Chasing the Treacherous


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Suterusu (as Banshi)

Date: March 29, 2013


Banshi is given a mission to track down a guy who joined and betrayed the Order. The results… Not so pleasant for the treacherous one.

"Chasing the Treacherous"

Fuuma Basin

One might wonder who would think infiltrating an organization like the one Shuuren has built to try to steal away with a small fortune of goods is a good idea. Sure, it might sound alright in theory, but, in practice, no one lives through it. As soon as Isamu, the man who recently attempted such, heard about the gang's demise that he'd been working with, he took off to try to escape the Medical Ninja's wrath. Running as fast as he can, the young man moves through the Fuuma Basin at a considerable speed, but not likely fast enough to escape his pursuer. He feels he has to have some way of getting away, but how? Maybe if he makes some turns along the way to go somewhere no one else would… Of course, he is quite unaware of the actual mission the dark figure that will soon be chasing him was actually given.

One mission the mask for another, that figure was within Fuuma when he was told what to do. Without a word, he was off after the one called Isamu. The wrath of Tadashi had been unleashed and the figure in black, known as Bashi, was sent to deliver it. It did not take long for him to track down where the person was at. Indeed that running source of chakra was a good point of reference. Shadow clones formed and sent ahead, the plan would begin. That first step, secluded location. One of the clones would suddenly step out of the shadows off to Isamu's left, a firey hot pillar of earth shooting up beside it for that daiklave to be pulled free. It would start towards him, This was from the right, seeking to send him off towards the left.

As he starts to be surrounded by attackers, Isamu's eyes widen, and he seems to barely leap out of the way of the incoming daiklave. He wonders how he managed to do that, perhaps on pure adrenaline, but he has little time to worry about such things. He keeps on running ahead, not really sure where he's going at this point, just trying his best to get away. His breaths get heavier and heavier as he goes, the guy being in decent shape but definitely not a shinobi by any means.

Those silent shadows followed, the daiklave and it's source dissapating as quickly as it emerged. Following him onward, the next turn was ahead. Once again that same silent shadow, the figure stepping out in front of him, had a coil of wire that he was holding get flung outward. The coil landed with a thud on the ground in the path of the man, before it'd start to sinuously raise. It curved to the left, coming at him from that side, to drive him right. They were getting out of the city itself, that looming abandon temple a dull reminder of what the reality of the surroundings was. The figure's red eyes were unblinking, for all intents and purposes, seeking out to bind the man, it seems.

With the strikes falling in his path, Isamu is forced to make a turn with each one, his breaths getting heavier and heavier still. As he spots the temple, he thinks maybe he can figure out a way to lose the one after him there. With that in mind, he begins running as hard as he can in that direction, doing his best to lose the figure after him.

The figure would nod slightly, watching as his clones herded the man towards the temple. It was as good a place as any, part two of the set up happening as the man would race into the temple. Once again those clones were further ahead. The figure himself showing up at the base of the steps, revealing himself as he'd chase the man up those stairs. Staying just far enough behind. He had to go inside, afterall, for the final step to happen.

According to the figure's moves, Isamu runs as fast as he can up the stairs and through the doors of the temple, falling on his knees as he moves into the temple. He holds himself up on his hands for a moment, panting as he tries to gather himself for a moment.

"Well, well, well," the inflectionless voice of Tadashi rings out as he steps out of the shadows to reveal himself. "Banshi, if you would please close the doors behind you. Isamu and I need to have a little chat…. Juro… Come out." With that, the large bandit that gave up Isamu as the informant steps out, looking down at him sympathetically as he knows what is likely about to happen. Despite Tadashi's ever-calm form and speech, one can definitely feel the malice in the air that Death hangs overhead. "You're going to tell me everything you've told anyone about any of my business so I can tie up the loose ends you've created."

That figure would give a small nod, closing the door behind him silently. With the door closed behind him, that darkness would ensnare the figure in black, all but making him vanish. Those two red eyes would continue to unblinkingly stare at Isamu. Those clones were already settling into position around them, possibly Juro and Isamu would be oblivious, but Tadashi would know where they were from the steadily growing chakra strength they were gathering while he interrogated the spy. The finale for the man was going to be messy, and all it'd take is one word from the boss.

Before the guy even has a chance to respond or try to explain himself, Tadashi withdraws a needle from his coat and quickly injects it into his arm. A moment later, the guy falls down on his back, screaming in agony. "What else have you told?" After a few moments, the guy finally breaks and gives a list of names and details, and Tadashi pulls out a notepad and writes it all down systematically. "Is that all?" he asks once the guy stops.

He'd listen and watch, the chakra gathered all of them together, focused as he'd watch and wait, studying intently. As soon as the order would be given, that man was going to just be a fine red mist. That's the results of betraying Tadashi, death. A slow breath taken and released, he would watch, along with those clones. It'd simply be a matter of time. The results were always the same.

"Y-yes," Isamu grunts out, still lying on the ground in agony. Tadashi simply gives a nod then gestures to Juro. "Go pick him up. We'll bury him elsewhere." As he turns around, seemingly to walk away, he waits until Juro has kneeled down to pick Isamu up and lifts his hand to give the signal to Banshi to kill, apparently to kill both men. "Sorry, but I can't have such weak-willed men in my organization."

As the two got together, the signal was given. In the end, it didn't matter to him. Multiple daiklaves, one from each clone and the figure himself, would all launch outward, stabbing from multiple sides, pinning the bodies together and that last one smoothly removing the head of both men in one solid strike. The clones would carefully detain the now dead bodies, removing them to out of the temple. That figure left behind with a nod towards Tadashi. "Anything else, Tadashi-san?"

Once the deed is done, Tadashi turns back to Banshi and gives a nod. "Good work, but, yes, there is more," he says before tearing the paper he wrote on out of the notebook and handing it to the figure. "These are the different people and gangs he gave information to. Silence them discretely, and you'll have a hefty bonus waiting for you back at the headquarters."

The figure would retrieve the note, nodding as it'd be memorized, then put away. As silently as he'd be there, he'd be gone. That stealth of his put to full use that even Tadashi might have a hard time seeing where the assassin went. On to the rest of the list. It wouldn't take long to cross them all off and the potential leak ended. Thus was the will of Order.

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