Chats at the Village Gates


Red, Sachiko

Date: November 8, 2014


Red and Sachiko have a brief interaction whilst Mushi is recovering from her knife wound.

"Chats at the Village Gates"

Village Gates - Kumogakure

The high peaks of Kumogakure take some getting used to, something which the boy known as Red was still finding out. With Mushi still recovering in hospital, it freed the young male up to really explore not only the Village, but the entire surrounding area. That included a lot of space. Mountain paths, rivers, beaches and more.

So it's with a weary trot in which he strolls back through the Village Entrance, his winter garments ever present about his body. Shoulder pack his slung about his body, filled to the brim with various plants and herbs. Some can even be seen sticking out.

The mid morning sun hangs loosely in the air, shining brightly down to everyone in the vicinity. It was a nice day, with a gentle breeze cooling anyone with exposed skin.

With an exasperated sigh, Red plomps himself down on the ground and leans against one of the huge wooden gates. Just getting his breath back after the long climb up the mountain.

And once again, Shun is… not a happy camper. The infant is whining and wailing at different intervals, his mother bouncing him gently in his sling to try and calm him. Sachiko was still attentive to the things around her, though, and noticed the flop of a young boy at the gates. Pausing in her walking, she turned her attention toward Red and stepped toward him. "Smells like a lot of different herbs you have there," she remarks over her son's crying. "What ever do you need all that for?"

The noise of crying causes Red to wince, one eye partly closing as he shifts his gaze to look at the source. Shun, and the mother carrying him: Sachiko. "Oh… you. You're the person who helped us to this Village." He asks initially, before looking down at his pack. "Oh… um, Mushi is still in hospital, and I'm trying to find as many things in the wild that I can to help her get better." Looking into his bag, he pokes the contents with an index finger. "I don't know what works though, so I just got everything. Well, as much as I could carry. It's hard. The air is hard to breathe up here, so I get tired too fast."

Looking back to Shun, he sits up a bit straighter. "Is your baby okay? Is he sick as well?"

The redhead listens to him and hums thoughtfully. "Honestly… I doubt your herbs are going to help her any more than the medical shinobi are already doing so, hun… but I'm sure she appreciates your efforts." Sachiko then turns her attention to the child and sighs softly. "I don't think he's sick… I think he's just teething. We intend to take him to the doctor soon, but there are a lot of other things going on… like Mushi's condition." She smiles softly at the boy and sinks a little to crouch near Red. "The air up here /is/ more difficult to breath. You're going to have to get yourself used to it while you're here," she murmurs good-naturedly. "It was difficult for me at first, too… but then again, I didn't do much exercise."

Red presses palms into his face, "Aaaahhh!" He grunts out in a bit of frustration. "But I can't just sit around and do nothing while Mushi is so close to death! She's saved my life heaps of times! I need to do the same for her!" He pokes about in his bag again, hoping to find some sort of magical artifact that he perhaps forgot about. No luck.

The boy takes a steadying breath and slumps against the gate once more, tilting his head at her advice. "Yeah… I'm trying to get used to it. I guess." He mopes a bit, before leaning forward. "You're not from here? Are you a wanderer too?"

Sachiko gives a soft smile to the boy and nods in understanding. "I get it… I really do. You can bring the herbs to the medical shinobi and see if any of it might help them work," she suggests. When he asks about her not being from here, she gives a weaker smile. "Sort of. I was a missing-nin until not that long ago… I'm from the Land of Wind initially. I ran away because… well, I just wasn't cut out for what they expected of me." She shrugs her shoulders faintly.

"Missing-nin?" Red queries, tilting his head once more. Eyes also focus on the bub for a moment, before going back to the red-haired maiden. "What's that? Did you get kidnapped from the Land of Wind? So you're… missing?" As worldly as Red was (for a kid, anyway), there was still much he needed to learn. Not growing up in any shinobi Village left him a bit behind with the more technical terms.

"Sorry that Mushi is taking up all the Doctors, too. I hope your baby's teeth feel a bit better soon. You're free to have a look in my bag, if you want. See if there is anything in there that will help his mouth feel better."

Sachiko just looks… entirely bewildered when he doesn't know what that is. "Um… no…" Great… Now she's gone and corrupted the poor boy… "It's… not important," she murmurs. She smiles faintly at his offer and shakes her head. "It's all right. I have an herb garden at home. I've also lived here long enough to be able to find my own if need be. You need those to try to help Mushi." Shifting slightly, she moves to stand and hums thoughtfully. "Did Kuoroke ever make it…?"

"Oh… okay." Red doesn't seem entirely bothered when Sachiko doesn't elaborate on the term, instead moving on with the conversation. "Yeah, I guess you would have a heap of herbs, huh? And probably know which ones do all sorts of things. Now that I'm looking at what I collected, I think mine are just weeds." Red sniffs at the air, trying to catch scent of his herbs on the wind.

"The man from Sunagakure? He was here. I dunno if he's still here, but he did some sort of magical amazing seal thing and BOOM! Now Mushi's chakra isn't getting sucked away! He's pretty great." He grins widely. "But I dunno if the fast bird has taken him back to his Village. I think he's someone pretty important. Do you know him?"

The woman emits a faint little laugh when he talks about 'that man' being pretty great. Sachiko nods her head. "Everyone in Sunagakure probably knows him… He's a council member. Kuroki Kuoroke. I'm going to guess you've never been to the Land of Wind at all…" It's too difficult for her to believe this boy was anywhere near Sunagakure and didn't know who was in charge.

"Oh, yeah. I've totally been there! I visited the Kazekage even. You know, he asked me my thoughts about some stuff. Some sort of friendship between here and there." Red appears to try and remember the name, however. Even repeating it. "Kuroki Kuoroke… Yeah, now that you say the full thing, it rings a bell. I think I heard some villagers mention his name a couple of times." He shrugs earnestly. "Mushi keeps me away from all the powerful people, though. That was the first time I had seen him, when he was here in the mountains."

Stretching out, he moves to stand up from his sitting position. "I'm gonna go the rest of the way to the hospital, I think. Have you got a busy day lined up?"

Sachiko hums at that… Keeping the boy away from powerful people, but he had a personal meeting with the Kazekage…? Seems strange. She doesn't know the circumstances, though, and just lets it be. She… never once met the Kazekage. She wouldn't even know his name if someone said it right to her face. Kuoroke interacted with the people much more than the Kage in Suna… which made it especially weird for her that Red, of all people, had met him. The Kazekage wanted the opinion of a wanderer more than his own people…

Shaking her head to rid her of thoughts, she then shrugged weakly. "Not really. Just taking care of the little one. That's really my only job of late." Ever. She chuckles softly and shifts slightly. "You be careful. Don't push yourself too hard. Perhaps I'll see you later."

"I hope so." Red replies with a broad smile, lifting a hand to wave to Sachiko. "Cya." Adjusting the shoulder pack across his body, the boy begins to head for the hospital with a careful stride. The bag looked heavy, so much so that it was tipping him off balance! But he manages to stay upright, shuffling towards the healing rooms.

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