Chaos in Kumogakure


Kaido (emitter), Hiei, Michiko (as Kimura), Hisomu, Yori

Date: Unknown (log received June 8, 2015)


A failed experiment in chakra seals animating a creature that resembles the legendary Salamander attacks Kumogakure.

"Chaos in Kumogakure"

Unknown location

On top of a plateau, Hiei is here painting. It's a hobby that he hasn't had much time to indulge in since he became Raikage. His specialty is landscape pieces, so he's painting the area round him as he sees it. On a rock nearby is his sword harness with his two chakra blades sheathed in it. He's dressed in his usual shinobi outfit, complete with the white pants and sleeveless duster. He pauses for a moment to inspect his work before taking a long look around and then going back to it. While Sachiko was with Shun, he figured that he'd get some time to himself. He loved his family and his village, but sometimes being alone was what was best for him.

Michiko isn't in Kumo due to the tournament, but her summon is! At the moment, Kimura is simply making her way along the path in a small patrol that consists of only her because… Well, this isn't actually a patrol. The fox just felt like keeping herself busy while Michiko didn't need her. The Iwata didn't want to show off /all/ her tricks in the tourney, after all, even if her birth clan was shown to those that were in the stands.

Appearing near to Hiei as she ran up the side of the plateau, she had noticed Hiei from some distance away and wanted to see what he was up to. She had spotted what she thought was an easel and was suddenly far more interested in seeing who was here and what they were doing. As she arrived one question was answered but only as she approaches does the second one become answered, "You paint?" She asks and peers with curiosity at the Kage, suddenly more interested in him than she might have been in the past.

Hiei looks over to see that he's been joined by Hisomu. He nods after flashing a smile. "Yes. Since I was about twelve years old. I tend to give them out as gifts. I know I presented the former Raikage with one of him and his wife at their wedding. I also gave one to the Hokage and his former girlfriend at their house warming party." Hiei turns back to the painting. "The fine motor control helps with my swordplay, but there is something infinitely freeing about creating works of art. Smithing is part of that for me, too. Creating a unique weapon and all that." He turns towards her again. "What brings you up here?"

Two scents catch Kimura's attention, drawing the fox to the plateau. She tilts her head, recognizing both even if they don't recognize the black fox. She moves towards the duo, making her presence obvious so that she doesn't get some sort of zap or burn or whatever these two would happen to use. "Art?" she echoes, hearing the last bits of conversation.

"I was actually simply running." Hisomu states her normal emotionless manner. She looks over at the fox as it approaches, "Kimura." She nods to her and then starts over to the fox and squats down to offer a pet, "You are out here as well? I would almost begin to believe that Michiko has put you in charge of keeping an eye on me." She nods her head and then, "Either way, I am surprised, Kage." She nods her head.

Yori is out and about. What is he doing out and about? Why, what he's always doing of course. Reading! The boy has a book in hand as he kind of wanders into the area, pausing when he sees other people are there. Not just other people, but the Raikage. And Kimura. Hmm. He glances back the way he came, wondering if perhaps he needs to make a strategic retreat to stay out of trouble.

The familiar strains of Blue Oyster Cult might be heard in the imaginations of the villagers of Kumo. A lizard the size of an elephant can be heard roaring near the gates as people start to scream, "GODZILLA!!!!!" Except that this "Terrible Lizard" is breathing fire and is colored red and looks more like the legendary Fire Elemental, Salamander.
His claws reach to break through the pallisade that seperates the village from the mountain outside. Several buildings are already on fire as the monster makes his way inside to cause as much death, destruction as possible.

Being that the village is very much visible from the plateau, Hiei's vision is caught by a plume of smoke rising upwards. He frowns and then the roar is heard. He drops his paints and then turns towards Hisomu. He kneels down. "Climb on my back. I think the village is in trouble and this way will be faster. Grab the fox, too." He asides as he makes handseals. He would assume that the girl would do as she was told. He doesn't have time to say anything to Yori beforehand as his legs glow blue for a moment as he slips into Rapid Movement Mode. As he blazes away from the area, he grabs Yori along the way. "Village is in trouble. Hold on, we'll be there in a moment." And then the Raikage puts his speed to the test as he makes a beeline for the village at blinding speed.

Kimura lets out a yelp as there's suddenly smoke on the horizon. The fox focuses her chakra as she climbs atop Hisomu, keeping ahold of her perch using a bit of tree walking skills. "Ahh… Well, I'm watching Michiko's entire team. You and Yori and Naruko." Though she isn't sure where Naruko is. The fox takes perch on Hiei's head, eventually, sort of leaning so she's part way on his shoulder and partly on his head.

Rushing over as quick as she can with Kimura on her back, HIsomu climbs on to Hiei's shoulders and clings as tightly as she can. She looks over as Yori is grabbed and then she looks forward. HSe ducks down some as they move though because she hardly wants to be hit in the face by the rushing wind. She frowns at the sounds though and shakes her head, "I believe this is not going to end well." She shakes her head.

Yori is looking back just as the smoke starts to rise and the boy blinks in surprise, turning to look fully back towards the Village with a frown. Because of how he's standing he doesn't catch that Hiei's grabbing him until he's tucked under an arm. He lets out a surprised squeak as he's picked up but then he just kind of goes with the flow, eyes wide as they whip on out towards Kumo again.

The rampaging terrible lizard continues to cause havoc in the village, now having smashed his way through the wall and is now breathing fire on buildings while smashing others. The cries of the people of Kumo who are burnt, homeless and or trapped in rubble nearly drown out the roar of the creature as he continues his swath of destruction.
As the group nears, it's clear that the creature isn't natural, it looks like a cross between an iguana and a komodo dragon and appears to be stitched together somehow via medical jutsu. It appears that someone is playing mad scientist and is creating monstrosities for nefarious purposes.

Hiei arrives at the outer gates of the village and whistles as he looks up at the large fire breathing lizard. "…." He's at a loss for words at the moment, until he says, "Yori, Hisomu, make sure that people are getting well away from this thing." He holds Yori back for a moment with additional orders, "Have Kamen get the people as far away as possible. Then the both of you come back here and help me deal with this thing." Instead of attacking, Hiei spends a moment trying to see exactly what this thing is, and the best way to take it down. Using fire on it was probably a bad idea. But lightning might do the trick. Now is one of those times that he wishes that he had a talent for water jutsu.

Kimura eyes the giant lizard … thing and hangs her head a bit as she hops from Hiei's grip. "This sucks," she states, Lightning sparking along her fur. "Someone remind me or Michiko that we need to learn a bit of water jutsu at some point," she requests, glancing to Hiei. "Well? Got any plans?" she asks pointedly, wishing silently that she could reverse summon her partner.

Hopping free, Hisomu nods to her orders and then looks at the creature. She frowns and shakes her head before shaking her head some. She starts away with Yori to attempt to follow orders and get people away, "Too bad." She states softly to no one in particular, "What a great pet it'd make it if it weren't so angry." She looks to Yori with a blink and a blank face before looking forward and starting to usher people out of hiding spots, buildings, and alleys toward the direction opposite the angry lizard.

Once they arrive Yori looks up at the lizard silently, mouth open slightly in muted shock. As soon as Hiei speaks he comes back to himself, however, and he looks to Hiei before he nods, "Hai, Raikage-dono." His book has disappeared into a pouch and he's already on the move to find Kamen and deliver the orders. Along the way he stops to pick up a crying, confused kid, dropping him off with someone else to watch over him and telling them to get away. "I think that it would be far too dangerous to have as a pet, Hisomu-san." After he's done with the orders he'll return to Hiei. He needs to study this creature and see what he can see.

The creature seems to notice the group now and it bends so that one of it's eyes dilate (ala Jurassic Park) focusing on Hiei before it roars a challenge at the Raikage. It's tail lashes out, destroying another building as it stomps the ground, causing an earthshake that rattles teeth and breaks windows in it's display.

Hiei looks at the Fox. "Anyone ever tell you that your voice has that whiny sound to it just like your partner's." A pause. "I'm kidding." He cracks his knuckles as he takes a couple steps forwards with a grin on his face. "Of course I have a plan. I'm going to hit it until it either goes away or goes unconcious." Typical Yotsuki logic right there. "Just make sure to stay out of range of my fists and feet." Then with a roar of his own, he runs up to the thing and slides the last few feet as he punches it right on the side of the leg.

Kimura grumps. "I do not!" she huffs, looking like she'd probably zap Hiei right then and there if there wasn't a giant lizard of doom. She grumbles a bit and shakes her head before hearing the plan. "… Well, I don't have anything better… Hey, Yori! Figure out something good while we distract it!" she calls to the Saito, charging up her chakra so that the Sparks jumping off her fur slowly form a clone made of lightning. This clone, shaped like a fox, charges in as well while Kimura stays back.

Rushing people to safety, Hisomu peerse at Yori and blinks with her usual way. Emotionless, she huhs, "I know it is too violent but that doesn't mean it had to be." She then shakes her head as if confused as she sends some of hte last people away. She then takes a breath before turning to rush off back toward the beast, "You are an odd one, YOri."

He's the odd one? Really? Yori watches after Hisomu for a moment before putting a hand to his forehead to massage there. This was going to be a long day. By the time he makes it back Hiei is already charging the beast. Yori blinks in surprise at the move but doesn't say anything as he stays back a little ways in order to view the creature, as well as the attacks thrown at it to see if he could figure out anything that might help them. He's a good analyst that way, generally.

The creature rears up when Hiei slams his lightning fist into it's leg and roars once more, this time in pain. The two lightning clones also strike true making it snap it's head back… until it's eyes narrow in rage, and the group notices that hitting it with lightning WASN'T a good idea as the electricity seems to gather in it's ears where a couple of metal bolts can be seen.
The attacks sure didn't do much but make it bigger, stronger and angrier and the silence for a long moment is deafening before it opens up it's mouth and blasts everyone with a huge breath of pure hellfire powered with the stored lightning from the previous attacks.

Hiei attempted to use his speed to get out of range of the creature's breath. But he manages to get singed in the process. It wasn't a bad hit, but he frowns. "Okay, so no lightning. Well, then we'll have to settle this with steel." An electric blue aura surrounds his body as his muscles expand underneath his skin. He reaches behind him to draw both swords. He then vanishes and is running up the back of the beast's neck. This is how he would execute a bijuu should he ever have to. Leaping off the back of the creature, his body warps and then vanishes. He is everywhere and nowhere all at once as his form seems to blur from place to place before he finally strikes out just underneath the chin, around the throat area.

Kimura can't do that much… as the Lightning fire breath comes at her, she replaces herself with a clone of wind that just disappears with a burst of air. She grumbles a bit, trying to switch from Lightning to wind as she creates a number of clones with extra cutting power to try and damage the beast alongside Hiei.

Coming back over, Hisomu watches as they attack the beast. She tilts her head and then watches as the lightning moves around. The attacks of the others are noted as she considers something and then nods to herself, "Lets see what we can do, Yori." She nods her head and then makes a few gestures. The first sends a column of stone straight up toward the creature's side and then she runs up the column. A second gesture sends another column racing across from teh original column to try to smash into the opposite arm. As she runs across the new columb she spits at the creature's ear where one of those bolts are, "I wonder." The poisonous spit heading for the creature's ear.

Yori blinks in surprise as he sees the creature kind of just absorb the Raikage's lightning. That's really a bad sign. Fire and lightning. The breath almost catches him off guard but he manages to flicker away before it can hit, stopping a short distance away. So far he doesn't really see anything that can help them but he's keeping an eye out.

And… with such strong attacks, and with the creature being not exactly perfected, the strike by Hiei disabled it enough that the combined attacks by Kimura and Hisomu managed to penetrate through the thick hide via some stitches that had ripped and destroy it's brain, bringing it crashing down to the ground. As the seal that was animating it dissolves, so too does the creature, turning into a rotten carcass of missmatched parts and organs, putrifying now that there is no chakra animating them or preserving them.

Hiei spits on the corpse of the animal and then turns to Yori. "I want you to bag it and tag it. Get in contact with the medical corps and since Michiko is in Kiri right now, I'm putting YOU in charge of figuring out what this thing is, and how it got here without the lowland outposts knowing about it. Get it done." He wipes the blood off his blade on the thing's hide and then slides his swords home. "It fed off fire and lightning jutsu. That can't be a coincidence considering I'm a fire and lightning user." He looks around for Hisomu. "Hisomu, make sure these people have somewhere to stay tonight. Go over to the administration building and get some money out of the village treasury. Tell them the Raikage sent you. Then get some food, blankets, and stuff and make sure those who's homes got destroyed has a room at the inn. In the meantime, I'm going to see if anyone is trapped under rubble. Get to it!" He barks as he begins moving towards the biggest areas of destruction.

Kimura eyes the corpse and shakes her head lightly. "Tsk… nuisance…" She looks to Hiei. "I'll go tell Michiko about this so she's up to date on everything. She said ti's the last round of the tournament, so she /should/ be back soon…" With that, the fox disappears with a *POOF*.

A nod to Hiei's instructions and she simply goes, "Hai." THen she turns and starts off as quickly as she can to go get things done. She then will nod her head, "I guess it is time for clean up."

"Hai," Yori responds, surprised at how quickly the creature was taken down. But then it /was/ the Raikage. He bows formally to the man before moving forward to start ordering people around to get on preparing to move what's left of the creature, sending another off to the medical corps to have them send someone immediately. All in all he seems to move right along with the orders.

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