The Coalition Cleansing - Chitose's Last Stand


Thor (emitter), Chitose, Hiroyasu, Shizuru, Michiko, Ayumu

Date: June 4, 2014


Pirates come to take back their prisoners but some shinobi disagree. Sadly, one is lost in the conflict.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Coalition Cleansing - Chitose's Last Stand"

Desert at the gates of Sunagakure

They had been spotted by the Suna patrols earlier that day. Three figures approaching Suna from the desert. One of them wears a black wide brimmed hat with a blonde goatee. He also wears a pair of loose fitting black pants and a billowing white shirt. He wears a duster overall. The second person is slender and female. She carries a sword at her waist and has green colored hair with lipstick to match. She is dressed in thigh high boots with breeches tucked into them. A snug white shirt fits her up top. The third person is smaller than the other two. He looks young, and wears a long sleeved blue shirt with a leather vest over it. Brown pants are tucked into boots. They are all sporting backpacks and seems to be moving with a purpose. The sun begins it's descent across the sky by the time the trio make it to the gates of Suna. The one in the hat steps forwards and bellows in a loud voice. "Sunagakure. You have something that belongs to me. The men captured on the beach three weeks ago. I demand their release." He tugs his fingerless leather gloves over his hands. "..Or we're going to level your village."

She had already been on the move. Chitose is rushing out of the village, already prepared for battle. She had heard about the threat coming toward Sunagakure and she was not about to let it go unanswered. Even as she reaches the wall that surrounds Suna, she hears the threat. Chitose squinting at the people out there, glaring at them for a moment before rushing off toward the desert below. SHe doesn't stop running till she is before them, frowning deeply and idly staring at the trio even as she rolls her shoulders, "Did you own death? We have plenty of that and we are passing it out."

Shizuru quietly sighs a long sigh, before she glances up towards the sun.. The oppressive, ever burning sun of the desert. It's enough to make even the most hardy of flowers wilt, out here… Far from the much more modest sun back home, certainly not something a delicate flower like her was used to, even after two years of being here in Sunagakure. Still unable to find her cousin, Shizuru's been keeping herself busy around the village helping out where she can.. and when word reaches her of the party moving across the desert, she decided that she should at least be on hand, in case she were needed. From her perch, Shizuru watches the group's approach. The female of the group getting a longer gaze than the other two, but not by much. Unfortunately, as the man in the hat starts making demands she just stays quiet letting the others who show up speak first, since she doesn't speak for the village like her cousin does.

Ayumu was curious, to say the least, once the news trickled down the grape vine. Clearly the individuals had to be fearsome looking and all that good jazz, right? Wrong. Mostly. Or so by the sensors he sent ahead of him seem to say, though he would dig a little deeper if he can. That is, dig while also keeping a healthy distance between them, Chitose, and the guards on assignment probably wondering just what the heck was going on.

- It had to the be desert, why was it desert?! Dressed in his robes which is covered by a sand-colored traveling cloak with full face-wrap and sunglasses instead of his usual spectacles. "Urgh.. Michi you didn't set my cloak on fire again did you?" he groans slumping his shoulders under the oppressive heat for which he was not accustom. The two Kumogakure Shinobi had been tracking the band on and off, recently in the land of fire when they picked up on their trail after having lost them in the land of tea for some ways, only managing to track them along the coast. After moving into and through more pleasant Land of Rivers, they find themselves in the desert of Hiroyasu's despair. "Something is happening ahead.. alot of souls are congregating.. prepare yourself and don't be afraid to shout 'friend!' friendly fire is the worst.. I recognize several of them.." he looks over a the genin "The three omega level souls we have been tracking are bearing down on the others.. not sure what is going to happen" he says cautiously approaching popping his do-rag wrapped head to the sun letting the headband become visible.. "Let's hope they can read, Michi.. make sure your headband is visible" he says his hands coiled into his cloak. -

She may be a user of fire Jutsu, but even this heat was a bit much to take in. Michiko is grateful for the cloak she recently bought, as it has protected her from the various elements very well during her crazy travels. Stupid group have to be so mobile and have a high enough stamina to keep going in this heat. "No, Hiro-san. I didn't set your cloak on fire, nor did I ever do so! So why is there an 'again' at the end of that question?" the genin retorts, half teasing and half serious since the heat is making her a bit irritable. She blinks when Hiro senses people around, giving a nod to his instructions. "Of course!" she replies, adjusting the headband around her neck so that its symbol can be easily viewed by others. She also focuses her chakra in case there's trouble ahead.

The three travelers watch as people come out to the gate and then as Chitose walks out to confront them. The one in the wide brimmed hat steps forwards with a lop-sided grin on his face. Moving swiftly he aims a punch for the girl's abdomen as he says, "I am quaking in my boots. I want what I came for. When we are finished here, you will be nothing more than a statistic." When he moved, the woman drew her sword but doesn't attack, the younger man also sweeps his cloak back to reveal a LOT of kunai strapped to his body. The man in the wide brimmed hat straightens up. "I can sense them within. You have two choices. Bring them out, or we go in after them. And if you choose the second option…we will waste this village and all it's inhabitants. I am a Pirate Lord. The men you have faced before me have been mere child's play."

The attack literaly blows all of the wind out of Chitose's sails. She stumbles back several steps and coughs up blood before nearly dropping to a knee. She looks up at the enemy she faces and the licks her lips before saying, "K…" She twitches and swallows. Shaking her head a little, she nods, "Alright…" She coughs a few times and then nods her head as she slowly shifts up and stares, nodding her head, "I see. You want a real fight then." She nods her head, "I see." She takes a few moments to regain her footing and breath before she screams out for a moment and immediately, the full cloak of the eight tails flares up around her, tails whipping out as the chakra cloak flows around her and her body regains some of the health it lost. The dual voice flows from her as she states, "You are still 3…we are a village."

Shizuru quietly turns, rolling over onto her side to watch the group more clearly before she quietly frowns as she watches the first blows get exchanged. "Oi oi.. That didn't take long…" She mutters to herself while contemplating how to get involved before she finally shrugs and slides down from her perch, landing near the gate. As she begins her approach to join Chitose, she reaches up gripping the hilts of the pair of Wakizashi she keeps secured behind her head and draws them swiftly from their sheaths. "Pirate lord or not… If how you ask for something is by making threats and demands, I don't think you're going to get a very favorable response." She says, as she comes to a halt next to Chitose shortly after her 'we are a village' comment. "In an effort to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, I would like to recommend that you re-think this course of action."

Ayumu bowed his head into his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose; massaging it in vain hope of gaining relief from the madness of reality. Or was it simply some inner turmoil making a come back? A moment later and he's shaking his head clear of any other bothersome thoughts, then focusing his senses more keenly on the travelers. Both sets, to be exact, once the pair of Kumogakure ninja came within range. He recognized only one of them sadly enough, which meant he'll have to do some introductions later. That line of thinking quickly gets shunted to the background after hearing what sound like several ribs breaking in unison.
"Mah-ee. An injury for an injury wouldn't you say, Shun-kohai." The guard closest to him sighs… and explodes into a cloud of smoke. Standing in his place instead is still a rather unremarkable fellow(?) except for the red-hair. That, and the fact said seemed subserviant to Ayumu. "Just who is it you three are after?" He asks, balatantly ignoring Chitose's obvious desire for a confrontation.

- Hiroyasu pulls his cloak to glance at it "I thought you set it on fire an hour ago.. I didn't say anything I thought maybe it was Premature Jutsu Immolation.. I've heard you Fire jutsuists have spontaneous combustion.. Nariko said… wait.. nevermind" he says placing a hand on his face.. "Ignore me.." there is a heavy sigh with that.. "She got me.. again.." he mutters. "Powerful souls like these I can feel for several kilometers without issue. I've been keeping us close enough in case something happened.. But far enough that we shouldn't be seen or heard by them.. not that they seemed to care; they have been charging almost straight here.." he couldn't hear the initial shouts over the desert wind and sun, but he was trying his hardest to focus on anything he could make out. "Goat-pellets…" he curses under his breath listening "He claims to have the sight beyond sight.. so he may know he's been followed.. and we are alot closer to Sunagakure than I thought.. the desert all looks the same.. we uh need to be on our best behavior.. unlike some places this is one place we have very little authority if any. So do what any Suna Nin asks as long as its reasonable.. i'll take the heat if they object." he adds before seeing the man in the yellow hat hits the Kunoichi with great effort and some ease. "It pains me to say this but we will need to make ourselves more visible and see if they want our assistance.. going in blazing" literally and figuratively "would be a dangerous practice.. But should it happen you need to assist that one" he says pointing to Shizuru. "Take down the enemy, minimize collateral damage if possible." he says before moving out into the open closing the gap behind the big 3 in a flanking position. "Stay behind me Michi" he says his hands coiled behind his back in the recesses of his cloak. -

Michiko huffs faintly. "I'm not /just/ experienced in fire manipulation. And what on earth have you been reading to- Oh, that explains it…" Of course her sensei would attempt to trick Hiro like that. Michiko can't help but giggle softly. "Oh my, I can't believe you fell for it… I thought you'd have known better, Hiro-san." As his tone grows serious, so does the young genin. And with the wind howling in her ears, she is oblivious to the scene going on outside of Sunagakure. "Sight beyond sight? What's that?" she asks, adding, "And we're near Sunagakure? I suppose I can add that to my list of places I've been… Though I think I'd rather not visit often if I must travel across this desert all the time…" The look she gives to Hiro basically says, 'When am I /not/ on my best behavior?' The instructions are given, and the genin nods an affirmative, stepping behind the older Shinobi.

The man in the hat grins at Chitose. "I could have brought more. But that would have been overkill. Besides…it's been far too long since I've killed with my own hands." His duster flares out as he attacks Chitose again, this time he attempts to hit her with his fingertips before spinning in place aiming a series of kicks towards her torso. "If I have to make an example out of you, kunoichi, I will." The younger guy with the blades sneers towards Shizuru. "I would recommend that you go hide between your mommy's legs." He flicks his wrists and kunai slide into the palms of his hand before they glow with blue chakra. "You'll get a charge out of this." Before he launches two of them at the Suna nin. The woman with the sword snaps his wrists and the sword transforms into a kind of sword whip. "This is all very interesting, but the Boss usually gets what he wants. The men's names are as follows: Kenichi, Lomax, and Taesan. Just bring them out and my Boss won't have to kill your kunoichi. We'll know if they're replaced with shadow clones." The man in the hat pauses. "Hmm. Looks like the tail we picked up in the Land of Fire has arrived. Now it's a real party!"

The attack by the pirate is brutal, she stumbles back at the touch, blinking as she feels drained by that, twitching and then the kick sends her further back before she screams out in that dual voice before growling, "You will NOT be taking those men or harming this village!" She whips her arms out to nearly 10 feet in length each and sends them whipping at the ninja who attacked her, slamming one after the other toward him even as the cloak flows around her.

Shizuru narrows her eyes a bit at the Kunai, keeping her focus on the man as he speaks before she quietly smiles. "Sorry to disappoint, but I don't think I'll be going anywhere, I certainly wouldn't dishonor my mother by using her to hide from you." She replies.. though her reflexes aren't sharp enough to dodge the two kunai that are thrown. They both make solid hits, despite her attempt to dodge, managing to slice into her armor and deliver relatively shallow wounds. For a moment, Shizuru places her palm to the wound then lifts it to glance at the blood for a moment before she shakes her head. "Well… I suppose if that's how this has to go down, I can at least tell my cousin I tried to be as pleasant as possible. I asked, now i'm going to insist." She states before she grips her wakizashi tighter as she moves in to attack the man with the kunai.

And so it was that all was reduced to threats again. "Fine." Ayumu states, before the kunai go flying in two sets by both Iga. Two for every pirate, or so that was the duos intention. In either case, the pair hoped to at least keep the trio off balance for however long they could.

- Hiroyasu snorts "She's just so persuasive Michi!" he whines as the genin softly giggles behind him at his folly for listening to her sensei. "I'll deal with her later.." he says to himself with a growl.. "Don't hold back, I know what your capable of and its more than they will expect." he says putting a gloved finger between his teeth pulling it off before holding out his hand with flex before putting his other gloved hand between his teeth pulling it off slowly sizing up the enemy. "Your fighting the knife wielder, so quick movements in close range and I saw several dozen knifes in his cloak. So He is prepared to throw them.. your ally is using close quarters swords with limited range.. so keep it mind when using jutsu ." his eyes pass over the woman with the jointed swords "She is waiting to strike.. medium range weapon with abnormal movements" his eyes closing for a moment as he exhales softly the lids raising to reveal the false eyes piercing through the desert heat. "Hat man, strong hand-to-hand favoring with chakra infused strikes. His strength dwarfs the other two, and his demeanor is calm he's seen battle, perhaps even war." Giving the genin a nod "You have your orders, if you are otherwhelmed.. flee without worry. You know our fallback position" before seeing Ayumu attack the man in the hit it was his opening to strike without the woman seeing him.. He attempts to send two quick palms into the back of the man with the hat. -

Michiko makes her way closer to the battle, still staying behind Hiroyasu while he gives her some of the info on the upcoming enemies. The battle itself seems… Way too much for her to handle by herself, actually, and she'll be the first to admit it. And seeing a Bijuu for the first time in person can be shocking as well. Nevertheless, orders are orders and a battle is a battle. "Got it, Hiro-san!" she says, moving over towards Shizuru. She stays at a distance for now, drawing two Kunai from her pouch and throwing them at the young-looking knife thrower. "Hey, I'm here to help you out!" she calls over to Shizuru, hoping that she doesn't get attacked by anyone in that moment.

When Shizuru attacks the Knife Fighter another kunai slides into his palm as he raises it to meet her strike, deflecting it only barely. He retaliates by spinning in place, jabbing out towards the Suna kunoichi. "You can't beat me." He states confidently. He flicks his wrist towards Michiko, his knives knocking hers off course. He then sends another one towards her with intent to harm. "Your friends can't help you, either." When Ayumu throws kunai towards the Man in the Hat, the Female Pirate steps in front twirling her sword whip and knocking away Ayumu's kunai. She waggles her finger at him. "No, no. If you want to fight, then your fight is with me." She flicks her wrist, sending the sword whip screeching through the air towards Ayumu. The Man in the Hat is struck twice by Chitose, both in the torso. He registers the strikes, but his body doesn't stop moving. Hiroyasu's attacks are dodged as well. The first one he shifts to the side and the second one, he spins out of the way, Hiroyasu actually striking the hem of his duster instead of the man himself. He smirks. "Excellent. Seems like you now have friends, Suna shinobi. Which means there's no point in me holding back anymore." With a snarl, he aims a palm strike towards the center of Chitose's chest, it's designed to knock the wind out of her as he sets her up for his knock out blow. He side shuffles and then extends his leg towards the Suna nin. He leaps into the air, flipping before he strikes out at Hiroyasu, his body spinning as if he is defying gravity.

The stun fails, as she slips back and out of the way by leaning back and away from the attack, the cloaked shinobi is kicked square in the gut and goes sliding back, blood and chakra flowing from its open mouth and falling to the ground. The cloaked Jinchuuriki falls to a knee and then spits up more. Then for a moment, it's like all the wind in the desert stops. Sand rumbles slightly before the sand around her form flows outward and goes flying in all directions. She shudders and screams as the air around the desert seems to be blown in all directions, chakra flowing outward from her as her body increases in size. Even as the sand kicks up, Chitose's form is hidden behind the cloud of dust and dirt before moments later, a huge tentacle comes flowing out of the cloud, as the screaming roar continues. A massive fist slams the ground to the right of the pirate lord.
Even as the dust seems to start to blow away, a massive bull's head is leaning down out of the cloud, a massive ball of pure energy pulling in front of its mouth. Out in front of Sunagakure, the worst (or perhaps best) scenario has taken place. Gyuki is free…and thoroughly lubbered even as a ball of pure chakra is launched from before it, flying toward the pirate lord.

Shizuru grunts as the man deflects her attack with his Kunai.. a feat that in itself is pretty intimidating, given she's attacking with two swords and he manages to fend her off with just one. Of course, Michiko's arrival makes Shizuru blink before she looks back and nods. "Your assistance is most welcomed, however-" She pauses, listening to the man speak, before he begins preparing for his counter attack. However, once he moves, Shizuru is already moving to join Michiko, managing to evade the Kunai thrown at her and attempting a failed parry for the attack that was launched at her new ally. Of course, after the sudden explosion nearby.. and that growing ball of energy, Shizuru frowns a bit and begins falling back as quickly as possible to get to a safer ground. "Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed! It's hot enough out here without getting incinerated in a massive explosion of chakra…!"

'Kenichi, Lomax, and… Tessen?'
Ayumu lofts a brow. That last one couldn't be right at all… could it? He shook his head, clearing it of indecision, and refocusing back on the present. Luckily, Shun is last tolerant of distractions in the middlfe of a fight. She notes the trio's fighting style, their reactions, and everything else within her limit. Which considering her limit surpassed that of her 'lord', it was a great deal indeed. "Ayumu." She states tersly. "I know." Both split apart, evading the sword whip with the assistance of the wind.
Soon after, he summons three clones. One to assist Michiko and Shizuru, though only the former can be shielded in time by a barrier of hair. The second rushes back into the village, to find out more about the pirate lords target. Then, there's the third. Ayumu could not honestly remember why he summoned the third, and could care less after he feels the oncoming surge of chakra. He nearly gives himself whip lash turning about to face the source of it all.
A few moments later, both he and Shun are racing back to the gates like many of the guards upon seeing the eight tailed demon.

- Hiroyasu spins around moving with the man in the hat as he darts and swirls about with a polished style. "It's a shame you have your fate to fight me as an enemy.." as the spinning kick swirls over the head of the monk as he leans backward watching it go overhead as he slides, his hands meeting the ground and with a flick of his legs he goes into the air landing on his feet several feet away from the skilled Taijutsuist. "A real shame indeed.." he says before that little annoying thing that tells him when its a good idea to run rings like a gong.. "Goatman! To The Exit! ~Awwwwaaaay~" he shouts pouting back the way he came.. As he passed by Michiko he spins around locking arms with the Genin pointed in the direction away from the village "Michiko Emergency Blast Off!" he says tightening his arms with the genin this is the worse case scenario this move was prepared for.. Once airborne he would shoulder the heavy landing and whisk both himself and the Genin to a safe distance letting her get a perfect view of the chaos about to unfold. "You won't see something like this again.. watch.." he shouts over his shoulder to her his arms tight holding her like some kind of Genin backpack.. -

Michiko isn't pleased at all that her Kunai get deflected so easily, not pleased at all. Admittedly, she wasn't expecting much from it since her physical skills were absolutely horrible, but still… Then there's this very sharp knife that's racing toward her at the most amazing speed. It took two ninja to try and stop it! Michiko lets out a small sigh of relief when it doesn't hit its mark and prepares a few handseals, blasting some fire to burn the enemy in front of her…. and that's when things took a turn for the worst. Michiko notices Chitose from the corner of her eye and just… stares until Hiro springs into action. 'Emergency Blast Off' was exactly what it sounded like: a blast off much like team rocket, except this time it was fully intentional. "Firestyle: Fire Dodge Jutsu," she murmurs, mostly to Hiro so he knows when she's about to lift them up. A burst of fire springs forth and sends them rocketing quite a large distance away from the battlefield and into safety!

When Chitose undergoes her change, the Pirate Lord blinks and then murmurs, "She's one of those!?" He briefly considers a strategic retreat but he knows that he would never outrun what was coming. As the ball of chakra flies towards him he takes off his hat and closes his eyes. "Oh sh…" *BOOOM* His body is incenerated, along with the Female Pirate who was standing next to him. The Force of the blast knocks the knife wielder off his feet, allowing Shizuru's speedy attack to strike home. Blood sprays from his body as her sword slashes flesh. The blood sprays onto the hot sand and the knife wielder himself falls face first onto the ground.

When the bijuu begins to rage. Twelve shinobi run out of the front gates and surround the beast. They immmediately begin working to contain the raging beast. Seals form in front of them and shoot out, wrapping the beast up. With sweat on their brow, they beging forming handseals rapidly in unison until after a few moments, the tailed beast seems to shrink in size until it is trapped into a seal. The seal is then placed inside of a box and the box is then locked with another seal of their design. When they are done, all that is left is the once Jinchuuriki lying on the desert floor, her life force fading quickly.

Down on the ground as the Bijuu is sealed, Chitose is on her hands and knees as the beast fades, the released beast. Her body now free of it as she falls slightly forward and then to the side. Blood stains her teeth and seems to not be having any trouble flowing out of her mouth, her skin pale, her eyes fading with color as she clings to life but barely. There's a slight smile on her face though as light finally fades from those eyes. Her body going fully limp as her breathing going still.

Shizuru, from behind the biggest rock she could find, slowly leans out to watch all of this take place, before she quietly narrows her eyes. She.. isn't entirely sure what the hell is happening with the Bijuu, or the seals, but she very well knows the sight of someone breathing their last breath.. She quietly gives a frown, gripping her fists tighter around her blades, before she slowly scans the area for any remaining signs of the man she was fighting, or the other two that were with him before she flips the blades and sheaths them back in their scabbards still secured in her hair. "Swab… I really was hoping to take care of this without any deaths…" She sighs.

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