Chimera Encounter


Soren, Yoma, Odin (emitter)

Date: June 18, 2013


Yoma meets Soren during a patrol, and as Soren moves to leave, a strange beast emerges.

"Chimera Encounter"

Hidden Oasis

This place was wonderful!
No seriously, Soren's been relaxing here all day, taking his time to relax, and let the pains and the worries fade away. His latest batch of injuries were healed, and his training was going fantastically. It was time for a day to relax. And after finding this place a few days ago, he could think of no better place for a day of relaxation.
So for now, he layed against a tree, his feet extending out towards the waters edge, as he let his breathing slow to a crawl, sleep overtaking him for the bulk of the day, his fox companion laying on his chest as they both napped. The day had drug on uneventfully for most of the day, but alas, even the slowest of days, something eventually happens.

Approaching low from the few boulders, ruins, and foliage that was within the area, Yoma would have detected the presence of someone at this location as he had gone on patrol. He was hoping to find some Kaguya rebels, but instead he found a single individual relaxing. He made sure of this however before he would slip from the cover and approach. He did not make much noise though, as it wasn't his intention to disturb his sleep. However, as he leap over the water from one side to the other, one of his anklets would slip from his foot and splash in to the water. As he landed, Yoma looked back towards the water, now having to kneel down and reach in to it with his long arms to try to scoop it out, making a bit of noise splashing a bit as he did so.

Soren's eyes peeks open as he hears the sudden splashing, sighing softly, before patting his companion. The fox, already awake aswell, hopped off the young mans chest, and instead curled up against his leg. Soren yawned, as he sat himself up against the tree again, petting his companion.
"Afternoon." he says, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, before glancing at the monster of a man before him. "So anything I can help with today sir?" he asks suppressing another yawn.

Finally fishing out his jewel encrusted anklet, Yoma placed it back on before standing. Upon his back was a large ax like weapon crossed over another large mallet like weapon. As his body rose, the cloak about his shoulders would cover them both up against before he turned to look at Soren. His voice would seem to quake the ground as it travel towards Soren in a deep rumble that seemed more felt than heard. "Good Afternoon." he stated before he would ask, "Have you seen any other Kaguya around here?"

Soren raises a brow. Any 'other' kaguya huh? "Well that's a loaded question. PLenty in Kirigakure. But in the oasis specifically? No, I havn't."
The fox looks up at the rather imposing man, and yawns, getting up and stretching herself, as Soren does the same.
"Forgive me for being out of the loop, but anything a wanderer should be warry of?" he asks with a raised brow, dipping his shoulder, so the fox could leap up onto it.

"I would suggest that you do not associate with random bands onf Kaguya." Yoma stated, not sure exactly how much he should tell the foriegner. "Beyond that, everything should be relatively normal. If you have seen no Kaguya come through here, that is fine. If you see some roaming around, come and contact Kirigakure immediately. What ever you do… do not associate with them. They may attempt to kill you for sport." Yoma would give his warning as he approached slowly. "Did you simply happen upon this place in your travels?" YOma said in an… oddly arranged way of wording his question.

Soren grins. "Well they'd certainly try." he says, as he reaches up, petting the fox with his left hand. "But I will keep my distance all the same. Thank you for the heads up." he says bowing slightly. "And yeah. Sortof. I found the place a few days ago. Figured today would be a good day to relax, and recover, and I could think of no better place to be lazy than here." he grins. "Although, if I had known there were dangerous, murderous individuals about, I would've offered my aid in dealing with them rather than taking a day to relax." he says, shrugging lightly, looking up at the older man. "Asano Soren, at your service by the way."

"It is merely a… possibility." Yoma would explain to set Soren a bit at ease for not offering his assistance. "Though any direct conflict from you without us knowing of it could be taken as an assault on your part, so it is good that you have found no such people and had to deal with them." As Soren introduced himself, Yoma nods and does the same, "Kaguya Yoma." he would state, though he forgot his title… as he often does.

Soren nods. "A pleasure, Yoma-san." he says, smiling. "Well, I preffer that even possiblity's be dealt with cautiously. Although, I'm sure if I had to deal with them, it would be sorted out appropriately." he says with a shrug. He takes a few steps back, leaning back against the tree. "Well, would you like some assistance in… what I can only surmise is your investigations for the day?" he asks with a shrug. It's not like he's doing anything.

"I suppose that is fine… " Yoma somewhat grumbled. It didn't sit entirely well with him, but as this Soren person may stumble upon them himself, he may as well be doing so with Yoma there with him. "We are simply looking for violent individuals, really. It is no more complex than that." Yoma stated as he'd begin to leave the area. "Unfortunately, because it is no more complex than that, finding them can be difficult. Especially in kirigakure where violence is a way of life. These people however.. kill their own kind out of some sense of desire to prove that they are truly warriors and not chained by societal limitations." Yoma explained a bit as he sniffed at the air lightly before continuing on. "They may very well have to attack first to be identified."

Take a breath. Keep it short.
Otherwise, the creature that leapt out of the waters of the pool would have nothing to take away but your life. There was little to call it but an abomination. An affront to nature's design. Or a woman attached to a crocodile. It had the long, scaled body of the reptile, it's legs squat and powerful looking. It's head seems to have grown sideways, it's many teethed maw snapping horizontally closed and lacking any eyes. But this last deficiency seems to be made up for by the fact that the tail has been replaced by the upraised torso of a human woman, skin pale with subtle scale patterns marking it. The creature shrieks with human mouth and hisses with gator maw, dashing towards the pair that had disturbed it's rest, sandy mud falling off of it's body as it approaches.

As they were leaving the area, Yoma would find that something… emerged from behind the both of them. He turned to face it calmly, looking at the strange chimera for a moment before saying, "Soren… it is time for you to return to the village. No questions, no excuses, no hesitation. Go. Now." Yoma stated as he kept his eyes on the bizzare she beast. Rolling his neck a bit, Yoma would remove his cloak and toss it aside before flicking his hand towards the monster, shards of bone being flung at it as he leapt high in to the air, coming to crash fown with one of his fists upon the female head and then kicking back towards the strange alligator maw.

The grotesque creature swerves suddenly with another roar, letting the bone spikes embed themselves themselves in the ground as it rushed on to meet Yoma. The slamming fist was blocked with upraised hands from the woman's body, showing a surprising strength and resilience in the defense even as the alligator head twists to try to bite down on Yoma's kicking leg to twist and slam him onto the ground. Regardless, it'd move to rush forward in a shoulder charge of it's alligator body.

Yoma's body was… beast handled, but to no effectas he simply took the blows as if nothing happeend and sprugn back to his feet. A blade of bone would be formed i nhis hand before he grasped it tightly and lay in to the beast, hacking towards it with a swirling slash before pivoting back towards it with a thrust and reaching to grasp it's neck and slam it in to the ground, dragging it behind him if he succeeded.

The horror let out a scream and a hissing whine as Yoma's blade slices into it's scale covered form despite it's attempts at avoiding it, spraying sludgy, green blood on the grass and the Kaguya's ivory blade. The woman section of the creature lets out a barely human roar as the alligator shuffles backwards in a scuttling motion, avoiding the man's grip. The woman folds her arms and the beast twists it's body, suddenly using it's human section as a hard club in an attempt to throw the giant Yoma away.

Yoma leapt back himself as the human hald was used like a tail to club at him. While he was in mid air, he'd rather calmly remove his weapon from his back, brandishing both blade and hammer as he'd start to descend. He'd let go of the axe then, and sharply swing with his hammer held under handed, sending the axe at the creature from a distance as he landed. He'd then begin to rotate like a whirling dirge, spinning around as the blade remained extended and continuing to try to chop away at the beast.

The alligator legs scuttle forward, the human bodied tail leaning forward with hungry hands as Yoma moves out of range of it's strikes. The drooling creature rushes for Yoma only to skid to a stop, dull eyes widening as the Kaguya's rope-tethered axe flies in towards it. The blade hits it's shoulder, opening a thinning gash across it's bare chest with it's sideways pull.
The alligator jaws open in a horizontal snarl, letting loose viscious hisses as the creature backs up, the whirling axe blade managing to gouge out small gashes anyway. Abruptly, a convulsion seems to snap through the woman half of the hybrid, fanged jaws opening below to squirt a spray of water at the Kaguya before attempting to vanish back into the oasis.

Yoma would approach the creature, ducking as the spray of water came it's way and continuing on as it tried to escape. "You aren't going any where." Yoma would say firmly before he'd blurr from his position and try to cut the creature off with several dozen blows designed to lift it off of the ground with rapid, inhuman pushes. Yoma then reached to grasp it's face as he leapt up in to the air, trying to move it away from the water where it may hold the advantage, and then slamming it down in to the ground, running it through the terrain towards one of the ruined pillars.

The creature was swift, it seemed. Little grace to it's form or movements, but within it, there was notable speed and a definite power and sturdiness. The once woman — or perhaps once alligator — flattened the human torso against the scaly hide of the rest of it's body, stubby legs dashing out of Yoma's cold circle abuse, a human arm rushing out to push aside the hand that tried to get it as it fled.
But the action of the unstable creature seems to have upset it. Or, perhaps, the thing simply wasn't very long lived anyway, being… whatever it was. But it roiled… woman body looking unwell as it gagged. The alligator body stumbled… and the woman dry heaved, it's sludgy, green blood mixed with something else gushing towards the Kaguya. Whatever it was, it was caustic and harmful, lifting a sharply acidic, burning smell into the air.

Escaping the creature as it seemed to dissolve from within, Yoma would crouch near by, watching it for a brief moment before looking around to see if he could detect anyone else within the area. Maybe this was not just a simple self destruction, but instead was getting rid of evidence. And that was too bad, because Yoma was in fact going to bring it back for study when he was done.

There didn't seem to be anyone else about to be the cause of this. As far as Yoma could see, it was entirely a 'natural' degeneration within the creature. It shook itself out, growling as it stepped into it's own acidic bile, quickly removing it's foot from it. The creature rushed around it, dashing after Yoma once more in it's mad desire to kill him. And to that effect, a powerful flexing of it's legs brought airborne, streaking towards the crouching Yoma as the grotesque creature leapt to take his throat in it's jaws, push him to the ground with it's weight, and tear the flesh from the man.

Yoma did not sense anything else around, and the creature was not done yet… this was strange. It was as if it was sent to attack but not live beyond that attack. Yoma saw it leaping at him in a pounce and he would leap away from his crouched position, crouching yet again as he strapped his weapon to his back again before pouncing himself at the creature, twin spear like bones coming from his palms as he would try to ram them down in to the beasts mid section as he landed upon it.

The beast let out a hiss as it landed without the taste of blood in it's lower mouth, it's jaws snapping closed with resounding force. It didn't even get the chance to rush forward to press the attack before Yoma pressed his own, arcing path taking him towards the creature. But it did get the opportunity to twist/fall into an awkward roll, the human portion of it's form curling to allow for it, though it still remained an unwieldy looking maneuver. It immediately lurched towards Yoma, but only to vomit more of it's bloody acids towards the Kaguya's feet.
It shudders.

"I am quite…." Yoma would growl as he would leap once again above the acid. "Tired of you… beast!" he woul say as his bones would shift and solidify within his body, his weapon being retrieved as he actually seemed to glower and snarl in his growing rage. He'd spin like a lateral top, coming down upon the beast with his axe blade extended, rapidly churning through the air in order to cut in to the monster from above.

This fell creature snaps it's horizontally spreading jaws at Yoma as he approaches, lurching to try and move out of the way. But it's notably slower, now, less coordinated than it'd been before. The axe blade slices into the creature a multitude of times from the Kaguya's aerial whirlwind, leaving the creature groaning and stumbling backwards.
Again and again, that female torso heaved… A shudder courses through it. Suddenly. Very suddenly, it stiffens. And then the alligator half explodes in a chunky burst of acidic guts, spraying about the whole of the area, leaving only half of a woman's acid-riddled body left as evidence.

Landing heavily against the amalga-beast, Yoma would grin and roar down at it before he'd notice the heaving of the body. Quirking a brow as it continued to convulse, he stood back upn, only to see that it was engorging and mishaping. As the explosion occured, pure reflexes sent him flying backwards out of the range of the gorey eruption of acidic bile and organic matter. He saw the human form and wondered if this thing was going to be able to continue to fight like that. It certainly was not something he could be sure of either way quite yet.

The woman's form was still. It was nothing but a husk, by this point. Bared breasts scored by Yoma's axe, shoulders and arms baring their own gashes, blood in the ragged hair and entrails sliding from the ragged cavity caused by the explosion of it's lower half, it's been wholly ravaged by it's combat with the Kaguya. There was hardly anything left of it to fight.
And then it pushed itself onto it's stomach…

Yoma was disgusted… absolutely so. Not by the bare, monsterous form… but because it is something that may have happened to him if he was not "lucky". If he did not escape. It could have been YUuka…. it could be Yuriko if they have their way. YOma would snort heavily, growling deeply. "You… will be put out of your misery…." he would say deeply in his rumbling voice as he'd wrap his weapon about himself and slammed his massive fist in to his chest.
At that moment, he'd nearly flash towards the half body, trying to take advantage of it's near destroyed state and grasping it up. He would try to slam in in to the ground heavily, twisting his body violently after to send it towards a ruined pillar with a mighty toss. He leapt after it with another roar, smashing it through the ruins as he grasped it again, dragging the half corpse through the terrain before literally running up the cavern wall and leaping from it, falling back towards the ground, she-beast first.

The chimera's body lets out a gust of air from both ends as it's grabbed, and lifted into the air. Soon it is slammed back into the ground, the sound of cracking things resounding before it gets tossed. It was low to the ground, the back of it's hands trailing on the earth as it flew upside down, but the force of the throw was so strong that the skin began to peel off of it's wrists.
It slammed into the ruin's pillar with a wet pop, the both of it's arms dislocating at the shoulders and elbows. It had barely bounced off before Yoma had gripped it again, tearing it through the pillar, one of the arms getting torn off at it got caught in the ruined stone. There were further craps and pops as bones burst in it's travel through the terrain, organs and entrails slipping from it's body to decorate the area.
It knew a single moment of macabre peace, a ghoulish pause in it's forcible decomposition. And that was the time it took for the Kaguya to descend with the body in hand, it's eyes closed, face slack. And then it hit the ground with the power of the Swordsman's weight behind it. The spine turned to dust and it's head rolled…
Thoroughly destroyed. Wholly dead.

Panting a deep growl, Yoma would remove his cloak and try to wrap up what remained of the head. It may just stay whole long enough to be useful… it may not. Yoma expended far more energy than he expected against the she-beast, but he did destroy it in the end. He would waist no time, trying to get back to Kirigakure with something of his prize left. Still, he wondered why it had been here… where it came from, and what it all meant.

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