Child of the Wake


Ryuusei, Shuuren, Shiiru

Date: November 24, 2015


A strange child and a summon cause some trouble near Shuuren’s domain.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Child of the Wake"

Land of Tea

Kekkei Genkai are rare and amazing things. Things that appear in someone's genetics almost by accident, and proliferated through time to make a clan. This is a rare occurence that does not happen often, perhaps once in ten generations, but the result is usually a power that has the potential to cause great disturbance. That is what has happened in the Land of Tea recently. A child has awoken a latent power that he cannot control, and it has been causing a lot of trouble. Primary reports of this strange power coming from this child say that these disturbances are happening in a town known as the "Hanaan Isle", A small town build upon a large sand-bar close to Degarashi.
It has been said that people are randomly running into walls. Walls that they cannot see. This has happened all over the city, which has turned it into somewhat of an invisible maze of sorts that changes rather often. This untapped and unbridled power could disrupt trade in Degarashi if it expands out this far. That is why it is imperative to get a hold of the situation before things fall apart.
Likely by ship to Degarashi, and by foot to Hanaan, Shuuren has brought along a few individuals whom might be useful. Shiiru, Roku, and Ryuusei, his three strongest bodyguards! (Not saying much) They will be along to provide an extra pair of eyes and arms. For lifting things primarily. After all, if the Kekkei Genkai is dangerous there might be little they can do to help…

The presence of an uncontrolled Kekkei Genkai is both disturbing and promising. It's disturbing in that it could cause damage if left unchecked, but it's promising in what its bearer could accomplish for Tea Country if trained properly. With a couple of his 'bodyguards' in tow, the Daimyo arrives at the small village, adorned in his usual suit and daimyo cloak. While most shinobi would show up with a look of death on their faces to deal with such a power, he seems his usual calm and cheery self as he looks around for someone to speak with about where to find the one whose power is running rampant, though his sensor abilities might pick them out before that's necessary.
"This will be a good opportunity for your two to have a lesson in remaining calm and assessing a situation," Shuuren points at as he glances between Shiiru and Ryuusei. "Remember, we're not here to kill this person, only to get them to come with us. If we can do so peacefully, it'll be fantastic. If some force needs to be applied, we'll only do what needs to be done to subdue them and bring them back to the capital with us so we can help them reign in their powers."

A grin as she stands there beside Shuuren, as dirty and dusty as ever, "Uh, I'm like perfect for this." Shiiru grins, "I'm good with kids and have like a whole group of them who listen to me." She nods her head, "And besides, who am I to try to kill someone who finds out they have a neat new power?" She looks to Shuuren and idly flicks a thumb back toward her backpack of sand. She then looks forward and hmms, "Though, how we are going to get to him is beyond me." SHe nods her head and then starts walking a few steps forward, giving a hmm.

Ryuusei would likely try to stand to Shuuren's left. Shiiru can be Shuuren's right hand man if he wishes. It's not in the cards for her. She wouldn't have it any other way. "I… I don't know if you're… 'perfect' for this Shiiru." She would state, watching him step forward. They were at the top of a hill overlooking the village. A bridge connected the stilted village atop the sandbar to the mainland. Ryuusei herself would walk alongside Shiiru.
Little did they know that the village was indeed surrounded by various, almost solid, barriers. This wasn't natural, and the barriers were almost completely made of invisible chakra. This couldn't be force. Such ninjutsu were impossible to acheive, even through Kekkei Genkai. This could be something more. Wind is already a very shapeable element, even without chakra shaping. Could the barriers themselves be some advanced element? Shiiru and Ryuusei were about to find out face-first.

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…51
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SENSORY-DIAGNOSTIC…46

While Ryuusei and Shiiru would be left to their devices to try and get through the barrier, mainly because it's not doing any harm thus far and they need some experience in such things, Shuuren just walks right past it. "Impressive amount of power," he comments as he steps through, glancing back at them and then looking back ahead. "It takes a rather incredible chakra level to pull this off, especially for a beginner… We could definitely make a good addition to our team with this person, I think."
After he's passed through the barrier, he looks around again, using his sensor ability to try and pick out this person, though this time he uses his ability to sense a people's health condition since someone with an out of control Kekkei Genkai should show certain signs along with their chakra level. It'll also let him know if anyone in the village has been injured and needs treatment before they leave.

[NPC System]: Invisible Barrier (Perception Roll) roll(s) Blocking Movement on Shiiru from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Shiiru defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…38

"I'd like to think so." Shiiru states and nods to Ryuusei wht a grin even as she simply turns to the right abruptly, walks around the barrier and then gestures, "Don't walk this way, Ryuusei…unless you wanna break your nose." She then looks to Shuuren and nods to him even as she feels the slight bits of dust and sand in the air pattering and moving against the walls of what seems to be perhps chakra. She hmms as she looks at it and then looks to Shuuren, "Yeah, perhaps. That or someone who ust wants to be left alone." She shrugs, "I mean, it happens with some."

[NPC System]: Invisible Barrier (Perception Roll) roll(s) Blocking Movement on Ryuusei from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a PERCEPTION…17
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei took 50 damage.

It seems that Ryuusei did not quickly react to Shiiru's words, and she did not notice any change herself. She would run right into the wall without any thought. That wouldn't be nice. After all she was walking down a slope. She wasn't endowed enough to have anything hit the barrier first, and would be on the ground a few moments later, wondering what the heck just happened. Sitting up, she'd watch as Shiiru and Ryuusei would walk around without any issue. "W-wait! D-don't leave me behind! S-sorry! I'll walk behind you…"
Shuuren would visibly see the barriers shift around every so often, while Shiiru would simply feel something was going wrong. Sensitivity and advanced chakra sensing are two different things after all! Shiiru was at the very least able to tell when a wall was coming up. When they reach the bridge, it became clear that there were scattered barriers in the water, for there were sections of the sea that were parted. That might have been amazingly strange… At a certain distance, Shuuren was not only able to feel, but also see a young kid that was smaller than Shiiru who was sitting with their knees..… It would also be known that right now, the entire village was empty. No one was here. No one living.

"Perhaps, but, when it puts the lives and livelihoods of others in danger, creating solitude in such a manner is not wise," Shuuren says as he looks back to Shiiru again then back ahead. He looks around at the barriers then looks directly over to the kid kneeling down. Nodding toward him to motion to the other two, he starts to make his way over, though he does note the ominous lack of others in this place. "Hi there… I'm Nagamura Shuuren, the Daimyo of this country. You don't have to be afraid. I'm here to help you."

COMBAT: Shuuren focuses 6965 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Shiiru focuses 3313 stamina to turn it into 4090 usable chakra!

Wandering over with Shuuren, the young Shiiru hmms as she spots the kid before looking to Shuuren and hmms, "Well, I guess that is true." She then looks to Ryuusei and shakes her head a little before saying, "I did say to watch out." She then continues onward. She hmms as she looks over the kid before looking around again and then hmms, "I wonder…" SHe then frowns some as she notices the lack of people and considers the situation.

The child looked over a moment, and that's when the abnormality might have struck Shuuren. There were markings upon the child's face that seemed to glow the color of a sea-foam green. It was not his eyes, but the markings seemed to originate from the side of his eyes. The child had no real understanding of leadership, and seemed to be waiting here for someone. He looked terribly emaciated, as if he had not eaten for weeks. It was also a case of chakra depletion, by some stretch. How a child was managing to keep a powerful jutsu like this surrounding the town was really unknown, but the chakra was being fed to the child from some source. It almost felt as if there might have been some sort of sage energy being supplied to the child. Shuuren's offer of help really was the only thing that caused the child to perk, "You'll… bring papa home?" He would ask. There are many cases of children losing their family members to the sea. That might have been what happened to this one. Might. "I can't go, not until Papa returns."
"They can't help you with that!" Calls another voice. It appeared to be a little bird, known as a 'Sand Runner', or 'Plover'. A kind of bird that is capable of flight, but can be seen running across the sands of the beach. "They can't help at all. You just have to keep waiting. If you wait long enough, you'll get to see your dad!" It was that simple, or at least this bird of some strange sort was assuring the child of this. The child replies as he seemingly looks away. "Oh… Okay… I'll stay here then." Clearly that bird was what was supplying the child with chakra.
Ryuusei would continue to rub her nose as she watches the entire endeavour. "Shuuren-sama, what is that? It's… It's talking. A bird that talks?" She asks. "I'm… I've seen dogs that talk, but never birds…"
It might also be noted, that there was a direct barrier that was seamless and unbroken that surrounded the child. A barrier of dense wind that couldn't be passed through normal means… The little sand-walking bird appeared to phase in and out with ease…

Noting the peculiarities about the child, Shuuren lifts an eyebrow slightly. The boy is definitely not in control of this, at least not fully. When the bird makes its presence known, he looks over to it and furrows his eyebrows. How could that thing be fueling such chakra to this boy? By what it's doing to him, it's likely be a challenge even for Shuuren to save the child's life once the jutsu possessing him is broken.
After a moment of consideration, Shuuren holds up a hand to Ryuusei and Shiiru to inform them to wait as he glances back at them. Looking back at the boy and the bird, he says, "I am Nagamura Shuuren. You will explain yourself to me now freely, or I can extract the information from you, but you do not have long to decide which way it will go… What are you doing here, and what happened to all the people that lived in this town?"

A blink and a stare is all Shiiru gives before noticing that SHuuren is telling her to back off. She looks at all the sand about and hmms before she looks to the boy sitting on the sand and the bird sitting on the sand. Barrier or no, they are on top of her element and she considers that. You can be in a barrier but if you sit on a bomb…well. Either way, she stands there for now but keeps an eye on that bird.

Wasn't much Ryuusei could do, but after hearing what was going on even someone as simple as she guessed what was going on. "Shiiru… Do you think… That… the bird is trying to get the kid to die?" Why would any animal do that? It seemed silly. Animals weren't inherently evil. So why would this animal attempt to kill someone? Her hands couldn't help but grab the nearest comforting thing she could grasp onto. The hilt of her blade.
The little bird would tilt it's head quizzically at Shuuren. "Nagamura Shuuren. We are aware of you. S-snaaaakes are not the only contract that one can sign." Logically, it was telling Shuuren it was a summoned animal. The bird would run around the child it was manipulating once. "The people in this town fled! Fled fast! When the wind began to blow, they left as quick as they could. Some were cut down in the wind. That's okay. I was called to help." The little bird had such a joyous sounding voice, despite the circumstance. "Listen! He wants to see his father again! He has no mother, and his father is in a different place alongside her! Heee! So, I'm helping him visit his father! Not long now." The bird looked back at the emaciated child. "See? See what I mean? Not long now. Won't let you keep him from his father. You can't cross the barrier! *Cheep!*. So the story goes, the boy lost his father. His father? Dead. Now the bird is giving the boy his last wish. Letting him die so he can see his father. "You can't stop it! If you do, I'll tell him!"

[NPC System]: Radiating Wind Barrier roll(s) A Defensive barrier blocks your way? from 90 to 120 and get(s) a 106. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RP: Shuuren transforms into COMBAT-MEDIC-PILL-III-A.
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-DISSECTION-BLADE with a roll of: 94

"I am quite aware of what you are. I knew from the moment you showed your level of sentience and judged what you're doing with your chakra. It's not that hard to figure out. What I don't understand is why you are doing this," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders. As the bird talks more in riddles of how he's killing the child, however, the Daimyo for once actually shows a bit of anger. "…. No matter. You're not the first evil summon I've dealt with, and I am quite capable of giving you the same fate I gave him." With that he reaches into his coat, grabbing a box containing some sort of pill that he swallows. Once he swallows it, there'd be a sudden massive spike in his chakra before he sends his hand forward at the barrier surrounded by an invisible blade intent on piercing through the barrier.

Tapping her foot, Shiiru attempts to touch the sand below her feet and focus on it. SHe hmms as she looks at the sand under the feet of the bird. Apparently, there is no connection because thanks to some people giving out ideas to the villains and apparently being on the wrong side of this fight, believe that the wind is apparently a sphere barrier that goes under the sand without disturbing the sand. Well, ninja magic and all that. Either way, Shiiru frowns when she can't seem to get an attachment to the sand under the bird. She stands up tall and then walks over, "Ok, well, apparently you are going to kill the kid for some weird reason and I really don't get it. I mean, what? You gonna eat him or somethin'? Ain't the first time I've seen that. Birds are weird that way." She then shrugs, "Fine, whatever." She nods her head, "I say let the bird have his fun. The bird is obviously some kind of weirdo who enjoys watching kids die." She looks to Shuuren and shrugs and then turns away, "I bet he goes back and tells all his bird friends how he watched a child starve to death. If that's what makes him bird famous then let him."

Ryuusei would seem to be at the very least surprised that not even Shuuren's blade-that-can-cut-anything could even break that barrier. Clearly she would give the barrier a try herself as she grabbed her blade and attempted to slice through it! "I-I've got to help too!"

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with WAVE-BREAKER with a roll of: 33

The bird was able to manipulate the barrier so that Shuuren's chakra scalpels penetrate, but would soon be pushed out by a burst of wind. Even Ryuusei's strike (Obviously) bounces right off. "No! I'm not evil! I'm doing as my summoner asked! He summoned me! He told me he wanted to see his father, so now I'm helping him do it! If… If you're going to stop me from doing what my summoner asks, I'm going to have to do retaliate…
The retaliation happens when the bird walks around in front of the child and tells him that there are bad people outside trying to take him away from his father. That would cause the child to turn his head and raise his hand. "No! Y-you can't! I'll push you away like the others!"

[NPC System]: Sasaki? Child roll(s) Downburst on Shuuren from 50 to 70 and get(s) a 55. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a UNTOUCHABLE…60
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…63
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-DISSECTION-BLADE with a roll of: 91
[NPC System]: Radiating Wind Barrier roll(s) A Defensive barrier blocks your way? from 80 to 100 and get(s) a 94. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

There's no way this kid is the summoner of such a creature, so there must be someone else. This presents a bigger problem since this bird isn't the only one where it came from, though he may be the only one corrupted as such. Still, it's better not to take the chance. "Where is your summoner then?" he asks as he uses his ability to sense chakra to try and find where someone is at in the surrounding area that might be able to summon a creature of this level of power. Luckily, its basically a passive ability and doesn't disable him from combat, though it does affirm for him that the boy is the only one in the area and was somehow able to summon this thing… Probably through some manipulation by the evil little creature. His eyes narrow as he detects the chakra flowing the boy a bit further.
"… No way." Natural energy. If this bird can force such a thing into someone, it's basically an instant death sentence. There must be something balancing it for the boy for it to not have killed him the moment it was put inside him. Some kind of seal, most likely… He'll have to study that, but first he needs to get this bird away from the boy. "Shiiru, Ryuusei, get back now," he commands before he attempts to go straight through the barrier again, this time aimed directly at the bird and attempting a killshot it.

[NPC System]: Sasaki? Child roll(s) Downburst on Shiiru from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 45. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RP: Shiiru transforms into TANUKI.
RPCOMBAT: Shiiru defends against with a SAND-BLOCK…26
RPCOMBAT: Shiiru took 300 damage.

Despite throwing up sand in front of her, despite her eyes gaining darkened rings around them as she focused her chakra, Shiiru still ends up getting battered by wind. She takes two steps back and shudders as she feels it rip into her before she backs up several steps and nods to Shuuren, "This is getting a bit crazy." She nods her head and then looks at Ryuusei and nods even as she backs up several steps and then shakes her head, "This has reached the point of very weird I must say." She nods her head.

[NPC System]: Sasaki? Child roll(s) Downburst on Ryuusei from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a DODGE…26
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei took 300 damage.

Ryuusei would try her best to dodge the great big gust, which looked like it would hurt. She would try and step back, but would be caught mid-air by the burst of air and thrown back a few yards. "I… I'm stepped back!" Ryuusei would say as she dragged herself to her knees, huffing. That felt like it damaged her a little internally.
*Chirp* "He didn't summon me, has father summoned me to watch over him. That is why I am following his command." The chakra sustaining the bird is clearly running out, and so he is taking the boy to see his father. Which means, the bird is doing just as Shuuren said. The bird was nearly killed by the strike, the barrier managed to hold Shuuren's strike once more, it was gradually weakening due to each attack, and would soon break. Though, if it fully broke, that would mean the boy had no chakra left. Death. Shuuren could likely help the boy soon after death, but it would have to be quick. Shuuren had one last chance to save the boy, "If you know what is good for you, you'll leave. There is nothing left here for you!" the little bird squawked! There was one saving chance though. The boy was no longer sitting, but preparing to defend himself. That meant that his attention was on Shuuren. Maybe he could talk some sense into the boy?

Shuuren gives Ryuusei and Shiiru each a quick glance to check on them before looking back to the boy and the bird. His eyes meet those of the boy as he pauses a moment in thought. "Look, kid. I know it's hard to accept, but the bird is tricking you. This isn't a way to meet your father again, and he wouldn't want you to die this way. I've lost my father too, my whole family in fact. Look in my eyes, and you'll know I'm telling the truth. All I want to do is help you, but I need you to lower this barrier and send the bird away so I can heal you. I can't bring your father back, but I can heal you and give you a new home so you don't have to be alone. Just give me that chance, and I promise you you'll live through this."

Watching the situation, SHiiru shakes her head and looks at Ryuusei. She peers at her a moment before looking forward to Shuuren. She hmms as she watches before frowning and finding a spot to sit down, "That bird is a froth." She states simply and then shakes her head as she watches Shuuren from a safe distance.

The bird would squawk at Shiiru. "HEY! THAT'S NOT NICE! IT'S NOT OKAY TO RESORT TO NAME CALLING!" The bird yelled as it kicked up sand.
The boy, who was looking near-death as it was would blink as Shuuren said the magic word. "Papa is… Is dead?" He would look at the bird. "Is… Is that true? Is Papa dead?" The bird would look back at the boy and nod it's head. "Hai. He's dead, so I'm going to kill you, so you can meet up with him… … … Isn't that what you wanted?" There is a somber moment in which bird and boy look at each other. "I… I didn't want to die…" … "But… That's the only way you're going to see your father!" the bird argues. The boy looks at Shuuren for a moment before dipping his head low. "Okay… I'll… I'll stop." The bird would suddenly look at Shuuren with wide bird eyes. "W-wait, y-you're not going to kill me now are you? I… I was only doing what the boy wanted me too! Promise! I sware!"

As the barrier is dropped, Shuuren steps over and brings his hands into a seal. An aura of chakra surrounds his hands and then flows into the boy to flush the natural energy out of him and begin to heal him. His eyes move to the bird as he speaks, narrowing. "My partner will be reporting your actions to your elders. Now leave."

A glance at the bird and then she shrugs, "If it fits." She chuckles and then Shiiru frowns as he watches Shuuren and then looks to Ryuusei, "I'm gonna take a look around this place. There's gotta be a reason this started or…well, ended up like this." She nods her head and starts off quietly looking around.

The bird would like run off randomly. "No! Not my elders!" A random poof as the summon finally runs out of focus would cause everything to be alright. Upon further investigation, Shiiru would likely realize that this boy came from a really, really poor place like she did. This boy's father was likely a fisherman that went out to see and never came back. Well, at least she was able to find some valuables scattered amongst the shacks. The boy seemed rather defeated, and didn't seem to reject Shuuren's healing. He was still emaciated, and clearly in need of food as well as a burst of chakra to keep his stamina from wasting away any further. Ryuusei didn't feel like this story ended ideally, but the child was at least safe… Maybe Shuuren would teach him a little more and give her a break. "Shuuren-dono, I.. I think you handled that really well… … I better… go make sure that Shiiru isn't getting into trouble now."

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