Chef Mugoiyardee, Cannibal Specialist


Itami, Yuuto

Date: November 15, 2013


A particularly dangerous individual was on the loose. A man who took to preparing people in specialized meals. Not long ago he was locked away, but since his escape, he immediately started plans to cook up dishes of people not far from his prison. A bold move, but not one that went without planning. Yuuto and Itami tasked themselves with searching him out and putting an end to his destructive ways, but they'd come to find out that his activities did not start in the desert, but rather ended there. More bodies were in need of finding that he'd placed all over the land and beyond.

"Chef Mugoiyardee, Cannibal Specialist"

Sukoppu Machi

Sukoppu Machi appears to be a select place for events. It's non-assuming and doesn't draw much attention. It's for this reason that individuals tend to utilize it for activities that are criminal in nature. However, nothing like this has ever visited the place, before. Ovens, hearths, and the aroma of food fills the air. However, it's not the ordinary meal. It's one that tickles the tastebuds and tingles the senses, according to the chef. Mugoi Itamae, master chef is skilled in his craft. He knows how to utilize every spice, every herb, and any kind of food item to blend together the best kinds of meals. Today, he's running a trial on a particular kind of meat he's picked up. He describes it as rich and seasoned, a little difficult to work with if one doesn't know what he or she is doing. Yet, this is all a part of perfecting craft. Hungry travelers and local mouths agree that so far, he's doing a good job.
He's recently arrived here and set up shop. No one has argued against his food and even fewer have shown suspicion towards his eccentrism. It was excused as much. He wasn't being eccentric, no, he was being secretive, but it was veiled under the guise of a chef. This was no chef, but rather, a butcher. A butcher of people. He'll have to be stopped soon or else, many more will die by his hands.

Sending Yuuto on missions to help take out escapees from the asylum seems to be becoming something of a tradition. Maybe they think his… insight into how the mind of psychopath works gives him an edge in these missions. Whatever the case, he seems to be gaining ground toward becoming an enlisted shinobi again. Considering he was able to open up a full two-tomoe Sharingan when he was fighting against the chalk 'king' and even get ahold of some new jutsu, he does appreciate these things in a way. After all, the more jutsu of these insane people he is able to gather through his Sharingan now that it's unlocked to that point, the stronger he will become.
While adorned in his normal clothes, Yuuto has any weapons he has on him hidden away for the moment. The pack of scrolls and brushes on his back makes him look more like a simple wandering artist than a shinobi sent here for capture or blood. "So wherever this guy's setup will either have an odd smell or the smell of a ridiculous amount of spices to cover it up, right?" the former Chuunin asks as he looks over to Itami as they step toward the village where the escapee has setup his camp. "Does he use any special jutsu by chance, or is he just out of his mind?"

"More or less," Itami admitted to Yuuto as she walked along with him through the sands. "He doesn't use any special jutsu, but he is skilled with his food…" She states. "So, he uses his food skills to his advantage," she explained. "In a way, I suppose you could call it a form of jutsu, but it doesn't require chakra, as far as I know," she hummed. "We'll just have to see when we get to him. He's been separated from his craft for some time since he's been in the asylum. Now that he's broken out, I doubt he has many reservations about who and what he attacks."
As they enter into what seems to be the endless expanse, the dome that makes up Sukoppu Machi rises in the distance. The aroma of food is faint in the air, but otherwise present.

Just using food skills to advantage? This guy may not be that useful when it comes to adding to Yuuto's arts, but one can never tell until things are seen. "So, is a capture preferred, or are we here to get rid of him?" he asks as he looks over to her once again, glancing between her and the desert expanse in front of them once in a while. Of course, in the back of his mind, he may wonder if he might one day be seen as just as disposable if he's not able to fully recover from his ailment if these escapees are to be gotten rid of. His Sharingan may be more useful in the eyesockets of sane shinobi, after all, if he doesn't. "I suppose we better find this guy before he decides more of his 'harvest' are ripe enough to be used." As they walk, he tries to pick out the different smells, what is like a native spice or herb and what might be off.

"As far as I know, he hasn't contributed anything useful to Sunagakure. So, he may be gotten rid of. Events may be subject to change as we make our approach." Lines were here at the small village, waiting to get a taste of Itamae's meals. He appears to be keeping up with orders and ensuring that everyone gets their fair share. This much is indicated as the line creeps, slowly, but enough to indicate that lives were at stake for every few people that received a meal.
The sliding of knives together is made prevalent as he grills the meat up over a hearth in the fashion of a professional chef. His metal spatulas go to work chopping, mixing, and tossing the food until it's all finished into a bowl to be served up to the patrons before him. He was just about to begin his next cut of meat when he realizes he's got a problem on his hands. Someone here is sick. He can't have ill people in his dishes. So, he returns outside to excuse himself from the grill, saying that he'll be departing for recess so that he can get his creative juices flowing again.
Leaving in disappointment, the gathered lines scatter and wander about to conduct whatever business they came to do. Meanwhile, Itamae goes back to his 'holding room' and retrieves the sick person to take them away from the rest of his 'crops'.
The two shinobi finally arrive when the groups scatter. The grills and ovens are set up, but are unmanned at the moment. "Do you think he knows we're here?" She inquired of Yuuto softly as she began to look around the area. Nothing seems out of place from up here…

"I see," Yuuto says, pondering over that. Well, he's at least contributing by being a shinobi and doing missions, even if he's not fully instated yet. As they approach, his eyes narrow a bit as he notices the lines scattering. At Itami's question, he says, "I… don't think he does. If he knew he were going to be shut down, he'd probably go ballistic. Let's move to where the front of the line was to see if we can tell where he went."
With that, he starts to walk a bit faster to where the line was leading. This guy has to be found as quickly as possible. Once they're past most of the people, his eyes would begin to glow red, a pair of tomoe spiraling out around his pupils and settling around them as he starts to search for clues of chakra or other things that would give him an idea of where this guy went. Even a set of footprints in the dust could help.

A set of footprints rest on he ground leading to a room in the back of the cooking area. If one was to follow, it appears the area is locked down tight. It's blocked off and with good reason. Well secured, no one is getting in without Itamae's consent or knowledge, for that matter. There appear to be a series of locks, each of which have a distinctive means of opening them. "Looks like we aren't getting anywhere from this point," Itami remarks. "Unless we can find a way to open up this safe of sorts he has here, we won't be going any further."
Taking a better look around this place, it appears to be nothing but a back room filled with pots, pans, and utencils of various kinds used in cooking. Everything appears to be neatly arranged for use in preparation for the next meals. On a table, meat has already been cut up and closer inspection reveals it to be human. There aren't any bones or organs lying around to indicate that it was as anything like that would be terribly incriminating. Lying next to the meat are various knives, each of which are used in preparing human meat. There's blood all over them and they look recently used, but there's a bit of blood missing from the tips of all of them.

Following the footprints into the room along with Itami, Yuuto narrows his eyes a bit and looks over the locks. "An artist obsessed with no one figuring out the secret of his success or to ever notice a failure," he comments before pulling a brush and scroll from his pack and quickly drawing what appear to be a dozen of small lizards. (Perhaps a shoutout to the Watanabe Councilman?) They quickly move around the room, the Sharingan eyes of the former shinobi glance around as they inspect, and, after a few moments he would pick out a knife made for each lock to unlock them so they can move on.

A warm breeze hits the faces of Yuuto and Itami as they open the safe and enter into the area. It takes a bit of adjustment, but before long, bodies can be seen hanging from meat hooks, some having been flayed or 'tenderized' as Itamae might have called it. The people were in different states. Some were alive, others were on their last legs, almost literally. Younger individuals were kept separated, considered lean meats to be handled with care. Muscular individuals were treated as more tougher meats and thus, some were started into the process of producing jerky. It can't be argued that it doesn't smell nice in here. Salts, spices, and herbs are in full use in this room here.
Itami smirked at the lizards that went about doing their work, chuckling even. She thought it cute and admits that it did tickle her, but all of that was wiped away when she saw the room. "…This is…" She didn't have the words for it. Even if the Watanabe were cannibalistic, they didn't treat people like this. "Terrible," she sighed. "We have to get the people that are still living out of here, the ones on hooks will have to be handled carefully…" She explained to Yuuto.
The people that still had the ability to speak had their throats cut and stuffed with cheese cloth to keep them from speaking as well as to preserve them. The door, having been left open allowed the scent to leave out the safe and into the grill area. Inquiring minds followed the aroma until they spotted Yuuto and Itami in the room, but more importantly, the people on the hooks. Some were made sick by the sight while others grew angry. What /was/ this?! Were they eating all of this?! "Quick! Lock them inside! We can't let these sick bastards go!"
Thinking they were involved with the processing of these people, the patrons now turned vigilantes began to make haste to close the safe.

Yuuto's eyes widen a bit as the room is opened. While it's not the most disturbing thing he's ever seen, even within his mind own, this is still dastardly. "We might need to capture this bastard to make sure he doesn't have any more… 'meat lockers'," he growls a bit. Of course, he may just feel like torturing information out of this guy might be well-deserved.
When people come up behind them and start to lock them in, Yuuto looks back at them and narrows his eyes. "Let them close it," he suggests in a low voice. "He had to get out somehow, and this will let us follow him without worry of them getting in our way since they'll think we're stuck." He then brings his hands into a seal, sending the lizards around the room again to try to find where the escapee may be hiding or an escape hatch.

Itami turned around and looked out the door as it began to close. A lot of her wanted to respond to them by keeping the door from being closed, but Yuuto's suggestion was a good one. Itamae did escape from within here, so there must be a way out. She was trapped in a box like this before once before. It had a number of failsafes to prevent her from using elements that would allow her to escape. It's only irony that fire would be another one that would be her downfall once more. At least, this one won't be filling with water like the other did.
"Alright, well, there has to be someplace around here. Since you've already sent your scouts out, there should be a discovery soon enough. They solved the problem last time," she admitted. Sure enough, the lizards began to converge where there was an opening. "…Oh, how wonderful," she observed. "Want to take a risk?" She chuckled. She supposes she could take a risk, but she doesn't think she has any real way to protect the individuals that she can think of. "Looks like we'll just have to do things the old fashioned way."

Once the escape route has been discovered, Yuuto sighs a bit. Dealing with the insane… It's a wonder this building hasn't burned down by now. "Well, guess I'll give it a shot since I'm the one with the special eyes," he says before moving toward the hatch with the grilling hardware built into it. Reaching into his pockets, he withdraws kunai and a few other sundry things to begin attempting to properly dismantle this thing. The lizards start to crawl up and around the contraption, as he tries to do this as carefully as possible without blowing up the room and killing everyone in or around it.

The people in the room look on, mostly in agony at their circumstance as Yuuto begins his work on the hardware. So far, things were good and hopefully they'd stay that way. Itamae, having taken care of what he intended to do, returns to see that the people that lined up for his food are now looking frantic. They're looking for him, wishing for his destruction since he fed them human meat. He plots his way out by escaping back to his safe to try and get ready to take it and leave the supplies behind. The supplies could be bought again, but these people were difficult to come by. He'd wander up to the escape hatch and proceed to open it right along with Yuuto. That killed all the work necessary for getting it done, but now there was a bigger problem. now the two people in this room had to be dealt with.
Guess his precious cargo will have to be left behind as well. "It would appear that my goods are spoiled now. Unclean hands have entered among them. I simply can't carry these with me…" He raised his weapon and proceeded to strike at the metal of the hatch in an attempt to set off the gas and ultimately, spark a fire to blow the thing up.
Itami, hearing the commotion below, decided to act quickly and proceeded to blast wind down through the hole and push him away.

Just as Yuuto's about to finish, the hatch is opened by Itamae. The former shinobi's eyes meet his sternly as he speaks, quickly grabbing one of the kunai he picked out from his pocket. Luckily, before they can get blown up, Itmai sends wind down the corridor to push the gas out. Using that to work to his advantage, he uses a boost of his own chakra to create even more wind around his hand and aim it directly the insane cook's kneecap to try to keep him from being able to run away.

Itamae scrambled to escape away from them and the strike to the kneecap didn't help. He stumbled and fell, but quickly recovered. He wasn't going down that quickly. He began to withdraw the butcher knife he used on the sickly person and prepare to fight with it. Itami, jumping down the opening and down to the ground, followed after the chef and proceeded to strike him with a pillar of earth from behind. He flew forward, but used his flight as a way to swing the weapon down towards Itami's shoulder and, unusually enough, cut her on his way by and deeply. She hissed as she thought for sure that she evaded him or was he just that fast?

Getting up that quickly from a knee strike? The heck is this guy? Yuuto isn't struck as of yet, but to be able to strike the Councilman in such a manner is almost unheard of. "Guess this guy's serious," he says as he reaches to his back to withdraw a scroll that's prepared with drawings already. Opening it up, he unleashes what appear to be four snakes and a large tiger, the tiger attempting to pounce the man and hold him down while the snakes attempt to coil around him to bind him down.

The chef was skilled after all and that meant he knew how to use a knife well. He stood his ground against the tiger initially as it came in for an attack. He evaded it and struck out against the ink drawing by cleaving down into it. Whatever smaller knives he had, they were tossed out and against the snakes to keep them from him. He missed a few, but struck one, watching it dissolve into an ink run on the sand. "You shinobi think that you're the only ones skilled enough to handle these sorts of things. All talents come with skills that can be beneficial. You all ignored mine and locked me away. I deal with humans in much the same way you all do. Except I put them to good use. Their bodies are worth more than just simply killing them and placing them in the ground. Wouldn't you agree?" He asked as he went after Yuuto with his cleaver.

This guy's really of his rocker, but he's definitely got his own skills. What this guy does is beyond despicable, no matter what he thinks. "So that's your excuse for torturing, killing, and disrespecting the dead?" he asks, and it seems he's not going to dodge the incoming cleaver until a puddle of ink splatters around it. From behind the man, a trio of ink wolves lunge at him, one going after the back of his kneecap, one for his back, and another for the back of his neck in an attempt to knock him to the ground and pin him. "How about I toss your carcass to the buzzards instead of burying you then once I've finished you off without even a splash of salt?"

Itami aided in the attack against Itamae by launching a macroburst against him so that he'd be held down by a constant stream of wind. Combined with the wolves on his neck, back and knee, he shouldn't be moving anywhere. "At least my body will be of some use to something!" He yelled over the wind. "The buzzards would enjoy a body so fit and ready to be consummed at a moment's notice! Allowing me to be eaten by birds of prey is a much greater fate than being placed into the ground to rot! No one would benefit from that!" He shouted. "So, feed me to the buzzards! Give me that pleasure in the same way I fed those wanting mouths with!"

As the ink beasts and wind hold the man down, Yuuto's eyes narrow a bit. "Ah, so that'd be what you want?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow and stewing on that. "Well, maybe if you answer my question, I'll give you that honor," he says as the wolf at the man's neck starts to dig into his flesh with its teeth. "Was this your only meat locker, or do you have other people tied up somewhere? Answer me honestly, and your meat won't be spoiled before it can become a meal."

"Meat must be kept fresh, each one different in it's own way. Some are cured by salt, others tended by the sun. Some must be kept cool. The truth is, I have made certain that my goods were preserved in all the best ways possible, ensuring some are aged and able to be used in time. What I mean to say is, I have many lockers. It's up to you to find them all," Itamae chuckled to himself. "I'll make your search easy, for you. The sun dried are best found here," he admitted. "Now, give me the honor that you spoke of…" Itami clenched her fists softly, but relieved their pressure as she looked to Yuuto. She didn't have any reason to deny that honor, but what would he do?

"So some are here, some at places near salty ocean areas, and some in places with colder climate," Yuuto says as he looks down at Itamae, those narrowed eyes glaring down at him. He pauses a moment before asking, "Do you know what the best part about these eyes is? I still know what I am, yet I can see past it and into what others are now. You and I are monsters, as was the last one of us I had to chase down." With that, he reaches down to attempt to take the butcher knife from his hand. "What I'm going to do with these eyes… is find others like us and observe their arts. While I don't plan on cooking and eating people, your skills with this were impressive. In that, you will become a part of me, just like the last and just like the others I will find." With that, the wolf would go to bear down its teeth, intending to tear his throat out and finish him off.

Mugoi Itamae grinned. That's the spirit. "You know…when a body passes, the softer parts of the body are the first to go. Those eyes mean nothing in the long run," he began to cackle, though it was cut off in a a grisly crack and gurgle. His end is upon him. "Well, it appears we have our work cut out for us," Itami remarks. "We have other places to seek out and free these people. If he keeps lockers, there's a chance they're managed or protected by others."

"That's okay. I don't plan on ending my run for a long time," Yuuto says as he watches Itamae's end finally come. He reaches into his coat and withdraws a handkerchief to wrap around his neck before his ink creations merge into one large one that uses his jaws to place Itamae on its back. "So are we going to research those, or do we report it and allow the Kage to decide who gets to pick the pieces of the puzzle apart from what we know already?"

"I'd say that we should spread out the help and assistance we could get on this issue. If there are this many lockers, we'll need to have people go out and get to them as quickly as possible," Itami explained. "So, it will no longer be us anymore. We'll report our findings and move about from there." She looked at Itamae, now dead. Unfortunate, really, but it was necessary. "For now, we'll have to return him back to Suna and bury him. He won't be able to receive the vitory he longed for."

"Whatever you feel is best, Watanabe-sama," Yuuto says with a shrug as he picks up the butcher knife and spins it around a bit. At her next comment, he chuckles a bit. "That's fine. I was going to torch him instead of letting him be eaten anyway." With that, he looks back up the hatch and sighs. "I suppose we should see if any of the victims are still alive?"

"That would be a good start," Itami replied to Yuuto. "Alive is what we want. If they're dead, then there's nothing we can do." She has to wonder, though. Those bodies would need to be put to use somehow… If they're dead, would burying them count as decent or would consuming them? It's hard to say. The Councilwoman has something to consider while tending to a rumbling stomach curious for the answer.

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