Chaos… And the boy involved.


Sekisetsu, Daichi, Fuuka, Moriko

Date: Unknown (log received February 17, 2011)


Poor Daichi. Who would have thought he’d get himself in between such crazy and utterly violent female ninja? Maybe he should taken Fuuka back to Tosai’s hotel room, instead of watching Seki blow a Candy Shop. Perhaps Moriko can diffuse the quickly escalating situation which threatens to rend Kusagakure’s Streets into flames.

"Chaos… And the boy involved."

Flower - Vein [Kusagakure]


The central pathway of the grass village leading towards the Ninja Academy further up the expanse as well as the living residences for the members of the village. This expanse leading down towards the Ninja Academy are flooded with the sights of people wandering to the entrance or further up towards the Ninja Academy. There are a vast amount of houses ranging from smaller huts to decent living residences, some clustered together while some have their own private section with a garden. There are several streets branching from Central Grass, each spreading to a different section of the street. It is easy to get lost if you divert from the Central Vein.


Soaking in some cool time now that the excitement for the day has settled down, Daichi would be wondering about what Tosai said back in the hotel. "Hmmm I guess he wants to start building a team now," Daichi would be walking down the central path way and thinking it over in his thoughts "Guess I better get to know Fuuka a little bit more," Daichi groans for a moment. "She has soooo much energy though, I don't know if I can connect with that," Daichi admits. He sighs hard blowing bangs of hair out of his face. "Ok well, can't be afraid of my own team mate, I'll give it a shot,"

After the incident involving a hotel, raw meat, a scroll, Tosai, Daichi, and Fuuka Ohka Senju, Fuuka had continuously pestered Daichi about traveling to se someone that was mentioned in a conversation. Fuuka began to relax a bit in the following days. This was short lived though as soon after, Fuuka had packed her bags and set out to meet this possible rival in cuteness, dragging Daichi along the way. Little did they know they were both lost Daichi didnt know where she was from and led Fuuka resulting in both of them getting lost. While on the road, they closed in on Kusakagure. Fuuka decided this was as good time as any to talk to Daichi. "HEYY DAICHI-KUN we're lost aren’t we? IS SHE HERE IS THE ONE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR HEREEE!!??!!! WE SHOULD DO OUR BEST AND SEARCH HIGH AND LOW KAY?" she then pulled up behind him and began pushing him. She then asked, "DO YOU THINK TOSAI-SIR is still mad at us it was like almost five days ago!!"" she then shyly smiled and looked down.

"RRRRRUNNNNNNN!!!!!! She's back!!!!!", would be shouted from a nearby candy store, as suddenly a crew of men, almost five deep, would be rushing away, after putting the place under lock and key. They all seem to run pass Daichi and Fuuka, before rounding the corner, screaming girlishly, flailing their arms and then rounding the bend, leaving a trail of dust behind them. Soon, a small girl would come around the bend, toting a wide and large scroll on her lower back and seeming to look as though the world, had owed her money. Soon, small steps would end up in front of the candy store, before shoulders would slump, and a voice would scream out, "UGH!! Their closed???!! Yeeshhh." The store had been right across the street from where the two had been walking.

Daichi would smile as Fuuka spoke "No we aren't lost…well not too bad anyway," Daichi says. He would wonder what Fuuka's fascination with Seki's cuteness is. If there was one person Daichi didn't want to see again it was Sekisetsu, she was his kryptonite. Daichi groaned as he could only imagine what would happen if Fuuka and Sekisetsu met. Daichi scratched his head "Well Tosai gets mad at me often but he usually calms down pretty quick," Daichi said. Then screaming men came running by Daichi and Fuuka. Daichi would look at each one of them trying to get them to stop and explain but unfortunately they are too frightened. "Hmm what's spooking them?" Daichi asked not really expecting an answer. His heels dragging as Fuuka pushed him he would look around for what could've caused men to run like that. His eyes then catch the culprit standing outside a store "Oh….no," Daichi says as he stops in his tracks, Fuuka would find it nearly impossible to push him any further. "Its…..her, quick lets go the other way before she sees us," Daichi advises.

Fuuka while pushing Daichi forward felt him stop and bumped into him. "UMF!" She then looked forward, "Hey what the… what’s going on? is there a party going on?" She hadn’t seen what was ahead of them. Seeing the grown men running and screaming. "I think we should ask someone what’s going on." She then tried to get information out of man. While the man screamed an jetted she then stopped in front of the man with an out stretched hand She let out her charm. "Hey kind sir can you tell me what’s going…" the Man the screamed. "ITS A NATURAL DISASTER RUUUUUNNNNN!!!!" the random man bumped into her shoulder, Fuuka would then ouch and try to look above Daichi's shoulder and saw IT. The natural disaster the man was talking about. There before her stood a girl. "Its just a little girl I don’t see any disaster." She turned her back to Daichi and folded her arms and "Hmfed".

And Seki? Well she hadn't even sense Daichi, or Fuuka nearby. She was too busy sulking, trying to figure just what way she'd get her fix, and taste some candy. Her idea? Bomb the place. Soon, hands would cross each other, a flick of them revealing a deck of tags in each. All of them would have the command ring for 'Explosion', written in kanji and outlined with a decagram locking. Seki's arms would then flail, riddling the place with the tags, throwing them and causing them to stick. After making sure the tags had been all over, Seki would wiggle her arms, loosening up, and smiling. She would smile in her own and say, "They really did think that they could keep me out. Well guess what… Ain't gonna happen!!!"

Hand seals would began and just as Fuuka's statement would end, the all of the explosive tags, would detonate.. At once. BOOOOMMMMM!!!!!, would rang through out the street, as the explosion, would cause a mushroom cloud to appear on Kusagakure's horizon. After the dust had cleared, the front of the candy store, would be revealed to completely missing, leaving every room, including the kitchen, and the restroom, which apparently had been yet in use. Someone was still left in the store. The scared man, would look on surprised at the destruction, only to see the girl and turn white with fear. "IT'S SEKISETSU!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm getting out of here!!", accompany running. The man was so frightened, he would even forget to pull up his pants.

"Hehe… He's naked..", would be said with a rather cute giggle, as the girls smile would mysterious twinkle, and sparkles would seem cause her to glow, almost as if she were sun itself. Bright blue eyes.. Blond hair that almost looked gold, and even the posture for which she stood. Yep.. She was cute. Probably the cutest you could ever see. At least for a moment. Soon the girl would seem to grow fangs, as she would suddenly dive into the nearest display of chocolates and began munching like a lion on a gazelle's carcass.

"The poor bastard," Daichi says with a sympathetic and sorrowful tone. Daichi knew that that store had no chance once Seki took out the tags. He looks at Fuuka as she charms the man with her….charm, "How the hell does she do that!?" Daichi would look at Fuuka as she looked over his shoulder "That is…Sekisetsu…very dangerous…approach with caution," Daichi advises while inching closer to the ruined shop. Seki was preying on the candy "Ok, you've seen her now that that’s done…we can go…yes?" Daichi asked knowing full well that once Seki did her little innocent cute girl moment that Fuuka would take the challenge directly. "Please? Hehe today was going so smoothly before,"

"I SOWY DAICHI-KUN!!" is said as Fuuka is instantly standing before the blown open shop. She would look directly at the Seki now purely enjoying the candy. While watching the candy being chomped Fuuka then got close enough to her face to see the stained mouth. Then everything grew silent. Tension was in the air. Wind blew the silent section of the destroyed village. Everything was dead cold silent………

Simply carnivorous… It was like looking at cannibalism while it hammed. Wrapper, with residual bits of chakra, and taffy, would fly from near the woman. Seki's ear would twitch as she slowly turned, to see that Daichi, and then some really ugly, insane, looking boy was staring her in the face. Seki would then look to her, smelling the scent of left over meat, and spoiled milk coming from Fuuka's breath. She was just that close. Killing intent, would seem to surround Sekisetsu entirely, as she would then stand up, and walk away, ignoring the 'dude' in totality.

Soon, Sekisetsu, would be sashaying toward Daichi, and then saying, "I didn't take you for the kind to like boys, Ugly Kid.", before then taking her hand, and smoothly rubbing it across the boy's chest, seductively. Wait.. Did she think that, Fuuka was a guy? "You need to tell >him<, that he should brush his teeth and stop wearing a pony-tail. Its not cute at all. Besides.. You and I have unfinished business. You tried to come on to me at the hospital… For that… You are going to soon, /fry/!!!!" Seki would say this rather loudly, as heat would flare from her body alittle, a devious smile coming on her face, as she would simply toss her hair back, and place her hand on her hip…



Looking back to try and talk Fuuka out of it Daichi would see that she was already gone "Wha- sooo fast!?" He would watch Fuuka get dangerously close to Sekisetsu, the air was thick so thick Daichi fought off several urges to cough and wheeze for air. He loosens his collar nervously and prays that all goes well, aw who was he kidding the hit the fan now. As Seki ignored Fuuka and approached Daichi he would stand his ground as if he was facing a demon come to fairy him away to the abyss. Daichi would become paralyzed as Seki touched him, he didn't like it. A weird sensation swept over his body and when he spoke his voice cracked "A guy? Uh oh," Daichi would hope Fuuka didn't hear this. "Um that's a girl, hehe she's my new friend and team…mate," Daichi explained. He wanted to back up but his legs wouldn't respond. "Uh look that hospital thing was a huge misunderstanding hehe," then Seki would go ablaze with her demonic aura. 'Oh god she has gotten stronger!?' he thought as he stares into her eyes, so much murderous intent. It's hard to believe she was that cute little girl a few moments ago. Daichi now would hope that Fuuka did interrupt this confusing and awkward moment. He would have to ask Tosai how to deal with women one day.

A roar was let out in the distance, ferocity was then incited. "AAAAA BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! GROOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!" it erupted as Fuuka was never angered like this before. "DAICHI YOUR GIRLFRIEND WHAT IS IT! !!CAUSE IT AINT HUMAN!!! TELL IT IM CUTE IM THE MOST ADOWABLLEST KONOICHI EVVERRRRR!!!!! I AM FUUKA OHKA SENJU!!!!" she was at her peak volume with fire coming out of her eyes. This was it she had it from this demon child she moved in closer and pushed Daichi out of the way and was nearly staring the little monster in the face. She didn’t take being called ugly to well. "YOU THINK YOU'RE CUTE HUH WELL LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT OF A MONSTER I WAS GONNA LET YOU BE MY SISTER IN CUTENESS BUT I CAN SEE YOURE NOT WORTHY YOUR UGLY ON THE INSIDE YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!" the straw that broke the camels back.

"…She?? That /thing/… is a girl???" Seki would then turn to look at Fuuka, with her green hair, and her outfit. "She looks like a Shrine-boy at a temple… Heheh!! With a head like that, she looks like a green onion. Haha!!! And what is up with those eyes? …Are you part rabbit?" Sekisetsu, would erupt into a childish giggle, her eyes and face seeming only that of a happy preschooler even now. Even at this moment, she would seemed only innocent, and spotless, like a lamb. Then Fuuka would get mad. Sekisetsu would just look on, sweat dropping as the girl would go on a tirade, screaming, and speaking out in a language only Fuuka herself seemed to understand.

With all the loud screaming going on, the only thing Seki would understand, was the first words, and the growl. Other wise, all Fuuka seemed to say, was 'BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAHBLAH BLAH-DI-BLAH BLA-BLARGHLE-BLARGHLE.' Sekisetsu's reaction, would be none but a rather tired, and nonchalant stare, even after she had been all done. Sekisetsu, not even bothering to listen, would walk from in front the girl once again, looking toward Daichi, and saying, "…Is she on meds? I mean, they do have something that will help out all that screaming. I think they give to dogs, and retarded kids." Sekisetsu would look to the girl and then say to Daichi, "Translate for me? I think you speak, 'Durka-Dur', do ya?" She wouldn't even wait for Daichi before saying loudly, and slowly, speaking to poor Fuuka as if she had been deaf.

"You… Stinky Breath.. Me… Cute Girl who like candy… You.. Go Oo-oo-Aaa-Aaa(doing a monkey impression).. Me… Go and get you breath mint… Okay??" Sekisetsu would then slowly walk away, going into the store, only to come back, and give the girl a box of, "Suiton Fresh" Gum. An entire box.. That means about 45 packs of gum. "Chew.. Them.. All… Now…"

Never had Daichi been so happy to be pushed down, as he was tossed down by Fuuka Daichi would sigh in relief. Then pain set in as he hit his head. Daichi winces as he gets up slowly and looks at Fuuka then Seki. Daichi had no idea what to say, Fuuka was hard to understand when she got angry but Daichi could understand most of it. "You're cute?" he repeats at Fuuka while rubbing his head, as he is not too sure that is what she wanted to hear. Daichi then would be stricken deathly still as Seki began to taunt Fuuka. "Seki…no don't please, this will not end well," Daichi looked between the two he was sure neither of them could hear him "Oh man," he sighs.

Fuuka then averts her gaze towards Daichi, she helps him up and dusted him off. "You just gonna stand there? WHAT ARE YOU DOING DEFEND MY HONOR DAICHI-KUN!!" she pushed Daichi into the Seki monster. She hoped that Dai could quell the monster a bit as she thought Seki was fond of Daichi. "Tell your girlfriend that she has a big head and no one loves her……then rip that head offf." she said this in a light voice.

Daichi, was ignored, and after awhile, so would Fuuka. As Fuuka went to help Daichi, Sekisetsu, was totally walking away from this whole thing, carrying at least about 4 boxes of candy, hunched over rather clumsily. She was still a girl on a mission and this mission, had only been interrupted by the duo of Fuuka and Daichi. However, Fuuka, would have seemed to been abandoning her own cause, throwing Daichi, Sekisetsu's most wanted target, in the fray instead. This, would be the only thing powerful enough to get Sekisetsu's attention. It was like throwing red in front of a raging bull.

Dropping the boxes about her, Sekisetsu would then turn around slowly, with a black glare in her eye. A smile on her face would be so evil, yet so maniacally cute, that the two would seem to both clash, and mix, simultaneously. She would peer at the boy, and seductive say, "Yeah.. Daichi-kun. The /weak/ girl behind you wants you to defend her honor." She would then sashay up to Daichi, slowly, and say, "So.. are you going to.."

"Or, are the both of you going to be chicken?"

A childish, and rather haunting giggle, would turn into a cackle, as the villain in this story had now been calling out both of Konoha's Genin. "Otherwise.. you are wasting /this/ cute girl's time."

"She's/not/ my girl friend," Daichi groans as Fuuka puts him on the spot. But he would sweat drop hard as now had to think his way out of this situation. Daichi would swallow hard a few times and throw in broken fragments of speach to keep them both from becoming impatient with him "Uh, well you see…umm," Daichi was having one of those moments where he would visualize and try to remember every single bit of advise any one has ever given him. Daichi couldn't reach a conclusion. He would try to narrow it down between superiors then narrowing it even further into intelligent superiors. He sadly got nothing. Perhaps there was a way he could leave them both satisfied…or at least content. Daichi would sigh and his voice would become firm "I can't do this, because my heart belongs to one woman only. I don't wish to betray her love," Daichi says. He sweat drops even more, now he just had to think of a face to go with his lie. After split second only one face came into his mind and without thinking he spoke "T-the Hokage, I'm in love with the Hokage," Daichi said. A bit of an awkward silence swept over the area and Daichi would just stare at them both hopping that the answer didn't anger them.

Fuuka stared there for a minute. "Awkard" this defused the tension a bit but not by that much she raised her eyebrow and looked back with a grimace at the demon child. She then said to Daichi "Hey do you exorcise demons as well as heal??" she had a sort of smug look on her face with arms akimbo.

"…", would be all that Sekisetsu would have to offer, before she would then turn around, pick up her boxes and be gone. "Useless. Scared of a little girl.", would be all she would leave these two with, before soon the girl would disappear down the path, not to be seen for a while.

Hmm the tension was less thick than before but he seems to have dodged the bullet. "Well that went well, come on Fuuka let's go find Tosai sensei," Daichi turns to depart and looks back at Fuuka "Hey…you coming?" Daichi asked. He walked up to Fuuka and tapped her on her shoulder. "hey…heeeey, Fuuka? You alright?"

Fuuka was ignoring the peacekeeper. Normally she would listen to Daichi as team-wise he was her senior but she couldn’t let it go. "You're either with me or against me Daichi." "No middle ground." She the swooped past him and went into a kick from behind Sekisetsu's back.

An attack? From behind? Yep.. Konoha nin seemed to have a sneaky streak too, didn't they? Seki wouldn't seem to know what’s coming, and with her hands were full of boxes of candy. No way could she possibly defend this!!! Or could she? Well.. While Fuuka may have had the art of surprised, a detection seal, and an auto response formula do come in hand for times such as these. Seki wouldn't even know she was attack, until she would hear a 'GONG!!!', sound from behind. The source of the sound? A well placed jump kick by Fuuka, smashing into a scroll mimicking iron!!

Seki would turn her head, and look to Fuuka, seeming rather annoyed. "A sneak attack, huh? Coward..", would be said moments before Seki would just simply make hand seals, and press the back of the same place Fuuka had kicked. Soon, multiple poofs of smoke would began exploding one after another, as Seki would let loose a mass amount of projectiles at the girl in retribution. Meanwhile, Fuuka's chakra system, would be getting more hits than a model on Facebook. Sekisetsu's way of trying to establish a hit would be little more than a roll of her own eyes.

Daichi sighs as Fuuka charges in, this was he wanted to avoid but he can't help that now. He wouldn't make the mistake of jumping in head first into a fight that didn't need to fought but he would try and reduce the amount of damage they did to each other and the area around them. Daichi would flicker between Fuuka and the scroll. Parrying each of the weapons aside he turns to look back at Fuuka "I don't usually pick sides," Daichi smiles softly at Fuuka "But I don't abandon my friend either, if you have to do this the least I can do is stick by your decision….teammate," Daichi would look back at Seki "Hmm this isn't a good place for a fight…too many possible casualties," he mutters to himself. Daichi would move aside and let Fuuka face Seki "I still think this is a mistake thought," he admits as he folds his arms.

Mo is currently wandering down a nearby street, actually rather close now and she'd hear a shouted Dynamic Entry? She blinks and tilts her head curiously, now looking in the direction of the shout, only to hear more sounds of fighting. Quickly Mo turned on her heal and trotted toward the sounds, the girl soon would round a nearby corner and glances at the three involved in the 'fight'. She then would place her hands on her hips and then clear her throat before asking "Just what's going on here?" her voice rather flat as she gives her customary 'evil' smile.

The kick was certain the kick was solid, the kick was blocked. Unprecedented Unacceptable! She wwaahs a bit and bounced off the back of the demon child into a back flip and landed on a toe then the foot hit the ground. She then looked at Daichi and winced for a couple of minutes looking at him as she did he seemed to rather have tea with this witch rather than subdue her. After he said what he said about teammates she blushed a little thinking to herself this course of action wasn’t wise but at least Daichi would put his life on the line for a comrade something that was admirable. She didn’t want to look like a fool in front of everyone, so she prepared another attack. Though she still attacked, She heard someone with a stern voice in the distance. She then tried to Storm-Break the situation.

Daichi's speed was amazing, enough so where all Seki would see was her weapons one after another, scattering and being sent in direction on the road, through windows, and buildings, and even damaging the sidewalks and street lights. Though he was trying to keep the damage to a minimum, he ended up still causing some, trying to save his comrade. Not only that, but behind where everyone had been standing, was simply a candy story, with its entire front wall, nonexistent. So.. no longer was it damage prevention but.. it was just stopping a fight. And to make things worst? The Fuzz had came in, in the form of Moriko herself.

"What the hell do you think, is happening?? Huh, ya moron??!! Your ninja are double teaming me!!!" Yepp.. you all heard right.. Seki was ratting on Daichi and Fuuka. Sure it wasn't the whole story, but right now, Fuuka's attack call of Dynamic Entry, had been evidence of the first attack. "I am defendin' myself against these.. these.. Meanies!!" Soon tears, would start to roll down the girl eyes.. Had she been seriously crying? Who knows.. Sekisetsu was milkin' it for all it was worth. However, in the process of all this, it seemed Fuuka could care less, and was now on the rampage. Fuuka would be airborne, when all of a sudden, she would see a large mouth, come from under the ground beneath her, and proceed to chump off her leg!!!

However, the moment this genjutsu was used, Seki would run out of gas, and be susceptible to another upward kick, before she would have her legs grabbed, and then she would be slammed down. Whatever other attack Fuuka would have, would be totally blocked via a kick to the Senju's shin.. Panting, or pretending too, Seki would come to a stand, saying, "Seee?? See? That crazy girl is trying to kill me!! Kill me!!" More acting? Daichi would probably say yeah. However.. as vulnerable as Seki would play, she was, right now, anything but. Hell the kick would hardly bruise her.

Now.. the best way for her to actually look like she was innocent, was to make sure she appeared to do nothing. Therefore, while she may not have been able to satisfy her need to burn Fuuka to a crisp, she would have plan's to torture Fuuka into nothing but a mess sorry mess. In other words.. Genjutsu hell. She would pretend to fall helplessly on the ground. While there, Seki would land on hard, so that her hands would not be seen sealing. If successful, Fuuka would first feel herself unable to move, fearing her death with every step. This would make her feel nauseous, scared, and probable cause a great bit of panic, her body unable to move. Then, would come pain. Fuuka, would be the only one, who would see an image of Sekisetsu, cutting off all of her body parts one after the other, with bone saws from her own body. She would see herself bleeding, and in pain, unable to move a single bit, because to her.. her arms and legs.. would be gone.

Torture, without laying even a finger on her.

Daichi would wince as one of Fuuka's attacks connected he would look at her style, a lot of strength but also a lot of flashy movements. Daichi would wonder why was he seeing things this way, it was strange never before has his eyes been this keen in a fight. Daichi would rub his chin and think about what sort of training could've had this effect but his thoughts were interrupted as a cold chill ran down his spine. The feeling of evil it was thick yet strangely there was a bit of a familiar feeling to this evil, "So…eerie," a voice then as Daichi turns in horror to see "Moriko-sempai!?" Daichi cursed under his breath a million times. He would then notice the area soooooo much unnecessary damage and most of it was his doing. He was just trying to defend a friend. Then Seki played the innocent girl and Daichi would freak out "Whaaaat!? She's lying she…she," Daichi would stop as an argument would be too childish. Tick tock, hey sounds like his brain is working again, Daichi grins and moves over to the destroyed candy shop, searching to the rubble he finds what he is looking for. "It's ok, I'm a ninja you'll be fine," Daichi turns with a grin at Seki he then motions towards his secret weapon. The man from before, the one with his pants down that Seki frightened….oddly enough his pants are still down "Um…are you gonna pull your pants up? It's kind of a problem," Daichi asked the man "Well it may be my lack of depth perception but I don't /see/ the problem here," replied the man. Daichi groans as he labels the man an old fart and perv and points at Seki "Well whatever, anyway….That girl right over there with the fake tears! Would you say she is responsible for all this?" Daichi grinned as Seki was in for it now, for he and Fuuka had….a WITNESS!

Mo would raise an eyebrow, watching the goings on. She stares at Sekisetsu as she starts into her own little tirade about how 'innocent' and all she is, then glances to the Konoha Nin curiously before she would take a deep breatha nd sigh, hand going to her forehead. "Ok first…" She glances at Sekisetsu. "I've seen what you've been doin' here, stealing from the shop owners and when they try to stop you you'd lay traps and whatnot with tags. So I know full well yer not the innocent little girl yer saying you are. Secondly…" SHe glances to the Konoha Nin and shakes her head. "I understand jumping in on the defense Daichi, but be mindful of your surroundings. Also we're here as representatives of Konoha. We should set a good example, not go attacking people of other nations. Even if they may deserve it." She points out, the girl actually being rather serious it seems. Moriko would idly put a small watermelon-flavored lolipop into her mouth and shift it so that the stem sticks out of the corner of her mouth.

MO would then place her hands in her pockets and approach the others, before trying to put her self between the Konoha Nin and Seki as the Jounin would cross her arms under her chest. "Somehow I doubt what I say will matter much, but first, I'd like you to return what you've stolen. I believe I can get a list of it, and I'd like you to do such on your own, or I can go to your superiors." She then looks to Daichi and Fuuka. "Daichi, apologize to the shop owner, we'll do what we can to make restitution for the damaged store front." She then looks to Fuuka. "We don't attack other nin at this event unless it's in the Arena. Combat outside of the Arena is forbidden, and you are only to defend your self enough to get away. We're not here to make war." She says matter of factly. Then she tilts her head curiously, looking at the genin as if she may think something's wrong. Mo then glances to Sekisetsu and gives one of her patented smiles. "And I'm sure you won't mind helping Daichi there make restitution to the store front as it was your attack he defended in the first place, Yes?"

Fuuka had tried to concentrate. "A genjutsu. Rats." A genjutstu was something unaccounted for it was something that couldn’t be helped. None the less, this mental torture she was trapped in left on the ground squirming to get out of it. From the outside she flailed and menaced about. From the inside, she couldn’t see arms or legs. This is truly a demon child. "I'll get you back for this!!!" Daichi wasn’t much help as he wouldn’t be that good at genjutsu releasing. But genjutsu was tight it binded her every essence to this hell-like state she began foaming at the mouth and crying. "GRAAAAHHHH!!!! WITCH!! SHE IS THE DEVIL!!" While squirming even more.

So what if she had been discovered? So what if Daichi had a witness? So what if she wouldn't be able to keep all the candy? This was Sekisetsu!!! She did this stuff out pure fun!!! Carnage, chaos, and craftiness, were here mainstays and whatever you did, don't get on her bad side.. Otherwise.. It would be your head!!! Moriko's little scolding wouldn't even phase the small girl. So what if Moriko saw through her? As a Jounin, if she didn't see through Seki, she would be more of a failure than anything else!! "Meh.. Don't matter much to me.. Because of these two, I never even got a chance to walk away. Damn meddling kids.." Seki would thumb over to the boxes near Daichi and Fuuka, before then listening on to the scolding they were given.

"Quit act like your actually gonna do something. Ninja from the same village stick together. Everyone hates Kirigakure.", would be said after a spit to the street. "Besides.. I didn't deserve a thing, so don't try and talk to like I'm not here! Besides… say what you want to my 'superiors'. That’s the only thing you /can/ do." When Seki would be told what she should help Daichi do, Seki would give her a look as if to say, 'You are out of your mind.'. However, before she could say anything else, her genjutsu, would finally began working on Fuuka, making for a perfect distraction. Her current reply to Moriko's order? "Wroooonnnnngggg!!! See ya.. LOSERS!!!!!" A wild and eerie cackle would accompany a flash bang tag's bright light, as the girl would place distraction upon distraction, and get out of sight, and quick!!

Daichi would just be relieved that no one got hurt really in this little fiasco…well no one got hurt too bad. Daichi would look at the old store owner and apologize as instructed, he also suggested that he pull his pants up, again. Observing the damage done to the area Daichi could only be a bit disappointed with his actions. He face palms "I should've stopped them from the get go but….Fuuka?" Daichi had forgotten that she had been caught in Seki's genjutsu. He walked over to her and tapped her gently on her forehead. "Um…yeah sounds pretty bad," Daichi would look towards Moriko "Can you help her? I'll start with the clean up while I'm at it….*inner thoughts: just don't mummify me again*"

MO frowns and then reaches out to Fuuka, the girl laying a hand on the Genin as she mutters "Kai." Then the flash bang. Mo's eyes follow Sekisetsu and she shakes her head. "AM so gonna have to call her superiors." She mutters and then sighs and looks to the Konoha Genin, suddenly there's that smile of hers, the whole one filled with palpable intent to do bodily harm it seems. "Don't worry we'll see to you guys when we get you back to town. I do remember this stuff." She says, seemingly cheerful about it as she motions toward the hotels. "Help with the cleanup, and whatever else the owner wants you to do. I'll go see about making sure that a bill for the damages are sent to Seki and her superiors." She adds and then beams, and glances up. "Oh this is gonna be fun." She mutters before switching sides on her lolli-pop and beginning to whistle "Hall of the Mountain King" as she wanders toward the Konoha residences.

Fuuka woken from her state of shock and began unburying the events in question. While dizzying the fatigue away, she shook her head. She was then trying make out what happened. "Grrr" was all she could get out she then looked up at Moriko and was like "Uh oh! I'll explain everything to you later I need a nap." She then got up and walked off toward Konoha.

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