Chouko's Graduation Exam


Michiko, Chouko

Date: September 15, 2016


Chouko, and several others within the Academy, are tested for graduation.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Chouko's Graduation Exam"

Kumogakure - Training Grounds


This large circular room contains all the required tools for shinobi training, including wooden kendo swords, practice staves, various blunted Kunai and Shuriken, plus a wide assortment of training dummies to strike.
The floor is covered with Tatami mats, to cushion the spars of the genin training here. The walls are also covered with Tatami mats in spots, to cushion the hands of those that wish to build up a endurance for striking. There are regular training lessons scheduled at certain times of the day, which are mandatory to all academy students.


A while or so after the Storm Brigade, it was nearing the end of the school term. That meant that testing the Students to see who was worthy of Graduating would begin … Today. At first, the students would be assembled in their typical classrooms. There was nothing unusual save for the fact that the Head Ninja was standing at the front alongside their main Sensei. People would know Michiko, though it would likely be more because of hearsay and rumor than actually seeing her since she had been gone for a good two or three months.
Michiko stands at the head of the class, waiting for everyone to enter. The bell rings, and she begins to speak. Any student that came in late would receive a mild glare from the Head Ninja, but no other consequence as of yet. "Today marks an important time for all of you: the test to see if you have the necessary skills to become a true shinobi of the Hidden Cloud. One by one, we shall be calling you into the training grounds. Your summons will be in no particular order. All of you will be required to show you have the seven basic requirements necessary for all shinobi that work within Kumogakure. Can someone name me those seven things?" She looks around the class, taking note of the eager note takers and the slackers. She also would note the ones who seemed confused or lost, though whether that counts against them, one would not know.

As always Chouko would arrive early, This time in a much finer looking Yukata, wanting to look her best for the test. Under it she wore her normal training gi. She currently sits at her desk in the classroom, her hands neatly folded in front of her. Her blue eyes half closed as she listens to the lecture. She slowly looks over to Michiko. Is that her? All Chouko had known of Michiko was she was a very important ninja who had been kidnapped before she arrived in the village. This was the first time that she actually saw the girl. Her wondering of why such an important ninja is standing in the front of her class is answered. Her eyes watch the head ninja talk. She takes a sharp breath as the test is explained. Nervously she raises a hand and speaks, trying to sound confident. "It is important for students to show they can work on a team, no matter who the memebers are."

Michiko gestures lightly to Chouko. "One." With someone to speak up, the others would begin to offer their own ideas as well. Some would say loyalty and duty, but the ones that were numbered happened to be the six remaining basic skills that all students were made to learn even before the recent curriculum change. Once they were all listed, Michiko would nod and clap her hands. "Excellent. With that out of the way, I suppose we can begin." There's a bit of a glint in her eyes as she suddenly disappears out the door, leaving the teacher with their students.
The teacher would start a rather basic lesson on the history of shinobi, keeping people's minds occupied while a few are sent to the training grounds. Oddly, none of them would return after being called away. In all likelihood, they were released for an early dismissal so they couldn't tell their friends what happened. Eventually, it was Chouko's turn … The teacher calls out the young student's name, hopefully prompting her to head to the academy training grounds.

Chouko smiles gently when Michiko points at her. She then looks around letting the other students all answer. She slowly turns her head to watch each student answer. When they are done she slowly sits back and watches student by student be called to be tested. The young girl can not help but be nervous. Her sensei had asked her to be tested very early, and she knew if she failed this test it would probably be a long time before she got another chance. So she justs sits there, waiting until comes that her name is called. Chouko would collect her book bag and make her way ouy of the classroom. She is quick as to not keep Michiko waiting. She makes her way to the training feild.

Michiko stands in the middle of the training grounds, arms crossed over her chest as she awaits the next student. Chouko would notice no one else is present, which is a good thing for her, likely. "Itami Chouko-san, there are six things I need to see from you right now. That happens to be the six basic skills you know from the Academy. Because I don't have any Genjutsu, I'll be using an outside source to cast the illusion, but keep in mind that the strike can come in at any time. With that being said… You have permission to gather chakra. And then the test will begin."

Chouko nods and slips off her Kimono to reveal a black training gi. She slowly walks forward to the training area, closing her eyes and bowing to Michiko. "I-I understand, Mihiko-sama." she says with a tiny gulp. She slowly bows her head and makes a hand sign, starting to gather as much chakara as she can, and focus the chakra in her blood. She is trying to be ready for anything. When she feels she has gatthered enough she looks up, taking a deep breath. "I am ready."

"Excellent. Please attempt to demonstrate both the student skills, as well as anything you personally know. That will help me when it comes to assigning you a team, even if you technically already have one." She offers a small smirk of amusement at the fact that her former student had already gripped a few fangs into this one. Michiko makes a single handseal, and a burst of flame explodes from her mouth and heads towards Chouko. She would do this again, aiming at the student to ensure there was at least some show of skill from either the prescribed or a custom Skill set.

COMBAT: Chouko defends against FIRE-FLARE(21) attack from Michiko with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…16
COMBAT: Chouko loses the roll and sustains 209 damage.
COMBAT: Chouko defends against FIRE-FLARE(26) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Chouko loses the roll and sustains 329 damage.

Chouko smiles at Michiko, nodding as she waits for the first attack. "W-what if someone already wants me on their team?" She asks nervously, and then meeps as the fire comes staight for her. Chouko quickly makes a sign and attempts to send a clone in front of her. Yet the Clone gets caught in the flame and poofs, letting the fireball as it comes and hits Chouko. Her eyes closing, she has no way of defending against the next one as it is coming even faster. So she just closes her eyes tight and waits for the second ball of fire to hit her. She winces and takes both hits, before looking up at Michiko. "T-that was really cool…" She then stands there and focuses a bit more of her chakra, some of the tiny burn marks quickly seam to fade.

COMBAT: Chouko heals Chouko for 162 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Michiko hmms lightly and makes another handseal. "It could be. I'll try to go a bit easier on you so you actually have a chance to perform a skill, I suppose." Michiko would exhale another flame, this one moving at a slower rate so that Chouko had a chance to dodge it. Interestingly, there seems to be another fireball incoming from the side. An illusion, but one that was very subtle in nature. IT was also very harmless, as far as genjutsu goes.

[NPC System]: Michiko roll(s) Fire Flare vs. Chouko from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: NPC roll(s) False Surroundings Technique vs. Chouko from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Michiko
RPCOMBAT: Chouko defends against with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…13
RPCOMBAT: Chouko defends against with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…13

Chouko watches the first fireball come at her, she makes a hand sign and attempts a replacement technique. She does get the block of wood in the right place, and is just seconds from getting out of the way, but the fireball grazes her. "ouch." she says blinking before she turns to look at the fireball, oddly coming at her from outside the grounds. Why would someone else be attack her? Didn't michiko say someone /else/ would use genjutsu? She isnt sure what it is, real or not. But she doesn't move, taking a bet that the fireball, just can't be real.

Chouko's guess is right, at least. It doesn't do anything to let her get out of the genjutsu, but they technically only learned how to escape via pain. Michiko at least notices the flicker of recognition in Choke's eyes and would nod slightly when she stands her ground. The fireball would seem to just phase through the student and disappear, indicating that it was, indeed, simply an illusion. "You're doing well," she would offer, feeling as though Chouko was feeling just a bit off-put by the fact that Michiko was able to hit her so easily.
"If it makes you feel better, I didn't become Head Ninja of Kumogakure for no reason. I /do/ have a bit of skill in things other than doing paperwork." She would offer a light smile, trying to get Chouko to maybe ease up a bit while also focusing on the task at hand. "There are … hmmm… Just a few more skills that you need to demonstrate." Michiko would make a handseal, and then binds of metal would wrap around Chouko. She didn't even try to let Chouko attempt to dodge, though, as the whole purpose of this was to prove that Chouko would be able to somehow worm her way out of the binds. "You can show me how stealthy you are in a bit. First let me see if you can escape a trap."

COMBAT: Chouko defends against METAL-BINDING(33) attack from Michiko with a DODGE…16

Chouko giggles as the fireball passes through her. "I knew that couldn't be real!" She says turning to Michiko and smiling happily. She didn't know, it wasn't real, but still. She then opens her eyes a bit more when she is told what she is doing is good. "Really? Thank you Michiko-sama." She says proudly, before nodding. "You must be quite the ninja,…" She then watches the girl, only a few years older then her make the hand seal before Meep! Michiko's attack comes super quick, and although Chouko tries to doge she ends up caught.
Chouko squirms in the metal trying to get out of the metal, before taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, and slipping out of the binds. She attempts to roll out of Michiko's next attacks but isn't able to. Being yanked by the older ninja.

Michiko would tug Chouko up once she escaped, plopping her onto the ground. Her strength belied her size… The girl would examine the younger ninja-to-be, considering the girl for a few moments before nodding. "Good. Okay, there is technically a final assessment. One that I imagine you're familiar with." Michiko would bring out a bell. It was stealing a bit from Sakuya, but Michiko felt like it would serve its purpose. "I imagine you know what these are and what they're for. I'll explain what you're to do in a few moments, though. For now, I would like you to please go sit on the other side of the training grounds and hold a Henge into some inanimate object. It could be a rock, it could be a tree… I don't have a preference. Just be unobtrusive and hold it for as long as you can."
Once Michiko was done instructing Chouko, she would tuck the bell into her pocket. Two other shinobi, both of them Chuunin-rank or higher, would enter. Each of them brought a student. One student happened to be a former bully of Chouko. Someone that she normally wouldn't get along with. The other was fairly neutral in terms of her relationship with the other two, so it would be a good match up. "You two. You've completed the initial test of passing the basic skills. Congratulations. However, there is one final task." Michiko would continue on to explain that they and one other person must steal the bell from her. Then Michiko gestured slightly to Chouko to come out of hiding, if she hadn't already. "Here is your teammate. I hope you three work well together. Your time starts now."

Chouko gently oofs as she is plopped on the ground, the girl blushing a bit as the head Ninja of Kumo seems to examine her. Chouko gives a nervous style and then stands up when Michiko starts to tak again. Her eyes slowly looking over at the bell, taking a deep breath and nods. She is nervous. 3 Ninja, 2 genin could not take the bell from Sakuya, a Chunin, but now the head ninja of Kumo?! She takes a deep breath, and moves over to the side of the training area, and holds a henge into a Tree. Her player totally knows what that means, no really.
Chouko slowly steps out when her name is called. Her eyes go wide when she sees the bully, giving the two students a nervous wave. She xonsiders a moment, looking at michiko before asking the other two students to come closer so they could think of a plan. Chouko seems nervous at first, as the bully tries to tell the two what to do. But Chouko listen, before finally speaking, coming up with a paln of attack. They agree…well the bully /tells/ them that they will do their plan first, and even though it won't fail they will do Chouko's next. The girl sighs and nods and they break formation. The bully, a rather large brute charges straight at Michiko, attempting to throw a right cross to the Head Ninja's face, while Chouko and the third student flank and use projectiles. Chouko using Senbon and the other student using a barage of Kuni.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against SHARP(18) attack from Chouko with a DODGE…23

As the three plan, Michiko steps away and closes her attention off from them. She gave them time to prepare, and then they act. Michiko would avoid the large bully's punch, slipping away from it rather smoothly. With the other two on the sides, Michiko could really only avoid one, so she chose to avoid Chouko's while a few senbon manage to enter some of the small weaknesses of her armor. In all likelihood, the girl was going easy on the trio, considering she even got hit, but the injury wasn't a big deal. "Good teamwork," she compliments the three, as they were able to make an opening. Of course, that doesn't mean they'll pass. She was just complimenting them is all. "Continue on," she suggests, stepping off to the side so she remains about 10 meters away from them.

The bully does not continue on, no. The bully seems to be mad, very mad, at Chouko. I mean wouldn't they be? This bully had teased Chouko, and used her as a target to get rid of his own frustation, so why should this be any diffrent? Or was it? The bully charges after Chouko, grabbing a Kuni and stabbing it into the poor girl's thin arm before she could have any chance to react. 'you Diploma's Daughter!" He yells, Chouko collapses to the ground, clutching her arm and screaming, as blood pours out of the stab wound. She is trying to hide a smile though. The third student races over, "Chouko-chan!" they yell, glaring at the bully. The third student quickly turns to look at Michiko and yells. "Michiko-sama! She is really hurt!"

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…24

Michiko frowns a bit as she hears that Chouko got hurt, and she would suddenly appear next to Chouko. Something in the back of her mind said that something was odd, but she ignored it for the time being. She didn't really know Chouko's actual abilities, even if she did happen to read the file. Or maybe she was just playing along really well. Whatever the case, Michiko would rest a hand on Chouko and send a brief pulse of chakra through the girl to check on her injury, if she was allowed to do such.

Chouko may not be the most skilled Ninja, but she is a very good actor. THe stab wound seems to be very deep, or at least there is quite a lot of blood puddled around the girl. When Michiko appears next to her she coughs, she can hardly keep her eyes open. The youth looks like she is about to pass out. She slowly tries to raise her hand as if trying to feel Michiko, feel someone there. "Mi-chi- sama…" She stutters, before her look of pain turns into a smirk and she attempts to move the hand quickly ato grab the head ninja by the collar and pull her in close. At the same time, the blood pooled around her starts to rise up, forming a crimsion cloud forms above the two, and starts to shower down on the two like neelds. At the same time, the bully runs up and tries to pull michiko into a full nelson While the third throws more kuni and tries to get the bell.

It doesn't take long for Michiko to realize that most of the events just now were just for show. Her armor, which up until now has been hidden, warps itself to form a sort of dome above while it also coats her exposed limbs, and she jerks back a bit to avoid Chouko's grip. "Tsk… I should know better. That being said, your wound is healing quite nicely." Michiko didn't miss the fact that Chouko had used her blood, of course. A Shimizu… How … Interesting. The other two failed in their tasks, if only because Michiko had disappeared from them before they could even react. Part of the skills of being a Jounin: be prepared for anything and move quickly when the need calls for it.
"Excellent," she compliments. "I will speak with you all later on that." Or the instructors present will. One or the other. For now, Michiko lifts the bell from her side and would dangle it in the air before tossing it to the third student present. "You two are dismissed. Chouko-san, you get to stay here and chat a little bit with me."

Chouko sniffles a little "They still don't like me….I said not so hard hard." She grumps, as she reaches into her gi, and pulls out some bandage to wrap the wound. With her skill in blood release she just needs to keep them with her all the time no matter how much she can heal. She starts wraping the cut and then looks up at Michiko rather nervously when she mentions how quick it heals. "Guess its not a secert anymore, right?" She asks with a gulp, still rubbing the wound. A stab wound is still a stab wound, and it hurts. She sort of staggers over to look closer at the older ninja. "Yes Michiko-sama?"

COMBAT: Michiko heals Chouko for 483 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Michiko takes a moment to heal Chouko, if the girl allowed. The cut would close and the pain would fade away. "So. Tell me what your plan was and how much of that was an act," she suggests, looking evenly at the student. "It was an interesting strategy, but you likely cannot rely on it forever. Especially in the face of an enemy. Also, you should do well to keep your ability hidden. It isn't always good to reveal your heritage, especially when your clan holds dominion in the Land of Water."

Chouko takes a deep breath and smiles when she is healed. The girl looking at Michiko and shruging. "It was pretty obvious why you chose the one student. I get picked on a lot by them…." She closes her eyes and blushes a little. "They wanted to do an all out attack, and I was worried it wouldn't work. So I told 'em if it doesn't to run and stab me in the arm…not too hard but enough to make it look bad." She pauses a nd looks down. "They they would wait for my signal and go for the bell….I am used to the pain, and I hurt myself really bad as a kid, so I knew how to look like I was about to pass out…" She stops for a moment and shrugs her shoulders. "I mean, the stabbing was real. It hurt, I had to push some extra of my blood out of the wound to make you think it was deep enough…but that was it." She then nods. "Only my Sensei and furture team mates know, now you…and the other two students but I don't think they would know where the technique is from, Michiko-Sama." She blushes really bright. "I dunno how to be able to keep it a secert and still use the style though."

"Heh. I see. Well, given the new requirements, it's not so far-fetched. Anyway, you did well. As for disguising your actions…" Michiko considers Chouko. "Perhaps if you were to pick up water manipulation? Use the water to taint your blood or vice versa and make it at least seem like you're using water Jutsu?" She shrugs once. "The choice is yours. The secret will be safe for as long as you choose. And keep in mind that it's a lot easier to survive if no one knows about it." With that said, Michiko would shift a bit in her spot. "Unless you have any questions, you're dismissed, Chouko-San."

"Thank you Michiko-sama." Chouko says bowing her head a little, listening for the explination before nodding. "I guess two questions…." She says, blushing a little "Do you know anyone who can teach me water minipulation?" She asks before taking a deep breath. "And did I graduate?"

"Yes, I'll let you know who at a later date. And you'll find out shortly on the second question." With those answered, Michiko offers a slight incline of her head to dismiss Chouko, and then the next student would come in once the girl left.

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