Chiding Katsurou


Katsurou, Atsui, Nori

Date: July 19, 2013


Nori yells at Katsurou for taking up a mission without Team Shadowstrike because Team Shadowstrike was put together specifically for Katsurou…two sensors to catch people coming up to Katsu, then someone to slow opponents down (Atsui), someone to catch opponents (Satomi), and someone who can one-hit-KO the opponent (Nori).

"Chiding Katsurou"

The hotsprings in Konohagakure

The conversation Katsurou just had with Fuji could have went a lot better to say the least. Now bruised up and in a horrible mood for the first time since…well ever; he grows restless in his apartment, where the med nins advised him to spend the rest of the day, and makes his way to the hotsprings. He didnt like the fact that he could not control his anger and go back to being level headed. Time spent in the hotsprings should cure that he thought.
At least ten minutes has passed now since Katsurou's arrival at the springs. He sits on the edge of the springs with a towel in his lap and his bandages exposed on his bare skin. At the moment his gaze is fixated on the water below while his mind was working itself into a storm.

Nori arrives at the entrance to the hotsprings and stands there waiting. He had sent a messenger hawk to Atsui to have his fellow team-mate meet him at the hotsprings. The note stated the following, which also provides context for this gathering: Nori had found Fujibayashi resting near the training grounds. She was all beaten up with ice-burns. When Nori asked her what had happened, she said that she and 'Lee' had been training when Lee said he was leaving Konohagkure because he felt too cooped up here. Fujibayashi tried to stop him but couldn't. Now, at this point, Nori took that to mean she physically tried to stop him and was beaten up. Nori chided Fujibayashi and told her all about how if Katsurou is caught by the hunter-nin that it could start a war. So, the two of them hopped on top of Nori's owl summons and searched for Katsurou but couldn't find him.
Nori went to the mission's office to report Katsurou missing and found out, lo-and-behold, that Katsurou had gone out on a mission with another team…and that he had been ordered upon return to rest by the mednin. So, Nori went and checked on Katsurou's abode and was told by a neighbor that they saw him leaving in the direction of…well, towards the hotspring. Nori put two and two together and figured he'd be here, but sent out the message to Atsui first. Nori sits there waiting, but would enter as soon as Atsui arrives.

Katsurou's gaze is still fixated on the water. He was feeling a bit less tempered as when he first entered the springs by now. Someone else entering the springs had caught his attention and snaps him out of his thoughts. The Shirayuki offers Nori a nod to say hello. Nothing out of the ordinary for Katsurou as he was not the overly greeting type. "Come to get away from the world as well?" He asks in his usual soft spoken voice.

Nori walks in and takes a seat near Katsurou. He isn't in the water mind you. He's just near the edge of the hotspring. "No actually. I came to have a talk with you. Fujibayashi and I were worried about you, thought you were running away even…only to find out that you were out on a mission with another team. That was reckless Lee-san." He doesn't say it in a chiding manner. In fact, he's trying to be as devoid of emotion as possible in this talk. "You know why you were assigned to Team Shadowstrike right?"

Atsui was heistant in entering the place, even after his father reluctantly agreed that he could go when it was an offical team meeting request. Looking about, Atsui followed behind Nori fairly closely, only stopping once Nori sat down. He'd hesitate a moment more, before finally sitting a bit to the side, listening to the two of them quietly, feet flat, knees in front of him with his arms hugging them close. Well, Atsui had his own issues to take care of it seems, but that wasn't the thrust of this meeting.

Katsurou looks over at the younger boy and even takes note of Atsui's entrance behind him. The Shirayuki looks away from the pair. "Ok, let us hear what a young boy who is still wet behind the ears from his mother's womb has to say about being reckless." Katsurou's tone was calm but his words dripped with obvious sarcasm. "Why is it that I was assigned to Shadowstrike?" He asks to endulge Nori.

Nori eyes Katsurou for a moment and grins, "The folly of youth is thinking that wisdom trumps experience, while the folly of age is thinking that experience trumps wisdom." It is one of Nori's favorite sayings. The young boy says, "This team was specially chosen for you because it has two sensors with different sensory abilities…meaning we are more likely to sense when someone is coming after you. We also have someone who is very good at killing with one hit if that hit connects, while at the same time having someone who is very good at grabbing ahold of people, while at the same time having someone else who is very good at slowing down others so that they can get grabbed. In other words, we are a teamed designed for one purpose and one purpose alone…to make sure that Hunters can't get ahold of you or get away if they find you. You went out on another team that wasn't suited for the task of guarding you." He takes a breath and continues, "And you need to be guarded. While you may not be worried about your life, for better or worse, you are a part of our village now. If you are found here, or even found at all and alert the hunters that we were helping you, a war will break out. So, if you aren't worried about your life, realize that your life could lead to the deaths of many innocents…hence you were being reckless. And if you ever want to test this young boy who is still wet behind the ears from his missing mother's womb…I'd be happy to show you how using ice attacks and defenses in Konohagakure will get you reckognized or caught even more quickly."

Atsui glanced over at Nori, then over to Katsurou.. who was humoring Nori, making a face, he'd shake his head, dropping his chin on his knees. "Nori isn't weak.. I.. I mean.. he has a lot.. a lot to him.. he.. he may act that way.. but.. well.. acts are like that.. I.. I can see the truth there.. So.. so you should maybe listen to him.. rather than.. you know.. just.. sit there and.. well… presume." Atsui shrugged slightly, taking a small breath before letting it out. "I.. I don't know what.. all is going on.. but.. I know I.. I will help you.. for as long.. as long as I can.. Katsurou-san.."

Katsurou sighs. To be honest the Shirayuki had bigger things on his mind than to sit here and argue philosophies of life with an eleven year old. "Point taken." He says after finally breaking the silence. "I will keep this in mind for future endevors."

Nori was expecting more of a rebuttle himself. When Katsurou gives in and says Nori may have had a point…Nori just nods. "Okay. Well, ano…how'd the mission go at least? Did you enjoy your time outside of the village? And next time you want to go…just ask us to come too. We would love to have a reason to head out of here every now and then. Poor Atsui-san needs to get away from his father." Nori says that one part joking, one part serious, and one part sad.

Atsui blinks, glancing between Nori and Katsurou, he'd blush then, burying his head into his knees. Well.. unfortunately it was completely true, wasn't like there was much he could say or do about that. "I-I-I'm.. I'm sorry.. I.. I don't mean to be a burden.." It'd be muffled into his legs as he'd hug them tighter. Maybe he shouldn't of come to the meeting? Although it does look like Katsurou could of used some cheering up.

Katsurou continues to keep his attention off of the two boys he is speaking to by staring off into the distance. "The mission was simple. Minor wounds but the traveling in itself was the burden of the mission." A second later the Shirayuki turns his head towards the boys but its Atsui he looks at. "Family is important. Relish every moment you have with them….especially your father." His eyes then fall upon Nori. Flash backs of himself when he was the Yamaka's age appear in his mind. He briefly thought how crazy it was with just how much his life got turned upside down from the point of Nori's age to his current. "You will have to excuse me." He says as he stands up with his towel and proceedes back into the hot springs house without saying another word.

Nori shakes his head, "I see," and that is all there is. Nori looks back to Atsui's blushing and erks, "Sorry, wasn't meaning to make you upset. Just that, while your father is important, it is also important to get out from under his thumb every now and then and experience the world for yourself. Father (Nori is talking about his own father here) always encouraged us to be on our own because he knew he wouldn't be there for us always." Nori shrugs and looks upset himself for just a moment before he watches Katsurou excuse himself, "Something is bothering you Lee-san. What is it?" Nori gets up and follows along after Katsurou. Yeah, he can be an annoying brat at times.

Atsui just nods into his legs for a moment. He'd peek up as he'd hear them moving about, finally scrambling to his feet to trail off after Nori. So now the 18 year old, is being followed by the 11 year old, who's trailed along uncertainly by the 14 year old. This probably made sense to someone some where, however Atsui didn't think too much about it. Instead he'd just slip in past the door before it could close, looking about inside the bath house and going to catch up to Nori and Katsurou. It was.. a different sort of place.

Katsurou back was kept to the younger boys as he dressed himself in the bath house. "It is of no concern, Nori." The Shirayuki says. He grunts as he lowers his spandex shirt over his bare chest. His bruises were still healing and his muscles were aching. "I am going to go clear my mind now." He says turning around just as he raises the spandex up to cover the lower half of his face. "It is better if I do this on my own."

Nori shakes his head, "It is my concern. Not only are we a team, which means I am going to need to depend on you, and you me, but you are also sort of important to understand right now. If you're that itching to get out of Konohagakure, then until we talk, I'm going to start imagining the worst. Have you ever met an 11 year old whose imagination runs wild? Now you have." He's learned this nagging from his Mother…must have. Nori follows along with Katsurou, "How about we help you clear your mind, as a team. You are no longer on your own Katsurou, so there is no need to act alone anymore either." Nori doesn't really trust him it seems.

Atsui just watched. He was partly confused, but he wasn't going to really step forward to offer anything further. This was obviously something going on with Katsurou, the older teen studied intently for a long moment as they travelled. Of course he wasn't going to stay behind either. He was just that kid that trailed along it seems.. well, every group has someone like that, right?

Katsurou's eyes fixate on Nori as it seems he was not going to leave his side. "Very well then. I must say Nori, for someone your age your logic is impressively sound." The Shirayuki says in defeat. The Shirayuki turns back to the locker he stored his belongings in and huffs after a second of searching within it. "I left my journal out by the springs. Wait here for just a moment while I get it then we will leave here to the Zen Gardens." Katsurou exits the bath house in some what of an hurry in order to get his journal so that he can set out with his teammates from the springs. However, five minutes go by and there is still no sign of the return of Katsurou.

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