Kiyoshi, Kiji, Hayase

Date: September 24, 2014



Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.


Hidden Tropical Oasis [Land of Water]


Marvelous, strange and exciting. A literal forest domed right inside the large cliff face. Its walls spand high into the sky surrounding the entire area, high above there are large openings where light seeps in providing just the right amount of light to light up this area. The dome shaped area from within the caves is filled with life, trees and bushes. Some trees spanding 100 meters into the sky with thick green leaves. The area is heated in the days and cooled in the evenings, a constant cool wind brushes throughout.
There are vegetables, fruits and a natural source of water in this area allowing the flora to grow. There are rocks, small caverns and openings with flower patches. Further north there are ruins of what seemed to have once been a stone city, now a relic of its former self. Overall this area is a miracle to exist, undisturbed by the human race it is a natural living habitat of great marvel and mystery.


The sun was out and bright this afternoon in the Land of Water, not a cloud int he sky eerily enough. Which meant that the Oasis was fairly well lit. The Birds were chirping happily in the trees and butterflies were out along with bees flitting betweent he flowers that were starting to bloom. The stream bubbled as usual along it's path into the forest.
Things had been rather quiet since the fight with Renai in the Genin Training area. Whispers that a shimizu had attacked another genin just because of something said had drifted around but no names were mentioned. However, Kiji had promptly disappeared. Really she'd spennt the last few nights between the oasis and the ruins. She had spent some time with Yoichi in the hot springs when he'd caught her being upset, but otherwise was simply spending time in the trees.
That was where the girl was now, laying in a wooden 'hammock' made by a branch in one of the trees. She had a book laying across her chest and a bag hanging beside her. She was about 4 feet off the ground, her long braid slung over one shoulder, apparently asleep. The book's title had something to do with controling chakra and oddly enough she was wearing black silk. A tank top over a black skirt that reached to mid thigh rather than her usual pants and t-shirt outfit. Things were quiet, but oddly enough, all bugs seemed to go around the girl rather than over her or anywhere near her….

It's a beautiful day, warm and clear. It was the perfect day to enjoy the lake, but all the bugs seemed to be enjoying it too. Every time Hayase waves her hand to get them away, more take their place. Is it something on her that attracts them? When a particularly fat fly comes near her, Hayase's hand shoots out to try and snatch it, to crush it in her fist. She opens her hand. Nothing.
As she nears the lake she stands for a few minutes to take in the pleasant scene. She grabs the small pack she was carrying and takes out a variety of things. Pastries, a thermos, and cold dango. That's when she sees Kiji lying there, untouched. Curious, Hayase goes over to see what jutsu she may be using, or maybe she was just prepared with some chemical. "Kiji-san, hello," she says, quietly, so if the girl awakes it won't be with a shout. She tucks the food back into the pack for now, except the thermos. "How do you do that…keep away the bugs?" Hayase makes a snatch for another fly and opens her hand. Whoops…she got one. She kneels down to wipe the bug onto the ground.

It is the one and only thing on a certain moss-haired giant's mind as he raced across the ground and tore apart any obstacle that stood in his way. Slowing down meant facing a fate worse than death. Despite also being self-aware that he could run for days straight without rest or sleep, the genin still found himself scrambling through familiar dark tunnels and caverns that lead to one of the few places in the world that promised freedom from pursuit. Of course even upon feeling the shift from cold stone to soft grass Kiyoshi does not slow readily.
He slows and eventually pauses altogether as a scent hits his nose. Memories resurface, though none are truly clear. Wasn't the source of the scent in some kind of trouble too? Something to do with… a fight? Either way, even the faint recollection spurs him onwards on all fours again with a thick, white tail trailing behind him. Running until he finally picks up the other scent — the other presence near his target. Instinctively, Kiyoshi tries to mask his approach, but by that point heavy foot/hand falls have long since given him away to a degree.

Hayase had walked down into the oasis on the cloudless day to take advantage of some of the light. It's one of her places, surrounded by the flora and natural sources of water. Something almost magical. She carries a pack with her, just a small satchel, and a thermos in her hand. When she enters the oasis she's not surprised to see someone already there. It's Kiji, fast asleep, and her first instinct is to shout out a greeting. But best not to wake her, so she says softly in a kind of "are you awake" volume, "Kiji-san. Hello."
She waves away some of the bugs in the area. It's strange that Kiji doesn't seem to have that problem, which does make it possible to take a nap without bugs crawling all over you. She goes to sit by the water, emptying her satchel to reveal a bit of food and a book to go with her thermos. She glances around, when she hears that noise in the brush. She looks around for the thudding and pinpoints it quickly. It's hard to miss. When she sees Kiyoshi she says in a calm tone, "Why hello…" Calm tone, but she's backpedalling from Kiyoshi. "What….what's up?"

Kiji was a light sleeper. Having 'grown up' where and how she had, one did not have the time or place or privacy for a nice deep sleep. So she was half awake simply by Hayase pulling out her food and thumping her hands together in attempts — vain or otherwise — to kill bugs. Instinctually Kiji opened her senses as she slowly came to consciousness. She noted Hayase's chakra signature closeby and the much much larger signature of Kiyoshi as he barreled through the caverns heading their way.
Hayase's calling her name made her groan and 'hmmm?' as she opened her pearl toned eyes. Kiyoshi's chakra was simple enough to determine, plus she could hear his feet hitting the ground. She didn't move much, though, just rolleed onto her side and peered in the direction Kiyoshi was comming from.

Kiyoshi jerks to a stop at the question, and narrows his eyes at Hayase. Instincts demanded that he ran her through or fled while there was still time. An odd reaction perhaps, but natural to most Kirigakure shinobi. Life in most parts of the Land of Water demanded nothing less. Ultimately, Hayase is spared any further awkwardness by Kiyoshi's gaze cutting towards Kiji at the sound of her groaning.
"She…" Kiyoshi trails off with a frown and rubbed at his throat. After a few moments more, the genin breaks what little cover surrounded him, reverting back to standing on his two feet noisly. It is a grating and noisey process that could probably wake the dead. "Hello, and… Who are.. you?" He asks hoarsely.

Hayase takes a swallow of juice from her thermos, always keeping her eyes on Kiyoshi. She watches in some fascination as he noisily transforms. Once he reverts to a more human form, some of the tension leaves her face, though only some. He doesn't seem to be completely in his right mind. "Kiyoshi-san," she says. "I think we've met before. I'm Maki Hayase. And you two know each other, right?" She looks between Kiji and Kiyoshi. In the meantime she sits down on a rock and takes out a dango, to chew on some. She has a number of questions, which she's a bit nervous to ask at this point.

Kiji watched Kiyoshi and saw that look cross his eyes when he looked at Hayase… Suddenly she was awake and sitting up, her book falling to the ground with a thump as she nearly imposed herself between Kiyoshi and an 'innocent' target. She would not have been fast enough if she'd tried and the last time she'd done that… it ended badly. Still, she was now on her knees and the bugs were still avoiding her.
Kiyoshi's voice was thick and as he went to stand on two feet she leeeeeaaaaned over, peering at his tail. She didn't look shocked though. Just mischeivious. Hayase appeared to have little clue how close she was to being shish-ka-baby but Kiji didn't mention it either. Instead she offered a small smile to Kiyoshi, eyes blue.
"We know each other." She didn't want to press too much or make Kiyoshi uncomfortable so she stayed where she was, watching him, her eyes flicking ot his tail she liked so much. "Hello Kiyoshi."

Hayase's ease, or at least, what appeared to be such by her actions set Kiyoshi at ease a little. But before he can properly offer a reply, Kiji's physical interjection gives him pause. If that wasn't unnerving enough, the look in her eyes sent a chill down his spine and set his tail to trembling. After an awkward moment of silence on his part, Kiyoshi coughs into the back of a hand. "We do… and… Sorry for star-… for disturbing you two." He says warily. "I wasn't disturbing anything… was I? All is well?" He adds, pressing the point with a more focused look upon Kiji.

Hayase blinks when Kiji moves faster than Hayase would've given her credit for. She doesn't understand that she's in danger at first. It takes a bit. But even then she doesn't really believe Kiyoshi would attack her. And if he did…well, she doesn't wish to think about that. So she munches on her dango and slurps up her juice.
When Kiyoshi throws out a few pacifying words, Hayase lets out a small sigh of relief. And now that they're out of (debatably) harm's way, Hayase realizes she's learned something rather interesting. "I just got here as well," she says to Kiyoshi, which doesn't exactly answer his question, but oh well. And then she holds out a dango. "Want one, Kiyoshi-san, Kiji-san?"

Kiji yawned and streeeeetched languidly before sighing and slipping off her perch to pick up that book tht had fallen. She dusted it off and shookk it out before smiling at Kiyoshi. "You're not disturbing anything, Kiyoshi." Her blue eyes were calm and at ease despite her first instincts to move. She didn't know anything about the younger girl Hayase's abilities so she just assumed that between them, Kiji herself could probably take more damage. Or at least heal it faster. But that was all pointless once Kiyoshi seemed to calm down.
A little.
Kiji set the book on her tree and walked over to Kiyoshi, stopping within a few feet and looking up at him with a touch of hesitance, like a curious animal seeing if it was OK in it's approach. Reaching out one hand she lifted a finger and touched his hand. A kind of silent question if it was OK to be near him today.
Hayase's question about food made her shake her head a little, eyes stuck on Kiyoshi as she answered. "No thanks Hayase-chan."

The redirection isn't lost to Kiyoshi, but for the time being allowed to pass unquestioned. Truth be told, he had no desire to ride the paranoia train if it could be helped. Still, he found himself combing his fingers roughly through his hair in frustration over nagging thoughts and other such nonsense. It didn't help at all that it felt as if something was being forgotten. He turns to Kiji, meaning to prod her on the subject, but catching sight of her mid-stretch turned his mind to virtual mush.
"G-good," He replies belatedly after averting his gaze elsewhere. The grass in particular had quite a bit of promise! In.. some strange… Kind of. Again, as was reflected in his gaze when it happened, all thoughts scatter thanks to Kiji. Her touch earns her bemusement at first, but with the merciful quick return of clarity Kiyoshi offers a reassuring smile.
"Huh?… Mm… Are you sure you wish to part with those?" Despite his hesitant words, Kiyoshi still treads forward to recieve food; brushing Kiji's side idly in passing with his tail.

Kiji a shrug. Oh well, more dango for her. She's peering into Kiji's eyes, with mild interest. Then she smiles to Kiji. Even though Hayase wasn't quite aware she was in extreme danger moments ago, she did recognize the girl's actions. "If you change your mind, I have plenty," she says.
Hayase looks at Kiyoshi's tail. Would it be rude to say…no…okay. "Your tail is rather cute," she points out cheerfully. Much as if someone else would comment on a nice t-shirt. She offers the dango on a stick. And a napkin. And an extra flask of green tea. Now he'd know what she's drinking from hers.

Kiji gets a shrug. Oh well, more dango for her. She's peering into Kiji's eyes, with mild interest. Then she smiles to Kiji. Even though Hayase wasn't quite aware she was in extreme danger moments ago, she did recognize the girl's actions. "If you change your mind, I have plenty," she says.
Hayase looks at Kiyoshi's tail. Would it be rude to say…no…okay. "Your tail is rather cute," she points out cheerfully. Much as if someone else would comment on a nice t-shirt. She offers the dango on a stick. And a napkin. And an extra flask of green tea. Now he'd know what she's drinking from hers. (re)

Kiji spotted the vacant expression in Kiyoshi's eyes as he watched her and her eyes turned purple as she observed his odd behavior. Why was he so … nervous around her now? It was like… She sighed softly. Those two boys might very well rip her mind apart as Renai had so plainly stated… His movement past her had her tilting her head but she relaxed and smiled when his tail brushed against her. In fact she simply turned with it and caught a light hold on the furry mass as they moved together. She couldn't help but pet the white fur under her hands as they walked toward Hayase.
"Relax, Kiyoshi… What brought you out here so fast anyway? You could have taken down a tree at that speed."
She stood kind of behind him and a little to the side so she could keep that contact with his fur, fully happy and bright blue-eyed to be there. It had been a while since they had just hung out together, and the last time they met she'd played a trick on him just to be playful. A trick that turned out rather badly in her mind. And then Renai had pushed herr berzerk button about certain authority figures and she'd been 'hiding' in the Oasis and the ruins ever since.
Hayase's food got a curious glance but Kiji wasn't really hungry at the moment. Though the comment about his tail made Kiji glance up to see how he reacted to that. She was perfectly okay with his on-again off-again tail and she agreed for the most part with the girl but she'd personally use a different adjective… No matter. For once in several days Kiji was content.

It seemed Kiyoshi could not go even a few seconds without having his mind diverted from a conscious choice. Or at the very least, he would not be allowed to manage as much in Kiji's presence. Her latest offense — holding the tail — certainly proved as much. Unfortunately, there would be no confronting the Shimizu immediatly after. He was far too… relaxed now, the contact far too pleasurable. The illogical and disturbing degree by which it placed him at ease isn't lost to him of course. But still, he could scarcely hold even a half-hearted scowl for long. And worst yet, even a side-long glance at that happy expression on her face made it all the harder to try and fight against twisted instincts.
"Mm… escaping…" He murmurs idly as his gaze slid back over to Hayase. Kiyoshi accepts the offered Dango and tea, and gives an absent-minded bow in thanks before proceeding to consume the former; stick and all. "Not cute… weird… you should find it weird.." Is all he has to say in response to the comment.

Hayase rocks back and forth on her feet as she listens to the two. But a smile tugs at her lips when Kiji grabs Kiyoshi's soft, fluffy, pettable tail. She just shakes her head slightly as Kiyoshi calls the tail weird. It may be weird, but far more than that…it's cute. "It's cute," she mouths the words, almost too afraid to say it out loud. She swallows and then she says, "IT'S CUUUUUUTE!" She shouts at the top of her voice it as she goes running off through the oasis, into the thick trees. She doesn't give the reason she is running away, practically howling. Maybe they'll meet later.

Kiji saw Kiyoshi relax as she stroked his fur and smiled. She stepped a little closer, letting the tail curl around her waist a little. She blinked as Kiyoshi ate the dango..and the stick… Honestly she found that more weird than his tail.. who ate wood?
The connection between Kiyoshi's calmer more relaxed state and Kiji's hand in his fur was not lost on the girl. In fact when he calmed considerably she switched so the tail, curled half way around her, was being stroked lightly by her left hand and she could move up more even with him and be more a part of the conversation. She frowned, her eyes growing darker as she heard him state his tail was weird. She looked quite sad actually and held the tail closer about her protectively.
"It's not weird, Kiyoshi! I love your tail! It's …it's..pretty…" She blushed and looked away, but refusing to stop feeling the soft fur under her left hand.
Unfortunately for Kiyoshi Hayase's sudden shriek and exit startled Kiji so hard she clenched her fist in his fur and tensed, eyes shading very close to gold. Her heart was racing but she seemed to be more hiding inside and clinging to Kiyoshi's tail than readying for a fight. "wh..what the pick was that?"

Wood. Meat. Metal. It was all the same to him in the state he was in so long as his teeth could grind through it. Which, to say the least, is a great deal. Luckily for Hayase, he doesn't go quite so far as to consume the canteen as well.
While still idly musing over the interesting taste of sweetened wood, his attention gravitates to an odd feeling down his spine. His tail had taken it upon itself to curl up protectively around her. Or was it the other way around? Kiyoshi truthfully only had a few brief moments to ponder that weird question before his carefree thoughts are pierced by Kiji's feelings. It is the first time since the Shimizu got ahold of it that he felt anything more, or yearned to understand the reason behind, well, anything!
"… Kij-mmmmmph!!!" Hayase's screeching doesn't even reach Kiyoshi's ears before he's blinded by pain and the need to suppress it quickly. It wasn't just some random extension she was hold on to, but his freaking spine after all! Through sheer force of will, Kiyoshi focused passed the pain and budding tears to regard Kiji. Even without looking at her eyes, her actions spoke loud enough on their own. Knowing that the moment of clarity wouldn't last long, Kiyoshi latched on to the first aid that came to mind, and forced his body into action. As painful as it might be for both and despite the likelihood of backfire, Kiyoshi took her by the chin and turned her just enough to plant a kiss upon her lips. He's… a little more forceful than times before, but only out of necessity of the moment.

Kiji heard her name and then …something akin to a pain-groan. She was half way between the fight or (apparently) hide that she was taken entirely by suprise when her chin was touched, turned and Kiyoshi kissed her. Hard. The change was almost instantaneous. Her eyes faded to a dulled out green and her hands let up on the fur. One even lifted to hold lightly to his wrist where he touched her chin.
In that moment between panic and relaxation he would feel her muscles soothe under the sensitive fur. She even kissed him back lightly, careful not to try and wrest control away, but rather enjoying the moment. Utterly distracted.
Slowly, ever so slowly, it dawned on her what had happened and she blinked, pulling back a little to break the kiss and blush. "I.. I'm sorry Kiyoshi…" her hand tried to soothe the tail where she'd grabbed the fur in appology. "I've.. been on edge… Are you ok?" Concern lit her eyes like paste sea water.

There were perhaps a thousand reasons for why he should not have acted upon the impulse. Chief among them being the fact she still hadn't told him what her choice in regards to Sei. But in that moment Kiyoshi could not recall a single one of them. All that mattered was that the buried pain of the past and that of the present eased. In part at first, but overtime he reached out and took her measure. She could've took over at that moment, and Kiyoshi would not have minded in the least. If anything, it would've only served as proof to him that… But that was neither here no there. He retreats just as slowly as she had, tail swaying closely in absent hopes of soothing her further.
"Mm… I'll live." He murmurs, the corner of lips turned upwards for a warmth and amusement. It falters a second later as her words play back in mind. "On edge?" He parrots warily, fingers twitching at the end note a little. If someone had tried to harm his mate again…

Kiji smiled and did indeed relax a bit further when his tail moved around her like that. One thing about Kiji, whether spiders or animal transformations she was extremely accepting and would even defend her friends if someone said something against them. She stroked his tail gently as they both relaxed a bit more. She even leaned up and kissed his lips lightly.
When it was brought up again that she was on edge she shifted a bit and looked down for a split second before looking back up. Yoichi-sensei had told her shinobi did not lower their eyes. "Renai-san said something and I kind of .. attacked her.. I .. I healed her right away btu she said she wasn't even talking about Meruin-dono and…" her eyes darkened a bit in shade. "But she called me a freaak and stormed out. I.. I thinkwe're okay now. Sei kind of made her stand and talk to me. I still feel bad. I just got so mad I couldn't see straight…." She peeked up at Kiyoshi, knowing Meruin wasn't his favorite subject.
Biting her lip she looked up at him in that innocent way she had, honest and clearly hesitant about what she was about to say. "What is it about Meruin-dono you don't ….really like, Kiyoshi? Is he a bad person? I.. I mean I know what… happened to me but.. " She let that sentence fade and looked up at him.

Slowly but surely, Kiyoshi eased his way to the point he could retain some semblance of control over his actions. It still wasn't enough to keep from almost groaning in appreciation whenever Kiji passed over a particular spot. But if nothing else, he would not have to worry about appearing and feeling so out of it all together. The kiss tested his limits, though thankfully not enough to keep him from returning the gesture fully.
Sensing her nervousness returning to the fore, Kiyoshi leaned in at first with the intent to distract her from it again, but stops himself short. Acting now would resolve nothing in the end. Plus, he was far too curious…

Kiyoshi listens calmly, and for the most part without allowing any emotion to surface as she spoke. The only indication that he felt anything was the way his tail seemed to stiffen or bristle at certain parts before resuming its absent-minded sweeps. Then, the question is leveled upon him. "I…." Kiyoshi frowns, and almost averts his gaze. Almost. "I'm probably not going to be able to explain this well, but… It's because he's given up on… something important… And while I can understand the why, it just… doesn't sit well with me." He states quietly.

Kiji listened to him with a kind of cuuriosity on her face. She respected Kiyoshi's opinions and she wanted to understand his standpoint on Meruin. What he said wasn't the most descriptive but it told her a few things anyway. It wasn't that Meruin was a bad person really, just that he had given up on something important. Kiji honestly probably couldn't have understood what it was if it was explained to her and luckily enough for Kiyoshi, the girl simply accepted his words and lowered her head a little as she thought about it.
While she was busy thinking, her hand was idly stroking his tail. The petting was calming her down besides whatever it induced in Kiyoshi. When she looked back up it was with a small smile and eyes shaded a faint blue. "I see. There's a lot of things I don't understand. Does that bother you, Kiyoshi?"

If not for Kiji's not so idle hand, Kiyoshi might've begun digging out a trench with his pacing during his efforts to try and puzzle out a more concrete explination. His fortune isn't without a consequence however. What composure he regain was begining to wane again. He wanted so very badly to lay down somewhere, and… sleep wasn't the right word for it, but rest was close. Either way, it is through half-lidded eyes that he regarded Kiji with upon noticing her attention returning to the rest of him.
"Hmm… Sometimes it worries me, but… I don't think it really bothers me." Kiyoshi admits languidly. "It is… This'll probably sound weird, but it is kind of nice sometimes too."

Kiji spotted the way he was calming down and tilted her head a bit as he spoke. She looked like she didn't get the reason why he thought it was nice sometimes that she didn't understand everything but she smiled anyway. Then she reached out for his hand and started to tug him over to where she'd been napping when Hayase had seen fit to wake her up. Granted she was quite small, but the branches that formed the kind f natural hammock could accomodate them both. "You look tired. Here, it's reaally comfortable." She let go of his hand long enough to crawl up onto the branches and looked down as if she expected him to follow her.
Then, expecting him to be up there with her soon, she moved her satchel and hung it on a different branch which made more room for Kiyoshi. "I don't want to worry anyone. I am learning. I just seem to be behind everyone else." In a lot more than just social graces. She was starting to catch up with the whole 'one partner and love' thing, though. And while she still did not fully understand it, she was more learning to respect it. Loyalty had never meant anything to her except how it applied to Meruin. Still, she found herself wanting to be around Kiyoshi more than they had been lately. And the incident with Sei made her concerned. She would have to make up her mind soon…

Kiji's confusion is lost on him. And yet, he doesn't comment on it or try to force out a better explination. With time, perhaps, or he considered. There is only a brief second of resistance on Kiyoshi's part before the Moto allows himself to go wherever she leads him. His tail drifts back into its normal position behind him for balance. An action that brought clarity to mind, though not without some lingering opposition. Enough clarity returns to give him pause once they reached the hammock. He starts to give her a look as if to as "Do you really think this'll hold me?", but seeing her shift the satchel confirms the question ahead of him.
Kiyoshi hesitates for a few seconds more before finally climbing up onto the natural hammock and folds his hands in his laps. "That's apart of why it makes me happy because it makes us more the same." He says, unearthing the one thing he promised never to admit for the sake of others. Both he and Sei were mature for their age, but that didn't mean they were immune to the complications of missing out on the years between childhood and adulthood.

Kiji smiled when he gave in and climbed up beside her and she shifted around, taking up very little actual space. The 'hammock' was actually three or four branches that had grown together, through some odd thing of nature or other (or perhaps someone's random experiment) so it held up really well despite Kiyoshi's size. Kiji dug in her bag before pulling out a canteen of water. She sipped at it and offered it to him as he said that that naive nature of hers made the two of them more alike.
She had to pause and think for a moment what he might mean but then she chucled a little. "We're more alike than you might think Kiyoshi…" She scooted closer and carefully coaxed his tail around her back as she moved to kind of lounge with her head against his knee. "You're talking about your aging seal right?" As much as she was serious, her eyes were consistently light, happy in his presence, mostly a faint blue. She had a lot of things going on for her lately and it was nice to be able to ignore all of it for a while.

Kiyoshi remains wary, if for no other reason then fear of trees finally seeking retribution after so many years of assaulting their cut down breathren for training. He dismisses the offer with a shake of his head. "Hm?" He emits with a brow held aloft. Its brother soon joins it as Kiji scoots closer. Like the adolescent child he was inside, Kiyoshi refocused his attention back on his hands, and tried his level best to tune out the comforting of her presence. Unfortunately, the effort is becomes a wasted one once his tail betrays him by wrapping about her, and even going a step further as a blanket once shoe chose to lay down.
"Mm." He nods lightly. "Did Sei.. -san ever tell you about how we ended up with them?" He asks curiously. And while a large part of him hoped he could tell the tale, Kiyoshi refrained from letting the somewhat childish desire to regale Kiji with a story. Even if said story had somewhat of a sad ending.

Kiji rewarded Kiyoshi with a smile when his tail wrapped around her and she was entirely at ease where she was. In his presence, in the touch, all of it seemed to make her look or seem more like a kid than the adult she appeared. She noted his hesitation and the way he looked at his hands. She thought that was kind of cute in itself.
With one hand almost instinctually stroking his fur, Kiji turned when he asked if Sei had ever told her about the seal. She went from simply relaxed to fully engaged, eyes snapping to purple. She shook her head. "No. Sei never really explained. Just that someone bad put them on you." The expression on her face should tellhim she was eager to hear the story if he'd share it. She'd suggested before that she wasn't really what she seemed. And every time had only skimmed the surface of the truth. If Kiyoshi pushed her or got her calmed and relaxed enough she might tell him the full truth but she had also been testing the waters about how Kiyoshi felt towards Meruin /because/ of her past. She didn't want to cause a greater schism between them. But for the moment her attention was focused entirely on Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi is taken aback. It is not so much by her reply, but the amount of enthusiasm radiating off of her. The task, to say the least, felt all the more daunting afterwards. So he sat there, trying and failing over and over again to find the words — a start point, anything really that held the hope of ensuring he didn't disappoint her.
After a while Kiyoshi just chuckles and baps himself upside the forehead with his knuckles. Then, turned to her with an apologetic smile before looking away again. "Everything from that day is a.. little foggy… But from what I can remember, it was me and Yuriko-chan there. I, sort of grilled her before about what had happen to her you see, and after I found out.." He shakes his head weakly. "I don't care for people harming my friends.. So I went and… I can't remember if she tagged along or followed me, but I do remember feeling this awful pressure… I caught a glimpse of a man that did this to us. Right after he already had both me and Yuriko bound by his overgrown spider."
"I managed to free myself at first, but it didn't matter in the end. It bit me, and… and all I got after that is these bits and pieces. Feelings mostly… like wanting to tear out those soulless purple eyes of his…"

Kiji listened and though Kiyoshi wasn't heavy on details, she stayed ust as happy listening to him as she seemed interested to hear it in the beginning. His thumping himself made her tilt her head curiously, her eyes shading to purple, but otherwise sheremained mostly right there with him. She grew a bit more serious as he went on, but her eyes stayed with him, no clouds threatened her.
"So the spider bite was the seal? Did you… uhm.." She shifted a little, trying to think of the right way to ask this… "Did your… other side come out? Is that why it's foggy?"
It was true that Kiji had been hurt because of his 'other side' but she hadn't shied away from him even after that. She was well aware of the fight between Kiyoshi and Sei over her getting hurt and she hated that her two best friends had fought becuse of her. She didn't have a lot of faith in herself either, but she had faith in Kiyoshi and Sei and Meruin. So she didn't back down when she'd found out Kiyoshi had a second side.
She agreed with him that he didn't care for people harming his friends. Even when that person was him. But she was still listening to his story. At the end she blinked a little and looked at his hands then back up at him. "Do… my eyes bother you? I could find glasses or something."

Kiyoshi had not mind answer the question at first, but the follow-up gave him pause to consider. Much to his own personal chagrin, far too much regarding that day remained an indistinct blur of activity to him. Nevertheless, he fought against fog unil at last he felt conformtable enough to say anything.
"I felt its presence, but… I don't hink it came out. At least, that's what Souta-niisan told me later… That and that me and Yuriko-chan managed to make it a good ways back before someone picked up on it." He explains. Despite the incident being serious beyond a doubt, thinking of all those bothersome adults running about in a panic still elicited a small smile from the Moto.
"Mm?…. What are you talk'n about, Kiji-chan? I like your eyes." He replied bluntly. By the looks of him afterwards, he remains clearly bemused over what prompted the question in the first place.

Kiji nodded as Kiyoshi spoke about feeling the presence of the 'other' but that he didn't think it came out fully. She smiled a little, her hand beginning it's stroking along the small section of his tail that was by that hand. But when he looked bemused at her question about her eyes she flushed faintly.
"Well.. his eyes were purple and I know my eyes go purple sometimes…. So…" She fidgeted a little then seemed to decide she wasn't going to worry about it. "They're not normal. Well, /I'm/ not normal either." She shook her head and lookked up at him from where she was still comfortably stretched out. She sighed a bit, her eyes shading to a deep serious blue shot through with flecks of gold, a signn she was nervous thinking about everything.
"I told you i was made for Meruin-dono. I'm not supposed to talk about it but…" She looked up at him seriously. "But if you want and you promise not to tell, I'll tell you."

He may not have been able to see her face properly, but the more subtle warning signs of embarrassment remained as clear as day to him. Admittedly, and perhaps oddly enough, it even excited him a little if his flickering tail tip is anything to go by. As confusion gives way to understanding his tail's movements quickly slowed to a standstill, and eyes drifted elsewhere. A look of contemplation is what Kiji will see about him upon turning. Whatever its source may be its hold is not all that great. A simple sigh is enough to elicit a curious sidelong glance, then greater focus upon her as concern truly takes root.
"Kiji…" He trails off, hesitant as question comes to mind. Could he really trust himself to keep his promise this time? Several were already broken because of either impulsiveness or circumstances, so — "I want to know.. and I can promise not tell…., but if there's even a chance it'll get you into trouble, then I don't need to know.. So long as your okay and happy, I… really don't." He admits.

Kiji noticed the flicking of the tail and figured it meant he was either nervous or excited. Either way she continued to stroke the fur under her hand. She had offered him her secrets and he was more concerned about keeping her safe than learning them. It caused mixed feelings in the girl and her eyes reflected that, blue for feeling protected and a faint grey for the other side of the coin.
She could see the concern in his exoression and she put aside those thoughts for the moment. "I just don't want you to think I'm trying to lie to you or keep something from you on purpose…." Her eyes grew very deep blue and she carefully sat up so that she could turn and face Kiyoshi better, still comfortable with the tail wrapped around her waist. She opened her mouth and hesitated… then she tried again, her eyes focused more on his shoulder than his face. She looked a little tense, something that showed in her muscles that he could feel through his tail.
"Kiyoshi…. I.." She fidgeted with her hands a bit. "do.. you still like me like you said before?" She glanced up, realizing she was being overly vague. "I . I mean when youwanted me to choose."

The color changes in her eyes were both a blessing and a curse. Kiyoshi understood this better now as he peered into them, reading them deeply and… regretting having done so to a degree. As her words made clear his concern (and now hints of regret) was noted, Kiyoshi buried the feelings as much as much as possible. A futile effort, perhaps, but nonetheless acted upon and concealed following a brief shake of his head in dismissal of her initial worry.
When she shifts about, the tail hesitantly follows suit to remain enwrapped about her person and thensome. The tension he felt puts the Moto on guard almost immediatly. Almost. And though he meant to assuage her worries further pre-emptively, not a word escapes his mouth before she speaks up herself. Kiyoshi listens calmly, though not without some confusion flickering in his eyes for a moment or two as she spoke. His eyes widen with clarity, and without a second more of hesitation, the Moto bluntly and swiftly replied with "Yes." Kiyoshi's gaze immediatly after turns curious though in wonder what brought it into question. A flicker of hope is there too…

Kiji found that her chest was tight and her throat was dry as she asked Kiyoshi about his feelings. And though she was relieved by his answer, she also knew that her response was not a simple one. Nothing was simple anymore. But his answer chased most of that grey away from her eyes and she managed a smile even through her nerves. She shifted a little closer, managing to embed herself in his tail even more. She looked up at him, her expression serious, her eyes a deep kind of nervous pink.
I.. I did not grow up learning things like most kids… I .. I won't get into it but When I showed up in the village I didn't know much of anything about emotions or friends…. Sei's a very close friend. He's helped me through a lot… But…." She looked up again, her eyes nearly shimmering as if trying to tear up but not quite to that point yet. "I.. I can't say I love you because I do not really understand it but… I think I'm beginning to and… I really care about you.. I don't want to lose you. I want to be by your side… Can.. can you accept that? And.. and that Sei will always be a very good friend?" She chewed her lip, unsure how to even begin explaining the friendship with Sei or the reason she always scented like him lately…. One step at a time…

Even without fully knowing the answer, her reaction to answer was more than enough for hope grow further in his heart. As she shifted closer, the tail coiled about her lower half more firmly. His closest arm to her is soon to follow its example to a lesser extent around what little of her abdominal region isn't already occupied. Albeit, there is a tenativeness to the action that almost mirrored her own nervousness at the moment. Whatever nervousness he felt doesn't last for long. Instinctively, he reigned the feeling in and allowed only patience, compassion, and steadiness to take its place. It may not have been enough to assuage her fully, but a little is all he hoped to begin with.
"I…" He pauses, wavering in the moment for the first time chosing to be her anchor. Rival. Enemy. Bothersome Comerade. These things came so much more easily to him in regards to the Okumo despite their encounters being a limited few. And while she did not ask of him to think of him as a 'friend' as well, simply shaking off what Sei meant to him was… Was it possible to accept? To accept her friendship to him in exchange for the promise of something greater?
Kiyoshi clenched his teeth behind closed lips, as well as the hand at her side for an extensive moment before relaxing himself completely with a drawn out exhale. "Aye… Just do not ask for me to share the same regard for him. I'm… not ready for that."

Kiji felt Kiyoshi's arm coil about her waist and she allowed it, leaned against him a bit more, one hand resting lightly on his chest as she waited for his answer. The darkness within her eyes faded almost completely when he said he could accept her friendship with Sei and a smile even found her lips when he said he was not ready to have such feelings toward the Okumo. "I understand, Kiyoshi. I never wanted to force you. I don't want anything to happen to you and if I can do something to stop somethingbad I will." She placed her hand over her sternum where he had punched a hole through her that day so long ago it seemed. "Gladly."
Eyes shaded to a brighter blue and the Shimizu girl reached up so she was kneeling to kiss him on the cheek with a faint blush. He still wanted her even after she had made him wait so long for an answer. "I'm sorry I made you wait so long Kiyoshi…. I was so confused and there's so many different opinions about being with someone." She grew a touch more serious. "Ishino-sama chose a single mate but someone else said it was alright to have more than one and I had to figure it all out plus understand how you felt before I could figure out how I felt… I think I would be alright with more than one but you want it to be just you and me. So that's the way it will be." She offered a smile, not realizing just how crazy she might have sounded.

Kiyoshi returns the smile with a crooked grin, though it faltered after her admission. His anger flares in his expression, but only for a brief moment. "I would rather you wouldn't.." He murmurs after his gaze affixed itself upon her sternum. To the day he regretted his action, and wished it had never happened. And yet, Kiyoshi knew without the memory, facing his Bijuu may have been a much different affair as a result.
The giant is drawn away from such dark memories and thoughts, and back to the present thanks to the unexpected kiss. A kiss he returned with a grateful smile. Soon after, he finds himself shaking his head, dismissing her worries of making him wait; only to pause mid-shake third shake to loft a brow in curiosity a the last bit spoken.
"Yes… So it will be…" He replies without finding Kiji sounding crazy at all. He does frowns a little afterwards and look away. "Can be…" He murmurs, as he rubbed his head.

Kiji saw the anger in his eyes and blinked, but it faded quickly. For a moment she wondered if he was angry with her or himself but she took it to be aimed at himself when she realized he was remembering the day he'd hurt her too. She was glad it had happened because of how it caused him to grow in power and character. And perhaps he might see that she would protect her friends. But maybe that was part of the problem. She tilted her head the other way.
"You… would prefer to be the defender?" She was learning about territorial actions and feelings and if that was in play with Kiyoshi it would explain a lot. But she would wait for his answer before she moved on. "Can be? Do you want it to be just us?"

Kiyoshi returns the smile with a crooked grin, though it faltered after her admission. His anger flares in his expression, but only for a brief moment. "I would rather you wouldn't.." He murmurs after his gaze affixed itself upon her sternum. To the day he regretted his action, and wished it had never happened. And yet, Kiyoshi knew without the memory, facing his Bijuu may have been a much different affair as a result.
The giant is drawn away from such dark memories and thoughts, and back to the present thanks to the unexpected kiss. A kiss he returned with a grateful smile. Soon after, he finds himself shaking his head, dismissing her worries of making him wait; only to pause mid-shake third shake to loft a brow in curiosity a the last bit spoken.
"Yes… So it will be…" He replies without finding Kiji sounding crazy at all. He does frowns a little afterwards and look away. "Can be…" He murmurs, as he rubbed his head.

Kiji saw the anger in his eyes and blinked, but it faded quickly. For a moment she wondered if he was angry with her or himself but she took it to be aimed at himself when she realized he was remembering the day he'd hurt her too. She was glad it had happened because of how it caused him to grow in power and character. And perhaps he might see that she would protect her friends. But maybe that was part of the problem. She tilted her head the other way.
"You… would prefer to be the defender?" She was learning about territorial actions and feelings and if that was in play with Kiyoshi it would explain a lot. But she would wait for his answer before she moved on. "Can be? Do you want it to be just us?" (re)

"Yes." He states as if it were obvious. Then, Kiyoshi turns to her with a skeptical look in his eyes. Skepticism soon gives way to nervousness in the Moto. Ye-yeah… Things would be a lot less complicated that way." Kiyoshi says softly.
After a moment's pause, the Moto turns his attention skyward and rocks himself back and forth a little. "But I-I've read that relationships are supposed to be about, mm.. most are about compromises… So, if… if there was someone else you were interested in as well…" Kiyoshi dares to say no more, or give anything away in his expression. Tries to, at least.

Kiji watched Kiyoshi closely as he looked at her skepticly. Then he seemed to be overtaken by nervousness. When he rocked she reached up with a hand to touch his cheek, a small soothing smile on her face. She leaned up to press her forehead against his. "I just wanted to be clear what you wanted Kiyoshi… I'm… jsut not very good at this." She looked at him, her eyes blue with little flecks of gold, shoowing her own nerves, but her other hand came up to touch his other cheek, stroking the skin gently. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips, her arms wrapping around his neck then, eyes closing. She was a tad hesitant, but there was real caring there in the kiss. She had not meant to upset him with her question.

Kiyoshi stops rocking as soon as her fingers graced his skin, and turned to her with eyes alight with open curiosity and nervousness. Sensing her next intent, the Moto leans in as well to meet her forehead. "And I am?" He joked good-naturedly, even though his insides felt all kinds of twisted about themselves. The feeling ebbs as time progresses; her caresses only hastening his return to a calm state. Well, calm in mind, in any case. His heart thumped so loudly in his chest that he wonder why she did not ask what the 'noise' was.
All such consideration is thrown out the window once their lips met. If he felt any hesitance at all, the giant paid it no mind at all. His only concern was to return real caring with understanding and acceptance, though he struggled a little with less tame feelings in the heat of the moment. It is, in truth, what made him hesitant at first to embrace her.

Kiji smirked a little when he suggested he wasn't exactly skilled in relationships. She had to remember that he was the same as Sei, an older body but a mind that waqas still young. The same as her. Thouhg for different reasons. The kiss was innocent enough, though she did feel the tension and pulse in his neck. She slid her hand over his chest and down his arm, pulling back from the kiss as she found his wrist. Pulling his hand up to her back and hip she smiled and hugged him. "Kiyoshi you're not going to break me or upset me by touching me." Her voice was calm and content and her eyes were faintly cyan, edging close to greenish as she leaned against his chest. She was quite small compared to a normal person but Kiyoshi's size made it even more noticable. But she was hard to hurt physically. She rested her head on his shoulder. "Are you happy?"

An odd mixture of excitement and disappointment met Kiji's eyes once the kiss is broken, though the latter is soon to be drowned out by the former. Kiji saw to that by pulling his hand into a more intimate spot. "It's not breaking you that I'm so much worried about anymore…" He murmured, and yet didn't sound entirely convinced himself. As if to prove a point nonetheless, he held her more closely to him once she chose to rest against his chest, blissfully ignorant to how they may look to an outsider. Not that he would care. "Mmn…. More than I have been for long while." He replies softly. Then after a moment's pause he asks, "Are you?"

Kiji couldn't help but smile as Kiyoshi pulled her closer as if to prove he didn't worry about breaking her. She knew he was still worried about it and really she understood. He was probably still getting used to such big body. The girl could hear in his voice that he was still worried about hurting her too. She let it go, one day perhaps he would see she was not easily broken. For now she was contennt with what he offered, a more firm hold on her waist. And once again she felt safe.
It was a strange feeling that very few people could give her. To be safe and cared for.. It was almost too much to process. But she smiled when he said he was happier than he had been in a long time, her eyes hinting at a sea blue. She had expected a hesitation in herself when he asked how she felt and was suprised to find that despite everything she did not hesitate when she answered with a nod and a smile.
Kiji settled against him again, easily resting on his thigh, her hand stroking his tail lightly. She had one other thing on her mind but she wasn't sure how to bring it up. With her head so close to his face in this position he would still be scenting Sei on her hair, but it was.. strangely mixed with her own scent.

Kiyoshi honestly did not know what to expect in answer, or even if he /should/ try to anticipate anything. Thankfully, before any negative line of thinking can root itself, Kiji elicits relief that swelled to his eyes and smile. It too made him yearn to hold her close, tail wrapped around them both to shield them from any intruders that would dare ruin the moment.
The strange combination of Sei and her own scent threatened that peace… but Kiyoshi chose instead to see it as another unique thing about Kiji. For now, at least. It would be some time yet before he could stand her being close to Sei without feeling the combined weight of both his Kirryu nature and human side press him to try and rid the world of Sei altogether. Time he was more than happy to save for another day…

It was easy to see the relief in Kiyoshi's expression and in his eyes when she said she was happy. When he pulled her closer and that tail wrapped around them both she laughed lightly, stroking the fur and just enjoying the moment of peace. She could tell something had threatened to intrude on his feelings but she couldn't tell what that was and she didn't ask. She was quite happy with the simple joy of being close to him at that point. If allowed, Kiji would have stayed like that for hours. She'd been woken up from an afternoon nap when Kiyoshi had bounded onto the scene earlier and that weariness was seeping back into her system. She yawned lightly. "I've been away for a few days and in a day or so I'll go back out for a rotation. Meruin-dono put me on the shore to watch for invaders." She sounded proud of that fact, to be trusted with such a responsibility, but also a little worn out.

Kiji would not be the only one feeling fatigue returning to the fore. The only difference between the two is the fact the Shimizu was only making it harder on him to fight against it. Every stroke along his tail now lured the Moto closer and closer to the border. Belatedly, the Moto perks up as she spoke up and through half-lidded eyes regarded her. "As a Medic or…." But he trails off there and furrows his brows in thought for a moment or two before simply shaking his head. "Either way, you'll need your rest.. I should go." He admits somewhat grudgingly.

Kiji shook her head. "As a sensor." She beamed up at him, clearly proud that even though she was a genin she was being put on the front lines for her abilities. She lookeed closer at Kiyoshi then, though as he regarded her. His eyes were half closed and she stretched languidly. He looked as tired as she was but she was used to fighting sleep. "Rest.. good idea…." She sat up and unwrapped his tail carefully before reaching out and grabbing hold of the front of his shirt with her hands, blood tendrils pierced her arms and wrapped around him. She usually would try to hold the target still for an attack but in this case her 'attack' was using the whips comming from her arms to lay Kiyoshi down in the natural hammock provided by the branches they were sitting on. There was plenty of room.
One hint that she wasn't really trying to harm him was that her eyes remained blue and did not show the tell-tale orange circle that came with combat. Another hint was that as soon as she had him down, the blood whips retreated and she lay down beside him, curling up close to him and stroking the tail once more. She looked perfectly content with that position and outcome. She looked up with a grin.

Kiyoshi smiles absently in relief and idly assisted with the removal of his tail. If she had fought him on the matter, the giant knew not what he might've done… or if he would have bothered trying to dissuade her — "Wha-wai-!!" And similiar half-formed words leave his mouth as the whips went about their business. It was all he could really do aside from half-hearted struggles. That is, at least without caving in to his battle instincts. The weight of which pressed against him, but would find no real purchase before Kiyoshi's eyes met Kiji's, confirming what his other senses already hinted at.
"Kiji…" He complained with an obvious lack of enthusiasm. When all he gets in return is a grin however, the Moto lets out a sigh and 'grudgingly' accepts being literally roped into sleeping with Kiji… even though he could break out at anytime he chose.

Kiji saw his half hearted 'struggles' and though she was suprised at the strength she had in her new jutsu she was careful not to do any real damage. She could never have lifted Kiyoshi physically. The only way to manipulate him was with her blood whips. She saw the battle reactions warring in hima nd winced but finished what she was doing. When he finally was laid down and she curled up beside him she smiled. The whips sank back into her arms and she reached down, stroking his tail softly. "Did I suprise you? Sorry…I'm working on making more than just the two but it takes concentration." She snuggled up a bit closer before settling down. She yaaaawned. "What were you running from before anyway?"

Kiyoshi breathes a little easier once the whips are removed, but only just. His instincts kept urging him to remain alert. To do so if not for his own sake, then at least Kiji's. As a result, although visibly relaxed and comfortable, there's an edge about him. "Mmn…" Is all he was willing to emit as he forced his body to try and relax a little more. He is, or at least, Kiyoshi thought he was on the verge of success when misfortune rears its ugly head. Kiyoshi sits up a little and immediatly starts scanning their surroundings.
"Just… my brothers… Surumu-niisan especially."

Kiji could tell he was still on edgebut that he was more comfortable with the whips gone. He seemed fine until she asked what he was running from. When he sat up she thunked down onto the branch under her with her skull. Making a face she rubbed at the back of her head and reached up with a fist to yank him back down beside her. "Well I'll beat him up if you want. Relax." She shook her head and chuckled, looking at him again. "What could he do to /you/ anyway?" Clearly she thought of him as very powerful.

Kiyoshi pays not a single mind to the consequences of his actions. His main, and for the most part sole intent was to be absolutely sure that — "Hrkk!" He emits as he's yanked back down again. Kiyoshi glares at her at first and looked about ready to growl, but stops is given pause by her words. Try as he might, the giant cannot keep himself from chuckling as well. "He-…" He pauses and frowns. "He and Souta-niisan were the ones who sealed the Bijuu in me.."

Kiji chuckled as she yanked Kiyoshi back down beside her, pulling that suprised sound from him. She was playful, laughing along with him as he even chuckled that she'd yanked him back to where she wanted him. She blinked and tilted her head when he frowned though. And then when he said that his brothers were the ones that put the Bijuu in him, her demeanor changed. She sat up herself, eyes darkening in seriousness. There was no grey, not yet, but she was clearly unhappy. She flew through a few hand signs and closed her eyes as she opened her senses to the world around her. She reached out a little tired compared to when she was on a shift, but searching for the chakra of other shinobi. She had not spent much time around Kiyoshi's brothers to learn their specific signatures yet. But she made a mental note to do so.
She frowned when she caught a sense of a chakra moving closer to them. It was similar to Kiyoshi's signature, similar enough to guess it was a fsasmily member… Opening her eyes she looked at Kiyoshi. "Someone's comming through the caverns." She looked over at Kiyoshi seriously. "I'll get rid of him if you want me to." She turneed to touch his cheek again, a look of pain and some anger in her eyes.

His gaze had been averted as soon as the admission left his mouth. Question after question kept his attention occupied, but only for so long. Where her shift in stance failed to draw him back, the feeling in the air about her gnawed at his senses until his eyes finally drifted back towards her. Bemusement and worry radiated from the Moto, but patiences kept him from prodding Kiji while she seemed 'distracted'. The latter intensifies at her words, and prompts him to shift about at first in preperation to spring into action, but then… her last words click.
Kiyoshi regards Kiji with confusion that seems to only grow as pain and anger registers to him. "Get rid of — whoa, hold on Kiji. It.. We're… Its not what you think." He says after grasping Kiji by the shoulder. After allowing a moment or so for the words to sink in, Kiyoshi chuckles weakly. "Surumu-niisan can be a little.. overbearing, but they aren't like.. /that/. There just… worried about something else."

Kiji tilted her head as Kiyoshi grabbed her shoulder. His words made her look confused, purple shining in her eyes more than anything else in that moment. "But… But if they put it inside you… Doesn't that make you like me? Just a tool of the village or your clan?" She blinked a bit more when he said that his brothers were worried about soemthing else. She didn't understand it. He had seemed tense when he'd told her what they had done, but now wanted no harm to come to them. Not that she was offering to kill them… "I.. I meant chase him off… I wouldn't kill him unless you asked or I was ordered to." She glanced int he direction of the approaching chakra then looked back at Kiyoshi.
It dawned on her that she'd misunderstood something. She took a mental moment to consider. He wasn't happy about the bijuu but he apparently did not hate his brothers for it. But they had sent him into a headlong scramble earlier. So what did that mean? "What are they worried about?"

Kiyoshi tries to form words, but every time he opened his mouth, either nothing comes out or half-formed words. His hold on her slackens after every attempt, and may have been removed altogether if not for Kiji catching him off guard for a moment. "You would.." But again, the giant could hardly complete the sentence without trailing off into silence. Although he couldn't stand the idea, Kiyoshi knew she might very well die for him if asked. But to kill was… something else?
In the end, he inclines his head and furrows his brow as he tried to pull his head back together. "It's all a little complicated, but… I'll try to explain." He finally gets out after taking one last deep breathe of air. "Being a Jinchuuriki.. was my choice.. not my brothers… They were against it in fact because…." Kiyoshi pauses for a moment, then simply shook his head. "Point is, being what I am wasn't forced upon me, and its not even /that/ that they are worried about right now. It's… you." Kiyoshi peers up at Kiji warily, guaging her reaction to it all. It was all still pretty vague, but the giant couldn't help it.
Not yet, at least.

Kijinoticed the slackening hold and the way he looked like he was trying to gather his thoughts. She simply sat there and waited, watching him curiously. His half sentence got a raised eyebrow. She would die? yes. She would kill? Yes. But she did not actively seek those things. When he explained that being a Jinchuuriki had been a choice he had made she tilted her head a bit and considered that. If he indeed chose it then she had no real qualms about it. The idea that the demon had been forced on him had angered her and she was ready to defend her friend, but if he had not been forced then it was not really her business. Of ocurse it probably wasn't her business anyway.
The idea of forced jinchuuriki-ism aside, Kiji leaned forward as Kiyoshi spoke, curious what his brothers would be worried about. When he said it was her she blinked several times and sat back a bit to regard him closely. "I am no threat to you. Yoyu could kill me with a single strike if you chose." And if not physical daner what could they be worried about? Perhaps they were concerned about her connection to Meruin… Still, she waited, her eyes remaining purple as she waited for further explaination.

A smile plays at the corner of Kiyoshi's lips, then frowned and mentally chided himself for making light of the past. "I wouldn't be so sure of that.." He says, grinning weakly. "Not that that's the issue… Its just .. Its more like they are very curious about you, and they can be kind of… obnoxious." He explains, then shook his head in exasperation.
"Very, obnoxious… but the mean well… And in any case, I should probably leading whichever one it is away before they get to close." Even as he spoke, the Jinchuuriki is already shifting into position to try and leap out of the natural hammock.

Kiji grinned lightly at his joke about the injury in their past. He did not seem to be comfortable with what had happened but she still did not blame him. She was comfortable with what had happened and though it probably would take more than one strike, he was more powerful than she was whch was the point. Kiyoshi went on to explain that his brothers were curious about /her/. She blinked at that, not sure why they would be so or why Kiyoshi was trying to keep them away from her.
As Kiyoshi moved to jump from the hammock Kiji moved onto her knees and sat up. "You know, you can't divert them forever. Sooner or later they'll find me." She eyeed Kiyoshi a moment. "Or do you not want me to talk to them at all?" She was trying to figure out what he wnted and what she should do here, it wasn't exactly a typical situation for her. Perhaps Kiyoshi did not want people to know about them.

"True.." He murmurs in return, absently settling back into place. "What? No! I mean, yes!" Kiyoshi groans and starts rubbing at his forehead. "… I just wanted to put off having to deal with Surumu's sheninigans for a little while longer is all. Though if its Souta-oniisan…" He trails off from there, rubbing his chin thoughtfully for a moment or so before shaking his head altogether.
"Either way, I rather not deal with either of them right now… Not unless you want to meet them right now?" He asks warily.
Kiji has partially disconnected.

Kiji watched Kiyoshi closely as he spoke then when he settled back a little she crawled over to him, sitting back up on her knees she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him lightly. "I can wait to meet them." She offered a light smile and rested back on her legs, letting him go. She would let him take off if he wanted, but she was going to stay where she was. She liked this place and like Kiyoshi's cave she felt safe here. Comfortable. Kiyoshi's concern about her meeting his brothers made her curious about them but she would wait. There was no rush and she should be focusing on down time anyway. "Maybe I'll come to the cave later."

What tension that seemed to radiate from the giant eased as her arms coiled about him, and all but disappated completely as they kissed. "Mm.. I'd appreciate-…" The rest catches in his throat, and after an awkward moment of silence he turns to Kiji with a mischevious smile. The Moto wastes no time explain anything, but instead hurries to settle back into place before tugging Kiji to join him. As soon as she's in place, Kiyoshi wraps his arm about her waist, and roughly blankets them both with his tail.

Kiji could feel the tension fade away as she kissed Kiyoshi and inwardly she smiled. She was glad hse could soothe him. But then he stopped speaking halfway through his sentence and all the real warning she got was that mischeivious smile. He settled back down and pulled her close before covering them both with his tail and Kiji laughed lightly, holding to him as he settled them down again. "Are we setting a trap? Should I be quiet so he doesn't know I'm here? I can sense he's close." She looked like she was having fun and one of her hands ran through the fur on his tail as she snuggled down closer, easily covered by it's fluff.

"Mm?" Is all Kiyoshi can emit at first, for once again he found himself distracted by Kiji strokes. "Ah… Sort of a trap. Mostly just an excuse to get them to leave us alone for the day." He murmurs before belatedly shifting the tail out of the way a little. Both of them had to be seen together for the trick to work as planned.
"How close..?"

Kiji pulled her hand out of his fur, realizing he was overly distrcted by it. Truthfully it distracted her too, she loved how soft it was. But Kiyoshi had something in mind so she put her hand on his chest instead. He shifted his tail so she was visible and she moved a little too, trusting Kiyoshi to implement the plan he had in mind. His question made her reach out to sense the approaching chakra signature. "Uhhh… he should be here in a few minutes. What do you have in mind?"

Even though she finally shifted her attention away from his tail, the effect of her touch lingers throughout the rest of him. Most of him, at least, for being so close to Kiji still had a way of keeping his heart a racing a little. "Sleep." He says non-chalantly, then lets out a chuckle. "I don't know if it'll be enough, but it should be worth a shot… Or we can try something more… extreme." He offers slyly.

Kiji blinked when he said his plan was simply sleep. She raised an eyebrow at him and tilted her head a bit. "Sleep…?" She wasn't sure how that would get rid of his brothers if they were worried about her being around him. Then again Kiyoshi wasn't specific about why the brothers were concerned about her… Then he continued and she flushed lightly… then got an evil expression on her face. She may not be great at social and relationship nuances but she /did/ know that most people had issue with 'extreme' and their siblings. "Be extreme." She grinned.

Kiyoshi enter face grows flush. She didn't really mean it… did she? The whole idea had just been a silly joke on his part. Nothing more! But now…
"Are you-…" He starts to say, but abandons the line of thinking outright. Regardless of rather or not she understood what he meant, this was no time to be second guessing himself. "Alright," He whispers softly as he lowered his lips upon her, deepening the kiss within moments if allowed to go so far. What could not be expressed verbally at the moment, the Moto made select sure to do so physically.

The look on Kiyoshi's face was worth whatever it cost. He was flushed and suprised and Kiji smiled up at him. He started to ask if she was serious and she just grinned. It was true she wasn't the brightest when it came to catching onto innuendos but she understood a good prank when she scented one. So when he dipped his head to kiss her she wasn't too suprised. Arms reached up, one to wrap around his neck the other to touch his cheek as the kiss deepened. Her eyes closed and she sighed softly, happy with the contact. And that was how Kiyoshi's brother would find them unless Kiyoshi did something quickly.

What Kiji may sense, Kiyoshi is only vaguely able to register. That something being a brown haired man scarely older than what Kiyoshi appeared to be. He hardly resembled the giant as well, but if Kiji dared to look she would see he is surprised nonetheless. Either driven by lust or conscious attempt at dissuading the man from prying, Kiyoshi breaks the kiss the kiss, and sets about leaving a trail of butterfly kisses along every inch of skin he can reach as he steadily made his way downward…
In the next few moments, both may sense the man retreating; hastily, unless given reason to pause.

Kiji was fully aware of the man's approach, but she was also aware of where Kiyoshi was going with his kisses. When the man was close enough to see them, Kiji felt Kiyoshi pull away and begin leaving light kisses along her jaw and throat. She tilted her head a bit, letting him continue, her eyes closed. Her heart beat faster and her cheeks flushed lightly and when she opened her eyes again, they hinted at green. One of her hands stroked Kiyoshi's back and side, not pushing him very far, but keeping a good show of pleasure. When the man had scurried away she looked over at where he'd retreated, a grin slipping onto her lips. She looked up at Kiyoshi and chuckled. "Do you think he'll bring back reinforcements?" She chuckled then more seriously asked, "Who was it anyway?"

The only answer Kiji recieves is a warning growl to stop distracting him. Truth be told, he had long since forgotten about reasons and worries well before the Shimizu had spoken. Kiyoshi's only concern lay in the flesh, the intoxicating feel of it against his own, and the promise of… of something… "Hrm… mmph… Hmm?" He emits as he belatedly (not to mention reluctantly) pulled away just far enough to regard Kiji. "Who was who?" He murmurs.

Kiji blinked at the growl and at first she thought maybe it was aimed at the brother that had retreated quickly. Once she realized it was aimed at her she pulled back in suprise. She could tell he wasn't fully aware of what was going on by the look in his eyes so when he pulled back and questioned her she reached up with both hands and a worried lookon her face. "Your brother. The one we were tricking? But it seems yuou forgot we were playing a game." She lifted her head and kissed him on the cheek with a small chuckle. He was so easily led into temptation…

Kiyoshi nods in understanding, though it would be clear enough that isn't entirely the case. Not immediately, but given a moment or two something sparks behind those dark eyes of his. A mixture of lingering confusion and concern plays out in his eyes as her regarded her before he closes them and offers a small, apologetic smile. "Surumu-niisan… I think, seeing as how he didn't linger." He says, and smiled more openly after the kiss. It aggravated him to no end how easily he was led astrayed. And yet, moments like the present made it worthwhile. Almost.

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