Kumo Daimyo Plot - chaos with a lower-case c


Amani, Hiroyasu, Hiei, Hel (emitter)

Date: June 19, 2013


A ruckus breaks out in the village center between a group of leatherworkers and a group of metal-smiths trying to lay claim to a place to sell their wares. The argument heats up and breaks out into a fight that Amani, Hiei, and Hiro have to handle…and they handle it.

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - chaos with a lower-case c"

Kumogakure village center

The village center really is the heart of a village. Everything goes down here, from marching drills, to vendor fairs, to street-side cafes selling food and drink before dark, to the light's out call and guard station at night. This is where the action flows from, and today is no exception. It is the beginning of the day. The lightning and thunder cracks symbolizing the trumpet booms to startle everyone awake occurred a few hours ago. After food and preparation, the general populace is making their way into the village center. This morning, there are two groups of people looking to setup shop in the north east section of the circle. One is a bunch of unruly looking smiths trying to get their swords up for display and sale, while the other is a group of unwieldy leather-makers trying to get their armor up for display and sale. Both are claiming to have the seals of the Raikage's office allowing them to have this site and both are getting more and more boisterous by the minute.

Noise. So much noise. Amani was frustrated as she awakened from her slumber and looked out the window of her home. There was something going on the circle that she could hear from her home street. It was /annoying/. Not to mention the friggin' thunder and lightning! Her parents were already gone before all the noise took place, so that left her in the home. She got dressed up in her clan clothing, locked the door and left her home.
She'd end up in the village center to see where the source of all the commotion came from. Some smiths and leather workers…"That's what's causing all the problems today?" She wondered.

Hiei didn't mind getting up early. He is coming from the direction of the villages with someone else in tow. Against his wishes, he had been forced to take a day off training and spend it with his mother. In light of that, he's dressed in a pair of dark pants with a light blue long sleeved t-shirt. On the back of the shirt is the Yotsuki clan symbol. Along with him is a taller white haired woman dressed in a simply white kimono. As they walk towards the shops, Hiei says to her. "My swords should be ready by now. I'm going to go check and I'll meet you back by the ramen stand in a few minutes." Yotsuki Aima offers her son a smile and a nod of her head before he turns away from her, heading towards where the two people are arguing. She instead moves towards a building that looks almost abandoned. The sign above the door says 'Amia's Herbs'. Hiei spots Amani and moves towards her. He yawns slightly before running a hand through his white spiky hair. "Morning. What's all the fuss about?"

Hiroyasu is already stirring figuratively and literally, he swishes from rice around in a hot wok, cracking an egg with a snap hiss as it hits the hot metal… Swirling it around he gives it several flips and pours it from the pan into a earthen pot, slapping a good luck sutra to it and leaving it on the table for Misaki to eat at her leisure, before grabbing his boulder and heading out the door. The last time he attempted to go to the festival it ended with accusing looks and special police about to draw weapons on him.. He goes slowly not making a scene this time he finds himself looking at a sight he has seen a few times, Hiei and Amani together talking… does Miso know… "Yo! Yamiyuki-san! Yotsuki-sama!" he calls out at a medium level as the approaches.

The two squabbling sides don't even bother looking up as Amani comes to stare at them. They have a few on-lookers besides Amani already, and then Hiei, and then finally Hiroyasu…and some of these on-lookers are even Kamen Rai Da. The men in white masks, black body-suits, white gloves, and random flashes of red cloth hoods, scarves, capes, etc, are trying to figure out just what the issue is. There is more than just one set of men arguing. There are whole organizations of smiths and leather-workers.
Through the shouts, it appears that this spot of the circle was double-booked, and now what one set of men sets up, the other takes apart. Hiei's swords may very well be done, and in fact, Hiei spots them amid the chaos, but as soon as they get taken out, someone else puts them away. As the KRD read through the paper-work, a stray leather gauntlet is thrown through the crowd…missing everyone who matters in the argument…and it heads straight for Amani.
At the edge of the circle, where the buildings of the living district meet the village center, another KRD member stares in Hiei and Hiro's direction.

"Hey…" Amani offered to Hiei as he approached while her eyes focused in on the arguing business men. "They're fighting because…they're trying to claim ownership of this spot here…" She points out the area they're in. "I don't know how long they've been going at it, but it looks like things are intense," she explained. Upon hearing her name, she looked back and saw Hiroyasu to which she waved at him saying, "Hiya. *smack* "…"
She turns about and sees that a leather gauntlet has struck her. She picked it up and observed it. "Should I throw this back?"

Hiei frowns and looks towards the two people arguing. "Huh. Well, why doesn't one of them just pick a different spot? This is so foolish." He looks around at the KRD guys who seem to have their fingers up their butts and aren't doing anything to stop the situation. He opens his mouth to say something else before the gauntlet flies over and smacks Amani. He blinks and the nods. "Yes, throw it back at them." He then steps forwards after she does it. "Hey! Old guys! Stop all the arguing!" He waves his hand over the people waiting. "You're loosing money the longer you argue. Why don't one of you just set up somewhere else. There's nothing special about this particular spot. Quit acting like children arguing over a toy!" He crosses his arms over his chest while looking annoyed.

Hiroyasu comes to a stop to see what has transpired, "Are you alright, Yamiyuki-san?" he asks looking at her before looking back at the scene that is unfolding "I doubt they would just listen to reason, cause if they had one of them would have been reasonable already?" he says to Hiei patting him on the shoulder, "Keep it calm, Yotsuki-sama.. Insults is not how you negotiate a successful position." before looking at the gauntlet she is holding and shrugs in response to her question "I'd probably give it back, gently" but he's no fun..

Everything goes silent when that gauntlet hits Amani. Certainly they aren't worried about a kunoichi getting hit, because she can take it…but the argument just spilled out past them and into the streets with that one action. The hush before the storm is only momentary because Hiei fills it with a shout. In a second, one of those 'old guys' shouts back, "Who you calling old boy?" And Hiei is attacked. A sword, no…one of HIS swords…is thrown through the air at him.
What started as a matter of principal has now turned into an all out skirmish. The thrown gauntlet led to the thrown sword, which led to others joining the fight. So much for calmer minds prevailing. The KRD with the documents just sighs amidst the rumble and looks to Hiroyasu, Hiei, and Amani. "Handle this before I outright kill them all." Yes, keep Hiro and Hiei busy. Tire them out. Excellent.

Amani considers throwing the gauntlet back…or she could put it on and punch someone in the face with their own work. She slips the gauntlet on and it fits a bit loosely since it's slightly bigger than her hand, but it'll work out. She wriggles her fingers a few times then nodded. Perfect.
"We're about to get in trouble," she smirked at Hiei after he shouts at the old men. "I'm alright. Thanks for asking, Hiroyasu." The gauntlet, however, will not be given back. It hit her and now it's her property. "Wonder how this'll work with my sound jutsu…?" Just then, a sword tries to introduce itself to Hiei via whirling. "That's the cue to start fighting." She activates her Nejigan and goes in towards the old guy who threw the weapon at Hiei readying her gloved hand to punch him directly in the face with a sound strike before following up with another strike of the same.

RP: Amani transforms into NEJIGAN-II.
COMBAT: Amani attacks Hel with SOUND-STRIKE…26
COMBAT: Amani attacks Hel with SOUND-STRIKE…16

Hiei grunts towards Amani. "It's supposed to be my day off." And then the sword flies towards him. Hiei steps to the side while reaching out, plucking the sword out of mid-air. He pauses for a moment, hefting it. "Nice weight. I deserve a discount for being attacked with it." When the KRD guy tells Hiei to fix it or he kills everyone, Hiei shrugs. "So kill everyone. I don't really care what happens to these idiots."
"Yotsuki Hiei!" A shrill and angry voice sounds out from behind the group. Hiei turns around and visibly winces. Aima points at him. "You do what the KRD agent said. Now!" Hiei looks like a scolded puppy. He sighs. "Yes, Mother." He tosses the sword over to her. "Hold this for me." Then, he leaps into the fray. His fingers form seals rapidly before he places his closed fist down beside his waist. The fist begins to crackle with lightning before he shoots it out towards the guy that threw the sword. "Ninja Art: Lighting Shotgun!" He holds his hand, palm side out before a blast of lightning flies out of it.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN…25

Hiroyasu sighs, nothing ever went easy, and for an Ogosokamaru genin, it was always worse over worst. When both of them just break out into full on combat, he is left holding the bag, his skills were all deadly force and while some would not hold back, he drops the boulder from his shoulder and drops into loose combat stance, open palm tiger style. It wasn't often he actually used anything resembling taijutsu but he didn't to be the butcher of countless innocents. resting between his pinched fingers are several seals just in case it gets out of hand..

COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with PHYSICAL…9
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with PHYSICAL…10
COMBAT: Amani attacks you with SOUND-STRIKE and rolls a 26. Action?

COMBAT: Hel defends against SOUND-STRIKE(26) attack from Amani with a WEAPON-BLOCK…16
COMBAT: Hel loses the roll and sustains 604 damage.
COMBAT: Hel defends against SOUND-STRIKE(16) attack from Amani with a WEAPON-BLOCK…20
COMBAT: Hel takes 481 partial damage.
COMBAT: Hel defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(25) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Hel defends against PHYSICAL(9) attack from Hiroyasu with a BLOCK…30
COMBAT: Hel defends against PHYSICAL(10) attack from Hiroyasu with a BLOCK…24

The 'old man' that responded to Hiei's shout the first time laughs as Hiei is scolded by his mother. "Mama's boy," he taunts. The next thing the old man knows though, he is the brunt of a series of attacks. As Amani comes at him with her gloved hand, the old man draws forth his own sword and tries to block the punch with the blade. The first block misses, so Amani's fist hits him square in the face. The punch hurts, but the vibration of the sound energy causes his entire skeletal structure to chatter. He is lucky he doesn't get a concussion immediately. When the second punch comes in, the old man tries to get that sword back up again, and this time it works! Only, it doesn't. The punch is stopped by the sword, but the vibrations travel through the blade, into the old man's hand, and messes with his arm. He blinks in shock, not understanding what the heck just happened exactly. Then Hiei shoots a friggin lightning bolt at the old man, and instead of getting hurt again, by blocking, he simply dodges by falling into the fetal position. The blast goes over the old man's head. Hiro's target, a leather worker, simply stands there and takes the open palm strikes. The leather-clad man's armor absorbs most of the strikes, making him just raise an eyebrow at the bald-headed one.
In retaliation, the sword crowd turns on Amani and Hiei. A group of them come at the duo with slashes and thrusts. Oddly, the smiths must practice with their swords because they are pretty decent at using them too on top of making them. The large leather-clad beast of a man brings his hand up and attempts to flick at Hiroyasu's nose, followed by a hammer-fist to Hiro's bald head, trying to slam him down into the ground.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Amani with SWORD-STRIKE-II…33
COMBAT: Hel attacks Amani with SWORD-STRIKE-II…28
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SWORD-STRIKE-II…28
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SWORD-STRIKE-II…27
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiroyasu with PHYSICAL…28
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiroyasu with PHYSICAL…15
COMBAT: Amani defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(33) attack from Hel with a BOOM-BLOCK…27
COMBAT: Amani loses the roll and sustains 306 damage.
COMBAT: Amani defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(28) attack from Hel with a BOOM-BLOCK…49

Alright, that was the first hit. Second hit didn't do much, but that's okay. All she needed was that one to go clear across his face and she accomplished that. Now, she has to punch out the old leather guy because his product hit her on the back. But first, she had to deal with these angry swordsmen. As she punched her fists together and generated a sound barrier, one of the swords sliced right through her barrier and cut her, but the others bounced right off. "We can try and stun these guys to put them down. Got any stuns you can use? If so, I think we ought to use them before we do too much damage," she offered as she punched at the air and sent out a wave of sound to disorient the fighters.

COMBAT: Amani attacks Hel with SOUND-BLAST…35
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(28) attack from Hel with a BREVITY…32
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(27) attack from Hel with a BREVITY…34

Hiei stares at the blacksmith. "Who you callin' a mama's boy?" When the guys swings on him, he could swear that he actually hit, but in reality it was Hiei's slight afterimage that took the damage. He was moving that fast. He apperars next to his mother and holds out his hand. "Looks like I'll be needing it afterall." Aima replies as she hands over the weapon. "Be careful honey." Hiei winces. "Mother, you're embarassing me." He takes a few steps forwards. "It's time these punks got a taste of the power of the Yotsuki." His fingers form seals rapidly as he says, "Release: Lightning Movement!" A light blue aura infused with lightning surrounds his body. His muscles quiver underneath his shirt like they're recieving electric shocks. Twirling the sword in his hand a few times as he walks back towards the swordsmen, his expression is all business. "Who's first?"

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-MOVEMENT-MODE.
COMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against PHYSICAL(28) attack from Hel with a SEAL-BARRIER…37
COMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against PHYSICAL(15) attack from Hel with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…30

Hiroyasu was prepared for defense, with slight of hand, or rather flick of fingers, one of the seals resting on the backside of his fist moves to take position in his open palm, a sudden swirl of chakra springs forth and a small buckler appears blocking the attack to his dignity, when the hammer fist comes down it slams hiro right on the head depressing him down slightly before *boomfph* a white curl of smoke reveals that he has placed a lemming hirowinks in his stead. He leaps out the crowd and tries to slap a capture barrier on the leather clad man, it seems his warmer should withstand a barrage of earthen bullets as long as went for body shots, he stomps the ground and rock swirls around his hands and fingers as he begins launching a careful targeted barrage at earmarked targets.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL…29
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS…25
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks Hel with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS…25
COMBAT: Hel defends against SOUND-BLAST(35) attack from Amani with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks you with CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL and rolls a 29. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL(29) attack from Hiroyasu with a NPC-D-TAI-DEFENSE…36
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks you with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS and rolls a 25. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(25) attack from Hiroyasu with a NPC-D-TAI-DEFENSE…37
COMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks you with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS and rolls a 25. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(25) attack from Hiroyasu with a NPC-D-TAI-DEFENSE…37

A portion of the group of swordsmen closest to Amani are stunned by the sound blast. Like most who are hit with a loud bang to the ear-drum, the men cover their ears and drop to the ground screaming in pain. It won't hold them there forever, but it might buy the KRD clean-up team (aka Aman, Hiei, and Hiro) to cow the rest of the trouble-makers into submission. For those that don't fall to their knees, when Hiei asks who is next, the men rush him and several try to attack him at once with a pig-pile-style tackle. They don't dare attack Amani as she's actually proven herself to be capable. Hiei…well, he's got his Mommy embarassing him, so he's the easy target. Still, the leather workers hadn't quite gotten into the battle yet (other than the one picking on Hiroyasu). Instead of attacking Amani though, they take the time to clobber those smiths that are down. With a few quick punches and kicks, those men are knocked out entirely. They then turn on Amani and start throwing whatever they can get their hands on at her (mostly pieces of armor). When they are done, Amani might just have a new set of leather armor at her feet if she can stand the barrage.
Hiro on the other hand has no such luck. The leather-bound man actually forces himself sheer-strength style through the barrier while the hollow earth bullets find their marks, but only embed themselves in the leather armor. Nothing apparently gets through. That is some good armor. Amani will be lucky. The big man heads straight for Hiroyasu, this time not as happy. He tries to elbow Hiro back. Only, it is the Hiro clone, so it goes poof. It takes the big guy a second to find the real Hiro. In a small period of time, he is rushed at with a flying side-kick.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with PHYSICAL-III…29
COMBAT: Hel attacks Amani with PHYSICAL-III…32
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiroyasu with PHYSICAL-III…39
COMBAT: Amani defends against PHYSICAL-III(32) attack from Hel with a BOOM-BLOCK…29
COMBAT: Amani loses the roll and sustains 395 damage.

Well, now Amani has secured herself. She can fight after al—"Hey!" She shouted as she had things thrown at her. She tried to defend herself, but her distraction with her self accomplishment had her struck with some items. She doesn't want to really fight anymore because…she's going to have to heal people afterward. All that chakra thrown out to attack now only to heal is kinda dumb, but she supposes she should blame herself for that. But that sword guy /deserved/ a punch to the face. No one throws a sword at someone. That's just rude and dangerous. The insult wasn't that bad, he was old, after all. Speaking of, she still has yet to attack the leather worker for hitting her with a gaunlet. Meh, she supposes she can let it slide. She is keeping it without paying. Any efforts that she does place into the battle is now trying to put everyone down with sound blasts.

COMBAT: Amani attacks Hel with SOUND-BLAST…41
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL-III(29) attack from Hel with a BREVITY…34

Hiei lifts his new sword. It's a katana, with one side bladed, the other side serrated. Etched along the side of the blade is it's name. Fukushu (Means Revenge). On the advice of Ogosokamaru, Hiei had two swords forged. The second one he hasn't retrieved yet, but Fukushu was made to fit his hand. He looks on as the group of them came to attack, to pile onto him. Just before they would make contact his body simply vanishes, leaving behind a gust of wind. He flips the blade to the serrated side as he strikes out. Flipping it again, his body blurs from sight as he attacks at high speed. Finally, he strikes out again while spinning in place, the blade of his sword now crackling with lightning, the name etched onto the side glows with blue chakra before he swings in a wide arc, hoping to catch as many with his final strike as possible.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with STUN-SLASH…19
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with FLASH-STRIKE…33
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP…48
COMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against PHYSICAL-III(39) attack from Hel with a SEAL-BARRIER…34
COMBAT: Hiroyasu loses the roll and sustains 436 damage.

Hiroyasu goes for his greatest defense, but uh.. can't find the proper seal on hand.. he panics using the only seal he can find, a lowly barrier. He leaps backwards throwing up the palm with the seal exposed, it spirals out sending our a tower shield of chakra in front of him.. The man quite laden with armor and even more adept in his technique hits the shield full force, it buckles immediately then shatters in the same instance allowing the kick to find it mark, albeit a little defused, Hiroyasu goes spinning end over end corkscrew style, thawcking into the ground a few meters away.. his face is laying on the stone, maybe if he doesn't get up they will think he was knocked out giving him the opportunity to attack.. or escape..

COMBAT: Hel defends against SOUND-BLAST(41) attack from Amani with a DODGE…36
COMBAT: Hel defends against STUN-SLASH(19) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Hel defends against FLASH-STRIKE(33) attack from Hiei with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Hel loses the roll and sustains 303 damage.
COMBAT: Hel defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(48) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-II…23
COMBAT: Hel loses the roll and sustains 576 damage.

The rest of the leather workers are stunned by the second sound blast to their ear drums. They too fall to the ground holding their ears. One even shrieks, "Uncool," as he drops to the floor.
Hiei misses with the burst of chakra energy, but the quick movements of the user and sword find their marks. The smiths go down. The few men that are standing, most noteably Hiro's attacker, is then struck by the vibrating lightning energy of the sword. This is sharp enough to really do some damage, even through the leather armor. Amani and Hiro will have their hands full healing these people. Still, the crowd is subdued. The sight of lots of blood stops the rest of the skirmishers from continuing to fight. The KRD flashes back into place, with several others, and starts taking those into custody that they can. It might take some time to process them all, and others need medical treatment…but it is hard to think that this couldn't have been avoided. And there is still that KRD tail just watching Hiro and Hiei.

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