her, actually. I hope she's there. As for Mushi, well… she might be angry with me." He coughs a bit, before waving a hand — obviously keen to move on from that topic of conversation.
"If you find yourself super lonely, don't hesitate to hit me up. I should have plenty of space in my usual lodgings." His arms tighten across his chest a bit. "I might keep an eye out for recruits, but it's far from the priority. They would have to leave their Village to join Jump. And, well … ninjas who enter the exams aren't really the type to feel disenchanted with their home. Which is fine." He smiles. "It's just getting a gauge on the lay of the land. Strength of the nations, all that." Rubbing his blonde hair, he does smile.
"Whatever the result, having exams is a heck of a lot better than open War, anyway."

Aburei scratches his head. "Oh, they would? Huh. Guess being part of the Neutral Medical Center is different somehow, then." Probably because it's, y'know, neutral. X) "Well, I don't really know much about politics and such. I just go where I'm needed and do what I can to help." Aburei tilts his head again. "So, why would Mushi-neesan be angry at you?" Yup, as clueless as ever. n.n
"Heh, yeah. Just a bit." Goh grins. "Hmmm?" He asks, the smile not quite leaving his face. Unlike Mushi, he seemed much more able to talk about stuff in a calm manner.
"Well… to cut a long story incredibly short, she joined me on my quest for senjutsu. I'm not sure if she told the guy she is currently seeing, either. She was a great help though, helping to make sure that I did not turn to stone when I gathered nature chakra. It was only after I mastered senjutsu that I suggested she leave and head back to Konoha. I don't think she was aware how much time had elapsed in the area we were training in. It wouldn't surprise me to see Shintaro at least slightly bothered that his girlfriend dissapeared for three weeks or so. Even more so that she dissapeared with me, the rogue and dashing ex-boyfriend." He grins in a cheeky way, rubbing his chin again. Let's hope Goh doesn't actually see himself like that!
"Which is why Mushi would be angry at me. Getting him bothered at her, or something." He throws his arms up. "Who knows? Women are ridiculously hard to understand. Do you have many girl problems?"
Aburei listens quietly while Goh explains. Senjutsu? Nature chakra? What's that? And why does it make you turn into stone? c.c Oh well. "So…you're assuming that Shintaro-san will be mad at Mushi-neesan…and that Mushi-neesan would be mad at you because of that." Aburei shrugs. "I haven't met Shintaro-san yet, so I dunno about him, but that doesn't sound like something Mushi-neesan would hold against you. She's not one to sit quietly and take abuse from someone and then pass it on to someone else, she's more likely to fight back. I think you're safe." n.n Aburei rubs the back of his neck and gazes at the ground. "As for me, well, no girl's ever really…shown an interest in me. Besides, I'm not sure if I'm old enough for that kind of thing. I'm…at least 14, probably? Yeah, that's probably a safe guess."

Goh looks at Aburei carefully, raising eyebrows. "N…No. I just can't agree with that. Next time I see her, I'm pretty sure there's a punch coming for my face." He smirks, before shrugging. "Doesn't matter. It won't really be abuse she'd cop, I wouldn't think. She'd feel bad though. I dunno, I don't wana think about it anymore." He shakes his head.
"You don't know how old you are?" Goh queries, sounding surprised. "Wow! I would have thought there'd be a special healing technique that can judge how old you are?" Grinning, the pickler punches Aburei lightly in the arm. "Well, no rush for the whole girl sorta stuff, anyway. Hey, I gotta run. Thanks heaps for all your hard work in Jump. I'll see you in Kiri, yeah?" And with this, he moves for the exit.
"Be safe in your travels, Abu! Catcha!" And just like that, he's gone.

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