Struggle With No Reward - Choices


Ataru, Hinotori, Fujibayashi, Daisuke, Haruka, Naru, Hideaki, Hashiramako, Moriko

Date: February 23, 2013


Hashiramako, after being quiet and away from the public eye has finally stepped out in order to gather them together for an important meeting. There are concerns lurking on the horizon from all sides about what's going on in the world and she's leaving the public and the shinobi to figure it all out.

"Struggle With No Reward - Choices"

Hantsuki Clear

It's near noon and the activity of the clear has nearly gone quiet. Any birds, insects or other life that were around here have now departed to rest for the day or find other areas in which to feed themselves. It may not have been made any better with Hashiramako walking into the area with her armor clinking lightly against itself and her presence managing to send a few animals away from the area
This place would be the end of her walk, so to speak as the only areas left to tread were the gardens or the training area and there was no reason for her to go in there. However, her walk was not entirely in vain, though it was good exercise it also had a purpose. She'd sent out summons to whoever would desire to meet her here. It was not something of force, but something of choice. She didn't mind if it was none to a million people that'd come…not that she sent out that many summons in the first place. It was all dedicated to shinobi and villagers alike and some villagers have begun to gather in this place to see to whatever her summons was about.

Fujibayashi Kikyou has heard about this through the grapevine, and made her way to see what all of the fuss is about. In her hand, she has a little straw bag, open on one side, with foul-smelling netto- fermented beans- in it. She has a pair of chopstick in the other hand, which she is is using to stir the fermented beans. Should be interesting, she figures, one way or another.

For his part, Hideaki was not the type to ignore summons from the Hokage. If nothing else, curiousity brings him here, and he soon finds himself milling about in a crowd of villagers. He shifts a satchel of scrolls hanging off his shoulder to a more comfortable position and scans the crowd, eyes briefly going back to the Hokage every now and again.

Ataru was out training.. hey, it was what he did. Either way, he heard the murmurs about a summon from the Hokage herself. Interest peaked, he'd look about, then shrug. Finishing that last bit of his routine, he'd grab his coat and head towards where the summon said to meet at. Never one to go slow, he ran full tilt til he got there, breathing just a little heavily as he'd make his way through the crowd, getting close to Hashi.. although not too close, no reason to over do it or anything.

Having received a summon from his aunt, Daisuke was intrigued as to what the purpose of it was and decided to end his training for the day. He had a fair distance to go as he popped out of his training facility and headed for the rooftops of the village but he would make it in a decent amount of time, spotting a small gathering of villagers and a few ninja as well. Using the trees for speed, Daisuke is able to arrive at the area with plenty of time as people were still filtering into the area. 'Must be something important' his thoughts announce, to which Daisuke silently nods.

Having heard about the summons, and already checking in with others about a previous mission he's completed, Hinotori isn't far at all from the summoning location and makes his way there. Walking and taking in the scenery of the village as he moves through the streets as he makes his way to the meeting area that has been designated for this gathering. Hinotori has changed up his wardrobe a bit as well as sporting a new look with his hair, having allowed his hair to grow out a bit, some covering his eyes slightly hiding them away from view as the rest, falls to the nape of his neck. Wearing a mix of black and red today with the Uchiha emblom showing on the ties of his head band protector which is tied to his head and the tails hanging down along his shoulders. He stops when he sees his brother and moves to stand near him, "Hey Daisuke." having arrived a little after him and watching the others come in.

A personal summon from the Hokage wasn't at all what Narusegawa was anticipating, regardless she did she answered the summon with a swift foot, making her way from the Uchiha complex and into the clearing before them. It was then she couldn't but to feel a little disatisfid with what was going on. The crowd building up about them was sore proof that this wasn't a private invitation, though it did cause a hint of curiosity to peak as to what situation would covet this need for a gathering. She already noticed a few familiar faces but for now her mind was on Hashiramko and what the older woman might bring to their attention… She settled herself along one of the trunks close by near the clearing.

As Haruka approaches the gathering crowd, her expression almost one of boredom. Though any who have had previous experience around her would know that's just how she is. She folds her arms together under her chest as she makes her way toward the tree next to Naru. "Hnnn… Summoned too?" She glances sideways toward her friend, a slight hint of curiosity touching her features. "Strange…" Her gaze turns toward the Hokage, calmly staring as if it would help solve the mystery.

Hashi watched closely as people began to gather, shinobi and villagers alike. She looked upon each of them with that same carefree smile she always wears on any given day. Her fingers wriggled lightly in her gloves, as if eager to be used for something. Truth is, they would be used for something and now that she was satisfied with the small crowd, she reached to her side and produced a scroll. She held it up for the crowd to see and then unfurled it before them. "I'm glad that you all gathered here today. Elated, even! I haven't been able to speak with you all in sometime and I thought this was the time to do it…" She started and rolled up the scroll. "This scroll contains a report from our Daimyou. He has fears and as a result, he wants this village's shinobi to investigate smaller villages that he thinks will cause trouble," she frowned at this and her lips pressed together in slight disappointment.
"I feel if he knew any better he'd know that the villages are just as frightened as he is. Of what? I can't quite tell…" She states. "But his fears ring of things that cause unrest and if the Daimyou continues in this way, what he fears may happen, not of his own accord, but due to a self fulfilling prophecy," she explained.
"I think you all should investigate," her smile returns at this point. "But investigate for the right reasons. Do what you feel is right when going out to these different villages and figuring out what's wrong. I don't think this is too much to ask, hm? As for the villagers here, I ask that you lend a hand to these investigations. You all deal with travelers often, seek their opinions and pass them along so that we may know better of what is taking place in this land. That is, if you wish," she folds her arms again. "If you don't want to be involved, that's okay," she shrugged. "It's a choice, after all."

Fujibayashi listens, pulling a sticky clump of the netto free and popping it into her mouth with the chopsticks. She takes a moment to eye up the others present, too, as if scoping out people's reactions while chewing thoughtfully.

Hideaki listens intently to the Hokage's explaination. His brow furrows at the Hokage's insistence they do what they feel is 'right'. He then scans the rest of the crowd. He momentarily meets the eyes of the nearby Fujibayashi in his scan, and bows his head in greeting, though he says nothing on account of the crowd. His eyes flicker away for a few moments, stopping on those faces in particular that are familiar to him, before curiously returning to the purple-haired young woman.

He'd lift a hand in greeting towards Naru. "Yo Naru-san." Chuckling, he'd look to the Hokage then, listening as she'd explain what was going on. Pondering that, he'd shrug then. "Well.. dunno 'bout the rest ya'll.. but that's kinda how I do stuff anyways.. Err.." He'd look around then. "We suppose ta respond? Or is it more of a, sir yes sir and we go onward ta try and figure out what they're all so freakin out 'bout?" Ataru would shrug, hands slipping into his pockets. "I dunno.. either way.. yah.."

Daisuke turns to see his brother walking towards him and smiles. "Yo, Hino-kun. Know what this is about?" he asks Hinotori, looking over all the people in attendance, some familiar faces within the crowd. About to say something else, Daisuke stops himself as Hashi begins to move, taking a scroll out and summarizing it for the audience. Daisuke frowns as his aunt announces the meeting's purpose and turns to his brother. "Sounds like more politics." God he hated politics, they sprung up everywhere. He supposed that he better at least go check out one village because who knows what some of these ninja in attendance would do with them. 'We could just go assassinate the Daimyou and be done with such pesky tasks. Ninja don't need a Daimyou.' his thoughts ring out in his head. 'Put that on the backburner, no one is dying if we can help it.' he thinks as he shakes his head.

Shaking his head, "Nope. Not a clue. You know auntie doesn't tell us everything." Hinotori says to Daisuke. But as the Lady Hokage begins speaking, Hinotori goes quiet as well, listening to what is being spoken about and what she needs them to do, he nodded his head. It's pretty straight forward to him, recon and information gathering really. He nods his head, "Is there more to this Lady Hokage?" he asks. He didn't like dealing with teh Daimiyos, they always felt like the end of the world was coming but relied on them to do pretty much their dirty work which didn't sit well with him, but still. There is a bigger picture.

There was more to the situation than what Naru had anticipated, causing her to slightly rub the tip of her chin with a rather questionable expression. A light sigh escpaes her lips, and eventually she turns her attention to Haruka, a faint smile coming to her pursed lips. "For some reason I thought that perhaps there wouldn't be nearly as much people here as there are now… " Naru voiced her honest complaint, slipping over towards Haruka and poking her gentle by her side. "I'm actually a little more curious as to what you may be doing here… FOr some reason I don't see you as the mission type… then again…" She merely shrugs her shoulders and crosses her arms along one another, drawing her attention back to Hashiramako. After she was finished talking there was a slight grimance. "Now we have to police the entire Land of Fire?" her voice was only a whisper but she obviously had her own concerns over the manner. " What do you think? Haruka-chan?"
Narusegawa then blinks up at the slight waving of a familiar individual. "Oh, Hi Ataru," Narusegawa merely comments, obviously a bit rattled by what was spoken by the Hokage.

Fujibayashi returns the nod when Hideaki looks her way, and then she glances towards the Hokage again as the explnation concludes. She pops some more of the fermented beans into her mouth and goes back to stirring them absently. Seems like a good opportunity to get her start on running missions, if nothing else. Now all she needs is a team.

Hashi looked upon the crowd as she spoke. She only wanted to be heard in this matter and allow the villagers and shinobi alike to choose as they please to do what they felt was right. She wanted to establish some trust with those here and allow it to spread from there. So far, she thinks she's on the right track, but only time will tell.
"Responding isn't necessarily required, but it is encouraged when you leave here. I wish for you all to act according to what you believe in," she offered to the crowd gathered, though specifically answered Ataru's question. They seemed to be roused by what she said, but there were a few that were concerned. She understood the concerns, which is why she left things open to choice. There's no telling what people may be involved in that may stir trouble in their hearts.
At the question of there being more to this, she simply stated, "I have my own concerns." She turned her gaze to Hinotori after answering, her eyes telling the story of her having questions of her own. She is certain the crowd notices this as well. "And I intend to find the answers to these concerns I have," she admitted. "I will be sure to keep you all involved with what conclusions I draw, but in order for me to draw the best conclusions, I'll need your help," she gestured to the people here. "Don't think of this as a burden or obligation to fulfill. I am doing what I feel is best for the village and you all have reason to fear the unknown, but in order to draw whatever it is out, it will take some effort."
She paces lightly in the clearing. "There are a few areas that have been deemed 'dangerous' and in need of looking into," she started as if somehow picking up on Naru's thoughts, but it was only coincidence. "I will let the shinobi know which areas these are and you all will look into them and see what issues there are, if any. Villagers, on the other hand, will simply try and pick up on the local gossip from local villagers to foreigners alike. Anything helps."

Hideaki looks over to each as he hears Ataru and then Hinotori speak in turn, and awaits the Hokage's response. He frowns thoughtfully. "There is nothing more natural than fear of the unknown," he murmurs to himself, loud enough to be heard by anyone in his immediate vicinity.

Haruka listens quietly as Hashi speaks up to the gathering. As the mini-speech continues past the introduction it gets a raised eyebrow from the young woman. "Hope she did not write that speech." Though it's delivered in a rather deadpan manner, there is a hint of amusement in her eyes. Though as the speech continues she starts to faintly frown. "Something is wrong…" Her eyes suddenly widen and she lets out a slight squeak as Naru pokes her side. A light pink flush on her cheeks as she eyes Naru a bit flustered to respond immediately. "I… Um…" She takes a soft breath and shrugs as she watches Hashi out of the corner of her eye. "I guess…" She finally calms down enough to respond. "It sounds like a lot of work."

Glancing over at Haruka at the squeak, he'd raise a brow. Shrugging slightly, a nod was given towards Hideaki, then Ataru looks at Hashi. "Well.. I'm in. Most the shinobi know me.. some of the villagers do.. I use ta be a wanderer, so I faced the unknown all the time.. now I'm a genin of Konoha. While I might be tougher than that, there's plenty ta learn fer that whole leadin thing, fer sure." Ataru would smirk with a small shrug. "Either way.. I'm more than willin ta face down whatever is unknown. I ain't stopped yet, and ifn whatever trouble is out there, is causin problems fer the village, then I'm gonna do my best ta solve em. That's fer sure."

Fujibayashi pushes herself off the tree she had been leaning against, spearing the chopsticks through the now-empty straw parcel, and then heads towards the other groups that are talking. "Well, secure borders for the land of fire are secure borders for the village. Daimyo or not, it makes sense." She comments over to Hideaki and Co. "Still, seems like a bit of a snipe hunt if you ask me." she observes then.

With his brother having gone quiet, Hinotori moves over to where Naru and Haruka is. He stands beside Naru and gives her a quick hug and nods his head to Haruka who he hasn't seen in some time now. He then looks to the others gathered around. Viewing their opinons as well as trying to understand a bit more of why they need to do this. Upon hearing there are dangerous areas that will be needing looked into he nods, he was afraid of that and honestly, it means spending more time out. With having lost some information about what he was persuing, only makes HInotori a bit more antsy which shows as he shifts a little at Narus side.

Hashi nodded her head slowly as she halted in her pacing and looked at the crowd. "I'm glad I have some of you on board. I won't hold you all much longer with this as I want you all out there and investigating as soon as possible. I will give you the information you need to investigate as soon as I return to the office. I look forward to hearing what each of you have discovered from your missions and or inquiries into the public and villages. Also…" She began and soon raised her hand to her head, smiling sheepishly, "I forgot what else I was going to say," she laughed aloud. "So, you guys get going! Don't leave me hanging here!"
"Anyway, I think I should go. Seriously, go check things out, though," she offered a thumbs up. "I'll be around if you need me!" She'd soon flicker away and disappear out of sight. Sometimes, she had her off days.
Moriko wanders in, of course late to see what the 'kage had to say, only to hear that investigations need to be made while on missions, then the 'kage forget what else she was going to say? Mo blinks and stares into the empty space that the 'kage was in, before grinning a bit.

Hideaki blinks as the Hokage absconds, and then turns to Fujibayashi, acknowledging her thoughts with a nod. "As a matter of principle, I agree. However, one must be cautious on these matters. Being too vigilant for enemies has a perverse tendency to create them."

Ataru would frown at that, looking between Fuji and Hideaki. "Ya sayin that ifn ya go lookin fer trouble, ya find it? But mate.. I've had plenty of times I ain't looked fer trouble and it's come and stomped a mudhole in me.. huh?" He'd rub the back of his head at that with a chuckle. "Heck.. been a few times I'm mindin my own business and Naru-san came in and wrecked my shop, ta be sure.. Although we're cool now, so, guess that dun count?" Ataru would look confused, looking between the two he was cahtting with and Naru who was nearby.

Fujibayashi nods her head a bit, "I agree, but that just means we'll have to be cautious." She comments then. "I'll probably put together a group to do some snooping later." she says then. "Fujibayashi Kikyou, if we haven't met. I don't have a very good memory for faces." She says then.

Hideaki nods to Ataru. "I don't mean to imply that one should ignore problems and hope they vanish on their own. Just that this is a very delicate matter. For my own part, I will be giving some thought as to how to best handle the situation. Which I believe was the intent of the Hokage's address?" He sounds confused on this bit, as if he is not quite sure that is what she had in mind. He then nods to Fujibayashi as he tries to step out of the way of members of the now dispersing crowd. "Hayashi Hideaki. I apologize for not saying so sooner. I am not sure we have been formally introduced, no."

Ataru waves a hand. "Ataru, nice ta meetcha. and no, ya ain't met me.. but ya dun look the fightnin type, so I ain't seen ya 'round the trainin grounds ta spar with." He'd chuckle with a small shrug. "Either way.. yah.. I'm guessin it really is just a matter of tryin ta walk a fine line, ta be sure.. gotta think 'bout it.. Kyouki is delighted that the Hokage came out and said that stuff too.. babblin 'bout Konoha seekin ta be a place of justice.." He'd mime talking with his hand. "They are seeking the true path of justice and is something that you should go for Ataru. Blah blah blah bla-OW, hey, quit yellin at me Kyouki!" This last bit was of course.. said to the air, off to his right and above him it seems. Shaking his head, Ataru would look back to the other two with a shrug. "He didn't like me mockin em.."

Moriko is still kind of standing off in the back, leaning against a tree and glancing around curiously… "Ummm, soo investigate possible populace descent, and she forgot what else to talk 'bout… Fuuuun." mutters the medical jounin… She then glances toward the others talking after her long quiet spell, then tilts her head "Soo what do you all think?"

"Oh, I spar rarely." Fujibayashi comments to Ataru then, "Well, it's nice to meet you Ataru-kun, Hayashi-san." she says to the two of them then, offering a slight bow. To Moriko he says to her, "I think we should follow orders, of course. But be delicate about the matter. So many wars in recent memory, people are bound to be suspicious. Last thing we want to do is to turn the villagers against the Ninja."

Hideaki looks over to Fujibayashi. "Please excuse Ataru-san his antics. He is just talking to a spirit of justice that only he can hear and has decided to manifest itself as a spear. They have a complicated relationship." He then nods to Moriko. "I think I am in perfect agreement with how Fujibayashi-san has phrased it."

Ataru would blink, before grinning sheepishly. "Err.. yah.. what Hideaki said.." He'd shrug, glancing over at Moriko. "Well.. the justice spirit feels estatic.. as fer me? I'm guessin that I'll have ta be a lil more careful 'bout breakin heads? I dunno.. I ain't seein what the big deal is anyways.. but then again.. I ain't a civilian villager whos havin ta support shinobi either, eh? Who complains 'bout havin ta polish and clean their sword?" Ataru shakes his head, hands shoving into his pockets then. "Either way.. we do what we're told.. get er done and all that, eh?"

Mo grins "I can be subtle enough…. Guess I'll just wait the family restaraunt, listen to what I can and all, talk to folks in the hospital too…." Mo approaches the others now, hands in pockets as she glances from person to person "Soo what's this spirit of justice?

Fujibayashi nods her head a little bit then, "I… see." She comments, regarding to the genin halucinating. "Well. I should be heading out." she says then, as if suddenly remembering something. "I'm sure I'll see you around again soon, Ataru-kun, Hayashi-San" she says then, before offering a nodd to Moriko who's name she didn't catch, and making to leave.

Hideaki frowns at Moriko. "My explanation did not answer all questions on the matter?" His face is perfectly calm as he looks at Moriko. He switches his attention to acknowledge Fujibayashi's departure. "It was a pleasure to meet you," he says sincerely, bowing his head.
Moriko peers "Was just curious is all… " She mutters thens hrugs. "SOo either they're seeing things or they have a spirit or it's a funky manifestation or whatever… Anyhoo if it dun hinder him in his daily work, training, or make him a danger to society at large, guess it dun matter right? B'sides, I honestly don't think you can lump the entire ninja community into the world at large's definition of sane… I think we have our own version." Add's Moriko, she tilts her head as people start leaving, and waves to Fuji "Buhbye."

Ataru would wave at Fuji's departure before looking to Hideaki and Moriko. "Uh.. well.. long story short.. I got possessed by an Oni of Justice who agreed ta be turned inta a weapon of justice ta stand up fer those who can't do it on their own.. yanno.. the same people who are restless now." Ataru pulls one hand out of his pocket to have that flash of light occur, revealing the metal spear that was now there in his hand. It had an elaborate metal decoration on the tip as well, allowing it to both stab as a spear, as well as having a slashing point as well. The spear shown with a smile. "This.. is Kyouki. In physical form.. he's sayin hi too.. he's also said he has another form he can take.. so.. yah.. I gotta lot ta grow inta.. ya could say."

Hideaki blinks, then bows his head to Moriko. "I apologize for the confusion. I do not seriously doubt Kyouki's reality or nature, nor did I expect to answer all your questions with my trivial explaination. It was a poor attempt at humor. Ha ha." The last bit is a sad imitation of laughter, unfeeling and insincere. Hideaki frowns, as if he realizes he has not gotten it right, and tries again. "Ha ha ha." It sounds little better. He shakes his head.

A glance toward the spear, and Mo grins 'Ya have to take up a summon type contract? Something similar to that?" She asks curiously, then looks ot Hideaki… "Hee, I wouldn't worry too much about it…"
Ataru would eye Hideaki, chuckling with a shake of his head. "One of these days mate.. I'm gonna have ta bring ya somewhere ta teach ya ta laugh, ta be sure.." The spear would flash in that light and vanish once again as he'd look back to Moriko. "Nah mate.. ain't like that.. Like I said.. I got possessed.. only insteada some dark evil entity from ages gone tryin ta raise from the dead.. I gotta weapon of justice who vows ta not rest while there is tyranny out there." Ataru would slide his hand back into his pocket once again. "simple.. really.."

"Yes. Oni possession is certainly an everyday occurance. It happened to someone I know crossing a bridge just yesterday." Hideaki pauses, then adds to Moriko. "That was another joke. If that wasn't clear." Hideaki scratches the side of his head, then suddenly stands up straight, saying to Moriko, "Oh! I am Hayashi Hideaki. I am not sure I have had the pleasure of your acquaintance."

Moriko beams "Kirryu Moriko…" she responds and shrugs "Well oni possession isn't common at all…… " she then rubs her neck and shrugs. "Wonner which is more common, oni possessoin or jinchuriki, either way one has a quite possibly malevolent entity within them selves…"

Ataru would snicker with a shake of his head, eyeing Hideaki. Looking back to Moriko, Ataru then raised a hand. "Nice ta meetcha! I'm Ataru! ifn.. ya couldn't already tell that.. eh?" He'd chuckle lightly, shaking his head again. "I dun think oni possession is that high.. I do know a few jinchuriki.. so.. in the end, I'd have ta say that wins.. eh? Although there could be more oni than I know 'bout.. I mean.. ain't like I know that much 'bout the whole thing.. I've been focused more on survival most my life.."

Hideaki nods to Moriko. "A pleasure, Kirryu-san. And your caution is understandable. That said, Ataru's primary complain against Kyouki is less malevolence and more nagging."
"Pleasure's mine… anyhow, I must be off… I'll be seeing y'all later." Says Mo before she waves. She then grins and starts whistling cheerfully as she heads toward the town proper again.

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